Wednesday, December 30, 2009


In 2 days, it will be a new year.
I'm looking forward to growing on a spiritual, mental and physical level.
This year was pretty hetic for me. I was able to survive the loss of my grandmother and I'm almost recovered from the surgery I had the day before Thanksgiving.
I'm looking forward to growing as a person and seeing what 2010 has to offer.

Thanks for those who showed me love and I wish each and every one of u a Happy New Year

Song inspired by this post



1. The comebacks of Whitney Houston and Maxwell.
2. Donna Summer's concert in Brooklyn.
3. Minnie Rippleton & Teena Marie finally being paged homage with the Unsung Documentary.
4. Adam Lambert coming out the closet and telling Barbra Walters that he's a homosexual and to deal with it! & Kelly Rowland finally getting new management.
5. Janet Jackson re-teaming with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis for her upcoming album.
6. Finally finding out why Jody Watley and Jeffrey Daniels left Shalamar.
7. Tina Knowles finally divorcing Matthew.
8. Evan Chandler taking his own life.


Here are my favorite collabs of 2009 Both released singles and album tracks

1. POCKETBOOK-Jennifer Hudson & Ludacris
2. REGRET-LeToya Luckett 7 Ludacris
3. WITH YOU-Asher D & Muteya Buena
4. LIKE I NEVER LEFT-Whitney Houston & Akon
5. WHO'S REAL-Jadakiss With Swizz Beatz
6. STEP YOUR PEN GAME UP-Up & Set It Off-Out Mobb
7. LETTER TO BIG-Jadakiss & Faith Evans
8. CAN'T LAST A DAY-Teena Marie & Faith Evans.



1. Raindrops-Jerimuh
2. Stop Callin' Me-Khalif
3. Call You Tonight & I Didn't Know My Own Strength (Tie)-Whitney Houston
4. Make Me-Janet
5. Your Love-Pleasure P
6. Like This-Brutha
7. Beat It Up & Hello Goodbye(Tie)-Bry'nt
8. Party with B & Celebrity (Tie)-Baron
9. I'm Here To Entertain You-Adam Lambert
10. Black-Pretty Ricky
11.You And Me-Wayne Brady


Here is a breakdown of my favorite porn stars in categoires

Famous on/off screne couple
City Boi and Jiovanne-These southern boys have been bringing their southern hospitality to their work in several films including Measuring Up and Payback's A Bitch which in the latter, Jiovanne was topped on screen for the first time. The duo also showcased their versatility in Black In Nature
I would love to see this duo show more sensuality (especially when City is going to be the main top) and them having a equal amoung of topping time.

Famous Bottoms
June-This Latin hunk has no shame in taking some good ass dick in his ass. Since he's been on the scene since 2007/8, he's been making guys sweat and lose their breath with his tight Latin ass, which shows bottoms that they're no less than a man.

Neo-This guys gives off mad sensuality and knows what he likes. His performances in Give A Thug A Bone and Assualt With A Blatino Weapon shows that Black guys can put it on you just ass good as females

Famous top of 2009
Loco-This hot sexy, young, mature brother knows how to lay the pipe down and he knows how to make his partner satisfied. If he continues to remain down to earth and don't get caught up in negavitivy, he will have a long career.

Famous Verstaile of 2009
Nubius-This Tall muscular hunk can give dick as well as take it. From getting hit from guys half his size to banging out tall brothas, he gives a complete description on how to get sexually taken care of. Plus he knows hows to kiss

Remy Mars-Known for getting his ass tapped, the Philly native shocked many fans when he topped Thug Nasty in the flick "Thugboy 7" and though he has alot of pratice, he did a pretty decent job.

Porn Stars who have potential

Spyder-This slender sexy brotha made his debut in Give A Thug A Bone, and while he's blessed with a huge dick and slender body, he didn't get a chance to really shine towards the end. He gives off alot of sensuality, and I feel that writers need to have him perform sensual acts (Kissing, necking and rubbing) before he gets his dick sucked and fucks. He was able to make his onscreen co-star cum several times and for a person to do that without hard pounding shows that he has skills that need to be developed.

Black Mamba-This sexy slender dark-skinned Black/Latin brother showed the true meaning of being a Blatino. In addition to his accent, he displayed lots of sensuality, class and charm in the film "Fever For Da Flaver-Orlando" and viewers who love Chocolate Black Latin men will having multiple orgasims and wanting to take Spanish lessons when watching this film. I would love to see him maintian his sensuality and contiue to kiss in future projects.

The biggest comebacks:
T-Malone: This Porn role model made his return in Layin' Pipe and picked up where he left off at; showing the industry and the world that masucline looking men shouldn't be looked down on because they like to receive dick instead of give it.

Supreme Castro: When Supreme got fucked in the films "Take Em Down" 1 & 2, many were shocked, pissed and hurt that he got dicked down by the industry's famous Blatino Top. (I felt sorry for him)
He went back to his roots in the film "New Thug City" where he plays a ruthless drug dealer, who uses his dick to punish those who late with his loot and to test their loyalty. Though his dick had slight problems getting errected, he was able to regain his topping status and hopefully he will remain on top of his game.

Famous 3 ways
The second scene in the flick "Jeans, Hoodies & Boots" What I liked about that scene was how the guys were into each other, and they complimented each other with their sex skills, by displaying their personalties.


Here is a list of my favorite Adult/Porn Stars of 2009

1. Dream (On Top of My Game 2)
2. Loco (Layin' Pipe)
3. Jiovanne (Measuring Up, Payback's A Bitch, Black In Nature)
4. Magic (Thugboy 7) and Paris (Layin' Pipe
5. Spyder (Give A Thug A Bone)
6. City Boi (Measuring Up, Payback's A Bitch, Black In Nature)
7. Vivid (Give A Thug A Bone)
8. Dangerzone (Thugboy 7)
9. June (Layin' Pipe, 3 The Hardway)
10. Remy Mars (Thugboy 7)
11. Mr. Saukei (Thugboy 7)
12. Nubius (Black In Nature)


Here are a list of my favorite Adult/Porn films of 2009

1. Layin' Pips (Real Urban Men Productions)
2. Top of My Game 2 (Chocolate Creame Productions)& Thugboyz 7-Born To Fuck (Flavaworks Productions)
3. Measuring Up (Pittbull Productions)
4. Guess Who's Cumming To Dinner (Chocolate Creame Productions)
5. Measuring Up & Payback's A Bitch (Pittbull productions)
6. The Movers (Chocolate Cream)
7. Black In Nature (Edward James Productions)
8. Give A Thug A Bone

Saturday, December 26, 2009


When I learned that I was born the same day as Duke of The Four Tops, I was excited. To was born the same day as the guy who's a member of the world's famous singing group who until 1997 was the only group to have all original members without a change in personel for 43 years. Now he's the only suriving member of the legendary group, who's keeping the legacy alive with Theo Peoples, Ron Mc Neir and Raquel Payton, the son of the group's late vocal arranger Lawerence, who along with Renaldo "Obie" Benson and Levi Stubbs had died from cancer.
I admire Duke for keeping the legacy going and for honoring his 3 best friends, who gave us wonderful music and showed the industry that a group of Black guys can weather any storm togehter and they did. I wish that some of today's groups would follow their examples.

