Friday, January 21, 2011


Since the internet was invited in the late 1990's, many people have used it for many reasons including crusing for dates, sex and both, and that's what the theme that writer/actor/realtor Jason Duvall Hunter used in his play "Cybersex" which had a large turned out on it's debut last summer.
The play featured Drag Queen/Performer the legendary Harmonica Sunbeam dressed in a robotic suit hosting and playing the space android who provide the cast to enter the chat lines and recite lines about various topics dealing with sex and sexulaity including romance, sensuality, lost of innocence.
What made the play hot was Hunter featuring the music of several openly Gay artist including Foxx Jazzell as well as the dance number cherographed by cast member Cisco.
The play and script was very hot, innovative and deep and it had the audience members laughing, crying and sexually enticed, and hopefully the play will continue to be in production for years to come.

Friday, January 14, 2011


I also love Pop music and there was one artist who made a hot Pop track in 2010


The talented singer/songwriter from Pittsburg released a hot song about accidentaly stumbling on his girlfriend's diary and learning that she not only was she creeping, she wasn't really in love with him.

Coury made the lyrics about infidelity fun to listen to and the music and vocals give it a sweet edge.


Since I've formed this blog over three years ago, I've also conducted several interviews with many in the porn industry as well as reviewed several porn dvds, and in addition to getting off, I also take watch how the star's dialouge, swagger and their sexual performances, which I based my decision on how I rate the porn stars and the movies. So here are my favorite porn stars of 2010


Though Tyson has Street and Thug appeal, I love the fact that he isn't afraid to display his sensual and romantic sides in his performance which includes kissing his on-screen partners.

Loco maybe young looking, but he's very mature and he knows how to tear up some ass. Since his began to work with Real Urban Men Productions, Loco's dialouge and character has mature along with his sexual performance and what I admire about him is how he play roles so well that you sometimes forget he's doing porn.

Like You Tube, many aspiring porn stars has became famous by using the internet to get their product out their and Californian Memphitz has been one of X-Tube's most famous porn stars, who's taking his game to the next level with the formation of his own production company. The thing that makes him hot is how he uses the nut from ejaculation as cream on his food (I guess that's where he get's his stage name from) to talking dirty while jerking off and fucking his on-screen partners (it's a shame how he was dissed by Pretty Ricky member Diamond Blue). He's gonna be one of the porn's hottest new stars of 2011.

Many masculine bottoms have been emerging on the porn scene and Shawn Legend is one who enjoys getting plowed on screen and when he moans he moans in his natural voice. He also loves to keep it ghetto by getting fucked wearing a pair of uptowns on.

Many gay men loves guys with Southern accents and Blood's accent along with his neatly short dreads, he knows how to take dick well

When I was watching the first scene of Swagger 2, I couldn't help but to laugh at how Skittles was able to display both his masculine and femine side when he was arguing with his co-star, who called him a power bottom. He showed him that he can take dick and give dick just as well.

Since he emerging on the porn scene in 2008, this porn star has been adding thug appeal in his work, which turns on lots of fans, who love fucking and getting fucked.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


This list was very hard for me to put together because I love music so much. (No one said being a music critic would be easy) but I gotta follow my heart and love for great music.

1. CRAIG DAVID-SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED-Craig David did a great job covering several Motown classics as well as adding his own flavor to them. His midtempo version of The Temptaions' "Just My Imagination" is cool and has a bluesy feel, while his rendition of Papa Was A Rollin' Stone has funky breaks during the third verses. He also rips "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" by having a hot call & response with the background vocalists. I also love how he pays tribute to The Four Tops by sampling their vocals on the album's lead single "One More Night (Standing In The Shadows of Love) which was tearing up the clubs last spring with the hot House beats. The album also showcased David's ability to sing higher ranges.

2.MICHAEL JACKSON-MICHAEL-Right before MJ died, he had recorded lots of songs with his lead vocals, and to complete the album, many producers did what they could to bring the songs to life and while it couldn't be great being that MJ had left us too soon, it showed where he was at musically and lyrically and the direction he was headed. Songs like "Hollywood" showed that MJ knew about the glamours life, while "Monster" featuring 50 Cent, who's vocals didn't need to be computerized and "Breaking News" dealt with Jackson's trademark lyrics of deceptive people and the tabloids. Albums highlights-"Hold My Hand" with Akon and his colabortaion with Lenny Kravitz on "(I Can't Make It) Another Day" showed that Jackson had never lost his Rock Edge.

