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When I received my copy of the sequel of “Take It Like A Man,” I was impressed with the theme of them having sex on the couch as well as the models who were cast for this film. They had different looks and physiques that were natural, sexy and appealing. For years, many Gay porno films and publications had featured (and still continues to feature) young looking models with muscular physiques that sends a message that in order for one to be sexy and sexual, you have to have looks and bodies like Usher, 50 Cent, and Omarion, and that’s the type of guys who should be pursued sexually. That’s true, but in today’s age, there are many well-built guys who chose to date and fuck guys who are average and full-figured, and that’s what I loved about the film as well as the chemistry each of the models had between each other.
The film begins with new comers Chance Wesley and 31-year old Handsome being asked about their interests in pornography and their sexual experiences, and what type of guys they captures their interests. After the interview concludes, Wesley wastes no time sucking the sexy adult’s large dick, before he gets pounded by the rough-looking man, who fucks him doggy style on the couch.
“Yeah” Wesley says before he gets fucked missionary style.
“Where you want this nut” Handsome asks.
“Bust on my face” Chance replies.

The next scene features Osian and Memphis, two sexy mature and sexy looking brothers with slender and average physiques sitting on bar stools, and speaking about their reasons for pursuing careers in the porn industry. Afterwards, the director asks Osian, who is of Puerto Rican descent to remove his shirt, and how to kneel while he’s sucking on his southern co-star’s large sausage.
“Is this the first time you let a guy suck your dick?” the director asks Memphis.
“Yes” Memphis replies.
“Pit bull baby.”
Osian then sits on Memphis’ large dick and moans while he rides it like’s he’s on a race horse.
“I love this dick” Osian says in ecstasy before Memphis begins to fuck him while having him bend over the bar stool, before he shoots a large load in his condom which has everybody taken by surprise.
“You’re not supposed to shoot inside of the condom” the director says.
“You’re supposed to shoot in the girl’s face.”
(Well he couldn’t help it. Guys with tight asses will unintentionally make guys cum rather quickly. Especially if the person doing the penetration has a large-sized dick).

The third scene featuring Zulu and Jock are one of my favorite scenes in this film. These two mature and sexy looking brothers showcased their realness during the interviews and during their performances which will have viewers rewinding to watch and to bust a load of nuts while watching. The scene begins with them sitting on bar stools where Jock’s asked why he wants to fuck porn star Castro Supreme.
“Cuz I can fuck him” Jock says with a smile on his face.
“Homeboy got a big dick” Zulu says.
After their interview and photo shoot is complete, they on-screen couple begins to kiss seductively, while Jock seductively rubs his nipples and dick, which is followed by him sucking Zulu’s large sword., while he’s getting his ass rubbed by Zulu who later does a marvelous job sucking the versatile model off. What gives this scene fire is the sensuality and intimacy they display by touching, rubbing and kissing each other shortly before they participate in a hot 69 session with Zulu laying on the two bar stools before the director intervenes and asks Jock is he ready for some ass.
“Yeah” Zulu replies before he gently grabs Jock and places him over the bar stool and proceeds to eat his ass, before he fucks him like a mad man.
“Alright: Jocks says while he’s getting pounded and being bend over, and that’s when he decides to have a Pretty Ricky movement by pushing his ass on Zulu’s dick, which has both participating parties turned on.
“Fuck that dick” Zulu says while Jock is backing his ass up on him.
“You’re a soldier right?”
“Yeah nigga” Jock replies in between moans.
Zulu then places Jock on the bar stools and proceeds to fuck him missionary style in various speeds.
“Let me see you bust” Zulu say while he pounds him aggressively.
“I can’t nut like this” Jock replies in between moans.
Both models stands up and stoke their dicks until they bust, with Zulu busting all over Jocks face and pointing his ass to camera, telling Tiger Tyson that he won’t be converting him into a versatile man by fucking him.

The performance featuring New Yorkers Mr. Amazing and King Hood is another favorite that will have viewers having a Johnny Gill moment and rubbing themselves the right way with their hot oral skills. Especially the sexy dread locked wearing King Hood, who deep throats Mr. Amazon’s dick and large balls marvelously while they participate in a hot 69 session while lying on the bottom and smacking Mr. Amazon’s ass.
“You’re ready for this ass?” Amazing asks.
“Yeah” Hood replies.
Hood starts off fucking Amazing while he’s leaning on the edge of the couch, before he gets a good grip on him and proceeds to fuck him doggy-style. What makes this scene hot is how the men are able to keep in tune with each other as well as the various shots that capture their facial expressions while they’re getting their freak on.

Angel Boi and Raffy’s scene begins with them dressed in Hip-Hop attire being asked about their porn collection and if either had been to jail, and where was the craziest place they had sex; Boi (who has hard core and exotic looks) says he had sex while on the Greyhound Bus, while Raffy says in the movie theatre with his ex-boyfriend.
After removing their tops and posing for photographs, Boi reveals that he’s horny and tells Raffy to suck his dick, which Raffy obliges while Boi rubs the back of his head and his left shoulder. He then removes his boxers and sweat pants, making it easier for Raffy to take a closer look at his large tool as well as making it easier for him to give his on-screen partner more pleasure. After getting his dick serviced, Angel tells Raffy to get out of his jeans; Raffy does and stands on the top of the couch and allows Angel to service his large tool, and eat and finger his ass, preparing him for the main course; getting fucked lovely.
“You’re ready for this dick” Angel asks.
“Yeah” Raffy replies before he sits on his dick and rides it, before Angel fucks him doggy style.
“You like that cock?” Angel asks.
“Yeah” Raffy replies” while Angel smacks his freak and grabs his neck.
“Told you I was horny.”
He starts to fuck Raffy harder which has both men turned on with pleasure that’s captured in their facial expressions and body movements.
“How does it feel?” Raffy asks.
“You got a tight ass” Angel replies.
“Git on yo back”
Raffy lies on his back, and allows Angel to fuck him missionary style, which makes his shoot a nice load all over his stomach.

The last scene features a solo session with new comer Black Thunder, who decides to get his rocks off after he learns that his date isn’t able to come to his place and satisfy his sexual needs. I’m not a huge fan of solos. (That’s putting it mildly; I hate watching solos), but I have to give Black Thunder props for doing a good job of making his solo scene sexy and interesting. In addition to playing with his slender-medium width dick, he also rubs his nipples and talks seductively, fantasizing about fucking his date.
“You give some good ass head” he as he rubbing lube on his dick.
“Feel that shit. Fuck you on the inside.”

The sequel to Take It Like a Man was pretty good; I loved the chemistry each of the men had with each other. Especially the stars in the third and fourth scenes, which weren’t afraid to showcase their intimate and sensual sides by kissing and rubbing, which is an important aspect of sex. I also loved how the director hired guys who had average and sexy looks as opposed to the pretty boy types, (it was nice to see dark-skinned couples on screen for a change) as well as suburbian looking brothers, but it would have been better had Hood Boi and Mr. Amazing would have spend more time kissing in their scene. It would have also been nice had Handome honored Chance's request and came on his face. I also felt that the director should have had a bonus scene with Memphis and Osian making up for the lost time due to his premature ejaculation (which was no-fault of the couple). Hopefully we can see them perform in a future production, where viewers will have the opportunity to see them get their freak on.

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