Known for his trademark glasses and smile, Duke always gives the fans his best when he sings his line on the group's million selling classic "Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got). He always acts like he's writing when he sings the line 'Like a page on a letter.'
He always shows his sense of humor during the group performs their debut hit "Baby I Need Your Loving." After the group does a call and response, Theo always says take it off/Take it off, and Duke jokingly tells a audience member hey man put your clothes back on.
When they group performs their live version of Heatwave's classic ballad "Always And Forever," Theo always tells the brothers in the audience that it's a nice song to sing to their ladies, but Duke reminds him 'Now you know everybody can't sing.
That's right buy her a Mercedes, she'll be singing to you.

Duke is also knows for his loyalty to long-time friends and fellow Motown artists including Otis Williams of The Temptations and Mary Wilson of The Supremes, who perform together from time to time.
In his autobiography, Otis said that after the Motown 25 special, he was telling Duke that he and The Four Tops should perform the battle of the bands on the road.
"That's a great idea" Duke replied.
That tour lasted for 3 years.
He's also good friends with Mary Wilson who he dated during the 1960's. When his marriage was having problems, he and the sexy Supreme began to date and live together, having artists calling them the true sweethearts of Motown. In her autobiography, Mary said that whenever he wasn't on tour he would say SweatPea I'm bringing some of the guys home and she would cook up a big dinner and would have fun. She also said that Duke's the true love of her life, and though they ended their romance, they've remained friends, and when The Four Tops was having their 50th anniversary special, Duke personally called Mary and asked if she would love to perform their version of the classic "River Deep Mountain High" with them and she agreed. In fact, on the show, Duke personally introduced her to the crowd who rewarded her with a standing ovation as she strutted on the dress in her red dress.
Duke has great taste in women.
One characterestic I've learn is his humility. On their 50th anniversary DVD, he spoke about how he kept his promise to his mother when he brought her a house. His late mother worked as a domestic, and when he saw the couple she was working for attending the group's concert, he asked Berry Gordy for an $10,000 advance. Gordy gave him $20,000, and Duke told his mother that she can retire and he would take care of her for the rest of her life.

Abdul Duke Fakir is a classy, talented, humble man and I like to wish him a happy birthday and to continue keeping the group's legacy alive.


I woked up this morning feeling good today. I woke up this morning feeling greatful that I was able to see my 39th birthday. I can't belive that next year I'll be turning the big 40 and I'm looking forward to it.
As I listened to The Supremes's classic "Stoned Love" and The Four Tops' classic "Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got)" (A reminder, I listen to those songs every year on my birthday because I was born on the day Stoned Love hit # 1 on the R&B charts and I share the same birthday as Duke Fakir of the legendary Motown group)
I started to see the positive things in my life and that's something I need to focus on more often.
While I was speaking to my good friend BBOP, I received a call from one of my friends who I hadn't seen in 5 years. He had called to thank me for the message I left on his cell yesterday, and we started to catch up and talk about hanging out when he arrives in New York.
I spoke to my mother who's at work and told me to have fun and dress for the weather.
I've also received a call from my aunt who thanked me for the card I sent along with the pictures I took at our family renion.
While I was on the bus, I bumped into a friend from London, who I hadn't seen in 9 years. As I was about to get off, we recognized each other and started to catch up. He told me that he was saying that he had to give me a call to let me know he was in the States, and he was also suprised to see me as well. I was happy to see him that I missed my stop (Thank God for unlimited metro cards).
With all the trials and tribulations I endured (the loss of my grandmother, and having surgery) I'm glad to be alive and I'm looking forward to seeing many more Birthdays.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


For the past couple of years, Tina Knowles had gotten tired of being in a Torn Dilema, so one night during the summer, she Heard A Word, and decided to inform her soon to be ex-husband Not Anymore and that he's Irreplaceable and that's she's not gonna Fancy him anymore. She's also told him he wants him to pay her Bills and you and me are through and I can do Better Without You.
Matthew told her No, No, No, No, No and Tina replied with Yea, Yea, Yea, yea
Now Tina's gonna celebrate by making her own fierce Freakum Dress and bump Regret and Jumpin Jumpin in her ride as she make her way to the club and when she arrives, she's gonna show people that she is Bootylicious and she can Work the dance floor and being a Naughty Girl looking for a one-night stand with a Solider.


There has been another split in the Destiny's Child camp. Only this time it's Tina Knowles, who's recently filed for divorced from her husband Matthew her husband of
29 years and the father of their daughters Beyonce and Solange and stepfather to Kelly Rowland, who took her when her mother couldn't take her on her job (ok).
Tina who designed clothes for the group, had filed for divorce last month which is something fans have been anticipating for the past year, since they hardly saw her and Matthew at events. In fact Tina had been spending time with Beyonce on her current tour, while Matthew's been handling the business. The Knowles had always wanted to portray a happy family image, but that was shattered when Matthew replaed orignal group members LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Robertson without telling them, and making Robertson's replacement Farrah Franklin go to tanning salons and dying her hair red to look like her. They also forced their daughter Solange to marry her son's father so their grandchild wouldn't be born out of wedlock. That marriage didnt' last and neither did her parents, which leaves many to wonder how she, Beyonce and Kelly who used to defend Matthew feel. I know they're gonna be devestated if they learned that he's the father of a child a woman who hit him with a paternity suit.
Looks like The Knowles isn't the perfect family they want us to beleive and I know that Beyonce must feels pretty stupid about trying to dis The Jacksons, while Kelly must be in shock to learn that the man she defended was having a duet session with another woman.


" />


The 1970's was the decade of liberation where many artist recorded songs about self pride, respect and strength and when Barbra Striesand and Donna Summer teamed up thrity years ago, not only did these two legendary Icons record a hot song, they also made history by becoming the first female duo to score a # 1 Pop hit and one of the last hits from the Disco era.
By the mid 1970's Striesand and Summer had become household names; Babs had starred in many hit movies and scored two hit duets with Kris Kristoffen ("Evergreen) and Neil Diamond ("You Don't Bring Me Flowers"), while Summer was on her way to becoming the undisputed Queen of Disco, and to have them sing on a record was something that radio and fans couldn't resist.
The song starts off in a form of a ballad consisting of strings and piano with Striesand singing with Summer coming on the next part mellow yet power. Then after performing a call and response, they sing to a hot Disco beat that has a nice percussion, guitar and lyrics telling their men to get out their homes and their lives.

