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R&B Legends New Edition has been making an impact on music for the past twenty-five years with their singing, rapping, classy and hip wardrobe and their slick and smooth choreography. They’ve also became the first male group to achieve success as a group and with their solo projects, paving the way for Boyz II Men, B2K and Destiny’s Child, who would follow in the legendary group’s career footsteps, but while the two latter group’s have broken up, the Bad boys from Boston are still playing to sold out shows around the world, and their current and long awaited DVD “Spend The Night With New Edition” proves that they still have what it takes to maintain longevity.
The DVD which was filmed at the University of South Carolina isn’t just the typical DVD which shows the concert footage, it has a historic and family feel that has viewers feeling that they’re at the concert with the group thanks to the interviews with fans and entertainers Guy Torrey, Anthony Anderson, Monica, Arsenio Hall, Cedric The Entertainer, Elise Neal and Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men between the group‘s performances.
The DVD opens with a mini movie of two guys traveling through the streets of Boston looking to purchase some merchandise which turns out to be copies of their DVD, followed by a preview of their upcoming mini-series, featuring a group of young kids portraying the original line-up, riding their bicycles to meet with their chorographer and current manager Brook Payne for rehearsal where he comes up with their name and routines. Then they clips of the group rehearsing is shown, leading to Ronnie De Voe, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Mike Bivins, & Ralph Tresvant appearing at a press conference speaking about their foundation and plans to help underprivileged families. The concert finally begins with current member Johnny Gill singing “Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky Mike, Ralph, Johnny too,” and without missing a beat, they appear on stage wearing white suits with red handkerchiefs performing their 1991 pre-reunion hit “Word To The Mutah” with Gill singing Brown’s part, followed by “Crucial”, and “You’re Not My Kind of Girl”, which features smooth vocals by Tresvant, Gill and Bell and funky live breaks from their four-piece band, playing in synch with their cheorgraphy. Especially at the end of the song when each members of the group bow individually. N.E. then takes the crowd down memory lane with a medley of their hits “Candy Girl,” “Popcorn Love” and “Jealous Girl” where Gill introduces Brown who walks down the stair case in the middle of the stage to sing lead, making the audience go crazy. What makes this performance the group harmony and vibe that shows the bond they have, further displayed while performing “Mr. Telephone Man” where the group stand behinds Bivins while he performs the famous spoken segment to the ladies in the front row.
They then launch into “Count Me Out” and “Cool It Now” where Ralph asks the crowd to sing the famous rap of ’Ronnie, Bobby Ricky and Mike. If I love the girl who cares who you like!” and compliments hem for who good they sound. They launch into “A Little Bit of Love (Is All It Takes) which has a Caribbean feel courtesy of the bass and their classic “Is This the End”, which features a call and response between Ralph and Ricky which earns the group a standing ovation.
While their DJ is setting up, Ronnie appears on stage wearing a Black fitted cap and introduces the group who receives loud rounds of applause and backs up him, Ricky and Mike who perform their sexy hit “Do Me” which has the audience out their seats. Especially when Mike performs the song’s famous line 'Move to the jacuzzi. Ooh that booty smack it up, flip it rub it down. Oh No!' Then Bobby takes center stage to perform his top charting anthem “My Prerogative” and in true Brown fashion, he changes the lyrics, and opens his shirt showing his muscular chest and belly, reminding the audience he’s still the bad boy of R&B. While the group is changing into black suits, Ralph appears on stage to perform his solo hit “Sensitivity” with an open shirt displaying his six pack, keeping the ladies attention during this intimate performance which features him performing in front of a silver curtain, ad-libbing the melody of the DNA/Suzanne Vega classic “Tom’s Diner” and jumping into the audience and dancing with the ladies including one of his biggest fans, before rejoining the group to perform their radio hit “Boys To Men” where Johnny adds Gospel flavor to the song ad-libbing ‘It’s alright throughout the performance and performing his trademark riff before the group launches into his solo hit “My, My My” which has smooth harmonizing and dancing from the group while Johnny has his divo moments by taking off his suit jacket, unbuttoning his shirt, scatting and hitting high and powerful notes, showing the audience that true singing comes from the heart.
The group then grabs the audience in their palm of their hands, while putting on their cowboy hats and performing their top charting ballad “Can You Stand the Rain” which has the audience in tears. Making this performance touching and sensual are the vocals, Belli singing falsetto, Bivin’s famous rap ‘Come on baby. Let’s get wet for New Edition” and a call and response between Tresvant and Gill, who later begins preaching and speaking about the power of God.
The group slows down the pace by sitting on stool and backing Ricky while he showcases his soulful and opera singing style on “Smile Again” as well as joking about how the ladies in Japan called him ‘Licky” during their Japanese tour. They perform their comeback hit “If It Isn’t Love” with Brown hyping the crowd from backstage. For the finale, the group performs BBD’s classic hit “Poison,” which has the audience wanting more.
New Edition’s DVD was hot. I liked how they included incorporated their solo hits along with their hits recorded as a group, but it would have been better if they would have performed “My Secret,” “I'm Leaving You Again" "Hit Me Off, “and “I’m Still In Love With You.” Those songs would have made the show complete, but the DVD was nice to watch, and it shows that Ronnie, Bobby Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny still has the moves and voices that made them famous and transferred them from boys to men.