3. Miguel-All I Want Is You-When Miguel tried to secure a record deal during the Latin Explosion era, many executives didn't want to market him because of his ethnic features (some actually told him he looked like he was part Japanesse) so he was pushed in the background as a writer. After years of being in the background, the talented African American/Mexican singer/songwriter decided to come to the forefront and now he's winning fans with his mixture of R&B/Funk and Rock. In addition to his vocals, Miguel has tight pen game that will sets him apart from many of today's R&B singers.
Album highlights: Quickie, Vixen, My Piece

4.EL DEBARGE-SECOND CHANCE-When El peformed at last year's BET Awards, everybody was happy to see that he still had the pipes and showmanship that made him a class act. Well the former lead singer of the family group DeBarge wasn't done there. He landed a deal with Geffen Records and the week after Thanksgiving, he dropped his long awaited album "Second Chance" which started to sell very fast to the point where record stores had to request several more shipments. The CD has the classic El DeBarge sound; inspirtational lyrics, smooth melodies, his trademark falsetto and nice piano riffs. He also honored his family and their legacy by sampling their classic "Stay With Me" for the song 5 Seconds with Fabulous and for a limited time he released a bonus CD of Christmas Tunes.
Album Highlights-"Lay With You (With Faith Evans), "5 Seconds" (With Fabulous) "Second Chance," "Joyful"

5.THE TEMPTATIONS-STIL HERE The Temptations are still tempting fans all around the world and they released a hot CD last year which was their first album of original material since 2004, and it has that classic 5 part harmony that made them famous in 1964. A mixture of love and political songs, the Emperors of Soul are showing the world that they still have the capabilities to put out great quality music.
Albums Highlights-"Change Has Come," "Let Me Catch Your Diamonds," "Shawtyismygirl"

Anye Elite dropped a hot mix tape of hot party jams and love songs with lots to Gay themes and references including the first single "I Got Him" where he show his ability to rap as well as sing. He also did a Rock flavored song called "My Name Ain't Shawty" and an inspriational song "I Should Be Crying"
Anye's album highlights-"I Got Him" (Original and Remix), "Icon," "Exclusively," "I Should Be Crying," "My Name Ain't Shawty"
Jesse-O returned with a hot CD that has listenings dancing and thinking about love. Teaming with legendary producer Tori Fixx, the Out Music Award Nominated singer/songwriter/cheographer step up his game vocally and lyrically following with songs about being persued, falling in love with a Island Man, and dismissing a cheating lover after catching him in bed with a trick. Jesse also recorded some songs inspriational songs as well.
Jesse's album highlights-"Holla At Me," "Island Luv," "It's Over," "Sober,"

7. RON ISLEY-MR I. When Isley was released from prison, he hit the road and the studio to give his fans a hot album that has the classic Isley Brothers feel; timeless love songs. The CD is great, but what was lacking was brother Ernie's guitar riffs. The digital ones took away from the live feel, but the CD is great and it show why Ron has been able to stay in the ever changing music industry for over 6 decades.
Album's Highlights-"Put Your Money On Me," "No More," "Take It How You Want It," "Dance For Me."

8.CHRIS BROWN-In My Zone 1 & In My Zone 1 (TIE) Chris Brown did the smart thing by taking the mix-tape route to showcase his versatile singing style and rapping as well as keep his true fans talking about his talent.
The first mix tape showcased his sexual side with his versions of Trey Songz's "Say Ahh" and "I Invented Sex" with the latter being retitled "I Invented Head."
Album Highlight-"Glow In The Dark."
The second mixtape had more diversity and it could have done without much of the synsersized vocals, but he did have some hot joints including "Talk Shit"

9.JEREMIH-ALL ABOUT YOU-The Chicago native who created the hit and term "Birthday Sex" came back with the conitunation of where his self-titled debut left off. The talented singer/songwriter also featured some songs about heartbreak and pain as well as collaboarated with 50 Cent and Ludacris. For his next release I'm looking forard to seeing more from this talented performer
ALBUM HIGHLIGHTS-Take Off, "I Like," "Holding On."

10. THE QURE-GAY 4 PAY-This Texas based Openly Gay Hip-Hop duo came hard with their debut displaying their individual flows and style over some hot beats.
ALBUM HIGHLIGHTS-"Baby Mama," "Take That," "Milk & Cookies," "Revenge," "Turn On Da Fans," "Gravediggers."