Pack his rain coat
Show him out
Just look him in the eye
And simply shout!!!
Enough is enough!
I can't go on
I can't go on
Enough is enough!
I want him out
I want him out
That door now!!

My favorite part is the second verse where both ladies blend their powerful voices together which gives the song power, as well as the bridge where they both ad-lib and showcases their individual styles before singing "I've had it" while the background vocalist sings 'Is enough' giving the song a nice Gospel flavor and inspiration for those who are tired of crying tears to give their bad lovers their rain coat and show them the door.

Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand recorded a powerful anthem and though it's been over 30 years, it's time for the two ladies to sing this song live.


When Babs was working on her 1979 album "Wet", she wanted the songs to revolve around water and when Babs got the song, her producer and label told the writers that it lacked the liquid, so the writers added the line It's rainging/It's pouring/My love life has been boring me to tears'

In her autobiography Ordinary Woman, Donna wrote how Paul Jabara told her he was going to show Barbra a song he wrote for her. He later came back to Donna's house and told her he wrote it as a duet and wanted to know if she wanted to record the song with her. Donna said yes and as soon as he got the OK from Babs, they met for lunch and clicked.

They also spent time looking for studios where they felt comfortable.

The day of the actual recording of the vocals, Donna had arrived 2 hours late due to a concert and after party and when she went to record her part, she lost her breath and collapse from her stool. When she woke up, she saw Barbra still recording her part, and when she finished, she asked Donna if she was OK

The song peaked at the top of the Pop charts for 2 weeks making them the first female duo to have a # 1 hit.




Alot of men be showing how they be laying the pipe down in the bedroom and after viewing the lastest release from Real Urban Men Productions, I see that cast was able to deliver with hot, steamy, rough and sensual performances that will have you fantasizes getting fucked.
The movie begins with new comer Fresh taking a nap when Treshawn attempts to wake him and seeing that he's resisting, he proceeds to seduces him with passionate kisses on his lips, back and neck. After he removes his clothing. Treshawn climbs on top of him and contiues to kiss his sleeping beauty before turning him over and eating his ass. Treshawn teases Fresh's ass with his large dick before Fresh sucks on it like a Chocolate Butter Finger, before Fresh has a Pretty Ricky moment and grinds on his pipe before he gets his plowed doggy style. Giving this scence passion is how Treshawn contiues to kiss him, while he's getting his ass tore up.
"Ah shit" Fresh says before he rides the dick and has cum shot on his face by his lover.
After getting his face creamed on, he tells Treshawn that he needs to get ready to go the bed and get some rest.
"I'm ready for round two" Treshawn replies with a smile
"That's Wasssup."
The scene with porn legend T-Malone and Loco is one of my favorite scenes of the film
which shows that older and younger men can please each other sexually. It begins with Loco sitting on the couch looking sad and when Malone asks him what's wrong, he informs him that's he's stressed out due to the lost of his job and not having any ass for weeks. Malone informs the young and mature looking and sounding star that he can be his stess reliever and he does so by rubbing his croutch area, and is shocked to learn that Loco is blessed with a large tool.
He's not sure if he can take it, but he tells him he'll try and he begins to unbotton his jean shorts, and play with his dick while they kiss passionately, before Malone begins to suck Loco's dick, causing him to become relaxed. Especially when he licks his balls.
"Suck that dick" Loco says in a mellow, yet mature voice.
"It's all yours."
"You like it when I like your balls?" Malone asks.
"Hell yeah."
Giving this scene fire is how the famous on-screen bottom worships the company's mature and sexy model's dick by teasing it and licking the tip of it in between blow jobs. Another hot scene is when Loco has an LL Cool J moment by licking his lips when he tells Malone that he's gonna stretch out his ass and when he deep throats Malone, who becomes vocally aggresseive as he's getting his legendary pipe tongue cleaned.
Malone then sits on Loco's dick and moans while he's getting fucked and has his ass smacked before the young hot stud fucks him on the couch missionary style and gives him a look that says 'I'm the one in charge' while Malone is having a Whitney Houston moment of saying 'Oh Yes" and screaming falestto like R&B singer The Dream. Another hot moment is when Loco shoots a large load of cum on Malone's back (the first that I've seen a brother shoot a load in a long time and the load is so large that it looks like it's a pipe leakage) and on his chest after Malone busts his nut.
"You feel alright?"
"Streefree" Loco replies
"I'm always here when you need me."
"That's wassup."

Libra and Kidd Kaj appear in what I call the over due sex scene which begins with Kaj interupting Libra's magazine reading and reminding him that they haven't had sex in six months and wants to know if he's still interested in him. Libra tells him yes, and before you can say OK, they drop their drawers with Libra on his knees getting throat fucked as well as sucking his man's dick and balls seductively before Kaj buries his ass in Libra's tight ass as well as smacking it. He also shows his oral sex skills by sucking his lover's dick to the point where he's enjoying it like a college student in a bar.
"Suck that shit" Libra says in a southern accent before Kaj (who's been seen bottoming in films) fucks him into submission by pinning him to the couch by his nect before shooting a load on his neck.
Newcomer Fresh starts off the next scene by taking a nice warm shower while his on screen lover Nubius is impatiently waiting for him to join him. When he does, he climbs on top of him and they begin to kiss Nubius (I would love for Black porn to feature their cast kiss passionately instead of just sucking and fucking)who later eats and massages his plump and juicy ass with his long tongue and sexy chocolate hands. He makes his ass so damn wet that they really don't need to use any lubrication. Fresh returns the favor by sucking Nubius strong pipe which us later uses to devoir his tight ass with no problems.
"Nice tight ass back here" Nubius says as he holds his lover by the neck and maiking him moan like he was auditioning to sing background for Mariah Carey.
"It's all yours" Fresh says before he gets his ass pounded, and later licking and swallowing Nubius' milky cum.
The Pipe laying ends with June sitting at his computer checking when Paris knocks on his room door and lets him know that he's late due to the train delay and lets him know that he's gonna make it up to him.
"How?" June asks.
"I'll show you" Paris replies as he drops his jeans and pulls out his Eiffel Tower which June worships with his eyes and mouth
"Suck that fucking dick" Paris says enticing the Latin hottie by with sex talk before they lay in the bed where they tongue each other down before engaging in more oral action with June sucking his dick and Paris eating his ass and sucking his nipples like a mango and a bunch of hershey kisses.
"Yeah Pa" June moans.
"You gonna fuck me good pa?"
"Yeah" the newly buffed top replies.
"I'm gonna make it nice and wet."
After he contines to devoirs his ass with his tongue, Paris gives June what his ass desires; his dick which his ass is so happy to get.
"Good dick" he says
"Ah!!! Yeah pa" he replies as he moans in pain before he rides the dick like a he's riding a bull, havin Paris moaning and losing control and calling him baby and shorty (who says that bottoms can't make a top lose their cool?)
A hot moment before Paris has June on his knees and fucks him both doggy and froggy style causing the Latin boy to moan. They both then bust nuts and Paris asks June was it worth the wait. June tells him yes and wants to know when they can hook up again.

