Tuesday, August 26, 2008





The phrase ‘take it like a man; has been used by people for many different things. It’s been used by parents to help their children (sons in particular) toughen up and not be timid and weak as well as by sports coaches when members of their teams become injured while playing games. When guys are having sex with each other, the dominate one uses the phrases; especially when they’re tearing up some nice hot ass and that’s the title of the latest release by Pit bull productions. Though the models in this flick doesn’t say the phrase verbally, their actions and performances compensates for their lack of the term used verbally.
Scene 1 begins with Cass walking up the street, while Swift is out playing with his remote controlled car, which accidentally bumps into Cass’s fresh new pair of high top air force ones, pissing him off to the point where he jacks Swifts toy truck.
Swift becomes offended, and follows him into his apartment, and tells him he wants to get some dick, but both have a unexpected surprise; seeing Cass’s on-screen lover Remy Mars sitting on the pull out couch, shocked to see Cass coming home with another dude, so he asks Swift to leave.
“He invited me here” Swift says.
“Well I’m uninviting you now" Mars replies before he confronts Cass about lying about not being at his job like he was supposed to and about not telling Swift that he had a dude and seeing him with a remote toy car.
“You’re toy shopping?" he asks.
“It’s time to go."
Swifts leaves, while they sit on the couch and begins to kiss before Mars starts sucking Cass’ huge dick.
“You like that shit baby” Cass asks seductively.
The duo then jump into a hot 69 session with Cass eating and smacking Remy’s ass, while Mars is sucking Cass off before he turns around and kisses Cass while he’s grinding on him which prepares him to take Cass’ condom-covered dick, which he rides before he gets fucked on his back and doggy style. What gives this scene fire is the chemistry the models have with each other, and how Swift is (unknown to them) watching them get their freak on.
The following scene features J-Wheelz (Queensboro Pick Up 2 & 3, Black Ty Affair) and Blaze listening to music on their Discmans , where J asks what he’s listening to, and when Blaze informs him it’s rap duo Mobb Deep’s latest release, who he stole from his roommate. J then asks if he could listen to it, and after he listening and enjoying the beat, he informs him he’s keeping, forcing Blaze to resist
“Suck my dick” J says, and before right on cue, Blaze gets on his knees, while Wheelz unbuttons his jeans and removes his white T-shirt while he throat fucks his friend.
“Dick taste good?” he asks
“Yeah” Blaze replies.
J then lies on a Black table, and continues to get head while he plays with Blaze’s dick and rubs his back and ass, which adds sensuality to the scene, in addition to him eating his ass before he fucks him missionary style on the table with Blaze wrapping his ankles around his back.
“Shit” Blaze says in between moans.
J then hits him from the back, and viewers will be able to see his various fuck speeds, as well as his ability to make the bottom be comfortable enough to take his large too and enjoy it. He later lays on the table where Blaze rides him, prompting both to have a little sexual competition, with both thrusting with the attempt to wear one each other out, and while Blaze has his moments, J decides to let him know who’s the head dawg in charge, by putting Blaze in the turnaround position, and wears his ass out on the table.
After shooting creamy loads, J informs him that he’s not giving him back his roommate’s CD.
“I’m gonna get it back” Blazes replies
“You wanna bet” He asks
“You gonna give me some more head nigga?”
The next scene though features Capone and Slim Thug (not the rapper); it still has the theme of one using sex as a form to get their Mobb Deep CD back (who says that Hip-Hop and Homosexuality can’t co-exist). The scene starts with Capone (Turned Out 1) in the living room searching for his CD, and when Slim enters, he asks him did he have his CD, and Slim tells him he has it, which causes Capone to become heated. Slim decided to cool him off by standing up, and gently kissing his lips, and before you wonder what’s next, Capone is on his knees sucking his big pipe very seductively, while Slim sits on the bed rubs his own nipples. What makes this scene hot is how Slim displays his sensuality by talking seductively and street, as well as kissing him many times though out the scene and as well as eating, fingering, and plucking his ass to the point that it gets wet.
Slim then has Capone on all fours, and proceeds to fuck him, while Capone attempts to have a Juvenile moment by backing his ass up, making Slim to tell him to relax so his dick won’t get soft.
“Take this ass nigga” Capone says before Slim grabs his tank top and rides him like he’s on a race horse, and fucks him on his side and his back. I like the ending of the scene where Capone backs away from kissing him after he refuses to give him back his CD.
The scene with Cass and Swift is one of my favorites in this flick. Cass decides to call Swift and ask him to roll by his crib for some sex since Remy is working a double shift. When he refuses, Cass reminds him that he still has his truck, and if he wants to get it back he better roll by his crib.
When Swift arrives, he’s heated at Cass for holding his truck in the air, and for failing to inform him he was involved with Remy
“I want some ass.” Cass says.
“Do what you gotta do.”
Without hesitating, Swift drops on his knees and sucks Cass’ large tool, which leaves a smile on his face.
“Yeah. Suck that shit” Cass says.
“That’s wassup kid."
Swift then kneels on the arm of the couch and smiles while Cass is eating his ass like it’s about to be his last meal, before he puts his condom-covered dick in his ass, while Swifts has a Pretty Ricky moment by pushing his ass against his dick, which has Cass temporarily enticed before he decides to let him know who’s in charge by pounding and smacking his ass twice, before he fucks him while he’s face down in a folding chair and the couch. After busting on each other’s faces, Cass puts on his glasses and asks Swift what he’s doing the rest of the evening.
“I’m getting my truck and getting the fuck out of here” he replies as he picks up his toy and heads towards the door.
“Oh, that’s fucked up nigga” Cass says
“You got your truck and you gave me back my glasses; can we watch a DVD, have some popcorn and twizzlers?”
The film ends with newcomer Marcus making a compromise of sex instead of not going to jail for attempted robbery. Marcus sneaks into Nubius’ apartment, lights a cigarette and starts looking through his jewelry. (Dumb move! I don’t condone breaking into anybody’s house, but you don’t smoke a cigarette when you’re doing something as stupid like that). Nubius wakes up, catches Marcus, and lets him know he’s going to call the cops while he wrestles him. Sensing he’s serious, Marcus tells his attended victim that he can fuck him up and he’ll even suck his dick if he doesn’t call the cops on him.
“It better be good” Nubius says as Marcus begins to suck on his thick Magic stick, while he’s getting his nipples and bubble-shaped ass rubbed, and lubed, making the scene hot and enticing and shows that he’s gay and proud. He then smacks his ass and fucks him missionary style, and his performance is surprisingly seductive considering the fact that he’s fucking a dude for trying to rob his crib. Nubius then fucks Marcus on doggy style, but Marcus is upset that he’s not getting fucked hard and rough, so he attempts to get Nubius to step up his game
“You call that fucking nigga” he asks
“You better fuck me.”
Nubius honors his request by tearing his ass up to the point to where he has him screaming ‘I will never rob you again son.’

This film was hot. I loved how each of the guys wasn’t afraid or ashamed to showcase their sensuality by kissing and rubbing their on screen partner’s body; especially Slim Thug who should do many more kissing scenes in future projects. It would have been nice had J-Wheelz and Blaze kissed because though J has an Urban swagger, he has the ability to showcase more sensuality and I hope that he doesn’t loses his charms in the future.