When T-Malone made his acting debut in the porn films “Tiger’s Brooklyn Tails” and the “Off the Hook” series, many viewers admired him for his looks, style of dress and for shattering the stereotypes of how men who bottom are supposed to look and act.
T-Malone has starred in countless films, including “T-Malone Bottom’s Up,” “Reloaded 1 & 2,” “Queens Plaza Pick UP Part 2 and “Ty’s Black Tie Affair.” He’s appeared in the adult magazine “Black Inches” where viewers was also impressed to learn that he’s more than a sexy man with a nice body. When we met at Cosci’ I was very impressed with how intelligent he is, and I also learned that we had many things in common including keeping in contact with old friends, as well as having great taste in men, and in music (he suggest that I purchased Boyz II Men’s latest release, and I will do so shortly).
This sexy and intelligent porn legend was nice enough to allow me to interview him, where he spoke about his career, having a loving and supporting family, and the importance of saving money.

Q: It’s an honor to finally meet you. What have you been up to?
A: Just taking it easy. I haven’t done much in sense of filming anything, but I’m working on some business ventures.

Q: Tell the viewers something about yourself.
A: I got into porn by chance I guess. It was an opportunity to make money. I started working wit Enrique Cruz and we formed a business relationship. You can say that we’re friends and business partners. I learned a lot about business from him. That’s pretty much how I got into it. I took everything I learned from him into other companies I worked with.

Q: What was the first film you starred in?
A: Tiger Brooklyn Tails.

Q: That’s one of my favorite films. A lot of fans and critics. Tell me from your perspective why is it a classic?
A: For me personally, it launched my career. It was one of the biggest films that Tiger did in his career, so that’s why I can relate to it, I think that there was things that hadn’t be done in other videos. We did scenes in Prospect Park. Enrique Cruz is always good at pushing the envelope and doing things outside the norm for Black and Latino porn.

Q: In addition to working with Enrique Cruz, what other companies you worked with?
A: I done a few for Latino Fan Club. Pit-bull productions, and Ebony D, which is in Canada and some others that I can’t of right now.

Q: I read your first interview with Black Inches magazine and I was extremely impressed with how open you was about your sexuality. When did you realize you was gay and how did your family and friends accept it?
A: As early as I can remember I was able to acknowledge being gay and my family was the same way. Growing up in my household, I have four brothers and my parents always allowed me to be really open and expressive with myself. If I wanted to play with dolls, I could play with dolls. If I wanted to bake instead of playing football, they allowed me to bake. When it came to sexuality, I never had a lot of

Q: I also remembering reading that you ran track and field in college. What was that like?
A: I love track and field. I’m still involved to this day. It’s one of the things that keep me in shape. I’m still in contact with a lot of my friends who I competed with. Some of them are in positions to be on the Olympic team; maybe to win a Gold medal. Some of them got in trouble due to the steroids scandals. I’m very involved with track and field still to this day.

Q: One thing I admire about you is even though you have the urban Hip-Hop look, you always bring class, intelligence and sensuality to your performances. How important is it for you to bring those qualities to your work?
A: It means a lot to me because I don’t want to misrepresent myself. Just because I’m in front of the camera doing porn I don’t feel it has to be distasteful. If they wanna see something nasty and raunchy, they’re gonna buy something else, but if they now what type of product I’m gonna put out, then they’re gonna buy my stuff.

SW: One of my favorite scenes I saw you in was when you was playing a journalist trying to get an interview with a famous guy, who you later got with in the steam room
T-Malone: Yeah (both laugh)

SW: That’s my second favorite scene of all time. What was it like topping him?
T-Malone: The chemistry was good; we spent the whole day together prior to shooting the shot. We kinda bounded. It was natural to top him. In my personal life, I’m pretty versatile.

SW: You also mentioned that you’re branching into other business ventures. What other ventures are you working with?
T-Malone: I’m currently involved investment. I invested in some property in Atlanta, and in Maryland, and I’m looking into continue with that. I’m also going to take some of my money and invest into porn. That wasn’t the first thing I wanted to do. I wanted to invest in something with stability so I got that going with the real estate so now I’m looking to move a little bit into trying a couple of things in porn.

SW: You’ve been in the porn game for almost ten years. How have you been able to maintain longevity?
T-Malone: One of the things I learned early on is that you can’t overdue it. A lot of these guys get in it and they making money and before you know it, in a short period of time, they’ve done twenty movies. Unless you’re hot and a big star where people love seeing you, they’re gonna get tired I think it also has to so with my fans being supportive. I told a lot of people I get a lot of compliments. I get a few criticisms and I can take the negative as well as the good, and I think that one of the most important things is being able to know who you are so you can be comfortable with that and be able to put out something that is consistent.

SW: What are some of the misconceptions people have about the porn industry?
T-Malone: Wow. I’m glad you asked that. I think that one of the misconceptions of people who do porn is that we are not capable of having a relationship. We’re not capable of loving people or allowing people to love us. Or we’re sex addicts. All we do is have sex all day, everyday. When I tell people (sometimes) I don’t have sex for two or three months at a time, they’re like wow! It means more to me to have a relationship with someone to enjoy going on dates. Things like that. I can get sex like that. It’s not a challenge for me. A lot of us have a brain; we don’t just use our bodies or asses and our dicks. There’s more to life than having sex for money. Some of us do think about our futures and we are saving and investing our money.

SW: I’ve notice that most of the films you starred in are with Blacks and Latinos. How do you feel you’re making an impact on Black and Latino Gay and Porn culture?