"Laying Pipe" is one of the hottest films I've seen so far this year. I loved how the director was able to capture the cast's sensuality with the kissing, but it would have love for the sex scene with T-Malone and Loco to have been much longer. I would have loved to see Kaj and Libra kiss after they had sex, but the film was good and it showed that real men are able to be passionate while laying the pipe down.

Laying Pipe is in stores now.
It can also be purchased online at




Watching the film "Payback's A Bitch" reminds of a porn version of "Waiting To Exhale" where stars Jiovane, Citi Boi, Caleb and Sho-Nuff sit around a bar in a cabin talking about their sex lives and the people who creep and how they get even.
The payback begins with Jiovanne and City talking about how they met, and when Sho-Nuff asks about their sex live, Citi says it's good, and it fades to Jiovanne in a bathtub asking Citi to come and wash his back. He does and while doing, so Citi informs him that they never did it in the bathtub, and before you know it, he's kissing Jiovanne's neck and rubbing his nipples and dick, before Jiovanne does a great job using his mouth other than ordering people to say his name. Citi returns the favor by sucking him off and eating his ass to the point where he has Jiovanne against the wall cringing, and getting open to take his dick. Jiovanne takes it like a man. Moaning and yelling 'yeah B' as he rides Citi's large dark meat.
"Yeah Nigga" Citi says
(I love to see dominant tops become submissive for a chance)."
"Throw that shit back nigga."
After they bust creamy and water loads, they leave and head to the bedroom.
The next scene featurs Sho-Nuff asking the real-life porn couple if they've ever got tired of the same ass, and Jiovanne reveals how he caught Citi and Caleb fucking around with each other.
"I was drunk and he was stoned" Citi says trying to reason for their one-night stand.
Caleb adds that he didn't see the couple together when they went out clubbing, and it just happened, raising Sho-Nuff's curiosity. The clips fades into City and Caleb climbing into the bed exhausted and topless taking about how the party they attended was, with Caleb rubbing Citi's leg.
"(What) the fuck you're doing?" Citi asks in shock.
"I've been staring at you. I wanna get in those pants" Caleb admits.
Citi reminds him that he has a man, and when Caleb tells him about the zip code rule, he begins to suck off Citi, who doesn't waste anytime removing his gym shorts and boxers.
"Suck that shit nigga" he says as he rubs his friends ass.
Citi tells him to get naked and Caleb remones his clothing and contiues to suck his dick as Citi is standing on the bed, holding the back of his head before they lay on the bed where Caleb sucks him off so well the bed is shaking. Citi then feeds Caleb's ass missionary style, fucking him to the point where the on screen bottom is gasping for air.
"Take that shit nigga" he says as before he fucks him from behind where they both have an Olivia Newton-John moment of becoming physical, with Caleb having his ass smacked.
The next scene features Jiovanne getting his revenge on his lover.
"My sex game is tight" he tells Sho-Nuff.
"They had their fun, but payback's a bitch."
Jiovanne is shown in bed telling his friend Exotic about his upcoming trip he plans on taking as well as how he caught Citi cheating and wanting to seek revenge, he asks his boy to suck his dick.
Exotic agrees and quickly sucks him off lovely, while Jiovanne smacks Exotic's lips with his large meat and his ass with his left hand, before getting into his famous position of standing in the middle of the bed and throat fucking his one night stand, who also sucks his balls and rubs his slender chest.
Jiovanne then has his friend taking his southern tool and moarning in estacy, as he's getting pounded hard and ruff. Jiovanne then has him on his back with his legs open and contiues to pound him before he shoots a small load on his face, looks at the camera and says payback's a bitch.
Caleb then tells them a story about his friend getting revenge on his cheating boyfriend by fucking the guy he creeped with and as he's talking, we see Rosco telling Zion about a guy he fucked the night before, who liked in rapper Shorty Roc's single "That Shit Ain't Right" was fronting and saying telling Zion that he was a top when in reality he was a bottom.
Zion goes into investigation mode, and suggests they perform a three-way. Rosco declines his requests and when Zion learns that Rosco fucked his man Antione, he's shocked and pissed to learn that his man not only creeped, he got topped. Zion decides to honor Rosco's request by saying 'payback's a bitch' and immeidatley sucks Rosco's dick.
"You suck dick better than your nigga. I hope that ass is better."
Zion sucks him off so well that he has Rosco's head tilting back, leaving viewers to wonder what's on his mind. He then stands on top of the bed and watches Rosco suck his dick with his hand on his hip, posing like he was about to give somebody some hot juicy gossip and let me tell you, this brother displays that he can suck a mean dick himself without guilt and shame. (That's right Zion. Show the viewers that male divas enjoy having their trades serviced orally too!!!)
"You ready to fuck me?" Zion asks.
"Yeah" Rosco replies.
Zion gets on his hands and knees, and takes Rosco's dick, enduring the pain and pleasure he's receiving, while moaning and stretching his legs out to maintain a good balance, while Rosco smacks his ass. Zion then shoots a large, while Rosco shoots a small yet creamy load.
The payback ends with Sho-Nuff receiving head from Trent, who doesn't wanna receive head from his date. Shocked, Sho-Nuff orders him to continue while he gives him a seducitve yet strange yet that's makes viewers wonder what's on his mind. Thinking that Trent is going to get some ass, he's shocked to learn that his date is actually a top, who fucks him while he's laying on his stomach on a foot fucking him deeply to the point where he asks him to slow down. At first, Sho obliges, but he begins to fuck him deep, fast and hard and when Trent asks him to take his dick out his ass, Sho-Nuff refuses to honor his request with a legit reason.
"You didn't take it out my brother" the angry top says
"I didn't know" Trent says in a shocking voice hoping to make Sho-Nuff stop. It doesn't. In fact, Sho-Nuff gives him a taste of his own medicine by pinning him on the foot stool by his neck and tears his ass up before he busts a load on hsi face and says 'That was my brother. Payback's a bitch" and leaves the room.

This film was pretty good.
It was good to see different types of guys being casted in the film and it was good to see Jiovanne getting fucked. It would have been hotter had Citi Boi fucked him in different positions, Hopefully we will see that in a future event. If you think that this film is hot, then you must check out the sequel.