Many artists have teamed up to create hot jams and 2010 was no exception. Classic Soul and Comtemporary artists teamed up as well as several talented openly Gay performers got together to create some hot joints that have many of the smart kids talking and pumping on their Ipods and MP3 players and here are my favorite Colabs of 2010

2010 was a big year for El who was released from prison for parole violation, and was eager to get back to the stage. After doing some gigs in LA he was signed to Geffen Records and went to work on his comeback CD "Second Chance" which has been getting lots of great reviews from critics and fans who are happy that he's bringing quality music back. One of the jams that has people buzzing in the album's second single "Lay With You" with Faith Evans, who does a excellent job blending her soprano with his famous falsetto. The song has a great grown and sexy vibe and lyrics about wanting to spend the time laying in bed, and is the 3rd DeBarge connection Faith has had. She sang the hook of her late husband's Biggie Smalls' "One More Chance" which contains samples from DeBarge's hit "Stay With Me" and in 2002, she sang the hook of DeBarge's classic "I Like It" on Boyz II Men's hit "Relax Your Mind."

The music industry always has a Birtish Invasion and this talented young UK based rapper has been getting a great buzz with his debut single. What gives this song fire is his flow, lyrics and colab with mentor Asher D, who bring a smooth yet hard flow while his artist spits fire with his vocals. The hook is hot and inspirational and should be as a theme for those who are gonna to shine.

With people still having doubts and ignorant views about Gay Hip-Hop, these four talented rappers teamed up to record one of last year's hottest joints that has been getting lots of air time of MTV and Logo. The beat is hot and smooth and each of the rappers bring their indiviudal styles to the track while Nano Reyes sings the hook with fire. The song shows that Gay are capable of doing more than fixing hair and designing clothes and shows that all almost every gay guy wants to have a thug in their life.

4. HOLD MY HAND-MICHAEL JACKSON & AKON-When the King of Pop decided to resume his music career, he enlisted the services of several hot artists and one of them was Akon, who's making a name for him self with his smooth tenor voice, lyrics and sexy African looks. In fact MJ gave him props in his last interview for Ebony Magazine in 2007. They first worked together when Akon did a remix of Jackson's classic "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" for the re-released of the now classic "Thriller" album. Impressed, MJ requested more material and when Akon presented him "Hold My Hand" MJ fell in love with it and informed his staff and crew that was gonna be the first single released on his new album and true to his word it was. Sadly MJ isn't alive to see how his fans are responding to it, but he's in Heaven smiling down and seeing how people are loving the song that has a nice smooth arragnement of string and lyrics about love and harmony.

5. CALL ME-JOELL ORTIZ & NOVEL-A hot joint is all I can say about this colab by these two talented stars. Joell lyrics and smooth yet hype flow blends with Novel's tenor and falsetto and the horns and strings making it a true Hip-Hop/R&B collabo. Joell's lyrics on this track will make people think about their first loves and the ones they losted. They need to receive nominations for Best Colabo if they didn't already.

6. EXCLUSIVELY (REMIX) ANYE ELITE & KAOZ-Being influnced by Mariah Carey, it was no suprise that openly Gay singer/songwriter Anye Elite would recruit a hot rapper do appear on a remix of one of his single and the rapper he chosed was Kaoz, who adds some hot Midwestern flavor to this hot Pop/Dance track about being the one who catches the boy.

T.I. was all over the headlines last year for his release from prison, his movie and his marriage to longtime girlfriend singer/songwriter Tiny Cottle from the R&B group Xscape, who's been riding with him for several years. T.I. also put in hard work in the studio and he was recruited by the legendary Ron Isley to join him on his comeback Album and it's no suprise that they did a song about being able to provide a shorty with the good life and hot passionate love making. The joint has the classic Isley Brothers sound which would have been better had Ron's brother Ernie been avaliable to play the electric guitar live instead of having the guitar riff done digitally. T.I.'s work with Chris Brown is a great inspriational song that inspires people not to let their mistakes and pitfills bring you down. You can learn from one mistakes.

8.MY GIRLS LILE THEM GIRLS-CHRIS BROWN AND J. VALENTINE-When Chris Brown dropped his second mixtape, I couldn't help to listen to this song about a guy's fantasy of particpating in a threesome as well as watching two women get it on in the bedroom. What makes this song good is the lyrics about how he's watching his girl roll up in the club like a playa, and making both the men and women look with awe and hate. The vocals didn't need to be synsersized that much, but the song will be a theme used for guys who loves to get turned on by having a women Mack and freak.

