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Alot of men be showing how they be laying the pipe down in the bedroom and after viewing the lastest release from Real Urban Men Productions, I see that cast was able to deliver with hot, steamy, rough and sensual performances that will have you fantasizes getting fucked.
The movie begins with new comer Fresh taking a nap when Treshawn attempts to wake him and seeing that he's resisting, he proceeds to seduces him with passionate kisses on his lips, back and neck. After he removes his clothing. Treshawn climbs on top of him and contiues to kiss his sleeping beauty before turning him over and eating his ass. Treshawn teases Fresh's ass with his large dick before Fresh sucks on it like a Chocolate Butter Finger, before Fresh has a Pretty Ricky moment and grinds on his pipe before he gets his plowed doggy style. Giving this scence passion is how Treshawn contiues to kiss him, while he's getting his ass tore up.
"Ah shit" Fresh says before he rides the dick and has cum shot on his face by his lover.
After getting his face creamed on, he tells Treshawn that he needs to get ready to go the bed and get some rest.
"I'm ready for round two" Treshawn replies with a smile
"That's Wasssup."
The scene with porn legend T-Malone and Loco is one of my favorite scenes of the film
which shows that older and younger men can please each other sexually. It begins with Loco sitting on the couch looking sad and when Malone asks him what's wrong, he informs him that's he's stressed out due to the lost of his job and not having any ass for weeks. Malone informs the young and mature looking and sounding star that he can be his stess reliever and he does so by rubbing his croutch area, and is shocked to learn that Loco is blessed with a large tool.
He's not sure if he can take it, but he tells him he'll try and he begins to unbotton his jean shorts, and play with his dick while they kiss passionately, before Malone begins to suck Loco's dick, causing him to become relaxed. Especially when he licks his balls.
"Suck that dick" Loco says in a mellow, yet mature voice.
"It's all yours."
"You like it when I like your balls?" Malone asks.
"Hell yeah."
Giving this scene fire is how the famous on-screen bottom worships the company's mature and sexy model's dick by teasing it and licking the tip of it in between blow jobs. Another hot scene is when Loco has an LL Cool J moment by licking his lips when he tells Malone that he's gonna stretch out his ass and when he deep throats Malone, who becomes vocally aggresseive as he's getting his legendary pipe tongue cleaned.
Malone then sits on Loco's dick and moans while he's getting fucked and has his ass smacked before the young hot stud fucks him on the couch missionary style and gives him a look that says 'I'm the one in charge' while Malone is having a Whitney Houston moment of saying 'Oh Yes" and screaming falestto like R&B singer The Dream. Another hot moment is when Loco shoots a large load of cum on Malone's back (the first that I've seen a brother shoot a load in a long time and the load is so large that it looks like it's a pipe leakage) and on his chest after Malone busts his nut.
"You feel alright?"
"Streefree" Loco replies
"I'm always here when you need me."
"That's wassup."

Libra and Kidd Kaj appear in what I call the over due sex scene which begins with Kaj interupting Libra's magazine reading and reminding him that they haven't had sex in six months and wants to know if he's still interested in him. Libra tells him yes, and before you can say OK, they drop their drawers with Libra on his knees getting throat fucked as well as sucking his man's dick and balls seductively before Kaj buries his ass in Libra's tight ass as well as smacking it. He also shows his oral sex skills by sucking his lover's dick to the point where he's enjoying it like a college student in a bar.
"Suck that shit" Libra says in a southern accent before Kaj (who's been seen bottoming in films) fucks him into submission by pinning him to the couch by his nect before shooting a load on his neck.
Newcomer Fresh starts off the next scene by taking a nice warm shower while his on screen lover Nubius is impatiently waiting for him to join him. When he does, he climbs on top of him and they begin to kiss Nubius (I would love for Black porn to feature their cast kiss passionately instead of just sucking and fucking)who later eats and massages his plump and juicy ass with his long tongue and sexy chocolate hands. He makes his ass so damn wet that they really don't need to use any lubrication. Fresh returns the favor by sucking Nubius strong pipe which us later uses to devoir his tight ass with no problems.
"Nice tight ass back here" Nubius says as he holds his lover by the neck and maiking him moan like he was auditioning to sing background for Mariah Carey.
"It's all yours" Fresh says before he gets his ass pounded, and later licking and swallowing Nubius' milky cum.
The Pipe laying ends with June sitting at his computer checking when Paris knocks on his room door and lets him know that he's late due to the train delay and lets him know that he's gonna make it up to him.
"How?" June asks.
"I'll show you" Paris replies as he drops his jeans and pulls out his Eiffel Tower which June worships with his eyes and mouth
"Suck that fucking dick" Paris says enticing the Latin hottie by with sex talk before they lay in the bed where they tongue each other down before engaging in more oral action with June sucking his dick and Paris eating his ass and sucking his nipples like a mango and a bunch of hershey kisses.
"Yeah Pa" June moans.
"You gonna fuck me good pa?"
"Yeah" the newly buffed top replies.
"I'm gonna make it nice and wet."
After he contines to devoirs his ass with his tongue, Paris gives June what his ass desires; his dick which his ass is so happy to get.
"Good dick" he says
"Ah!!! Yeah pa" he replies as he moans in pain before he rides the dick like a he's riding a bull, havin Paris moaning and losing control and calling him baby and shorty (who says that bottoms can't make a top lose their cool?)
A hot moment before Paris has June on his knees and fucks him both doggy and froggy style causing the Latin boy to moan. They both then bust nuts and Paris asks June was it worth the wait. June tells him yes and wants to know when they can hook up again.

"Laying Pipe" is one of the hottest films I've seen so far this year. I loved how the director was able to capture the cast's sensuality with the kissing, but it would have love for the sex scene with T-Malone and Loco to have been much longer. I would have loved to see Kaj and Libra kiss after they had sex, but the film was good and it showed that real men are able to be passionate while laying the pipe down.

Laying Pipe is in stores now.
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RocaFella07 said...

Cute movie.

But, UGH!...I used to date one of these guys. LOL!...We're great friends now though.



Wow that's something. I'm glad that you was able to maintain a great friendship.