T-Malone: I think, with my looks, I’ve been able to blend, and especially in New York City, a lot of times I got ‘Hey Papi’ Some people think I’m Dominican; Puerto Rican. I have a lot of friends who are Latinos. I’ve dated a lot of Latinos and a lot of times, people talk about the separations between Latinos and Blacks. I really don’t sense that because usually when I’m around Latinos who usually don’t vibe with Blacks, I don’t get that same type of feedback from them. Enrique and I are very close. I don’t know is it because of my complexion, but I travel a lot

SW: I remembering reading that you went to Barbados. What was it like and how are the men other there?
T-Malone: Barbados was amazing. The first time I went there, it was like the beaches and the people were very friendly. I didn’t know it at the time, but they’re very gay friendly, even though they don’t advertise it, but they really are. I was able to relax and by myself. Guys approached me. It was a very good, relaxing experience.

SW: What other countries have you visited besides Barbados?
T-Malone: I’ve been to Canada, Barbados. I’ve been to Grenada, London and England. I have a lot of friends in London. Some of them work in fashion and some of them are models.

SW: Where do you see yourself in the next five and ten years?
T-Malone: In five years, I see myself doing things in real estate. I see myself doing things in porn. Ten years, I see myself being a millionaire and the biggest thing in porn.

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Philadelphia has produced many famous entertainers including Patti La Belle, Teddy Pendergrass, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince a/k/a Will Smith and Boyz II Men, who went on to become famous in music, television and film, Porn Star Peanut is one many porn stars to emerge from the city of Brotherly love, staring in many hit films including Lil’ Homes 2, All About The Nut, Real Urban Stories, and Queens Plaza Pickup Part 2. With almost four years of film under his belt, the star who enjoys having sex is starting his own company and websites which will be available by February.
I first met Peanut at the Gay Erotic Expo in October, and I found him to be a real cool, and down to earth person, who’s about handling his business, and two months later, I was surprised to see him at the Italian restaurant Cosci with Enrique Cruz, and I was like ‘I wished I would have known he was coming because I would have brought a copy of the picture we took together at the expo.’ He was nice enough to grant me this interview where he talked about his career and upcoming companies and websites.

Q: How did you get into the porn industry?
A: It was something I wanted to do. I put in an application with Chocolate Drop.com. Got called backed, did a video and from there I was going different places, doing different videos for different companies.

Q: What companies did you work for?
A: I worked with Chocolate drop.com. Thug bait, when that was up. Cash models. Chocolate Cream. Enrique Cruz and thug porn.

Q: You’re starting your own porn company and websites. What influenced you to start your own company?
A: If someone else can do it, and be behind someone else’s camera, then I can get someone to be behind my camera. Why stay under someone when I can be on top and branch out on my own and do my own thing?

Q: What does it take to start and run your own company?
A: Knowledge. The boys. Models. Money Help from someone who already know what they’re doing. I’ve had help from Marvin Jones from Chocolate Cream. He’s been helping me out.

Q: I’ve watched your work and I’ve noticed your style is rugged and sensual. How important is it for you to be yourself while filming?
A: Well I didn’t even noticed I had a style. I do what I do. I like to have sex and why not share with everybody else?

Q: This is a question that a lot of people been asking and been wanting to know; are you and Pinky still together?
A: I’m not in a relationship with Pinky. That’s still my road dawg. Still my baby, but we’re just not together right now. I’m in a relationship with Khaos.

Q: That’s interesting that you’ve been in a relationship with two porn stars. How are you able to maintain a private life away from the camera?
A: Well, when I’m on camera and shooting video, it’s like I’m going to work. So you know it’s like everybody have that job, and when they come home, they have that home life, and that’s the same with me. It’s no different. Just because I do porn, that’s still my business; this is what I do for a living. When I come home, I’m still Bryon. I’m still Peanut.

Q: When will your website be launched?
A: My website will be launched no later then February. I’m hoping in January 2008. I’m trying to get some new models., but of course I’m gonna stick with the ones who got me through and got me where I’m at now. Pinky, Remy Mars, Khaos, Prince, Jay. All my original models that started off with me.

Q: Will you be directing some of your videos?
A: Yes. I have a couple of moves out. “All About The Nut,” “Something About Remy.” “Oh So Freaky” “S.E.X.” You can get them at B4sproductions.com

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
A: I see myself being big. Producing my own stuff. Enrique Cruz. The dude from Thug Porn and Marvin Jones. Just trying to produce my own stuff and be on top myself.

Q: From a young person‘s perspective, what are many conceptions people have about porn stars?
A: They‘re think we‘re not human, and anything we do is because we do porn. If we have a lover, we cheat on our lover because we‘re porn stars. We do drugs is because we‘re porn stars, or if we drink too much is because we‘re porn stars. We do everything that regular people do. I mean we are regular people, but we do everything that people with regular jobs do.

SW: Thank you! Including Pastors!
PEANUT: Absolutely (both laugh)

Q: I’m noticing that more guys from Philly are pursuing careers in the porn industry. How does that make you feel to know that more people from your hometown are entering the porn industry?
A: I’m happy for them. They get much love from me. If that’s what they want to do, I’m behind them one hundred percent. Do your thing, and love what you do. Don’t be ashamed of it later on in life.

Q: What advice would you give to those who want to enter the industry?
A: Think about it real hard and think about five years from now. If it’s something you’re gonna look back on and regret, than don’t do it.

