Monday, October 7, 2013


Towards the end of August, Rapper Flash Gotti had sent me a link to his song that he was releasing, and after finally listening to it a few later, I love response from you." I was shocked and impressed with his bold and outspoken personality, which makes him one of the hottest rappers to burst onto the Out Music scene He became interested in music hearing his cousins play Hip Hop Icon 2Pac's music and it was then that he became interested in rapping after also listening to Biggie Smalls, Aaliyah, Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes and Michael Jackson, he lists as his main inspiration for recording. The Sexy Rapper had just released his highly anticipated mix-tape which has already gotten great praise from fans and fellow Out Rapper I.K.P. who gave positive feedback on the sexy rapper's FaceBook page with comments such as Hot and Realness. Well I had a chance to interview the rapper via email where he spoke about his mix-tape, growing up in Chi-Town, response to shady haters who think that he shouldn't use (too much) profanity in his lyrics and his feelings on being an Out Rapper.

Da-Professor: This is Ra Shawn a/k/a Da-Professor interviewing Rapper Flash Gotti, who's repping Chicago. Thanks for the interview. How are things going?
Flash Gotti: What's up!! and nothing much just trying to get by in this realm we call life .

Da-Professor: So let the viewers know who is Flash Gotti? 
Flash Gotti: I am very bold yet laid back á honest person and as real as they come , also I'm áa rap/hip hop artist who was born and raised in Chicago ill. with a story to tell threw music, I am music and music is me! so if I go today or tomorrow I'm forever in mp3 form , oh and also I go by the stage name Flash Gotti lol .

Da-Professor: Cool. You have an interesting stage name. How did you come up with it and what does it represents?
Flash Gotti: o wow lol the name flash came from the word flashback I one day was trying to come up with something cool and different for a rap name lol i went by flashback at first then i said no that's not it so i wrote the word flash down and went on a last name search lol I searched names for weeks !! until I went to bed one day and the name popped up in a dream, but the name represents me fully it fits me I just thought it was meant to be. 

Da-Professor: How did you become involved in music and which artists influenced you?
Flash Gotti: Music has always been around me sense i was a kid. My cousin's used to blast Notorious B.i.g ,2pac and No Limit/Master P. threw out my grandmothers house , we used to play video games with music blasting, get drove to school same thing , go to sleep to it, my cousin's i used to watch rap battle each other. It has influenced me ALOT because I feel music can be whatever you want it to be its your story your leaving on earth forever . á2pac Biggie, Lil Kim, Big Pun, Lisa Left-Eye Lopes from TLC , Missy Elliott Aaliyah áand áMichael Jackson are artists I look up 2 á, mostly like old school music /artists because I think there timeless and going to be remembered forever .

Da-Professor: What was it about those artists that grabbed your attention?
Flash Gotti: oh its sooooo much there all legends no matter how u look at it , and they were/are very original and influenced alot of artists 2 day. they all changed the game in there own way. Lil Kim is very bold to me from her lyrics áto her fashion, her voice /raunchy lyrics got my attention because she was very honest same with biggie and 2pac, Big Pun. I jus love his delivery and Left-Eye and Missy I loved how fun and funny they came across áand Aaliyah and Michael j. was angels 2 I cant explain it i just have a soft spot for them álisa Left-Eye lopes as well.

Da-Professor: You're an Out Rapper. What made you decide to perform as an Out Rapper and have you found any challenges being who you are?
Flash Gotti: Well I'm a very honest person anyway so if I was told to be a str8 artist I would not be me, I would be i think fake which is NOT cool, plus i love that im different type of artist i was never one to follow the crowd i like doing my own thing and being me. And no i have not went threw a challenged yet because I'm a open book to everyone, and people respect me for being real with everythang and I love it .

Da-Professor: You just dropped your mix-tape and it's hot! What prompted you to name it Black Listed and who did you work with?
Flash Gotti: Oh thank you!! People I worked with for this mixtape are Swanny River, Skinny Blaze , Booder Quarnelius ákleva b , Elmo, Evon the music bully, Bruno & Sheena . I gave it the title black listed outcast ambition because in some ways being gay in this world u have it the hardest! For just being you on a everyday bases which makes us as normal human beings blacklisted from the world in general, a outcast from your own family all because u want to be yourself,and if your artist u have 2 sometimes act str8 to be famous ! Basically put on a show like your str8 when behind closed doors your not..which is not what I am about at all ...no bueno! lol.

Da-Professor: I love the single "Old School." What inspired you to write that song and to homage to the Hip-Hop pioneers who paved the way for many of today's rappers?
Flash Gotti: Old school is the first track I recorded for the mixtape. I wanted to pay homage to those who inspired me greatly. It was only right in my eyes.

