Tuesday, December 22, 2009




Watching the film "Payback's A Bitch" reminds of a porn version of "Waiting To Exhale" where stars Jiovane, Citi Boi, Caleb and Sho-Nuff sit around a bar in a cabin talking about their sex lives and the people who creep and how they get even.
The payback begins with Jiovanne and City talking about how they met, and when Sho-Nuff asks about their sex live, Citi says it's good, and it fades to Jiovanne in a bathtub asking Citi to come and wash his back. He does and while doing, so Citi informs him that they never did it in the bathtub, and before you know it, he's kissing Jiovanne's neck and rubbing his nipples and dick, before Jiovanne does a great job using his mouth other than ordering people to say his name. Citi returns the favor by sucking him off and eating his ass to the point where he has Jiovanne against the wall cringing, and getting open to take his dick. Jiovanne takes it like a man. Moaning and yelling 'yeah B' as he rides Citi's large dark meat.
"Yeah Nigga" Citi says
(I love to see dominant tops become submissive for a chance)."
"Throw that shit back nigga."
After they bust creamy and water loads, they leave and head to the bedroom.
The next scene featurs Sho-Nuff asking the real-life porn couple if they've ever got tired of the same ass, and Jiovanne reveals how he caught Citi and Caleb fucking around with each other.
"I was drunk and he was stoned" Citi says trying to reason for their one-night stand.
Caleb adds that he didn't see the couple together when they went out clubbing, and it just happened, raising Sho-Nuff's curiosity. The clips fades into City and Caleb climbing into the bed exhausted and topless taking about how the party they attended was, with Caleb rubbing Citi's leg.
"(What) the fuck you're doing?" Citi asks in shock.
"I've been staring at you. I wanna get in those pants" Caleb admits.
Citi reminds him that he has a man, and when Caleb tells him about the zip code rule, he begins to suck off Citi, who doesn't waste anytime removing his gym shorts and boxers.
"Suck that shit nigga" he says as he rubs his friends ass.
Citi tells him to get naked and Caleb remones his clothing and contiues to suck his dick as Citi is standing on the bed, holding the back of his head before they lay on the bed where Caleb sucks him off so well the bed is shaking. Citi then feeds Caleb's ass missionary style, fucking him to the point where the on screen bottom is gasping for air.
"Take that shit nigga" he says as before he fucks him from behind where they both have an Olivia Newton-John moment of becoming physical, with Caleb having his ass smacked.
The next scene features Jiovanne getting his revenge on his lover.
"My sex game is tight" he tells Sho-Nuff.
"They had their fun, but payback's a bitch."
Jiovanne is shown in bed telling his friend Exotic about his upcoming trip he plans on taking as well as how he caught Citi cheating and wanting to seek revenge, he asks his boy to suck his dick.
Exotic agrees and quickly sucks him off lovely, while Jiovanne smacks Exotic's lips with his large meat and his ass with his left hand, before getting into his famous position of standing in the middle of the bed and throat fucking his one night stand, who also sucks his balls and rubs his slender chest.
Jiovanne then has his friend taking his southern tool and moarning in estacy, as he's getting pounded hard and ruff. Jiovanne then has him on his back with his legs open and contiues to pound him before he shoots a small load on his face, looks at the camera and says payback's a bitch.
Caleb then tells them a story about his friend getting revenge on his cheating boyfriend by fucking the guy he creeped with and as he's talking, we see Rosco telling Zion about a guy he fucked the night before, who liked in rapper Shorty Roc's single "That Shit Ain't Right" was fronting and saying telling Zion that he was a top when in reality he was a bottom.
Zion goes into investigation mode, and suggests they perform a three-way. Rosco declines his requests and when Zion learns that Rosco fucked his man Antione, he's shocked and pissed to learn that his man not only creeped, he got topped. Zion decides to honor Rosco's request by saying 'payback's a bitch' and immeidatley sucks Rosco's dick.
"You suck dick better than your nigga. I hope that ass is better."
Zion sucks him off so well that he has Rosco's head tilting back, leaving viewers to wonder what's on his mind. He then stands on top of the bed and watches Rosco suck his dick with his hand on his hip, posing like he was about to give somebody some hot juicy gossip and let me tell you, this brother displays that he can suck a mean dick himself without guilt and shame. (That's right Zion. Show the viewers that male divas enjoy having their trades serviced orally too!!!)
"You ready to fuck me?" Zion asks.
"Yeah" Rosco replies.
Zion gets on his hands and knees, and takes Rosco's dick, enduring the pain and pleasure he's receiving, while moaning and stretching his legs out to maintain a good balance, while Rosco smacks his ass. Zion then shoots a large, while Rosco shoots a small yet creamy load.
The payback ends with Sho-Nuff receiving head from Trent, who doesn't wanna receive head from his date. Shocked, Sho-Nuff orders him to continue while he gives him a seducitve yet strange yet that's makes viewers wonder what's on his mind. Thinking that Trent is going to get some ass, he's shocked to learn that his date is actually a top, who fucks him while he's laying on his stomach on a foot fucking him deeply to the point where he asks him to slow down. At first, Sho obliges, but he begins to fuck him deep, fast and hard and when Trent asks him to take his dick out his ass, Sho-Nuff refuses to honor his request with a legit reason.
"You didn't take it out my brother" the angry top says
"I didn't know" Trent says in a shocking voice hoping to make Sho-Nuff stop. It doesn't. In fact, Sho-Nuff gives him a taste of his own medicine by pinning him on the foot stool by his neck and tears his ass up before he busts a load on hsi face and says 'That was my brother. Payback's a bitch" and leaves the room.

This film was pretty good.
It was good to see different types of guys being casted in the film and it was good to see Jiovanne getting fucked. It would have been hotter had Citi Boi fucked him in different positions, Hopefully we will see that in a future event. If you think that this film is hot, then you must check out the sequel.

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