Sunday, November 24, 2013



For the past 25 years, Grammy-Award winning Pop/Dance Singer/Songwriter/Producer Jody Watley has been serving up dishes of great music that had her fans empowered and dancing, and she gives as a great fulfilling dish with her latest single "Night Life" which is blazing up the charts, and getting lots of positive feedback from fans and critics who commended her on releasing a great song in the digital cookie cutter age that music industry is at and for giving it a retro-Disco feel great vibe. Written and produced with Julian & Raphael Aletti and Count Da Money, the single has a great timeless sound that will have everybody dancing and enjoying themselves. The ingredients of this single are the horn section and strings that gives the tune a nice funky soulful Disco vibe. Another set of ingredients are the lyrics and Jody's vocal's performance where she sings passionately about having a great time without any problems as well as showing her classy and sassy side during the bridge of the song.

I love the nightlife
Don't matter where you're from
A worldwide Phenomenon

Wack it
Just wack it out
Wack it
Just wack it out
And turn
Wack. Wack.
Now walk it out.

That's another ingredient the song has-Jody telling her Gay fans to get loose and pose and walk like they're modeling on a runway and in a ball as well as shouting out various cities and countries around the world.
You know when you're fixing up a dish and you have that secret ingredient that gives the dish an extra kick? Well Miss Jody added one-having Gerald Brown Shalamar's original lead singer join her on the track making it the first time they recorded together since 1978, and let me tell you Gerald Brown still sounds excellent after all these many years.

Miss Jody's new single gets a 25 rating, and it goes to show that Iconic legends are still capable of making that's timeless and makes people want to dance and have fun.

This review is dedicated to the memories of Don Cornelious and Dick Clark both who provided outlets for music lovers to dance and show off their moves on television.