9.STATE YOUR NAME-LAST OFFENCE & BRY'NT-The rapper from St. Louie once again joined forces with the Shemar Moore of Gay Rap to record a hot club banger, where each showcases their ability to spit over a hardcore track. Giving the track it's fire is the intro with a gay claming that gays can't rap and Bry'nt going in hard rhyming in Spanish while Last O comes in and letting the haters know that he has no fear.
"I have no fear of hell
I am a Buddist"

10. I LIKE-JEREMIH & LUDACRIS-Many were suprised that the Chicago native who created the song and term "Birtday Sex" would team up with labelmate Ludacris for a hot and sexy single. Though it sounds like the continuation of "Birthday Sex" and "That Body" Luda's wild style and word play gives the song that edge while Jermih's tenor adds Pop/Soul flavor and innocence.

11.MAKE ME SAY-TYDIS FEATURING THE NEW BOYZ-What can I say, I love Pop music. A great debut from an talented singer and a cute and hot West Coast duo. Cute beats and lyrics about seeing a hottie that makes you say different things. I would love form them to do a remix to this song in a ballad form.

12-MY SECRET LUV-JESSE-O & BARON-A hot track by these Out award nominated and winning artists who joined forces to perform a hot track for those who are in secret relationships (I'm not talking about being adultrey either). Produced by Tori-Fixx this joint features Jesse's smooth vocals and lyrics and Baron's flow.


Happy New Year folks.
It's been more than a minute since I've written anything on this blog.
2010 was a good year for dvds and I decided to list my favorites DVDS of 2010

1. MICHAEL JACKSON-THIS IS IT-For years Michael Jackson has always created hot concerts, and he always filmed his rehearsals, and since his passed his estate felt of the good way to pay tribute to a man who is constantly emulated. This footage showed how he communicated with his band, crew as well as showed his humble, and humourous side-something that most press refused to showcased. It also showed what it takes to put together a show and hopefully inspiring entertainers will learn that it takes more than looking pretty to put on a great show

2. MICHAEL JACKSON-VISIONS-In addition to putting on great shows, MJ had also created hot videos I mean short films. When videos was just being used as a marketing tool, Jackson decided to use it as a way to showcase his talent, and he didn't half step either; his videos were mini-movies with stories and themes, that related to the song. This 3 DVD set includes all his short films from his entire adult solo career including "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough," "Billie Jean," "Remember The Time," "Blood On The Dance Floor" and my all time favorite "Scream" his duet with his sister Janet which is the most expensive video and received the most nominations from the MTV video awards It also includes videos he did with his brothers including "Blame It On The Boogie," the classic "Can You Feel It" as well as "Say, Say Say" with Paul Mc Cartney and his last one "One More Chance." It would have been better had the video for "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)" was included because it was the biggest hit of the group's career and it was the first top ten single that featured Michael (who co-wrote this classic with brother Randy) as a songwriter.

3.RAG TAG-With many Black Gay films being released during the past decade, "Rag Tag" has became a favorite among Black Gays around the world. The story about two Black British childhood friends who were seperated at a young age and who reunite and resume their love was very inspirational and shows that despite having obstacles being thrown in your path (homophobic, self-righteouss father, a girlfriend, fear of being judge for not having a decent education, and a jealous undercover cock blocking business associate) love can conquer all.
Movie highlights-Rag & Tag traveling to Nigeria, Tag learning that his uncle was gay, Tag's White Girlfriend telling him that he's selfish and doesn't deserve neither she or Rag. Rag & Tag making love for the first time.

4. WHY DID I GET MARRIED 2-After seeing the first installment of this classic, everybody was waiting to see how the sequel was going to be and let me tell you, it was just as good as the first. I being modest; it was better. The scenes, acting and storyline was deep, funny and made you laugh, snap, root and cry. Especially when Malik Yoba threw liqour on Janet Jackson, who took being an Angry Black woman to the extreme by breaking things with a golf club and making her husband feel low by showing up unannounced at his job with a gay men popping out of a cake singing "It's Raining Men."
Hightlights-Shelia's second husband, dissing Shelia's first husband, who has problems accepting that fact that she's moved on, Shelia reminding him about how he abused her and telling him to get his ass out of the kitchen, Marcus' wife feeling stupid learning that it was the couple's maid and gardener/butler who was getting their freak on instead of Marcus and another women.
What would have made the movie better? The film needed to focus more on the Tyler Perry's and Shanon Leal's character's marriage. Hopefully the film would explore that in the next one.

