Thursday, August 28, 2008


Last summer, Rapper Yung Berg scored a #18 Pop hit with "Sexy Lady" featuring R&B/Pop singer Junior, which became one of many hits that DJ's bumped in the clubs last summer thanks to it's hot and catchy hook.

Hey sexy lady.
It was nice to know ya
(It was to know ya)
But I gotta move on.

Looks like many fans, espeically females will be moving on and leaving him and his career in the cold. Especially many dark-skinned females who he offended during an interview he did last month when he appeared on Serius Satalite's Lip Service Radio program, and publicly spoke about his dislike of dark-skinned females, referring to them as dark-butts.
When asked did he have a bad experience and some bad pussy, he said no, but he saod that any female he brings to his house must past a pool test. "If you don't come out looking exactly what you are or better, it's not a good look" he said.
It didn't take long for fans to blast his intercultural ass on the web, forcing him to issue an apology, and when fans read his statement, they became even more enraged. Especially when he revealed that his mother is a dark-skinned female!!
Talk about lack of respect.
After his remark, it seemed that the rapper who was once signed to rapper DMX's now-defuncted record label has experienced some bad karma during the past couple of weeks. The day after his debut album was released, he and his friend were arrested in New York City for carrying weed and guns after the limo driver called the police for an altercation he had with the Chicago-born rapper, who recently got a beat down while he was in Detroit for disrespecting the city and rappers from the famous Motown city. Detroit rapper Trick Trick denied having any involvement in taking part in the beat down, though he admitted that he did break up the fight when it occured and that he's a "disrespectful individual."
"You've got to be respectful wherever you go" the legenary rapper and entreprenuer said on a radio interview. He also said that the world would be a better place if everybody shows respect towards one another.
Back to Yung Berg, he would have scored some points had he said he prefered women that are the some complexion he is, and said positive things about dark-skinned females, but to call dark-skinned women dark-butts doesn't cut it. I wonder how would he feel if somebody was to use that remark towards his moms? I bet you he would be ready to fight and to put out a song about it.




