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Since I've been buying music, I've always noticed that many recording artists have songs on their albums that are good. Sometimes better than the ones that their record companies release as singles. Why are so many great songs are slept on? Because of the everchanging music scene (Espeically in America). Most artist have to constantly update their style to stay on the charts, which at times can be good, but it seems when an artist likes to grow and record songs out of the norm, many record company executives become scared with fear that the new style and formula might damange the aritst's career by not selling. That was true in some cases, but most of the time, it was very beneficial for the artists, who gained more fans and praise for the songs and styles, and here are some songs from the past year that should be or should have been released as singles

1. Brooklyn-Peformed by Fabolous Featuring Jay-Z & Uncle Murda
Known for spitting over smooth flowing beats, Fablolous joined forces with Jay-Z and Uncle Murda for this hard hitting joint that displays their unique flows and lyrical styles. Like the intro of the classic "Proud Mary" Fab starts off nice and easy, while Jigga and Murda finish nice and rough.

Why should this song be released as a single?
It's been a while since the East Coast (especially New York) release any hard hitting joints representing their city, and though I love all types of music, it will be nice for New York to come out with some hard club and street joints.

What makes this song hot?
The sampling of the Biggie Smalls/2Pac classic Where Brooklyn at, and lyrics about life on the street of Brooklyn and how Brooklyn is hot.
Fab's lyrics:
Im Right here Big Ya Boy Sit'n On Top Like A Hair Wig.
Bed- Stuy Fly Bushwick Sick East New York Walk The Brownsvile Grill Ill
U See I Gota Fortgreen LeanClinton Hill The Chill Red-Hook Look Man Aint No Shook Hands In Brooklyn. Son Yo Life Could Get Took Man
Jigga's: lyrics:up Im On My Robin Thicke shit If shit Eva Gets Thicke Im Back To Robin Niggas. Quick
Im On My Robin Thicke shit If shit Eva Gets Thicke Im Back To Robin Niggas Quick
Trick Click? Anie Up.
All U Niggas Is Brittney Pull Ya Panties Up.
Whole Borough Is Wit
Me Hol Ya Cannons Up Buck 1 4 Buck Town Brooklyn What The Fuuuuuck

Why do I like this song?
It makes me proud to be a Brooklynite (though I was born and raised in Harlem)

2. Comeback-Performed by Kelly Rowland
Miss Kelly co-wrote one of music's hottest and sassiest hooks and songs of 2007. After hearing it, I was lie, 'She better work and Beyonce needs to take a breather cuz it's Kelencia's time to shine'!! She shows people that people can be ghetto, classy, and sassy, and it also showed that the fans and real music lovers (espeically the Gay/SGL ones) know hot songs, when they hear them, but unfortanely, her reocrd label didn't think so, so they released "Ghetto" instead.

What makes this song hot?
The beats, the horn riffs, keyboards, lyrics and Kelly's sassy vocal performance that gives the song fire.

I got that comeback
The hubba bubba
I got the run back
Run back and tell you mother
I throw the RA-RA
Only up when they go all the way down
I got a lifetime warranty
You'll never leave
Keep away from open flames
Cause it's hot hot hot
Fire marshals can't contain it
You need rehab
Cos this thing is so addictive
When you put that on her
Put that on her,
Put that, put that, put that on her

3. Say It-Performed by Ne-Yo
There's no denying that Ne-Yo is one of the industry's most talented songwriters and singers to hit the scene. In fact Micahel Jackson gave him his props in Ebony Magazine by saying he's a person who understands songwriting, and he's right. In addition to be really gifted, and sexy, he's also a freak who has also penned some freaky and sexy joints, and this song is one of the hottest, freakiest and sexiest songs I've heard from a male R&B artists in a long time, and it's a great song to play while giving lap dancess, head and getting your freak on.

What make this song hot?
The combination of R&B, Classical and Jazz music, Ne-Yo's falsetto blending well with the strings showcasing his vocal skills and his seductive side. Espeically during the spoken seagments of the song.

Close the door.
Lay down.
No, No, No.. not like that.
Like this.
Ok now herez what I want u to do.
I want u to look into my eyes.
& I want u to tell me.
Exactly.. what u want me to do to you.
U ready?

Ur body whisperin from under the sheets.
I hear it moaning, begging loud & clearly.
Im rather fluent in the language it speaks {yes}.
But its yo mouth I want to tell it to me.

This song it too hot to handle!!!

Why should this song be released as a single?
Because it's a hot ass song, and it would be great to hear Ne-Yo sing about pleasing his paartner, and this is a favorite among the fans. (Check out the live performance on You Tube and read the comments that his fan wrote). They say that sex sells, so this song will help Ne-Yo sell more albums.

4. Lionel Richie-What You Are
When it came time for Lionel Richie to release a new record, he wanted to bridge the gap between Old and New School and the formula worked because his album "Coming Home" was his highest debuting album since 1996's "Dancing On The Ceiling" thanks to the single "I Call It Love." After I finally got my copy of it, I was impressed with the results, but after hearing this song, I was feel in love with it because the lyrics are timeless and it sould like something he wrote. It wasn't. It was wrtten by Jermaine Dupri, Jonatha Austin and Manuel Seal, Jr, who co-produced the song with JD.

What I like about the song?
The msuic, which has a nice mixture of R&B, Classical, and Rock, and the lyrics about a guy telling his love one that he has to go back on the road but he appreciates the love they cherish, and that he wanted to tell her before he forget. It sums up the lives of many people who jobs kepts them away from their family, and how they constanly think about them while they're on the road.

Why should this song be released as a single?
This song show that the former co-lead vocalist of The Commodores still has it and that love songs are timeless and will never go out of style.

5. I Want You-Performed by Diana Ross
Though I'm a Black Gay/SGL American, I really admire British people because of their taste in music, which is why former Supremes lead singer Diana Ross released this song overseas. Originally recorded by former labelmate Marvin Gaye, Diane did a great job covering this tune that was co-written by her brother, and it shows that the sound of Motown is universal (which is another reason why I love to listen to artist from overseas and why American singers are popular overseas).

Why I like the song?
Because it's a classic and she added her own diva Supreme touch to the song giving it a sexy and spiritual vibe (hey she wasn't nicknamed The Boss for nothing).

Why this song should have been released as a single?
It would have been a great way for her to reconnect with her American fans (Wendy Williams was playing this song. so that should have been a clue for her company to release this in America), who love and admire her (and who would love for her, Mary and Cindy to reunite for a REAL reunion tour.

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