For further information check out

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For the past decade, Enrique Cruz have became one of the most loved, admired and respected directors of the porn industry. Not only has his films has viewers turned on sexually, they also have viewers (particularly Urban Black and Latino viewers) that it’s ok to be gay, sexy, and intelligent.
Since entering the scene, Cruz has filmed some of the industry’s hottest films including "Cruizing Da Hood, " Off Da Hook 1 & 2, Aprende 1&2, Reloaded, and the classic Tiger’s Brooklyn Tails, launched the careers of Tiger Tyson and T-Malone, both who gone off to have successful careers.
I had the wonderfully opportunity to interview this innovative director at Cosci’s shortly before the holiday where we spoke about his career, the importance of mixing of races, and his upcoming plans which includes shooting a movie as well as a music video for rapper Shorty Roc.

Q: Thanks for the opportunity to allow me to interview you.
A: Just finished Aprende Part 3. And after that, I’m working on a new “Doin’ the Butt” Number 24 and 25. That’s usually first timers on the website and they’re gonna be first time actors that actually are on the camera.

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career as a director?
A: I went to the School of Visual Arts up here in New York City and I was interested in filmmaking, and then afterwards, as a joke, I had said to a friend of mine that I wanted porn because it wasn’t any good porn movies, so I wanted to make porn, and the short stories ended up being a sample video for twenty minutes that I sent out to companies.

Q: You’re primarily known for directing porn movies. How did you get involved in the porn industry and what was the name of your first movie?
A: The first one is called “Learning Latin” when I did the twenty minute sample, I sent copies to different companies and Vivid Video was the company I wanted to work with. The first one was “Learning Latin” then we did “Learning Latin 2,” “Cruzin’ The Hood.” We did the whole series, then I started my own company Enrique Cruz Productions.

Q: What prompted you to start your own company?
A: The success of Vivid Video was overnight and “Learning Latin” was a huge success. It got into every porn video shop and because of that, it gave me a high visibility so I said I wanna do it for myself instead of having Vivid Video make all the money, so like most new artist who are working in the when you start.

Q: I watch you work and I enjoy how your films deal with urban themes and life.
A: I wanted to do something that was inclusive of me and my friends at the time and where I grew u, and where I grew up it was mixed with Blacks and Latin. Our neighborhood our school and all of my friends have been a mixture of people so I wanted to kind of be inclusive and the first company I had was Lamacha, Lamacha is pretty much a mixing of the races and I think in a perfect world, we wanna have a day where Black, White, Latin can get along and it’s kinda the theme in all those videos.

Q: Many fans and critics have label “Tiger Brooklyn Tails” as a classic and favorite. From your perspective, why is that film so popular?
A: I spent a lot of time on the story, and the story behind Tiger Brooklyn Tails was a guy coming out to his best friend who is straight, and just having to be inclusive that a straight guy can be friendly with a gay guy. It was based on the fact was one of the guys was Latino and one of the guys was Black and again a mixing of the races.

Q: The scene in Aprende with Scorpion and Antonio Torres is my all time favorite sex scene. Will you be filming a follow up with those two?
A: OK (both laugh) Unfortunately, Scorpion is as they say away on vacation, which is the code word for locked up. I don’t think he’ll do a follow up anytime soon, but that was a huge favor and Antonio Torres is retired from the business.

Q: You mentioned a great point about mixing Blacks and Latins in your films. I’ve hung with a lot of Latinos, but I’ve heard stories about Blacks and Latinos not liking each other. How false is that story?
A: It depends on how they were raised. In New York, it’s the melting pot. When I go to places like Atlanta, you have the Black clubs and the Latin clubs, and you don’t see a lot of race mixing, but in cities like New York, L.A., and Miami, they have something called the Blatino experience where they have race mixing, and even when I went to Paris France, there was a lot of mixing of the races, but it depends on how you were raised. But now, the younger generation, the younger kids are more accepting, but the older generation, they kind of have a lot of stigma attached to it, so it’s like Blacks sticks with Blacks, Whites stick with Whites, Latinos stick with Latinos, but I think the younger generations are more open to it.

Q: You said you just finished editing Aprende 3. Not giving it away, what can we expect from it?
A: Aprende 3 we shot a lot of stuff for the first time on the beach, so half of the film take place in the Caribbean so that is different for me. We did stuff on the truck. So now we got to the beaches on “Aprende 3” and we shot it on location in the Caribbean and that was a little bit different. So half the scenes was shot overseas which I thought came out pretty good and hot!

Q: The main thing I admire about your films is the sensuality and how you have the guys participate in foreplay and kissing. I love that!!
A: That’s important when you’re doing something erotic. There’s different ways of being dominant. You can have someone be totally dominant a guy can get off on it. Another way is to have a romantic scene it shows guys can be like couples. I’ve been in a relationship for seven years at think it’s possible for guys to be in relationships.

Q: I’ve heard that you’re filming Rapper Shorty Roc’s upcoming video “Stop What You’re Into.” How did that come about?
A: I was working on an erotic short film, and I met Shorty Roc at a taping here and I told him you can do a song for me, and he was telling me he wanted to do a music video so I offered to do the music video that will be on the Logo channel. So we make it sexy. Hot, not too sexy, just sexy enough! It just worked out where you do a song for me and I do a video for you.

Q: How do you think you’re making an impact on the Gay Community and Porn Industry?
A: I think that the impact on the younger generation. You said that this (Off The Hook) was the first porno you saw. When you see yourself on screen, and are inclusive, in the lifestyle, it tells you it’s OK to be gay and you’re not fucked up for being gay. You can be intelligent and you don’t have to be in jail and you don’t have to be in the ghetto. You can go to school and get an education. Those are the things I think are important. Even mixing sexuality, you can get a job and mess around on the side.

