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Being left along has many pros and cons. The pros are being able to relax, catch up on some overdue work and spending quality time by yourself. The cons are not being to satisfy yourself your partner sexually, leaving one to rely on adult films, magazines, self pleasure and having flings. Especially if a couple has an open relationship. That’s the theme of “Home Alone” the starring Jovannie, who turns out all the guys in this release so well that viewers will have problems deciding what scene to bust.
Besides his huge dick, and gold teeth, I also loved how Jovannie showcases his Southern roots by introducing himself to his partners along with tearing their asses up.
The film begins with Jovannie answering his apartment door wearing a towel and letthing the plumber played by Carlito in to fix the hot water pipe. While Carlito is in the bathroom fixing the plumbing, Jovannie lies on his bed, lights and smoke a blunt while playing with his huge (and I do mean huge) dick. While he’s in his zone, Carlito comes out the bathroom, slowly unzips his jumpsuit and watches his customer, who becomes embarrassed and decides to apologize, but Carlito isn’t bothered.
“My bad. Is it fixed?”
“Yeah but I’ve been fixing the wrong pipe.” Carlito replies before he begins to suck Jovannie’s dick, which turns them both on
“You know how to fix that pipe nigga” Jovannie say before Carilto asks if he can take off his clothes and take a hit of the blunt. After getting undressed, he climbs into the bed and continues sucking Jovannie off before he sits on his dick.
“Ah shit. This is a big dick” he says before he rides it.
“You like that shit nigga” Jovannie asks
“I’m loving that shit” Carlito replies
“After riding it for a few minutes, Carlito asks Jovannie to let him get on his knees and that’s when he lets the beast out by fucking and slapping Carlito’s ass.
“Take this shit” he says before he slaps the side of his ass hard. After a few more strokes, Jovannie fucks the plumber missionary style and makes him lose control and says his name.
“Say my name” Jovannie demands while he’s pounding his insides out forcing Carlito to bust a creamy load on his stomach.
Scene two starts off with Jovannie dressed in a fitted cap, vest and shirt speaking to City Bwoi about receiving a package from UPS, which fades into Jovannie answering the door and was surprised to see his friend Dominic working for UPS. Domnic was also surprised to see Jovannie was home alone
“Yeah” he says while rubbing his chest
“I get off in five minutes” Dominic replies as Jovannie leads him into the bedroom, where Dominic asks him what time is it
“You know what time it is”
“Let’s get it popping>“
Dominic wastes no time sucking on Jovannie’s southern sausage, which turns him on
“That’s some good mother fucking head B” Jovannie says while Dominic deep throats him.
Then they both climb in the middle of the bed, where Dominic continues to use his hot tongue to suck his ball and eat his ass as an attempt to get him open to fuck him, but Jovannie lets him know that though he enjoys getting his ass ate, he’s going to be the one doing the fucking, and within a matter of seconds, he has Dominic on his knees taking his dick before laying him on his back and fucking him so hard that he has him moaning and speaking in Spainish. In this scene, viewers will see Jovannie’s ability to move from power fucking to grinding, which adds sensuality to his performance.
“You loving this dick?” he asks
“Can’t you tell” Dominic replies seductively.
After sucking him off Jovanne busts on his face and asks him where is his package.