Da-Professor: Another joint I like is Cum Talk (You Sexy Til I Nut). What was the inspiration for that song and what made you decide to add an Aaliyah song to it?
Flash Gott: Thats one of my favs as well, and the song is about basically your super horny and the person you would not normally have sex with thats been trying to get with you looks sexy that day and yo cum is brainwashin / controllin u to go over there and basically do it with this person and after u nutt your like ...wait wtf was I thinking?? lol somebody could sexy as hell to u at that moment your cum is átalking to but as soon as u nutt, there sexy disappears, leaving u on your way home thinking '' I should of just stayed home and jacked off '' lol I thought nobody really did it be4 and its relatable á,the Aaliyah song added to it is '' rock the boat'' I just thought her voice would be perfect . And I was right. 
Da-Professor: Position=Freak is one of my favorite joints. I love when you rap about loving a kat with a big butt and timberland boots as well as how you like to please and be pleased in sexually and in the bedroom. What inspired you to be open lyrically and sexually?
Flash Gotti: Well just me in general i just like hearing / seeing peoples shocked reaction to explicit songs like that lol because they tell me its bold and raunchy ábut they love it at the same time. taking a dare to say what i want inspires me, áthe feeling of '' yea sure did say it and what?'' I just love it.

Da-Professor: My all time favorite joint is Fatally 87. I played that song 8 times already. What inspired you to rap over the G-Dep classic "Special Delivery?"
Flash Gotti: lmaoo wow 8 times lol but yeah its a favorite of mines as well. I just always LOVED that beat its a classic beat. I said this will be perfect to just flow all the way threw to the end. My mind set for that was it has to be hot and different from the original song I said I have to go off on this song go clean on in lol and I think i did . 

Da-Professor: Another favorite is Stop (Think About It) which deals with homophobia and crime. What inspired you to record a song with a positive message?
Flash Gotti: The killings of young kids, hate all over the world inspired that track, gang crime in our community's, the news, and many other things in this world. I just said wow when is this all going to stop it was also showing people / the listeners im not jus all about being explicit , I care 2.
Da-Professor: In additinon to rapping and writing, do you plan on doing any acting, modeling and touring in the near future?
Flash Gotti: I want to do acting /modeling hopefully touring as well but my radar is on acting and modeling.
 Da-Professor: I have to admit you're a sexy guy (Sexy As Heaven). When people find out you're a Gay Rapper do yo get the why you gotta be gay and a gay rapper question?
Flash Gotti: Wow thanks (licks lips like precious) I would get a damn u would sound better rapping about chicks or oh my god u like dudes? wow. why? lol.

Da-Professor: You was born and still reside in Chicago. What was it like growing up there and  tell me from your prespective, what is it about Chi-Town guys that makes people wanna holla at them?t
FlashGotti: It was hard for me in Chicago , I grew up in da hood , I mean one day u see a gang member da next u hear they got killed, from missing school cuz there shooting on the block to every other week randomly having the door kicked down cuz my cousins was gang members, to hearing ''GET DOWN THEY SHOOTING!'' ..to coming home from school on the bus n hope u dont get shot or killed i stayed/grew up in a bad area , a area that if u wore the wrong color u get jumped or if your fitted cap was turned the wrong way u got beat up. People love us for our accent to swag to the sex appeal, most Chicago dudes say what they want and say how it it and is str8 thugs from the area they grew up in. so yea Chicago that place to be if u wanna hood boy because u learn to have tuff skin here or else.

Da-Professor: Chicago has also gave birth to many talented musicians including Jody Watley, Minnie Ripperton, Da-Brat, R. Kelly, Chaka Khan, Kanye West, Twista, Marvin Yancy and the late Don Cornileus. How does it feel to be from the city that produced those talented Icons and how do you feel you're gonna add to their musical legacy?
Flash Gotti: It feels good!! áthe brat was/is friends with one of my cousins I didn't know who she was younger I came up stairs from my room and she and my cousin and his friends was smoking and drinking . lol I feel like my music well be my voice forever...for people if somthing happens to me, i will touch somebody and be remembered weither its jus in Chicago or to a few friends my legacy will will live on. 

Da-Professor: Earlier you posted how many shady people tried to criticize you for cursing and being raw on your CD. How important do you feel it is for you to be who you are lyrically and vocally?
Flash Gotti:  Its very important but not just for me for EVERYBODY to be themselves i hope to inspire people to be themselves...being different is being a leader in my eyes . people told me to do this or they don't like me saying this...but i was told to be myself and say how i feel my words on the mixtape is my truth and my story not there's , why edit yourself for another person your just going to be sayin '' dang i should of just did it or said it'' so yeah its very important to be who you are in general.