Q: That’s another thing I love about “Aprende.” Is how the students were going to school taking care of business while expressing and enjoying their sexuality.
A: When I look at my friends and the people who are gay, they’re going to school, they have jobs, and they’re trying to do things with their lives, and a lot of the earlier films had boys behind bars, and that can be OK if you include the boys who aren’t behind bars, going to school and trying to do something. So that’s my contribution; kinda even it out a little bit so it won’t be everybody behind bars. I hope that continues in the next generation.

Q: What other projects you’re working on
A: We’re doing the short video for the Logo channel with Shorty Roc; “Stop What You’re Into” and that’s gonna be a hot song. We’re gonna have two girls kissing and we’re gonna have two guys kissing that will be Logo friendly, and we will have some boys without their shirts. Some club scenes and then “After Party Babies” is a short I wanna take to film festivals, and it takes place in the night life, the club scene. The night life. We’re gonna have professional actors. We’re doing a party January 22 at Splash with Harmonica Sunbeam hosting a contest with anal ring toss first time on stage. Guys take a double sized dildos, shove it up their ass, toss the ring and you try to get in the thong.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years?
A: Sleeping. Retired. I might retire in five to ten years. Doing something else. It’s been fun. I wanna keep doing it, but I don’t wanna be the old guy on the block doing porn.
I’m staring to get grey hair. I got a few years left, but give it to the young kids. The young bucks.

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Since I've been buying music, I've always noticed that many recording artists have songs on their albums that are good. Sometimes better than the ones that their record companies release as singles. Why are so many great songs are slept on? Because of the everchanging music scene (Espeically in America). Most artist have to constantly update their style to stay on the charts, which at times can be good, but it seems when an artist likes to grow and record songs out of the norm, many record company executives become scared with fear that the new style and formula might damange the aritst's career by not selling. That was true in some cases, but most of the time, it was very beneficial for the artists, who gained more fans and praise for the songs and styles, and here are some songs from the past year that should be or should have been released as singles

1. Brooklyn-Peformed by Fabolous Featuring Jay-Z & Uncle Murda
Known for spitting over smooth flowing beats, Fablolous joined forces with Jay-Z and Uncle Murda for this hard hitting joint that displays their unique flows and lyrical styles. Like the intro of the classic "Proud Mary" Fab starts off nice and easy, while Jigga and Murda finish nice and rough.

Why should this song be released as a single?
It's been a while since the East Coast (especially New York) release any hard hitting joints representing their city, and though I love all types of music, it will be nice for New York to come out with some hard club and street joints.

What makes this song hot?
The sampling of the Biggie Smalls/2Pac classic Where Brooklyn at, and lyrics about life on the street of Brooklyn and how Brooklyn is hot.
Fab's lyrics:
Im Right here Big Ya Boy Sit'n On Top Like A Hair Wig.
Bed- Stuy Fly Bushwick Sick East New York Walk The Brownsvile Grill Ill
U See I Gota Fortgreen LeanClinton Hill The Chill Red-Hook Look Man Aint No Shook Hands In Brooklyn. Son Yo Life Could Get Took Man
Jigga's: lyrics:up Im On My Robin Thicke shit If shit Eva Gets Thicke Im Back To Robin Niggas. Quick
Im On My Robin Thicke shit If shit Eva Gets Thicke Im Back To Robin Niggas Quick
Trick Click? Anie Up.
All U Niggas Is Brittney Pull Ya Panties Up.
Whole Borough Is Wit
Me Hol Ya Cannons Up Buck 1 4 Buck Town Brooklyn What The Fuuuuuck

Why do I like this song?
It makes me proud to be a Brooklynite (though I was born and raised in Harlem)

2. Comeback-Performed by Kelly Rowland
Miss Kelly co-wrote one of music's hottest and sassiest hooks and songs of 2007. After hearing it, I was lie, 'She better work and Beyonce needs to take a breather cuz it's Kelencia's time to shine'!! She shows people that people can be ghetto, classy, and sassy, and it also showed that the fans and real music lovers (espeically the Gay/SGL ones) know hot songs, when they hear them, but unfortanely, her reocrd label didn't think so, so they released "Ghetto" instead.

What makes this song hot?
The beats, the horn riffs, keyboards, lyrics and Kelly's sassy vocal performance that gives the song fire.

I got that comeback
The hubba bubba
I got the run back
Run back and tell you mother
I throw the RA-RA
Only up when they go all the way down
I got a lifetime warranty
You'll never leave
Keep away from open flames
Cause it's hot hot hot
Fire marshals can't contain it
You need rehab
Cos this thing is so addictive
When you put that on her
Put that on her,
Put that, put that, put that on her

3. Say It-Performed by Ne-Yo
There's no denying that Ne-Yo is one of the industry's most talented songwriters and singers to hit the scene. In fact Micahel Jackson gave him his props in Ebony Magazine by saying he's a person who understands songwriting, and he's right. In addition to be really gifted, and sexy, he's also a freak who has also penned some freaky and sexy joints, and this song is one of the hottest, freakiest and sexiest songs I've heard from a male R&B artists in a long time, and it's a great song to play while giving lap dancess, head and getting your freak on.

What make this song hot?
The combination of R&B, Classical and Jazz music, Ne-Yo's falsetto blending well with the strings showcasing his vocal skills and his seductive side. Espeically during the spoken seagments of the song.

Close the door.
Lay down.
No, No, No.. not like that.
Like this.
Ok now herez what I want u to do.
I want u to look into my eyes.
& I want u to tell me.
Exactly.. what u want me to do to you.
U ready?

Ur body whisperin from under the sheets.
I hear it moaning, begging loud & clearly.
Im rather fluent in the language it speaks {yes}.
But its yo mouth I want to tell it to me.