Scene 3 is what I call the pissed off I’m gonna fuck anybody any where scene. Jovannie is on his cell asking Citi Bwoi when is coming back home, because he has to leave town for business, and he becomes pissed to learn that Bwoi’s trip has been unexpectedly delayed at the last minute, which means that they won’t see each other for another three weeks. Then there’s a knock on the door, and let’s Dre who’s there to check on his cable enters, and no sooner then they enter the bedroom, Jovanne, still pissed at Citi’s unexpected delay, enters the room wearing nothing but a towel and do-rag, slowly closes the door, lays on the bed and whips out his dick.
“You think you can fix this” he asks
“Oh I think I can fix that” Dre replies before he hops on his knees and suck Jovannie off very slowly while Jovannie throat fucks him and asks him to get out his clothes before he has him on his stomach and begins to grind and kiss him adding a little sensual and intimacy which prepares him for the hot sex action
Jovannie manages to stick his dick inside Dre who has trouble taking it at first
“Don’t try to run from this shit” he says as he tries to insert it
Jovannie manages to fuck him doggy style before hitting him from behind while they’re both standing up on the bed where Jovannie pounds him to the point of him asking him to chill out so he can get on his back, but later changes his mind and goes back to fixing the cable box leaving Jovannie to wonder did he do anything wrong.
Jovannie heads to a sex spot where he finds Nubius laying on the bed naked and waited for some action. After introducing themselves and giving each other pounds, Nubius gets off the bed, lifts Jovannie up in the air, lays him on the bed, takes off his pants and boxer briefs and begins to suck him off, and before you know it, Jovannie has Nubius on his knees screaming and being submissive (I love to see big sexy muscular guys getting fucked by slender sexy guys) while he’s getting fucked and having his ass slapped making Numbius scream his name. Known for being a bad boy in previous flicks, Nubius tells him he wants to ride his dick, but has second thoughts when he realizes how big it is, but Jovannie refuses to let him cop out. Nubius manages to rides it while Jovannie slaps his ass, and makes him gets on his back where he has his legs spread out all over the bed and wears him out to the point where neither gets the chance to bust.
While Jovannie is stoking his joint, Philadelphia native Shorty J enters the room wearing a down coat, brown do-rag, and jeans, eager to get his rocks off. After introducing themselves, Shorty wastes no time sucking of Jovannie who tells him to get out his clothes and the short muscular star doesn’t hesitate. While he’s sucking him off he stands on top of him and models off his short and muscular physique before he sits on his dick and decides to give him a little competition by having a Pretty Ricky moment by grinding on him, but Jovannie reminds him who’s the head dawg in the room and he fucks him to the point where Shorty forgets Jovannie’s name
“Jovannie. Say it nigga” he says as
Frustrated, he has Shorty on his knees while hits him from the back and forces Shorty to take his dick after he pulls away from it. Then he has him on his back and pounds him like a mad man before having him on his side where he’s able to go deep inside
“Hit that shit baby” J says before he gets on his back, and after getting fucked a few times, realizes he’s unable to take Jovannie’s dick, but Jovannie decides to get rough by grabbing his neck, and pound harder to the point where Shorty has to tell him he can’t take no more.
After taking off his do-rag, Jovannie tries to shoot a load, when June another Latin hottie enters the room, and begins sucking him off while Jovannie begins to rub his nice sized ass adding sensuality to the scene.
“Get out those clothes so I can see what you working with” he says
June wastes no time in getting naked, and getting in the middle of the bed, where he sucks Jovannie off like a wild man by licking the side and tip of his dick before he jumps on top Jovannie where they participate in frottage (dry humping) while Jovannie slaps his ass. He then fucks June on his side, who surprisingly is able to take Jovannie’s large tool, and unlike Nubius and Shorty J, June doesn’t complain. Yeah moans and groans, but enjoys to the point of coming while he’s being fucked missionary style.
Jones saved the best and hottest scene for last. Jovannie returns the following day and as he begins to take off his sneakers and jeans, Chocolate Cream’s famous and popular bottom Remy Mars rushes into the room wearing and white T and blue jeans excited.
:I’m just here to get a quickie before work” he says before he starts giving Jovannie head, and tells him how he wants him to fuck him, and as in all his films, Mars take it like a man, screaming and moaning in esctacy while Jovannie throws his legs up and tells him to say his name before Mars tells him to fuck him on his side, where Jovannie fucks him to the point of him moving away at times
“You’re fucking the shit out of me” he says Jovannie is tearing his ass up and once again, viewers see Jovannie’s sexual skills, where he fucks Mars in various speeds, while Mars gives him a little completion by grinding, causing Jovannie to have a Destiny’s Child moment of keeping up with him. Especially when he has him on his stomach screaming loud enough to wake up the whole city.
“You want me to fuck that nut you”
“Yeah. Let me suck that nut out you” Mars replies before he sucks Jovannie off while he jerks his dick.

“Home Alone” is a hot flick, that had some nice shots that captured the expressions of the guys Jovannie was fucking, but it would have been hotter had Jovannie would have kiss Remy. Especially since he had his lips on his neck when he had him on the bed but all in all it’s a hot film to watch when you want to have a sexual session with yourself.



