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Many rappers and singers including Fabulous and Gwen Stefani have recorded hit songs titled “Holla Back,” a phrase that means call me, and talk to me. Well the title of the latest adult film released by Pit Bull productions, which features guys getting their freak on, and guys (particularly the guys who are getting plunged in this film) doing more than hollering in this film, though could have include more sensuality and dialouge, has some hot moments.
The movie begins with Rudy (Booty Bandit) sitting in an Atlanta hotel room with sagging jeans and a fitted cap at his laptop asking frustrated that his on-screen lover Vokalz is acting like a diva, by refusing to get out of bed, and going sightseeing.
“I can catch a Ciara video and fucking see Atlanta” he says with an attitude
“Get out of bed” Rudy demands.
“Why don’t you come in bed” Vokalz replies, as he climbs over to him, and sucks his dick, which entices both, though Rudy is pissed that his plans was cut in half, so he decides to give him what he asks for. He slaps his dick on Vokalz’s face, and tells his to spit on his dick.
“Make that shit nasty” Rudy demands as the make dive spits and slurps to the point of having saliva all on the right side of his face, before Rudy fucks him so hard that Vokalz moans and groans like he’s giving birth.
“Gimme that ass” Rudy says as he smacks both sides of his ass checks, and pulls him towards the edge of the bed, and fucks him on his back while he’s grabbing his necks with his left hand.
“You’re ready to go outside?”
“Yeah” he replies before he climbs under him and sucks Rudy’s balls before he shoots a small load on his face.
The following scene featuring newcomers Big Smoke and Colby is one of the most viewed scenes on X-Tube, that’s still getting views as we speak; it begins with them at the basketball court playing a game of one on one, when Smoke twists his ankle. Colby takes Smoke back to his crib and in addition to massages his ankle, he massages his left leg, and erected dick.
“I guess the rumors are true.” Colby says before he pulls down his shorts and sucks his 13 inch dick.
“Damn! This is a big dick” he says before his sucks him off which seems to be an eternity, impressing Smoke to the point where he asks Colby to let him return the favor, and Colby wastes no time allowing him to suck his slender but large-sized dick. A few minutes later, Colby is lying on the couch being fucked by Smoke who fucks him while kneeling to avoid adding further injury towards his ankle which apparently gets better, because he manages to find the strength and energy to lie on top of him while he continues to fuck him, causing him to moan. Especially when he fucks him on a footstool which has him moaning more loudly
“Good cock” he says while he’s looking at him seductively.
The next scene features Debonair and Mr. Good bar sitting on the couch, with the former getting his dick sucked, while in an attempt to add sensuality to the scene and his performance, he rubs his own nipples while he stands over him, and fucks him doggy style on the couch. In addition to smacking his ass, and making him moan, he tells Goodbar to say his name in a mellow and smooth voice.
“Say my name" Debonair demands.
“Debonair” Good bar replies while he’s moaning and gasping for air.
Big Smoke returns for the fourth scene with Impulse; a Philly Muslim looking brother, who wastes no time popping in a gay adult film and letting Smoke know that he wants him to fuck him and make him bust a nut, At first Smoke resists his advantages, but gives in by telling his friend if he wants to suck his dick, he has to come over and pull it out himself, and Impulses obliges, and from the expression on his face, you can tell that he enjoys pleasing his partners and doesn’t let his masculine looks doesn’t prevent him for enjoying sex the way he likes it. Wanting to make the scene hotter, Impulse later pulls down Smoke’s gym shorts and manages to suck his gigantic balls, which turns him on enough to make him stand up to give him easier access to display his oral skills. Impulse finally gets what he wants; to have Smoke fuck him, and he doesn’t have any problem being fucked in various positions including doggy style.
The film ends with egotistical Thugzilla taking a shower in his hotel room while newcomer Vivid is in the hot tub taking a bath, and enjoying himself, until Thugzilla whose known in films for being wild, and crazy asks him what he’s doing in his tub.
“Taking a bath. What does it look like I’m doing?" Vivid responds in a don’t-think-you-can-talk-to-me-anyway-you-want-to-voice.
Shocked and pissed that his lover is still in the tub and isn’t intimidated by his tone of voice, he continues to ask him why he’s still in the tub.
“A nigga was dirty” he replies in a smooth but firm voice.
Sensing that he wasn’t going to back down, he tells him to suck his dick, and Vivid sucks him off so seductively that he manages to get Thugzilla to drop his hardcore swagger and display sensitivity and sensuality, even though he smacks his dick in his face a few times. Vivid then has Thugzilla eating his ass while he has his left leg on the wall.
“Eat that shit nigga” he seductively says while Thugzilla’s eating his ass like he’s in a taste testing contest. (I love to see tops becoming sensually and orally submissive. Especially the ones who be dominating and controlling in the bedroom).
Thugzilla then begins to fuck Vivid in the tub and later (after putting on his timberlands) continues to fuck him on the bed, where in addition to pounding, he smacks his ass, which has Vivid moaning and wanting more.
“Whose ass is this?” he asks
“Yours” he replies.
“What’s my name?”

“Holla Back Boi” had some good moments; good shots, and editing having a brother who spoke elegantly and having one who was bold enough to not only stand up to a dominate top, but was sexually skillful enough to make him come off his high horse and sensuality. However I felt that Debonair wasn’t able to showcase his sensuality with Goodbar who did a great job taking his dick. It would have been better had he had more lines and rubbed Good bar’s body; that would have made his performance hotter since he has a smooth and mellow speaking voice. Hopefully he will be given the opportunity to display that side of himself. It would have also been nice to see and hear Smoke and both his partners speak at the end of their sex sessions.

Holla Back Boi is now in stores and can also be purchased at www.thugmart.com

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