This song it too hot to handle!!!

Why should this song be released as a single?
Because it's a hot ass song, and it would be great to hear Ne-Yo sing about pleasing his paartner, and this is a favorite among the fans. (Check out the live performance on You Tube and read the comments that his fan wrote). They say that sex sells, so this song will help Ne-Yo sell more albums.

4. Lionel Richie-What You Are
When it came time for Lionel Richie to release a new record, he wanted to bridge the gap between Old and New School and the formula worked because his album "Coming Home" was his highest debuting album since 1996's "Dancing On The Ceiling" thanks to the single "I Call It Love." After I finally got my copy of it, I was impressed with the results, but after hearing this song, I was feel in love with it because the lyrics are timeless and it sould like something he wrote. It wasn't. It was wrtten by Jermaine Dupri, Jonatha Austin and Manuel Seal, Jr, who co-produced the song with JD.

What I like about the song?
The msuic, which has a nice mixture of R&B, Classical, and Rock, and the lyrics about a guy telling his love one that he has to go back on the road but he appreciates the love they cherish, and that he wanted to tell her before he forget. It sums up the lives of many people who jobs kepts them away from their family, and how they constanly think about them while they're on the road.

Why should this song be released as a single?
This song show that the former co-lead vocalist of The Commodores still has it and that love songs are timeless and will never go out of style.

5. I Want You-Performed by Diana Ross
Though I'm a Black Gay/SGL American, I really admire British people because of their taste in music, which is why former Supremes lead singer Diana Ross released this song overseas. Originally recorded by former labelmate Marvin Gaye, Diane did a great job covering this tune that was co-written by her brother, and it shows that the sound of Motown is universal (which is another reason why I love to listen to artist from overseas and why American singers are popular overseas).

Why I like the song?
Because it's a classic and she added her own diva Supreme touch to the song giving it a sexy and spiritual vibe (hey she wasn't nicknamed The Boss for nothing).

