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Happy New Year folks.
It's been more than a minute since I've written anything on this blog.
2010 was a good year for dvds and I decided to list my favorites DVDS of 2010

1. MICHAEL JACKSON-THIS IS IT-For years Michael Jackson has always created hot concerts, and he always filmed his rehearsals, and since his passed his estate felt of the good way to pay tribute to a man who is constantly emulated. This footage showed how he communicated with his band, crew as well as showed his humble, and humourous side-something that most press refused to showcased. It also showed what it takes to put together a show and hopefully inspiring entertainers will learn that it takes more than looking pretty to put on a great show

2. MICHAEL JACKSON-VISIONS-In addition to putting on great shows, MJ had also created hot videos I mean short films. When videos was just being used as a marketing tool, Jackson decided to use it as a way to showcase his talent, and he didn't half step either; his videos were mini-movies with stories and themes, that related to the song. This 3 DVD set includes all his short films from his entire adult solo career including "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough," "Billie Jean," "Remember The Time," "Blood On The Dance Floor" and my all time favorite "Scream" his duet with his sister Janet which is the most expensive video and received the most nominations from the MTV video awards It also includes videos he did with his brothers including "Blame It On The Boogie," the classic "Can You Feel It" as well as "Say, Say Say" with Paul Mc Cartney and his last one "One More Chance." It would have been better had the video for "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)" was included because it was the biggest hit of the group's career and it was the first top ten single that featured Michael (who co-wrote this classic with brother Randy) as a songwriter.

3.RAG TAG-With many Black Gay films being released during the past decade, "Rag Tag" has became a favorite among Black Gays around the world. The story about two Black British childhood friends who were seperated at a young age and who reunite and resume their love was very inspirational and shows that despite having obstacles being thrown in your path (homophobic, self-righteouss father, a girlfriend, fear of being judge for not having a decent education, and a jealous undercover cock blocking business associate) love can conquer all.
Movie highlights-Rag & Tag traveling to Nigeria, Tag learning that his uncle was gay, Tag's White Girlfriend telling him that he's selfish and doesn't deserve neither she or Rag. Rag & Tag making love for the first time.

4. WHY DID I GET MARRIED 2-After seeing the first installment of this classic, everybody was waiting to see how the sequel was going to be and let me tell you, it was just as good as the first. I being modest; it was better. The scenes, acting and storyline was deep, funny and made you laugh, snap, root and cry. Especially when Malik Yoba threw liqour on Janet Jackson, who took being an Angry Black woman to the extreme by breaking things with a golf club and making her husband feel low by showing up unannounced at his job with a gay men popping out of a cake singing "It's Raining Men."
Hightlights-Shelia's second husband, dissing Shelia's first husband, who has problems accepting that fact that she's moved on, Shelia reminding him about how he abused her and telling him to get his ass out of the kitchen, Marcus' wife feeling stupid learning that it was the couple's maid and gardener/butler who was getting their freak on instead of Marcus and another women.
What would have made the movie better? The film needed to focus more on the Tyler Perry's and Shanon Leal's character's marriage. Hopefully the film would explore that in the next one.

5. OUR FAMILY WEDDING-This comedy starring America Ferrea and the sexy Lance Gross had me in stichhes, gaining an greater appreciation for Latin Culture and watching Lance grow as an actor (I can't help it that he's sexy). Like most films that deals with kids getting married, the father's are the ones who be at each other's throat and trying to outdo each other, as well as featuing the bride-to-be wanting their father's to acknowledge that they're grown women with their own minds, but this film was sort of different. It featured the groom's growing up in a single father hood household, and wanting his finacee to stand up for him.
Highlights-The fathers aruging and the finacee's mother telling them both to act like adults, Lance and America kissing in a car to the sound of Babyface's classic "Soon As I Get Home," The bride-to-be's father realizing that he has taken his wife for granted, and the scene were Forrest Whitaker and Regina King fighting at the bakery.
What would have made the movie better? Exploring Lance's character true feelings about not growing up with his mother, as well as explaining if they ever had contact.