5. OUR FAMILY WEDDING-This comedy starring America Ferrea and the sexy Lance Gross had me in stichhes, gaining an greater appreciation for Latin Culture and watching Lance grow as an actor (I can't help it that he's sexy). Like most films that deals with kids getting married, the father's are the ones who be at each other's throat and trying to outdo each other, as well as featuing the bride-to-be wanting their father's to acknowledge that they're grown women with their own minds, but this film was sort of different. It featured the groom's growing up in a single father hood household, and wanting his finacee to stand up for him.
Highlights-The fathers aruging and the finacee's mother telling them both to act like adults, Lance and America kissing in a car to the sound of Babyface's classic "Soon As I Get Home," The bride-to-be's father realizing that he has taken his wife for granted, and the scene were Forrest Whitaker and Regina King fighting at the bakery.
What would have made the movie better? Exploring Lance's character true feelings about not growing up with his mother, as well as explaining if they ever had contact.

6.THE PREACHER'S KID-For those of you who still doubt Original Destiny's Child member Le-Toya Luckett's singing abilities needs to check out this flick. You can hear her Gospel training and roots in this film that got great reviews from people who appreciate talented people. The film shows the drama of what happens with preacher kids, who parents wants them to spent most of their activities centered around church, and not allowing them the freedom and opportunity to experience life and pursue their own goals and aspirations (Especially when their over the age of 21), and forces them to rebel, and without guidance, forces them to be in conflict of whether to go back and hear "I told you so" or to be rejected or to deal with the consequences. The film also showed the drama of what goes on while one is on tour (playas, jealousy and true friendships).
Movie Highlights: When LeToya's character Angie helps the play's lead singer and main cast member on the road when she suffers an asthma attack. Another highlight, when Angie's childhood crush and friend whip's the former R&B hearthrob's ass backstage forcing him to fall on to the stage and the audience to applaud thining it was part of the act. Another highlight, when Ella Joyce's character tells Angie's father that Angie is not the only one who can take care of you. My favorite the ending when Angie, is helping her husband and friends set up a stand, and when they talking about pregnancy, a female dramatic church member who has always threw shade at Angie gets put in place by her husband.

7. JOE LIVE IN JAPAN-R&B SINGER/SONGWRITER/PRODUCER Joe has been one of R&B's popular male singers for the past 17 years, and his first live DVD shows why he's a huge hit over seas. Dressed in a tuxedo and back with a band of talented brothers including a horn section, Joe shows the crowd that sometimes less in more, and that there are artist who don't need to rely on fireworks and gimmicks just to have a hot performce. It also showed that there are many music lovers who loves intimate settings and shows, and it also explianed how people of different cultures have a stronger appreciation of R&B/Soul Music

8. THE GAME SEASONS 2 & 3-Since "The Game" made it's premeire in 2006, many fans made sure they was home to catch this hot sitcom about 3 football players from the fictional San Diego Football team, and the drama their experience in their professional and personal lives. Since the cancelation, many have protested that the show be returned to prime time and it has thanks to BET, but during the time of negotiatiions, many have been flocking to get the series to see Derwin & Melanie break up and make up, Malik fall in love and return to being a ladies man, seeing Kelly and Jason divorce and deal with their smart (in terms of maturity) daughter, and Tasha Mack be a outspoken manager and over protective mother.

9. THE RUNAWAYS-There have been many movies that were about girl groups, but the film about The Runaways was very hot and showed how a group of girls decided to beat the odds and become a Rock band. Based on lead singer's Cherie Currie's memoirs, the film had some hot moments and showed the intense romance she had with member Joan Jett, who executive produced the film that should have been released in more theatres. It showed how they had to prove to their manager, and to the world that girls are capabale of doing more than singing and wearing fancy sequenced gowns, and that they can hang with the big boys. It also shows what happens when you don't have balls to stick up for what's right.
Highlights-When Jett's character showed her high school music teacher that she can play electric guitar and that her influences was Chuck Berry. Another highlight was when the band stood up to some promoters overseas.
What could have made the film better? Showing some emphasis on member Lita Ford's character and background.

10.STOMP THE YARD 2-HOMECOMING-Despite the stepping and love scene with Collis Pennie, I was extremely disappointed with this DVD. When you're doing a sequel it has to be just as good as the first one or even better. It wasn't. The story showed the Chance being hustled in a street dance battle and trying to find ways to come up with money to pay for his 'so-called' debt, balancing school, working at his father's resturant and dealing with his current girlfriend and ex, who tries to get him back in her life.
HIGHLIGHTS-The stepping performances and battle and the Betas and Gammas joining forces to let the thug know that they will have his brother's back.
What could have made this film better? Having DJ and Megan Good return as a couple and showing how them as graduates, and having DJ coming up with a way to help Chance being that he was a former street dancer himself deal with the situation instead of just making a visit and giving them a prep talk before the battle.
Also since people have been doing lots of snitching it would have been hot had someone blackmailed Jay to make him call of the debt.