Why this song should have been released as a single?
It would have been a great way for her to reconnect with her American fans (Wendy Williams was playing this song. so that should have been a clue for her company to release this in America), who love and admire her (and who would love for her, Mary and Cindy to reunite for a REAL reunion tour.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Many entertainers had many high and low moments in the year 2007. Some artist got long overdue recognition, while others, contiued to be successful while some became vitcimns of lack of promotion, paternity suits, custody battles, criminal activities, and death. Here's a recap of 2007
The Broadway musical "Dreamgirls" finally hit the big screen, grossing millions of dollars, while the soundtrack hit number one, knocking former B2K member Omarion's sophmore effort from the top spot, making it the first musical soundtrack to hit number one since "Grease" and "Saturday Night Fever." Making the film's success even sweeter was the praise that co-stars Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson received, with the latter star winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, showing American Idol Judge Simon Cowell that true talented singers will always be arouund and can make it despite his views and opinions.
Destiny's Child had a great year as well. Original member Le-Toya Luckett's solo debut reached platnium status, while her single "Torn" was name top song of 2006 by ASCAP, who honored Luckett with the Top Songwriter of the year award. Lead vocalist Beyonce Knwoles' hit "Irreplaceable" was one of the longest number one songs of 2007,staying at the top of the charts for over 11 weeks. She also made history by becoming the first female artist to received the internaitonal Award from the American Music Awards for sales of over 100 million records. Michelle Williams won rave reviews for her portrayal of Shug Averey in the Chicago production of the hit play "The Color Purple" and Kelly Rowland finally released her sophomore effort "Miss Kelly" which received lots of positive reviews, but didn't get the promotion and airplay that it deserved. She's currently working on new songs to add to the CD and plans to reissue the CD this year. While the Houston group was focused on their solo projects, The UK group The Spice Girls embarked on their reunion tour to promote their greatest hits CD, and is winning wave reviews as we speak. Former Supremes lead singer Diana Ross received the Lifetime Acheievement Award from BET and during her acceptance speech, she finally thanked and acknowledge all the Supremes including Mary Wilson which made lots of Supremes fans and Detroit natives happy. Hopefully these two ladies can get together, settle their differences, and join forces with Cindy Birdsong and reunite for a real reunion tour which is long overdue. Ross' son Evan won rave reviews for his appearances in the movies ATK, and Life Support, which he co-starred with his sister Tracee of "Girlfriends." Singer Rhianna hit the big time with her hit "Umbrellla" which became the summer hit of 07, earning her a American Music Award for Best R&B Female Vocalist.
R&B/Rap quartet Pretty Ricky's won more fans with their sexy hit single "On The Hotline" which helped their album "late Night Special" debut at Number one, showing that sex sells, while singer/songwriter Lloyd scored with his comeback hit "You" showing people that good boys can record hit records too, along with Ne-Yo who addition to writing Beyonce's hit "Irreplaceable" scored hit second # 1 hit album with Because of You" while teaming with Fabolou for the summer hit "Make Me Better."
Singer Akon dominated the charts with his singles "I Wanna Love You" and "Smack That" while T-Pain became one of the sought after signers thanks to his hit "Buy You A Drink."
It was a good year for Hip Hop as well. Ludacris received a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album as well as a BET Award for his hit Runnaway with Mary J Blige, who received 3 Grammy Awawrd for her hit album "The Breakthrough." Harlem rapper Mims scored a huge hit with his debut single "This Is Why I'm Hot" while T.I. scored a hit album with his release T.I. vs TIP. New Orleans rappers Lil' Wayne and Baby received an longover due BET Award, while Bow Wow and Omarion joined forces to record their joint album "Face Off" Fabolus and Jay-Z recorded hit albums as well.
Alicia Key's released her fourth # 1 Album, and in addition to touring, the classially trained pianist will be portraying Lena Horne in an upcoming film.
Another great thing that happened was the opening of Music Wit A Twist, a gay record label who signed Gay rap duo God-Des and She and R&B singer/songwriter Jesse O. Speaking of Gay artist, alot of Gay movies and TV shows became hits inlcuding Ski Trip, Dirty Laundry and the DL Chronicles, which gained lots of play on the Gay cable station, while author James Earl Hardy's novel B-Boy Blues is being made into a motion picture.
Many celebrities also found happiness in their private lives including singer/songwriter/ producer Babyface who is dating one of Janet Jackson's fomer dancer, while his ex-wife is engage to Eddie Murphy, and though the two Edmonds are divorced, they're managing to maintain a close friendship while being loving parents to their sons. Speaking of children, R&B/Pop singer Christian Aguleria and her husband are expecting their first child.
There were many celebrites that found themselves in divorce court including Britney Spears who's divorce from gold-digging back-ip dancer Kevin Federline caused the former Disney Kid to shave her head, induldge into drug and alcohol abuse, neglect her two sons, and mess up at the MTV Video awards. her behavior became so out of control that most of her staff quit. Her younger sister had gotten pregnant, forcing her show to drop her from the cast and hor mother to lose a book deal. Singer Ne-Yo also found himself in unnecesary drama as well. He had to remind Beyonce that he wrote her hit "Irreplaceable" after she told her Japanese fans that she wrote this song for the ladies before performing her hit song that he wrote for her. Speaking of drama, there was more dramatic incidents that was added to the Destiny's Child legacy; in the spring, a fan had asked Beyonce for an autograph, and when her mother Tina declined his request, he not only slapped her, but he posted it on the internet. A few months later, two of Beyonce's fans were hit by fireworks at her concert forcing them to be rushed to the hospital. Shortly after that incident, Knowles fell down a flight of steps while performing in Orlando, Florida. After her concert, she begged the audience not to put it on You tube. Her father Mathew had allegly threatned to take action if the footage was put on the site, but changed his mind after fans complained about him showing favortism towards B over Kelly, who collapsed while performing in Africa due to exhaustion. Actors Shemar Moore, Vivica A. Fox and Eve were each arrested for DWI, while Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton were sentenced for driving under the influence, and while Richie didn't complain, Hilton had a hissy fit by crying and demanding to be taken to the hospital for illness.
Rapper T.I. was arrested and released on 3 million dollars bail for having his body guard purchase guns and silencers. His security guard was purchasing the fire arms from an undercover cop, who later arrested the Grammy Award winning Rapper shortly before he was scheduled to open the BET Hip Hop Awards in his hometown of Georgia. His currently awaiting trail, along with R. Kelly who was charged with having sex with a minor after authorites received a tape showing the singer engaging with lewd acts with underage girls back in 2002, and though the trial has been put on hold for years, the trial is about to begin. On the subject of lewd acts, former B2K member Raz-B admittedd on video that he and his brother were sexually molested by their cousin Chris Stokes, who used to manage the group, until they learned that he and his company were stealing money from them. Raz released the taped confession on Christmans, and was forced to apologize the following day be force from Stokes who was caught on tape saying he doesn't participate in those acts any more.
Sadly we losted many famous people.