6.THE PREACHER'S KID-For those of you who still doubt Original Destiny's Child member Le-Toya Luckett's singing abilities needs to check out this flick. You can hear her Gospel training and roots in this film that got great reviews from people who appreciate talented people. The film shows the drama of what happens with preacher kids, who parents wants them to spent most of their activities centered around church, and not allowing them the freedom and opportunity to experience life and pursue their own goals and aspirations (Especially when their over the age of 21), and forces them to rebel, and without guidance, forces them to be in conflict of whether to go back and hear "I told you so" or to be rejected or to deal with the consequences. The film also showed the drama of what goes on while one is on tour (playas, jealousy and true friendships).
Movie Highlights: When LeToya's character Angie helps the play's lead singer and main cast member on the road when she suffers an asthma attack. Another highlight, when Angie's childhood crush and friend whip's the former R&B hearthrob's ass backstage forcing him to fall on to the stage and the audience to applaud thining it was part of the act. Another highlight, when Ella Joyce's character tells Angie's father that Angie is not the only one who can take care of you. My favorite the ending when Angie, is helping her husband and friends set up a stand, and when they talking about pregnancy, a female dramatic church member who has always threw shade at Angie gets put in place by her husband.

7. JOE LIVE IN JAPAN-R&B SINGER/SONGWRITER/PRODUCER Joe has been one of R&B's popular male singers for the past 17 years, and his first live DVD shows why he's a huge hit over seas. Dressed in a tuxedo and back with a band of talented brothers including a horn section, Joe shows the crowd that sometimes less in more, and that there are artist who don't need to rely on fireworks and gimmicks just to have a hot performce. It also showed that there are many music lovers who loves intimate settings and shows, and it also explianed how people of different cultures have a stronger appreciation of R&B/Soul Music

8. THE GAME SEASONS 2 & 3-Since "The Game" made it's premeire in 2006, many fans made sure they was home to catch this hot sitcom about 3 football players from the fictional San Diego Football team, and the drama their experience in their professional and personal lives. Since the cancelation, many have protested that the show be returned to prime time and it has thanks to BET, but during the time of negotiatiions, many have been flocking to get the series to see Derwin & Melanie break up and make up, Malik fall in love and return to being a ladies man, seeing Kelly and Jason divorce and deal with their smart (in terms of maturity) daughter, and Tasha Mack be a outspoken manager and over protective mother.

9. THE RUNAWAYS-There have been many movies that were about girl groups, but the film about The Runaways was very hot and showed how a group of girls decided to beat the odds and become a Rock band. Based on lead singer's Cherie Currie's memoirs, the film had some hot moments and showed the intense romance she had with member Joan Jett, who executive produced the film that should have been released in more theatres. It showed how they had to prove to their manager, and to the world that girls are capabale of doing more than singing and wearing fancy sequenced gowns, and that they can hang with the big boys. It also shows what happens when you don't have balls to stick up for what's right.
Highlights-When Jett's character showed her high school music teacher that she can play electric guitar and that her influences was Chuck Berry. Another highlight was when the band stood up to some promoters overseas.
What could have made the film better? Showing some emphasis on member Lita Ford's character and background.

10.STOMP THE YARD 2-HOMECOMING-Despite the stepping and love scene with Collis Pennie, I was extremely disappointed with this DVD. When you're doing a sequel it has to be just as good as the first one or even better. It wasn't. The story showed the Chance being hustled in a street dance battle and trying to find ways to come up with money to pay for his 'so-called' debt, balancing school, working at his father's resturant and dealing with his current girlfriend and ex, who tries to get him back in her life.
HIGHLIGHTS-The stepping performances and battle and the Betas and Gammas joining forces to let the thug know that they will have his brother's back.
What could have made this film better? Having DJ and Megan Good return as a couple and showing how them as graduates, and having DJ coming up with a way to help Chance being that he was a former street dancer himself deal with the situation instead of just making a visit and giving them a prep talk before the battle.
Also since people have been doing lots of snitching it would have been hot had someone blackmailed Jay to make him call of the debt.

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