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Many artists have teamed up to create hot jams and 2010 was no exception. Classic Soul and Comtemporary artists teamed up as well as several talented openly Gay performers got together to create some hot joints that have many of the smart kids talking and pumping on their Ipods and MP3 players and here are my favorite Colabs of 2010

2010 was a big year for El who was released from prison for parole violation, and was eager to get back to the stage. After doing some gigs in LA he was signed to Geffen Records and went to work on his comeback CD "Second Chance" which has been getting lots of great reviews from critics and fans who are happy that he's bringing quality music back. One of the jams that has people buzzing in the album's second single "Lay With You" with Faith Evans, who does a excellent job blending her soprano with his famous falsetto. The song has a great grown and sexy vibe and lyrics about wanting to spend the time laying in bed, and is the 3rd DeBarge connection Faith has had. She sang the hook of her late husband's Biggie Smalls' "One More Chance" which contains samples from DeBarge's hit "Stay With Me" and in 2002, she sang the hook of DeBarge's classic "I Like It" on Boyz II Men's hit "Relax Your Mind."

The music industry always has a Birtish Invasion and this talented young UK based rapper has been getting a great buzz with his debut single. What gives this song fire is his flow, lyrics and colab with mentor Asher D, who bring a smooth yet hard flow while his artist spits fire with his vocals. The hook is hot and inspirational and should be as a theme for those who are gonna to shine.

With people still having doubts and ignorant views about Gay Hip-Hop, these four talented rappers teamed up to record one of last year's hottest joints that has been getting lots of air time of MTV and Logo. The beat is hot and smooth and each of the rappers bring their indiviudal styles to the track while Nano Reyes sings the hook with fire. The song shows that Gay are capable of doing more than fixing hair and designing clothes and shows that all almost every gay guy wants to have a thug in their life.

4. HOLD MY HAND-MICHAEL JACKSON & AKON-When the King of Pop decided to resume his music career, he enlisted the services of several hot artists and one of them was Akon, who's making a name for him self with his smooth tenor voice, lyrics and sexy African looks. In fact MJ gave him props in his last interview for Ebony Magazine in 2007. They first worked together when Akon did a remix of Jackson's classic "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" for the re-released of the now classic "Thriller" album. Impressed, MJ requested more material and when Akon presented him "Hold My Hand" MJ fell in love with it and informed his staff and crew that was gonna be the first single released on his new album and true to his word it was. Sadly MJ isn't alive to see how his fans are responding to it, but he's in Heaven smiling down and seeing how people are loving the song that has a nice smooth arragnement of string and lyrics about love and harmony.

5. CALL ME-JOELL ORTIZ & NOVEL-A hot joint is all I can say about this colab by these two talented stars. Joell lyrics and smooth yet hype flow blends with Novel's tenor and falsetto and the horns and strings making it a true Hip-Hop/R&B collabo. Joell's lyrics on this track will make people think about their first loves and the ones they losted. They need to receive nominations for Best Colabo if they didn't already.

6. EXCLUSIVELY (REMIX) ANYE ELITE & KAOZ-Being influnced by Mariah Carey, it was no suprise that openly Gay singer/songwriter Anye Elite would recruit a hot rapper do appear on a remix of one of his single and the rapper he chosed was Kaoz, who adds some hot Midwestern flavor to this hot Pop/Dance track about being the one who catches the boy.

T.I. was all over the headlines last year for his release from prison, his movie and his marriage to longtime girlfriend singer/songwriter Tiny Cottle from the R&B group Xscape, who's been riding with him for several years. T.I. also put in hard work in the studio and he was recruited by the legendary Ron Isley to join him on his comeback Album and it's no suprise that they did a song about being able to provide a shorty with the good life and hot passionate love making. The joint has the classic Isley Brothers sound which would have been better had Ron's brother Ernie been avaliable to play the electric guitar live instead of having the guitar riff done digitally. T.I.'s work with Chris Brown is a great inspriational song that inspires people not to let their mistakes and pitfills bring you down. You can learn from one mistakes.

8.MY GIRLS LILE THEM GIRLS-CHRIS BROWN AND J. VALENTINE-When Chris Brown dropped his second mixtape, I couldn't help to listen to this song about a guy's fantasy of particpating in a threesome as well as watching two women get it on in the bedroom. What makes this song good is the lyrics about how he's watching his girl roll up in the club like a playa, and making both the men and women look with awe and hate. The vocals didn't need to be synsersized that much, but the song will be a theme used for guys who loves to get turned on by having a women Mack and freak.

9.STATE YOUR NAME-LAST OFFENCE & BRY'NT-The rapper from St. Louie once again joined forces with the Shemar Moore of Gay Rap to record a hot club banger, where each showcases their ability to spit over a hardcore track. Giving the track it's fire is the intro with a gay claming that gays can't rap and Bry'nt going in hard rhyming in Spanish while Last O comes in and letting the haters know that he has no fear.
"I have no fear of hell
I am a Buddist"

10. I LIKE-JEREMIH & LUDACRIS-Many were suprised that the Chicago native who created the song and term "Birtday Sex" would team up with labelmate Ludacris for a hot and sexy single. Though it sounds like the continuation of "Birthday Sex" and "That Body" Luda's wild style and word play gives the song that edge while Jermih's tenor adds Pop/Soul flavor and innocence.

11.MAKE ME SAY-TYDIS FEATURING THE NEW BOYZ-What can I say, I love Pop music. A great debut from an talented singer and a cute and hot West Coast duo. Cute beats and lyrics about seeing a hottie that makes you say different things. I would love form them to do a remix to this song in a ballad form.

12-MY SECRET LUV-JESSE-O & BARON-A hot track by these Out award nominated and winning artists who joined forces to perform a hot track for those who are in secret relationships (I'm not talking about being adultrey either). Produced by Tori-Fixx this joint features Jesse's smooth vocals and lyrics and Baron's flow.

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