Payback's A Bitch is in stores right now
It can also be purchased online at

Monday, December 21, 2009




God blesses people with many gifts including the gift of singing, athletics, and cooking. He's also blessed many with serious dick and ass skills, and that's what makes this DVD "Thug Boy Volume 7: Built to Fuck" so hot. In addition to the heavy fucking, this flick has some of the hottest oral, foreplay and 69 sessions I've seen in a porn flick, and once you see this film, I gurantee that you'll have problems deciding which scenes to rewind and bust the first nut too.
The DVD opens with J-Rock and Nick Wild taking a walk through Miame and as soon as they get near the water, Rock admits to Wild that he's been checking him out and notices how sexy he is. Shocked and flattered, Wild asks him what he wants to do and before you know it they head back to a house where Wild immediatly begins sucking his boy's large tool as they lay on the bed relaxed. He later removes his shirt ad stands up while w contiues sucking him off. They later return to the bed where Rock decides to fuck Wild's mouth as he lays on his back as he lays on his back with him later having a Bry'Nt moment by being like Monica Walinksi with his oral sex skills; he sucks and licks his balls before sucking the dick while his boy massages and smacks his ass before fucking him doggystyle in a sensual,slow speed.
"Ooh shit" Rock moans before he speeds up the pace and smacks Wild's ass causing him to moan 'oh shit. Yeah."
They then lay on their sides where Wild begins to have a Pretty Ricky/Snoop Dogg/Pharell moment by riding his dick and dropping it like it's hot, which entices Rock to the point of him having his own Pretty Ricky moment of becoming a Bedroom Beast; he fucks him hard and honors Wild's request by slapping his ass (Tops take note; if the guy you're fucking asks you to smack his ass, honor it. It ain't like he's asking you to eat his ass) and fucking to the point where both find themselves into positions that are compatiable for both, while Nick says 'gimme that dick' (who says that bottoms are the only ones who are submissive).
"You like this dick?"
"Hard dick (huh)?"
Rock then pounds Nick to the point of shooting a creamy load on the comforter before receiving a facial from his boy who cums on the side of his face
The next scene is one of my favorites shattering sterotypes of what society feels who should be tops and bottoms. It features Will2K a rough looking brotha on his cell phone calling his friend Magic to inform him that the cab had left him two blocks away from his house and talks about the cold weather in New York and how he's glad to be in Miami.
"I may have to take up Spanish" he says as he head towards Magic's crib.
"I may not wanna go back to New York."
He later arrives at Magic, a clean cut looking brotha's crib, where they give each other pounds andhugs before they head toward Magic's bedroom, where Will asks if he can remove his shoes.
"Yeah. Get comfortable" Magic replies in a smooth mellow voice.
They start to catch up, and before you know it, Magic whips out his dick which Will sucks.
"It's still big" Will says as he sucks off his boy, who looks on with a joyus look on his face before he removes his shorts and boxers, giving his friend easier access to suck his dick. Both men then participate in a hot 69 session, and what gives this performance fire is how Magic keeping his sneakers on, while he eats Will's ass, while he's getting his Southern Sausage worked on orally. Desperate for some dick, Will informs his friend that he wants more that oral service.
"I didn't come to Miami to suck dick" he says before Magic tosses his salad.
"New York ass tastes better than Miami" Magic says while he begins to fuck Will missionary style and he doesn't waste anytime giving him some nice Southern dick us New York Brothers are dying to have.
"Get in that ass" Will screams
What makes this scene hot is watching Magic taking charge by using his leg to get Will in the position that gives him easier access to penetrate his ass deeply. Especially when he has his boy laying on his stomach pinned down by his neck (I love to see masculine looking brothas screaming like bitches). Magic then shows his intimate side by licking Will's neck.
"You're trying to kill me" Will asks.
"I ain't leaving tonight."
After a few moments of fucking, Magic shoots a load on his face.

Scene 3 is gonna have fans of Philly native Remy Mars in shock. It features him sitting in a hotel lobby surfing the internet, when Thug Nasty asks him if he knows where the gym is located. Mars tells him that it's closed and when Nasty tells him he came from out of town, Mars that they chill in his hotel room until the gym opens. They start to become acquianted when Nasty tells him he's from Louisiana.
"I'm gonna get my work out?"
"Let me see how you look underneath"
Nasty removes his white T-shirt while Remy gently rubs his ass. Nasty returns the compliment, and after removing his clothes, Remy does what he does best; sucked his dick. Nasty tells Mars to remove his boxers and quickly takes part in a hot 69 session, with Mars, who's known for having his ass eaten tosses Nasty's salad. They later lay on their sides and suck each other off before Mars contiues to eat Nasty out to the point where the Southern boy has a smile on his face. Remy then fucks the Southern boy doggysyle. Yes kiddies. Philly's famous bottom Remy Mars makes his topping debut!!!!!!!!!!!!
Though he has problems keeping his dick in Nasty Thug's ass, he manages to tear it up to the point where the Thug has a Britney Spears moment by telling Remy to hit that shit one more time.
"You like that shit" Remy asks in a suprisingly baritone voice.
"Yeah" Nasty replies before he grinds on Remy's dick before Mars returns to the bottoming position, and while Nasty is lubing his condom covered dick, he seductively informes him that he's gonna give it to him the way he gave it to him. Nasty then enters Remy and fucks him seductively before he throws his left leg over his shoulder.
"Fuck this shit" Remy says before Nasty hits him from behind and smacks his ass twice.
"Fuck that shit dawg!" he says before he rides Nasty's dick.
They both jerk off and shoot large loads and licks each others cum.
"I guess you still gotta get that work out?" Mars asks
"I just got mines" Nasty asks.
"That's wassup."
Next up in scene 4 is Brandon Johnson and Elmo Carter, with the latter being such an inconsiderate cocky and arrogant bitchy character that's gonna have viewers either liking his cockiness and/or wanting to jump through the screen and read his ass. It begins with Brandon in his hotel room in a deep sleep to the point where he doesn't hear his cell phone ringing. A few mintues later, Elmos and demands that he wakes up, and asks why he didn't answer the phone.
"I was sleep" Brandon replies still sleepy. Elmo is unsatisfied to the point where he cuts Brandon off, then decides not to argue any longer, so he heads to the bathroom to take a shower and tells him that he better be ready when he gets out. While Jackson is washing up, Johnson checks his cell and realizes that his lover only called him once.
Elmo returns to the room wearing a towel around his waist and tells his boy to put some lotion on him because he doesn't want to be ashy when he's fucking him. After being rubbed the right way, he tells Brandon to suck his dick and Brandon proceeds to suck his semi-hard dick before Elmo stands in the middle of the bed to get more enticed. Elmo then eats Brandon's ass, while Brandon returns the favor by sucking Elmo's is dick while in a hot 69 position with Elmo slapping and eating his ass to the point where Elmo has him hanging upside down and being verbally dominating.
"Eat that shit nigga" he says as he has a face being buried in his ass.
Elmo then pounds Brandon's ass to the point where the latter has a Juvenille moment by backing his ass up towards Elmo's dick.
"Gimme that dick" Brandon says before he gets fucked on his back and on his left side while Elmo jerks his dick and shoots a watery load on Brandon's face and breathes like he's having a heart attack. He then licks his cum on Brandon's face and orders him to bust a nut.
"Are you gonna help me?" Brandon asks.
"Hell naw. I got mines" Elmo replies.
"You better bust your nut by the time I get out the shower" Elmo says in a southern accent.
Brandon has problems cumming, and Elmo attempts to help him by jerking his dick as well as spitting on it in an attempt to get it wet, but that doens't help. After Brandon finally manages to shot a load, but he discovers that cranky Elmo had up and left.
Scene 5 features Dangerzone standing by a resturant listening to his I-pod, when Rico approaches and asks him for a cigarette. After introducing themselves, Rico begins to ask him questions including if he was from the area, and after sensing they had chemistry, Zone asks if they can chill and Rico says yes. When they arrive at Zone's hotel room, Rico is suprised and amazed that though Zone is a few years older, he loves cartoons. They start to have conversation over a blunt, later winding up in the bedroom, where they quickly engage in oral sex, with Danger burying his ass in Rico's ass, and sucking his balls putting him a Vanessa L. Williams mode of being in the comfort zone. They hop into a hot 69 session with Danger has Rico upside down while both suck each other dicks, before Zone fucks Rico on his back to the point where he moans 'yeah nigga.'
What makes this scene hot is the chemistry and sensuality they display. Especially when they laugh like a bunch of teenagers. Rico then decides to have a Tyresse moment by sitting on top of Zone before he gets fucked from the back and missionary style with Zone fucking him in various speeds, while Rico jerks his dick and shoots a creamy load on his stomach which Zone licks.
The DVD ends with 69 standing in front of an aparmtent building talking on his cell phone when Mr. Saukei pulls up in a silver car and polietly asks him if he knows how to get to a certain area. 69 points to the direction and informs him that he's heading in that area and if he could give him a ride. Saukei agrees and tells him he has a room and he can chill with him. When they arrive in the room, Saukei thanks 69 for the ride and compliments his physique with words and having a Johnny Gill moment by rubbing his chest the right way, followed by him kissing his neck and removing his clothes except for his cap and Nikeys, and has him sucking his dick.
"Suck that dick nigga" he says as 69 is sucking his dick.
"Shit good." (I love to see short guys make guys taller than them become sexually submissive in the bedroom).
Saukei then returns the favor by sucking on his Latin tool while he's fucking 69's throat.
"You think I can get some of this?"
Saukei manages to climb on top of 69 and fucks his like a beast.
"This ass is tight" he says
"Let me in nigga"
He fucks 69 to the point where he's having a Destiny's Child moment of losing his breath before he fucks him doggystyle.
"Arch your back" he says while he fucks the tall hunk to the point where he's holding on to the bed for levelage and to avoid losing his balance followed by him fucking him missionary style, where 69 is moaning like he's gasping for air. Especially after Saukei busts on his face.