Have you ever heard the saying “I felt like a kid in a candy store?” That’s how I describe adult film star Kidd’s performance in the film “Dixx Are For Kidd” which is about a hot dude who enjoys getting fucked, and isn’t afraid or ashamed to be a bottom who likes to please and be pleased by the guys who turn his ass out.
The film begins with Kidd going to Rock (1)’s apartment wearing a black tank top and jeans apologizing for showing up late for their hook up.
“I hope you’re ready for his dick” Rock (1) says while stroking his dick.
“Yo I’m about to show the kid don’t play” Kidd replies as he takes of his jeans and sucks his dick which has the Chocolate Cream legend being dominant by telling Kidd how to suck his dick the right way, but Kidd decides to suck him off his own way by being more aggressive.
“I’m tired of just sucking and playing with this dick” he says before Rock decides to fuck him slowly and slap his ass very hard before he begins to fuck him hard to the point of Kidd screaming in a high falsetto voice.
“Good ass mother fucking dick” is that dick for me
“Yeah” Rock says he smacks his ass before he fucks him with his left leg on the bed. Realizing that it was too much to take, Kidd takes charge and tell Rock to fuck him on his back, and once again, Rock fucks him so hard that he screams in higher octaves and busts a creamy load.
Scene 2 is one of the best scenes of the film. Kidd bumps into newcomer Dominic in the street, and tells him how hot looking he is and invites him to his crib to watch some porn DVD’s but when he gets there, he’s shocked to learn that Kidd is going to turn him own manually, and he doesn’t resist Kidd sucking his dick, who sucks him off to the point where Dominic gets comfortable and takes off his hoodie, lifts up his grey t-shirt and sits on the chair
“I knew you was going to enjoy this.” Kidd says
“Wifey never gave me nothing like this” Dominic replies.
They both get undresses (with Dominic keeping his fitted cap on) and lay on the bed where Kidd sucks him off before Dominic decides to have his first piece of ass.
“Wifey’s shit never look this good” Dominic says before he fucks Kidd doggy style while speaking Spanish. Dominic then tell Kidd to lay on his back so he can fuck him deeper, and lets the beast comes out by fucking Kidd so hard that the bed and apartment door shakes.
“Gimme that Dominican dick nigga” Kidd says while Dominic has his legs pinned to his chest forcing him to shoot a watery load all over his chest, while Dominic continues to enjoy his first piece of ass by fucking him harder, forcing Kidd to tell him to bust.
Scene 3 is one of the hottest scene in this flick. It features Kidd going to Carlito’s apartment to listen to music and hang out. While Carlito’s in the kitchen fixing him a drink, Kidd grabs his dick while opening and closing his legs. When Carlito returns, and asks him if he wanted to listen to music, Kidd lets him know that he’s not there to listen to music; he’s there to get some dick and Carlito gladly gives him what he wants, by allowing Kidd to unzip his pants and suck his dick. Seeing that they’re both getting pleasure, Carlito tells Kidd to get out his clothes, lays on the couch and have Kidd finish giving him a blow job before he decides to eat his ass, which has Kidd hotter than the heat wave New York had in 2005.
After slapping his ass with his huge dick, Carlito puts his condom covered dick inside and begins to fuck him slowly
“This is what you want?” Carlito asks
“Yeah. I want all that dick” Kidd replies.
Carlilo begins to fuck him, and he fucks him so well that he had Kidd saying “I want you to make love to his ass nigga.” After showing off his grinding skills, Cartlito lays Kidd on the couch and begins to kiss him all over his body bringing intimacy and sensuality to the scene and his performance, and while Kidd enjoys the four play, he develops an appetite for Carlito’s dick, and though he loves being passionate, Carlito decides to fuck him on his back and on his knees, where during the latter position, he has Kidd bend over on the arm of the couch moaning
“I want that fucking nut” Kidd screams
“You want this nut nigga? Tell me where you want it.”
“On my chest”

The film ends with new comer Citi Bwoi brining Kidd into his bedroom, where’s he surprised to see his partner Jovannie laying on the bed chillin’.
“This is my peoples” he says
“He’s cool”
“I’m gonna show you that dicks are for kids” Kidd says before he climbs into the bed and begins sucking both of their dicks with Jovannie competing for more head game from Kidd who doesn’t have any problems submitting to his commands. A few minutes later, Bwoi is standing behind him admiring and slapping Kidd’s ass and before you know it, he puts on a condom, and fucks Kidd
“You said you like dick nigga” he says while he’s fucking him
“I love that shit” Kidd says while he’s getting fucked and sucking going down on Jovannie, who get his verbal action by telling Kidd to suck his dick in a thick and undeniable southern accent, while looking down at him. After Bwoi mentions how good his ass is, Jovannie begins to fuck him while Kidd sucks Bwoi off, but some strange reason, Jovannie isn’t satisfied so he gets pissed, and decides to have Kidd suck both them off with Jovannie feeing for more head before they both stand up and bust on Kidd who says “Silly rabbit. Dicks are for kids!

