Thursday, February 23, 2012


February is the celebration and acknowledgement of Black History month, a time to reflect on how Blacks have contributed to history with their work through politics, education, activism, sports and entertainment. It's also the time when many Black-Orientated publications honor famous Black Couples.

1. Barack & Michelle Obama. The President of the United States and The First Lady.
When The President and First Lady made history in 2002, many people were happy and overjoyed to see A Black Man running the White House as well as to see one who truly loves his wife and children. What makes them special is how they have each other's back as well as showing the world that Black couples can work and play together as well as make time for themselves. Another thing that stands out is how they value family and make sure they spend quality time with their daughters and with themselves. I know that their nights be hot and passionate with lots of music in the background and if they wanna make love organically all Barack has to do is sing to Michelle.

2. Carmelo Anthony & Lalah Vasquez. Famous Knicks Basket Ball Player and television producer/actress/radio personality/blogger.
Melo and Lalah had a large following of fans before they were introduced by Producer DJ Clue, a mutal friend. When they got together each of their seperate fan bases increased and combined making then one of the industry's famous couples of the 2000's. The Afro-American/Puerto Rican NBA star and Nyorican radio/television relationship is to be admired. When they began dating many felt they were a good looking couple and wanted them to marry. Especially after they became parents of a son. They chosed not to rush to the altar, and decided to wait for the time was right. Well it paid off, and it was eveident, because despite having busy schedules, you see the glow they still have whether their together and apart working on their sepearte careers. We hear stories about many NBA stars heading to divorce court due to lack of dick control and the pressures of rushing to the altar, but Melo and Lalah showed people that you have to do what is best for you and by doing that things will work out fine.

3. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon-Grammy-Award winning singer/songwriter/producer/actress and Comedian/Rapper/Actor/Producer.
When singer Mariah Carey secretly tied the knot with actor/comedian/producer Nick Cannon, many were shocked and predicting that their marriage would be over very quickly. Those haters are feeling stupid, because the couple, who met after Carey recruited her new hubby to appear in her music video for her single "Bye Bye" are still going strong after three years of being married. Though Nick is younger in age, he has the maturity of an old soul and he's able to retain his youthful spirit as well as Mariah, who loves to have a good time when she's not busy penning classic hits. Many love how they're able to be themselves. The couple welcomed a set of twins, and recently had their love tested during the Christmas holiday when Nick was rushed to the hospital for kidney problems. Mimi stayed by her hubby's side, and while Nick was recovering, leaped from his sick bed to escort his wife to the BET Honors where she was honored for her contributions to music. They Belong Together.

4. DJ Baker & Eric J. Parker-Host of the award winning podcast Da-Doo-Dirty Show and
Party Planner/socialite.
Despite the ignorance of homophobia and the media portraying Gays in negative images, DJ and Eric are showing the world and community that Black Gay men can be in loving prosperous relationships. "Not in my wildest dreams did I think that phone conversation was going to lead to a long-term relationship" the famous socialite said in "Darrin Aaron's book" "When Love Takes Over." "That was one of the smartest decisions I ever made." "We dated for two weeks and allowed ourselves to proceed with caution, but by the second week, we jumped right in once we realized how strong our feelings were for each other and made it offical" DJ added. (They also proclaimed their love by making out at several venues). Dubbed as the Gay Community's Black Gay Power couple, Baker and the socilaite have been making impacts by appearing together at various events as well as being featured in 'When Love Takes Over," a Black about Black Gay Couples, and while they seemed to be total opposites, they have several things in common. Both love entertainment, love to party and want to provide outlets for Gay performers to have places to share their talents.

5. Jovonnie & Citbwoi-Gay Porn Stars.
When fans of adult entertainment saw Jovonnie and Citibwoi appear in several porns together, there were whispers about them being a couple off screen. Fans and critics had noticed how their relationship was written in the script for the porn film "Home Alone" leaving many to take notice and wonder whether or not it was true. It was confirmed when they appeard in the productions of "Measuring Up," "Pay Back's a Bitch" where Jovonnie was topped by Citi on screen for the first time, and in "Black Nature" where they both showed their versatility in the first fuck scene of the flick, makings funs enticed and excited to see two Gay Black Porn stars in a committed relationship despite the profession, which consists of them having sex with different men. What makes this couple hot are their southern charm, love for each other, and their ability to resume their relationship after temporariy breaking up.

6. Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union-Basket Ball Player with the Miami Heat and Famous award-nominated Actress.
Many pictures of Dwayne and Gabrielle at an event appeared on the internet, many fans thought the two were an couple. Wade had reached out to Union to apologize for the rumors that had occurred. Little did either expect was the simply apology would blossom into a friendship, and later lead them to become one of entertainement's most admired and talked about Black Couples in Hollywood. In fact, Essence magazine loved them enough to do a cover story of the couple, which had them both flattered. What fans admire about the two is their love for each other and how they have many things in common despite Union being nine years older than Wade, and their different childhood upbringings. Many Blacks are happy to see Wade with a Dark-brown skinned sister.

7. Doug & Greg Spencer-Cooper-Author/Activist and Barber/Freelance Photgrapher.
The first time I met Doug & Greg Spencer Cooper was at the 2000 Harlem Book Fair. As me and my best friend author/blogger Donald Peebles posed for photographs with Doug, Greg had made sure our photo shoot went smoothly, showing the amount of love and care he has for his Black Husband. The story of how they met is interesting. Doug had gotten out of an long-term relationship and was intent on being single, and one day while he was hanging out, Greg had approached him and introduced himself to him. Doug peeped his game, but later had a change of heart. "That's when my heart sank because I saw a young man struggling with keeping his sexuality a secret" Doug said in Darin Aaron's book "When Love Takes Over." "I immediately wanted to befriend him, like a big brother to mentor him." "Our friendship immediately blossomed" Greg added along with him revealing that he was two months shy of his 18th birthday when they met. Doug told him they can meet again on his birthday and Greg celebrated his birthday with the man who would be his husband. As mentiond earlier, they truly care about each other and support each other's careers and goals as a way to maintain their friendship.