This movie was good, but it would have been hotter had scene two featured the duo kissing and fucking for a longer period of time. Mars did a good job of fucking, but he needs to participate in more foreplay before he fucks, and I would love to see a follow scene withe Brandon and Elmo as well, but all in all the film was good and it showed that both tops and bottoms have the capability to fuck well.



After dropping two gold albums, Hip-Hop/R&B group Pretty Ricky returns with their long-awaited and highly anticipated self-titled release, which will have fans musically and sexually entertained. Since the sexy horny toads released their sophmore effort "On The Hotline," the group lost it's original lead single Pleasure P, and his replacement 4Play/Ambition, who joined the rapping brothers Baby Blue, Spectacular and Slick' Em, on their singles "Cuddle Up" and their rendition of H-Town's 1993 award winning hit "Knocking Da Boots." Making things more complicated was the constant delays of their album "Eighties Babies" which was leaked to many bloggers forcing the group to leave Atlantic Records. After recruiting singer/songwriter Lingerie and getting distribution from Tommy Boy Records, the sex fiends picks up where they left off, and while the lyrics are sexual, they also sing and rap about romance and commitments as well as added more soulful ballads.
"The key to making quality babymaking music is first of all, you got to have experience in babymaking" Lingerie told Rolling Out Newspaper. "So once you have that experience, then you can get right on in there and make some good music."
The CD opens with a soulful intro where Linerie displays his powerful pipes against accompained by a piano, and Slick Em introducing the group, followed by their current single "Say A Command" which has that Roger Troutman vibe with Lingerie's natural voice singing along with his vocals programmed through a vocoder, followed by "Mr. Goodbar" which has a great bass line, keyboards, harmony and lyrics comparing their loving to candy, but Slick Em's saying 'No Homo' during his verse wasn't necessary. Especially if he's secured with his sexuality and masculinity. The album's lead single is still in heavy rotation in clubs as we speak. This track has a great R&B, Gospel and Rock vibe and hot sexy rap by Spectacular who's rap will have listeners getting moist.

We don't drink cups
We pop bottles
Fuckin' bad chicks
Next top model
White linen
With Gucci loafers
Said she cum one hundred times
Looking at my poster
Now she on my soafer
And she getting closer
So I bet it down
Like a G supposed to
Said she fantasize about Spectac
I fucked her a week ago
She still got a bad back

"Smash" features the brothers rapping against some smooth strings and accoustic guitars,also featured on "Menage A Trois", where Baby Blue and Lingerie releases their freakness at full force. What give this song the fire is the sound of a woman getting her ass smacked as he rapped and when Lingerie has a Proud Mary moment, where he sings the second verse nice and slow and finsihes nice and rough

And you say why they call you Lingerie
and I show you
why the fuck they call me Lingerie!!!!
No one can make a better melody than you and me

"Sticky" has a nice New Jack Swing/Keith Sweat vibe. The song has nice smooth breaks and powerful vocals by Lingerie, who sings smoothly on "Doggystyle" which has hot percussion, strings and guitars. This is a hot song for men who like to sex their male and female partners from the back and for women and men who like to get hit from the back. The soulful ballad "Lap Dance" will be used by many strippers and for couples who love to give and receive lap dances. This song features Slick' Em rapping smoothly and a nice call and response between Lingerie and Spectacular who does a good job phrasing while he's rhyming.
"Black" is my all time favorite on the album. It's a great way to honor being a Black man who will has no problems being a Black man who knows how to give you Black love. This song has hot breaks and Lingerie's vocals sound similar to Michael Jackson's pre-Thriller era, while Baby Blue's lyrics mentions Black Beat magazine and Black Tuexdo condoms.