This film was ok; it had some hot moments except for the last scene, which I expected to be hotter since Kidd was getting fuck by too hot guys. It would have been better if they were in different positions, and if the oral parts was a bit longer. Maybe that would have made the scene hotter, but over all it was a good film, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Kidd taking dick like a man.

Friday, May 16, 2008


When singer/songwriter Mariah Carey's single "Touch My Body" topped the Pop charts, she became tied with The Beatles with being the second act to have the most number one hits behind Elvis Presley. That led fans to wonder how good would her album "E=MC2" would be; she didn't leave anybody disappointed. She cooked up a nice album with some hot dance songs, and soulful ballads that will be played at clubs and in the bedroom. Since adding Hip-Hop and R&B to her Pop flavored songs, Carey's record sales and fan base had increased, and with her latest release debuting at number one, it looks like she doesn't plan on slowing down.
Serving as co-executive producer, Carey wrote and produced the CD with Nate "Danji" Hills, C. Tricky Stewart, Terrin "The Dream" Nash (Rhianna), Scott Storch (Kelly Rowland, 50 Cent), Stargate (Ne-Yo, Lionel Richie), Swizz Beats and longtime collaborators Jermaine Dupri and Manuel Seal, who were responsible for helping her now-classic release "The Emancipation of Mimi" become the number one album of 2005.
The album opens with "Migrate" which has hot flutes, beats, and featuring Carey singing mid and low ranges, as well as T-Pain singing in his trademark computer voice also showcases his natural singing voice, which sounds good. Her latest top charting single "Touch My Body" has great strings, and sexy, hip lyrics about keeping a private sexual encounter private.

Cause if you run your mouth
and brag about this secret rendevous
I will hunt you down
Cause they will be up in my face
Like a Wendy interview
But this is private
Between you and I.

"Cruise Control" has a hot Dancehall/Reggae groove thanks to the guitar, keyboards, Damian Marley's smooth chanting and Carey singing in a soulful/Reggae style. It would have been hotter had it been recorded as a duet, but we know that Mimi will have some hot ass remixes for this one. "I Stay In Love" is a nice ballad furthering demonstrating Carey's ability to sing lower mid ranges. In addition to the classy piano riffs, the song has touching lyrics that sounds like an answer to New Edition's "Rewrite The Memories" while the Hip-Hop flavored "Side Effects" has Carey singing the trials and tribulations she went through during her marriage to former Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola, who was controling her image and sound and how she had to break away to save herself. Co-penned and produced with Storch, the song has hot rock guitar riffs, and a hot verses by Young Geezy, who gives the song an edge. (A perfect way to get back at her ex-husband, who didn't like her adding Hip-Hop and R&B to her song). This song will help those who are recovering from being in abusive relationships.
"I'm That Chick" has a funky bass, and features Carey singing the bridge from former labelmate Michael Jackson's 1980 hit "Off The Wall" in a sexy and soulful tone. A great song for the kids to groove to at clubs along with "O.C.C." which further showcases her sensual side and Latin heritage. Though the song should have been longer, it has hot beats, horns, and samples from the Salsoul Orchestra's classic "It's Good For The Soul" as well as sexy vocal harmony by her and Da Brat, who co-wrote this song with her best friend.
"Love Story" is a nice and soulful ballad that captures phrasing and ability to hit low notes as well as sing harmony. A great song for Gay and Hetero couples to play at weddings and anniversaries, along with "I'll Be Loving U Long Time' which contains samples of Debarge's classic hit "Stay With Me."
My personal favorite song on the CD is "For The Record" one of the most creative song Mariah has recorded to date. She puts her all in this heartfelt ballad that sounds like the long awaited sequal to her 1992 # 2 hit "Can't Let Go." Co-written and produced with Bryan Michael Cox, the song has beautiful strings, keyboards, live breaks during the first verse and lyrics featuring her classic hits. It also features her singing mid and low ranges during the lead, while she hits her trademark whistling high note in the background.