Soul and Hip Hop pioneer James Brown died from Heart failure shortyly before 2007. Dubbed as the God father of Soul, Brown had scorned many hits including "I'm Black & I'm Proud," "Sex Machine," "I Feel Good," "Living In America" amd "I'm Real", which has been sampled by many artists including MB Hammer, New Edition, The Notorious BIG, Public Enenmy, KRS-1 & Heavy D. His dancing also influenced many artist including Michael Jackson and Usher who Brown dubbed the Godson of Soul. We also lost singer Luther Ingram who scored with the classis "If Loving You Is Wrong" as well as Tony Thompson, the lead singer of Hi-Five who was found dead in Texas from freno huffing. Rapper Stack Bundles was shot and killed in the housing project where he grew up at, and week later, hiz killer was killed. Rapper Pimp C was found dead in his hotel room from natral causes, while Rock legend Ike Turned died in his sleep.
2007 was an exciting but sad year, and I'm looking forward to sees what happens in 2008.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Hello my fellow viewers.
I pray that you had a nice, peaceful holiday season.
I'm sorry I haven't been posting; I was suffering from writers block, fatique, depression and coping with the loss of my good friend Phillip who died on
November 30 (See Reflections of my friend/uncle Phillip Howell), and was finally laid to rest. and though his family of choice isn't too pleased of the circumstances of his final resting place, we're glad to know that he isn't suffering and that he's up in heaven doing publicity for the Motown stars who left us too soon.
As I was preapring to write this particular blog, I was overwhlemed with what topic to write about, and the more I began to Reflect on the positive things that happened to me in 2007, I decided to share my thoughts of the goals I accomplished and my plans to continue growing in 2008.
Last year, I decided to surround myself around people who were about reaching goals, and who were doing positive things with their lives and in the Gay/SGL community and I'm proud to say that by doing so was a blessing. I was able to network and meet many people including Rapper Shorty Roc, Singer Jesse O, Radio Host DJ Baker, Model/Actor/Party Promoter Dwight Allen O'Neal, Blogger/writer Steven Emmanuel (who helped me during my time of need), writer/AIDS Activist BBop, singer/Gay Idol contestant Rod, promoter Soul G, blogger Adam Irby, and rap duo Rebel Star.
I also became active with the New Edition fan club, and I send my prayers to the Sue, the coordinator of the New Edition meet-up group, who held a nice BBQ at her house in September after missing many event due to family birthdays and graduations, but I made sure I made that BBQ, and I'm looking foward to attending more events. Espeically those that will help Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny get the love, respect and acknowledgement they deserve. (Hey Bowmorian oops I mean Bow Wow and Omarioan, if it wasn't for them, ya'll wouldn't have a career along with Jagged Edge who acknowledge them as an influcence, B2K, B-5, O-Town, and the male members of the new Making The Band who was singing the group's classic "Can You Stand The Rain" during their auditions. Sean Combs should be ashamed of himself for fucking them over and not allowing them to sing adult material!!! That's why his album didn't even reach gold status. That's what he gets for messing them and Kim Porter over.
Another goal I accomplished was writing an article about the Gay/SGL porn industry, and having it published. The story was originally going to be published on Bleu Magazine's online site, but due to problems that were beyond mine and the online editor's control, it wasn't pulbished so I decided to start my blog and published it myself in honor of Devin, the former Office Operations manager who had died, and was not only gracious enough to arrange for me to interview Baby Boi and Brieon Diamannd, he wanted to be included in the article and I had blast interviewing him, and I have to say that out of all the articles I've written over the past 13 years, this one was one of my favorites because I had a chance to write an article about a genre of entertainment that I enjoy watching and I was amazed at how quicly the porn stars I reached out to responded. Both Marc Williams, Tyson Cane and Kamrun responded very quickly, and the latter two made the interview fun because we would speak about other topics. Ty Lattimore called me on a Friday night while I was sleeping, and both Baby Boi and Brieion called me while I was having lunch with my brother and on my way to appointments, and my interview with Breion was very deep and touching because he was very real, fun, and he actually thanked me for asking him intelligent questions because he had been wanting to answer the type of questions I asked him. I also had a chance to interview Bobby Blaze, who was with Chocolate Cream producitons, and I leanred the importance of professionalism from him. When I was introduced to him, he gave me his business card and we met 2 days before the mothers day for the interview, and it was cool. To be able to interview people we see on dvd fucking, getting fucked, and having fantasies of fucking and getting fucked by them was a dream cum true!!
Another goal I accomplished was taking dance classes and losing some weight (though I put on some more pounds). For the past 9 years I have a stomanch that I don't like having, and my goal was to shed some pounds, and to be able to move on the dance floor because I wasn't born with the gift of dance, and I've grown tired of doing the two step. I learned that God wants people to have fun, and if you're serious he will grant you a extra blessing. I won a 6 month free membership to Crunch Gym, and it was great because I would always win 1 week memberships, but this was a blessing because I love the atmosphere, and the vibe (espcially the ones on Water Street near Bowling Green, and in Downtown Brooklyn). Not only was I able to use their equipment, I has the opportunity to take many of their dance classes including the Hip Hop and Strip Tease classes. Nope I don't plan on being a stipper LOL. I just wantted to gain confidence, and it has helped, though I'm still shy at times, but I'm leaning how to grind and shake my ass well.
While most of the events that happend were planned, I had some unexpected plans and positive events that occured as well.
I reconected with one of my good friends I was in the cult/church with. I was attending the LGBT Film festival and I bumped into his baby brother who I hadn't seen in 2 years. We began talking and he was saying how we used to have fun going to Laser Park, BBQ's and watching videos and I was like that was so true. So I asked for his number, and I called to touch base. 4 days later, I got a call from him and we began to catch up, and there was no hard feelings (though blogs are supposed to be a way for people to express their thoughts and feelings, there will be things that I will keep private because there are things I honor and cherish). The positive aspect of our reformed bound is that he has no problem with me being Gay/SGL.
In fact, he was joking asking when was I getting married, and I told him if I got married it would be a civil ceremony, (I was on the Bus when he called) and he said I know what you're talking about. You want me to spell it out?" I got the hint; he knew I left to re-discover myself.
Fun Events: Out of all the fun events I particpated in (helpign my Godfather and brother celebrate their birthdays, visiting the Long Island Museum to see The Supremes gowns display, and attending my sister's graduation), I was blessed to celebrate my 37th birthday by getting a fresh hair cut and shave, doing some shopping for dress shirts (I don't wear jeans and sneakers on my birthday because I share the birthday with Abdul "Duke" Fakir of The Four Tops and I was born the day The Supremes hit record "Stoned Love" hit # 1 on the R&B Charts, and being that I'm huge fan of Motown, I dress up) and going to a small club called The Boys Room where I got a lap dance by a dancer who has seen me at various clubs since 2003 or 2004. Alot of people like to have big celebrations each year to celebrate their days, and that's cool (I hope and pray I can do that in the future), but the fact that I did something I liked made my birthday special. Getting a lap dance from a hot, sexy, down to earth dancer was great.

My goals for 2008 is to continue growing physically, mentally and spiritually.
I've accomplished alot in 2007 and I would love to contiue to accomplish more this year. Mainly keeping up with this blog. It's hard at times, but I will work hard to keep this updated more frequently. I also want to continue working out by doing my set of push ups every day. In fact I'm gonna do some right now. Hold on. BRB.
I'm back; just did a set of 10.

I'm grateful to be alive and was able to wake up and see the first of 2008, and I'm looking forward to growing in 2008.

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