Once you go Black
You never go back girl
Once you have me
You'll never wanna leave
Once you go Black
Ain't no turning back girl
Once you have me
You'll be begging me
Baby Please Baby please
Don't Stop!
Cuz I turn the left
but I grind to the right
Don't Stop
I mean I grind to the left
But I turn to the right
Don't Stop
Your love is so good
You got me confused
But one thing I know for sure is
Girl I know you'll like it

The group shows their romantic sides on "Prince Charming" a beautiful ballad that has a mixture of classical Music adding a romantic feel to the song that blends with their smooth raps and Lingeries falsetto. The CD closes with "Downtown" where Lingerie has his shining moment on a funky classic soul ballad. He showcases his vocal ranges and his vocals are so hot that he gives D'Angelo a run for his check book. Especially when he uses his falsetto in perfect pitch and tone.

Pretty Ricky's latest release is hot. I liked how they were able to add other elements and subjects to their sound and style. Hopefully they will add that on their next level while maintaining their originality.



When I learned that Miss Janet was going to be releasing a greatest hits CD last month, I knew I had to get my copy, and after purchasing it at J&R Music world, I was suprised that she included her singles that top the US Pop, R&B and Dance charts as well as singles that peaked at # 1 in other countries around the world making it (with the exception of The Supremes 70's Anthology) one of the best compliations to be released by a legendary artist. Since she began to collaborate with former Tyme members Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Janet became an artist in her own right.
Her album "Control" made her the first female teenage to have a # 1 album as well as the first female artist to score 5 Top 5 hits from one album
Rhythm Nation 1814 was named the # 1 album of 1990 and is the only album to score 7 Top 5 Pop hits from one album, while her first world tour was dubbed as one of the best debut tours.
Her single "That's The Way Love Goes" was dubbed the summer hit of 1993 and was the highest rising single of that year.
She received two of the biggest recording deals from the same label.
Her single with brother Michael received the most nomintations from the MTV video awards.
In addition to her historic acheivements, she also inspire a legion of singers including Mya, Aaliyah, LeToya Luckett, Usher and Gay singers Jesse-O and J.R. as well as became a Gay Icon who's shows support to many Gay causes and charities and listening to this set reminds me of why we love Miss Janet.
Disk 1 opens with her breakthrough hit "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" which has a hot and funky rhythm section courtesy of the synsersizers performed by Janet, who also does a great job harmonizing with Melanie Andrews, who co-wrote the ballad "Let's Wait Awhile" which was another sign of her maturity and was used by many teachers as a way to teach their students that they don't have to rush into having sex. The former is followed by the hot track "Nasty," which was dubbed by many critics as the 1980's version of "Respect." In addition to the classical beats and horn riffs, the song has hot lyrics and a hot bridge where Janet lets the guys knows that she's not gonna be spoken to anyway and a hot call and response between Janet and members of the Time.

Cause privacy is my middle name
My last name is control
No my first name aint' baby!
It's Janet!
Miss Jackson if you're nasty!!!!!!

Her first Pop top charter "When I Think of You" has a nice groove and cool lyrics about thinking about a person who you have feelings for, while "Control" has a hot spoken intro and a hot choral effect courtesy of the beats, bass and digital keyboards and lyrics that encourages people to take control of their lives and do things on their own terms. "The Pleasure Principal" captures Janet vocal ability with her singing mid and high range and ability to phrase to a dance groove soulfully, further demonstrated on trumpeter and former label head Herb Albert's classic "Diamonds" where she share vocals with session singer Lisa Keith. Jam & Lewis used the affect of having both singers singing neck to neck, with Janet's vocals out front. An technique that producer Frank Wilson used on The Supremes classic hit "Nathan Jones." This song contains hot trumpet solos by Albert and captures Janet's sassy side.

Don't want your money
Don't want your key
Love don't come for free
You send me some roses
But roses do die
You send me some candy
It melted
Nice try

"Miss You Much" is still a song that has fans attempting to do the routine from the famous video that first aired twenty years ago. The song features her singing background in low range while she sings soulfully lead, while she showcases her serious side on "Rhythm Nation" that has a hot bass line, percussion, samples from Sly & the Family Stone's classic "Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again" and lrycis telling people that it's time to come together and make a difference in the world and we can do it with music!! The Motown-influenced "Escapade" is a favorite among the fans courtesy of the bass by Terry Lewis and fingersnaps by New Edition member Johnny Gill. A highlight in her concerts, further showing her sing melodies and harmony along with the remix version of "Alright" featuring rap by Heavy D and "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" which contains a trumpet solo by Albert. The remix of her # 2 ballad "Come Back To Me" has beautiful strings that makes listeners wanna either fall in love or think about their first loves.
The hard rocking self-penned "Black Cat" is my all time favorite song by Janet who shows the kids that she can hang just as hard as the male rockers. What I love about this song is how she and co-producer Jellybean Johnson was able to add elements of Gospel with the organ and bass synsersizers by Jam, guitars by him and Dave Barry, who tear this song up along with the lyrics about a guy who's out gang banging and acting like a fool. Her duet with Luther Vandross on "The Best Things In Life Are Free" shows that both singers and Divas were able to complient each other vocally with their natural tones and ranges, while New Edition/Bell-Biv-Devoe members Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe spit some hot verses while Ralph Tresvant belts out the title of the song. Who can't forget the classic smooth flowing-romantic "That's The Way Love Goes?" This song still has the smooth flowing Jazzy groove, poetic and seductive lyrics, that has many couples using this song when they're making love.
Disk 2 starts off with the hard hitting Dance classic "If" which has a hot combo of Rock, Dance and Soul courtesy of the beats, piano riffs and sampling of The Supremes 1969 hit "Someday We'll Be Together" followed by her Oscar-nominated ballad "Again" and the R.Kelly remix of "Anytime, Anyplace" which has a smooth R&B groove, which is just as good as the original version. Her historic duet with brother Michael on "Scream" is my 5th favorite duet of all time. This song has hot rock guitars, funky bass, effects of glass breaking, and aggressive vocals and lyrics that tells the tabloids to stop fucking with them by telling false stories about them and to leave them alone (something they need to). I would have prefered the version where they sing stop fuckin' with me was featured, but I'm grateful that this duet has finally been included on a greatest hits package. Another favorite is the Jazz flavored "Got Til It's Gone" with rapper Q-Tip has a hot groove courtesy of the sampling of Joni Mitchell's classic "Big Yellow Taxi" bass and the DJ scatching, while "Together Again" is a touching song that solitude her as a Gay Icon. Recorded to House music, the song was written as a tribute to many of Janet's fans who had died from AIDS, and still get spins at clubs during Gay Pride along with the Middle Easter flavored "All Night, Don't Stop." "Really Doesn't Matter" is a great song about loving a person for what they have to offer on the inside instead of the outside (something that people needs to start checking for). In addition to the lyrics, the song has some hog DJ Scratching, beats and multi-tracking of Janet's vocals that gives the song an inspirational feel. She shows her seductive side on Busta Rhymes' gold single "What's It Gonna Be" performing a hot call and response with the crazy ass rapper during the chorus and bridge. "All For You" will have classic Soul and Disco fans on the dance floor getting their groove on at family gatherings. The song contains samples of Changes' classic hit "The Glow of Love" and lyrics about approaching that person that captures your eye and offering them a good time. The song has a hot chant and samples from various classic dance songs including her sister's Rebbie's debut single "Centepede" and Janet's hits "The Pleasure Principal" and "Go Deep."