For the record
You'll always be a part of me
No matter what you do
For the record
Can't nobody say I didn't give "My all" to you
And for the record
I told you "Underneath the stars" that
You "belong to me"
And for the record
It's obvious that we just "can't let go" of us. "Honey"
Cause when I'm looking in your eyes
Feels like the first
Give me one good reason why
We can't just press rewind
I don't wanna spend my life
Thinking what it could have been like
If we had another try
One time
Back in the day
That look on your face
Still love you boy
Feels like the first time.

A grammy award in recommended for this song!

Her current single "Bye Bye" is a great touching song about dealing with the pain of losing a loved one and honoring their memories. Though it's a sad song, but it has an upbeat beat and smooth soulful vocals and it will be played at funerals and memorial services.
The CD closes with the inspirational "I wish You Well" which Carey co-wrote with longtime background vocalist Maryann Tatum, who adds old school Gospel harmony to the songs along with the piano performance and spoken passages by Bishop Clearance Keaton.

Mariah Carey came back with a nice album that showcased her ability to sing different ranges as oppossed to using her trademark high notes that made her famous in 1990, and with the rate she's going, she's going to be around for another decade while other females artist relies on gimmicks to have hit records.


Hey Since I'm online for a hot mintue, I just want to send birthday shout outs to Miss Janet Jackson and Mr. Sensitivity himself; Rallp Tresvant, lead vocalist of New Edition who is celebrating 25 years in music while Miss Janet is celebrating her 32 year as an entertainer.




In 1990, Janet Jackson became a household name and a legend in her own right. Her social conscious album “Rhythm Nation 1814” was named the # 1 album of the year and made her the only female artist to have seven top five Pop hits from one album. A record that has yet to be broken. The success of the album earned her a recording deal from Virgin Records close to $50 million dollars, making her the biggest paid female artists at that time.. After taking tine off to relax and star in her film debut, Janet went into the studio with long time collaborators Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis to co-write and produce her debut for Virgin, which not only became her third # 1 album, it also began her long association with the gay community, who began to play her music along with other R&B, and Hip-Hop artists. The album also showcased her growth as an artist with her following the path that Motown legend Marvin Gaye left by having a social conscious album followed by an tasteful, sensual release. “Janet was about a confident sexy woman in touch with her feminine side” Producer Jimmy Jam said in the Billboard Books of Number Ones. “That was what she was feeling at that time, so our job was to enhance that,”
“The pressure was to start of Janet with a bomb” Jackson told author David Ritz in the liner notes of “Design of a Decade” when asked why she chose to release “That’s The Way Love Goes” as the first single. “But I wanted to slide through the door real quietly. This song just sorta sucked you in..” The single did more than suck me in; it was constantly playing in my walkman (I actually brought the tape the day before it came out at Bondy’s Music, a famous record store that used to sell tapes and CD’s the day before the actual release date), and to honor the 15 anniversary of this release, I decided to relive the moments where I began to appreciate Miss Janet even more than I previous did.
“Janet” opens with a morning, a spoken work into where she speaks about the beauty of love, which smoothly fades into the Grammy Award winning classic “That’s The Way Love Goes” which has a nice smooth flowing Jazzy soulful feel courtesy of the guitars, bass, drums, seductive lyrics, vocals call and response with herself and sampling of James Brown’s 1974 “Papa Don’t Take No Mess.” This is followed by “You Want This” which has hot beats, piano riffs, smooth harmony from Janet, and samples from The Supremes’ classic “Love Child.” “If” is a highlight in her concerts. What makes this song hot are the rock intro, piano riffs, Janet’s seductive rapping and harmony and the intro of Diana Ross & The Supremes’ 1969 farewell hit “Someday, We’ll be Together” sampled into the intro and middle of the song. A hot song to play when you’re on top of your partner while having sex. Janet showcases her sassy side on the Country-Operatic “This Time” with Opera legend Kathleen Battle, who’s fierce vocals give the song dramatic along with the guitar, percussion, strings and fierce lyrics. Especially during the bridge.

“This time
I’m not gonna stay
This time
I must get away
This time
You’ve gone too far
I’m not gonna stay
This Time
You’ve got to pay
This Time
You’ve gone to far
Walking around with nasty hoes
Tellin’ me that’s the way love goes
Well baby you’ve gone too far
Tellin’ me I’m not that strong
Watch me walk through that door.