Da-Professor: There are many hetero Rappers and Singers who be cursing on their records and interviews too.
Flash Gotti: Yes but if a person who is attracted to the same sex express sexuality on a song its seen as nasty or gross but str8 artist do it all the time .

Da-Professor: For the past year, many Black Famous Athletes, Singers and Actors came out including Jason Collins, Frank Ocean and Rayen-Symone. What do you feel about them coming out and how do you feel it will impact the Black Youth and adults who are into sports deal with their sexuality?
Flash Gotti: Well I feel its good and all that they came out, but my question is why do a gay actor /singer ect. have to announce to the world there gay to begin with? its crazy it should not effect anyone because them being gay or bi does not effect there work or anything they was gay be4 they announced it and if they didn't noticed it be4 it shouldn't matter.

Da-Professor: I've noticed how while there many in the community who supports the Out Rappers and singers, but there are many who complain about the lack of artist who represent the community, yet they don't support them. How do you feel about the kids who contradicts themselves and how important is it for the community to acknowledge and support their own?
Flash Gotti: You know its funny because , they support artists when they come out , but a out artist thats already out gets no support i find it very funny and dumb to be honest.

Da-Professor: If you had the chance to work with any artists Mainstream and LGBT, who would it be. Name as many as you like.
Flash Gotti:  Hmm all the artist mainstream i want to work with has passed on sadly like Aaliyah 2pac Biggie and so on ..... but alive i want to work with Lil Kim, Missy Elliot , Kelis, eve Kendrick Lamar producer Timbaland ,Pharrell lgbt artist : Foxxjazell Last O and a few others that i cant think of. 

Da-Professor: Many were upset at the outcome of the Trayvon Martin trail. How did it effect you and how important is it for Blacks to know that despite having a Black President in the White House that they can be subjected to racial profiling despite their sexual orientation and the areas where they live at?
 Flash Gotti: Well sadly it didn't because crimes like that goes on EVERYWHERE in the world , and its very important because ..nowadays people are worried about the wrong things basically brainwashed to the wrong things to worry about there more worried about celebrities then whats REALLY going on around them , the color of the president skin means nothing the color of yours does that's the difference. 

Da-Professor: We've lost many famous Icon including Michael Jackson. How did the loss of M.J. affected you and how important is it for fans to honor his musical legacy?
Flash Gotti: omg I cried sooooo much over his death man i felt as well as others like i lost a family member , his legacy lives on he was a music icon and the true definition of the word legend he was most def ahead of his time and everyone elses time after lol. U wont get another M.J. he was one of a kind. 

Da-Professor: We also lost rapper Heavy D who worked with M.J. on the classic "Jam" How important is it for those who listen to Hip Hop to learn about his contribution to Hip-Hop.
Flash Gotti: He had a big impact on hip hop! words cant say what he did for hip hop because he's a icon. If a person does not know who he is they need to do there research now! 

Da-Professor:We also lost Disco and Gay Icon Donna Summer. How important is it for many to honor her legacy and contributions to music?
Flash Gotti:.Another icon! and original talent people should keep her legacy alive and they will shes a icon and truly missed for me she was another talent lost but will forever live on threw her music.

Da-Professor: TLC and Beyonce each sampled Donna's debut classic Love To Love You Baby for their hits I'm Good At Being Bad and Naughty Girl. What do you think of them sampling her classic for their hits?
Flash Gotti: I think its fine its keeping her legacy in a way alive. 

Da-Professor: How do you feel you're gonna make an impact on the Out Music Industry and with the LGBT Community?
Flash Gotti: You know idk exactly.... but what i do know is i will make a impact on somebody's life i promise you that. 

Da-Professor: Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
Flash Gotti: I see myself known by more people and a person that people will look at and say wow i wish that was me. 

Da-Professor: What type of guys you like and what do they have to bring to the table beside their looks and sex game?
Flash Gotti: i like honest confident guys, u have to have ambition a drive to wanna be somthing outta life , basically a leader.

Da-Professor: What advice would you give to a person who wants to pursue a career as an Out artist
Flash Gotti: Be fearless, be a leader ,be yourself no matter what! in this industry u have to be the best at what u do , know your hip hop history an most importantly try to stand out from everyone if you do that your already different or weird but remember its better to stand alone then to follow a crowd cuz guess what u follow the crowd and the person who's different well be gettin the most attention, áoh and one more thing ....STOP COMING IN THE GAME DISSING THOSE THAT CAME BEFORE YOU! CAUSE THAT DOES NOT WORK ...AT ALL. diss records go nowhere and nobody wants to get introduced to u coming after a known artist its a turn off to your new fans and the person u diss will just ignore it anyway so dont waste your time cause they are not bothered u trying to get known not them , u burn bridges you will need later on . trust me .. so yea dats about it oh i almost forgot whatever u do ...... you better GO HARD OR GO HOME !