All my girls at the party
Look at that body
Shakin' that thing
Like you never did see
Got a nice package alright
I guess I'm gonna have to ride it tonite.

Her duet with St. Louis rapper Nelly has a nice mixture of Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop and classic Soul courtesy of the keyboards, bass, ad-libs by Janet's ex Jermaine Dupri, who co-produced the song with Jam & Lewis and Janet, who performes a nice harmony with the sexy Midwestern hearthrob who raps and sings in midrange that makes the song sexy, and intimate along with Janet's singing the harmony of The SOS Band's classic "Tell Me If You Still Care" which was sampled for the song. "Feedback" is a hot song that showed the fans, the clones and ignorant ass critics that a woman in her 40's can put out hot music and that she doesn't have to limit herself either. Produced by Rodney Jerkins, the song has hot beats, keyboards and computered vocals blended with janet's vocals that gives makes the song sassy along with the lyrics that lets the people know that she still has people showing her love.
The CD closes with her current single "Make Me" which she co-wrote with Jerkins. The song has a great groove and lyrics and melodies from hers previous hits as well as her brothers.

Miss Janet did a great job putting together a hot greatest hits compliation, that showcases how far she's come from being the youngest of Pop music's famous royal family. This set shows that she's no longer anybody's kid sister; she's simply known as Janet (Miss Jackson if you're nasty or shady) Rhythm Nation's Pop Princess and a TRUE Gay Icon!

This review is decicated to the true Janet fans and to the memory of her brother Michael, who adored his sister.


On a episode of the hit series "227," the tenants of the building had met in the laundry room to hear the reading of their late owner's will, and many people were expecting that the building's sexy vamp Sandra Clark was going to be owner of the building. So did Sandra who arrived at the reading wearing a mink stroll and red dress.
When the lawyer read, I leave the building to the woman who made the best apple pie I've ever tasted.
"Apple pie!" Sandra screamed in shock
"We didn't use any apple pie!"
When the lawyer announced that Rose Lee Holloway was going to be the new owner of the building, both Rose and Sandra were in shock. Rose was in shock, because she didn't have any experience of managing a building, while Sandra on the other hand was shocked because she thought that she would be getting the building because she slept with the man.
That episode showed how a person's good and positive character can be rewarded in many different ways, and with her spending time with him despite his lack of professionalism, she and the tenats of "227" were rewarded with a building owner with a heart.

Sadly the world had lossed legendary actress/singer Alainia Reed Hall, who had played the loving Rose last Thursday to breast cancer at the age of 63. Born in Springfield Ohio, Hall starred in many theatre productions including "Hair,"Chicago, and Eubie!" before landing a gig on the popular hit show "Seasame Street" in 1976, where she portrayed the sister of Gordon until 1988. She became a bigger household name when she landed the role of Rose on the hit NBC Emmy-award winning series "227," where she played the best friend of Mary Jenkins (Played by Marla Gibbs), who would show love to everybody in the building and would try to be a peace maker between Mary and Sandra (Played by Jackee Harry), as well as try to make Mary that she didn't have to be too hard on her daughter Brenda (Regina King), and though she was kind hearted, she would also check Sandra's behind a few times. Perharps the happiest moment of the show was when she and real-life husband actor Kevin Hall were married and serenaded by Luther Vandross who sang his award-winning hit "Here And Now" during a two-part episode. When the show was canceled, she starred in many movies and commericals and made an appearance on the hit series "A Different World" durinng the episode where Whitley Gilbert had applied for unemployment. She had also been starring in her own cooking show before she passed away.
Her death is sad because she was truly a kind-hearted woman, a talented actress and singer, who paved the way for many of today's Hollywood startlets, and it's time that we honor this woman for her grace, talented and work, Think about it, if it wasn't for her and cast of 227, nobody wouldn't have nothing to watch on Saturday and many females wouldn't have had anybody to admire.

We all know that Rose is in Heaven with fellow cast member Helen Martin sittin on the stoop and looking down on us dishing the dirt, and Helen is asking Rose to make her famous apple pie and knowing Rose, she's is without any complaint.

Monday, December 14, 2009



When Diana Ross & The Supremes performed this classic on the Ed Sullivan show, many fans enjoyed the song, but it was also a sad moment for many in music history; Diana Ross was leaving the group for a solo career, while original Supreme Mary Wilson planned to carry on with Cindy Birdsong, who had replace the group's founder Florence Ballard two years earlier and Jean Terrell, who was recruited to be the lead singer.
I have to admit this is one of the hardest reviews I ever written because it's sad that the group never did a official farewell tour and they never had a reunion. What makes this song magical are the strings, the lyrics about telling a loved one goodbye while acknowledging the good and positive energy they brought to their lives, and this is a song that can be used a a theme for moving away from home to attend college and to get married. This song also captured Diana singing in a soulful voice with the song's producer who originally sang with her to cheer her up.
This song is touching and hopefully the ladies will get together soon.


Berry Gordy had originally wanted the single to be Diana's first solo single, but the group's manager Shelly Berger said that it would be better as a Supremes song.

Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong didn't sing the background vocals on the song. The demo had background singers singing and since the label had Motown in session singers The Andantes recording on the group's post Holland-Doizer-Holland hits, they decided to have Diana add her lead vocals to the song.

The late Johnny Bristol had noticed that Diana was feeling down when she was recording so he decided to go in the booth to give her moral support and comfort and Gordy decided to keep his vocals on the song.

The song was the last # 1 hit of the 1960's and the last # 1 Pop hit The Supremes would ever have.

Original Supreme Mary Wilson performs this song in her concerts and she recorded a live version of this song on her CD "I Am Changing"

Janet Jackson sampled the intro of this song for her 1993 hit "If"

Friday, December 4, 2009


It's been over a week since I had my surgery and despite the pains that occur from time to time, I'm blessed that I'm alive, well and am able to get around (even if it's at a slow pace).
I never thought how I took being able to sit comfortably for granted as well as lying in bed comfortably.
I will never take those things for granted along with having to use the restroom without feeling like the scarecrow


Rapper Bry'nt is seeking extras to appear in the movie "Finding Me 2" which he will be starring in and will be released next year. The sexy rapper, who's been blazing the clubs with his two mixtapes and singles "Porn Star," "Beat It Up" and "Hello Goodbye" will be holding auditions tomorrow morning at the Chocolate Bar located at 475 Waverly Avenue in Brooklyn at 7AM
Those wanting to audition must be dressed in summer attire.