“Throb” is a hot house song that still has kids striking poses and dipping at Gay functions. In addition to her soulful vocals, the song has hot beats, saxophone riffs, and features Janet seductive ad-libs. She also cuts loose vocally on the Rock song “What I’ll Do” which she co-produced with Jellybean Johnson that still has Rock fans bobbing their heads along with the beat, organ and vocals by member of the Gospel group Sounds of Blackness. “Funky Big Band” is one of my favorites song on this release. It’s a cool way to pay homage to musicians who played real instruments, and rocked a crowd with their musicianship, which has bass lines and horn riffs that most of today’s artist sample today.
Public Enemy’s Chuck D joins Janet on the Hip-Hop flavored “New Agenda” which tackles sexism and racism. What gives this song fire are the beats, horn riffs, Chuck’s powerful ad-libs and flow during the bridge and the lyrics.
(Don’t be surprised is Michelle Obama uses as her theme song when she becomes the first Black First lady).
“Because of Love” is a cute love song, that has cute lyrics and bass, but it’s not my cup of tea.
“Again” is a beautiful ballad from a her film “Poetic Justice” that’s another concert favorite. It features Janet giving a heartfelt vocal performance in front of an orchestra that was conducted by
“Where Are You Know” is a great mid-tempo ballad that showcases Jackson’s ability to sing high and low ranges as well as harmony.
The CD closes with the hot “Anytime, Anyplace” which began to shed her kid sister image. This hot ballad has a sexy old school feel thanks the to the saxophone, breaks, and Janet’s vocal performance which features her singing low and high ranges.
Dancin’ on the floor
Feeling the slow groove
My mind is startin’ to burn
With forbidden thoughts
Strangers all around
With the lights down low
I was thinking may we
Could…well…you know
I don’t wanna stop just because
People standin’ ‘round within’ us
I don’t give a damn what they think
I want you know
I don’t wanna stop just because
You feel so good inside of my love
I’m not gonna stop no, no, no
I want you all I wanna say is
Any time , any place
I don’t care’s who’s around’

This CD is still hot as it was when it was first released 15 years ago. Miss Janet was able to take her fans into her creative mind and world with this classic release, and she was able to provide some great music for both the hetero and gay community to listen to in the clubs, and in the bedroom.

Some known and unknown facts about the album

1.when it came time to Janet to record her debut for Virign, her and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis wrote about the concept of what the album should be, and discovered they were on the same page.

2. As noted earlier, Virgin wanted "If" to be released as the first single to capitalize on Janet's dancing talent, but she and her co-writers and producers refused. They felt that releasing the mid-tempo ballad "That's The Way Love Goes" would be a great introduction to the album as opposed to killing the opporunity by coming up with a dance song, and they were right. The album debut at number one, and the single debuted a 14, then topped the Pop charts for 7 weeks, earning Janet her second Grammy Award.

3. Janet fulfilled her dream of working with Oprea legend Kathleen Battle, who performs on the song "This Time." In a 1993 documentary, Janet said that she first saw Battle at the 1987 Grammy Awards, and she was captivated by her beauty, but when she heard her perform, she knew she wanted to work with her.

4. Janet had tied Aretha Franklin's record of being the female with the most gold singles when "Anytime, Anyplace" became her 15th gold single in 1994.

5. The album had released 7 singles, and "Where Are You Know" was scheduled to be the eight single to be released, but Janet decided to record the duet "Scream" with brother Michael, which made them the first musical relatives to have a single debut in the top 5 on the Pop, R&B and Dance charts.

6. The biggest selling single of the album was "That's The Way Love Goes," which was based on a sample of James Brown's 1974 hit "Papa Don't Take No Mess." It became a favorite of fans, but at first Janet wasn't too fond of the track. In an interview in the Billboard Books of Number One Hits, Jimmy Jam told he author that he gave Janet a copy of the track to listen to during the Christmas holiday, and when she return, she told him that the track was the bomb. Later on, she called him at 2 in the morning and told him that she had a different idea for the song. She wanted it to be seductive. Not only did the song become a favorite among fans, many music artists listed it as one of their favorite songs.
in 1994,Jazz guitarist Norman Brown did a Jazz version of the song, which earned him a 1995 Soul Train Music Award for Best Jazz Album. Three years, singing group Browwnstone and rapper Heavy D performed the song as a part of a tribute to Janet who was honored with the Lena Horne Award for Acheievement. In 2002, author Daryl C. Diggs use the song as the title of his debut novel