A lot of people likes to have theirs done in a particular way; some people likes to eat, dress, and look a certain way, and that’s the theme of “Carlito Gets His Way” (Street Royale Media Corporation) who manages to get fucks the guys he’s partner with in his latest starring role, which has great lighting, shots and editing, and though it would have been nice had be had more roles, the film is good to watch and get you’re your rocks off with.
The movie begins with Stori laying on his bed, and speaking to one of his friends about getting a guy he was eyeing at a club to come to his place for some hot and steamy sex, and no sooner than he says that, Frontier, a tall dark skinned brother with dread locks, walks over to him and begins to kiss him.
“You remind me of somebody I know” Stori tells his sexy date.
“He’s a movie star.”
Flattered, Frontier walks over to Stori and continues to kiss him before they lay on the bed, and enjoys a hot oral session with Stori kissing his chest and sucking dick slowly, and Frontier finishing by placing Stori on his back and eating his ass, making them both hot and turned on.
“Go head boy” he says before Frontier fucks him missionary style, by holding his legs up in the air with Stori later having a Pretty Ricky moment by grinding on him on his dick so seductively that it will have viewers getting hot in all the right places. Especially when they kiss while Frontier smacks his ass, and when Stori has a Janet Jackson moment by backing his ass up on his dick and making him moan before he shoots a load on his ass.
The following scene shows Stori cleaning the kitchen counter, where the film’s star Carlito enters, and confronts him about a story about him having Frontier over at the house. Stori informs the star that he did because he tried to call him, but he didn’t pick up his cell phone, and he had to get his sexual needs met before he has to leave town. He then fixes him a bowl of strawberry-vanilla ice cream, and when he turns around to give him the bowl, he’s surprised to see the stud had removed his clothes. Shocked and turned on, Stori places the spoon of ice cream under Carlito’s dick and sucks both the cream and dick
“Since you’re not gonna eat the ice cream, I will” he says before he sucks his cone. After taking off his sweatpants, they both head to the kitchen, where Stori sits on the counter and participate in some hot foreplay before, Carlito positions in the middle of the kitchen and fuck him causing him to moan
“”Go ‘head boy” Stoir says while he’s getting hit from the back
“Don’t Stop.”
They then head to the bedroom where Carlito fucks him in various positions including doggy style and missionary style.
“You like that dick” Carlito asks.
“Yeah” Stori replies.
“Take it boy.”
Carlito then has Stori on his back and while he’s fucking him, he tells him to say ‘gimme that dick’ and Stori doesn’t have any problems submitting and honoring his requests without any complaints or worries. I like how the camera man was able to capture shots of both their body thrusts and facial expressions, further making the scene more sensual and hot.
Carlito also appears in the next scene that begins with him having a conversation with one of his friends about Stori flying back to Iraq.
“He’ll be alright” he says in a calm, yet concerned tone of voice.
While he’s continuing his conversation, Power T enters the bedroom wearing an animal chain around his neck and his waist, pissed off that he’s lacking attention, so Carlito abruptly ends his conversation.
“Who’s that?” T asks
“My people” Carlito replies.
“Your people ain’t here. All you got to do is worry about me.” T says before he begins to deep throat Carlito’s large tool
“Go up and down on that shit” Carlito says while gently pulls on T’s chain., before he sits on Carlitto’s dick and rides him while his chains are still being pulled. Carlito then fucks him laying down and missionary style; he fucks him so hard that he has him falling off the bed and screaming loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood.
The last scene features Saute and Kit laying on a steel futon kissing and touching each other seductively (It’s nice to see two Black men showing their intimate and romantic side; which is something many we need to see on screen more often. Seeing two Black men displaying their affection from one another by kissing is a beautiful sight to see).. They then participate in a hot 69 session with both moaning and enjoying the taste of each other’s body and private parts.
“Damn” the brother with the small Afro says in a southern accent while he’s laying on the brother with the short hair cut with waves, giving him a tongue bath before he takes him to the bathroom and fucks him in the bathtub while he’s looking at the bathroom window and holding onto the wall.
“Damn nigga” he says as he gets pounded.
After the sex, the southern boy shoots a creamy load and continues to kiss him
This movie is pretty good. I loved how each of the men showed their sensuality and intimacy by kissing, rubbing and grinding as well as having hot passionate sex, but it would have been nice had Carlito had been in an extra scene since the film was named after him. I’m also loved how the story line focus on a guy fighting in Iraq, and flying back home in order to release his sexual tension, and though this is an adult film, the story line should have focused more on that, but all in all it was a great film to watch.

"Carlito Has His Way" is out in stores now

This review is dedicated to those fighting war.




Many rappers and singers including Fabulous and Gwen Stefani have recorded hit songs titled “Holla Back,” a phrase that means call me, and talk to me. Well the title of the latest adult film released by Pit Bull productions, which features guys getting their freak on, and guys (particularly the guys who are getting plunged in this film) doing more than hollering in this film, though could have include more sensuality and dialouge, has some hot moments.
The movie begins with Rudy (Booty Bandit) sitting in an Atlanta hotel room with sagging jeans and a fitted cap at his laptop asking frustrated that his on-screen lover Vokalz is acting like a diva, by refusing to get out of bed, and going sightseeing.
“I can catch a Ciara video and fucking see Atlanta” he says with an attitude
“Get out of bed” Rudy demands.
“Why don’t you come in bed” Vokalz replies, as he climbs over to him, and sucks his dick, which entices both, though Rudy is pissed that his plans was cut in half, so he decides to give him what he asks for. He slaps his dick on Vokalz’s face, and tells his to spit on his dick.
“Make that shit nasty” Rudy demands as the make dive spits and slurps to the point of having saliva all on the right side of his face, before Rudy fucks him so hard that Vokalz moans and groans like he’s giving birth.
“Gimme that ass” Rudy says as he smacks both sides of his ass checks, and pulls him towards the edge of the bed, and fucks him on his back while he’s grabbing his necks with his left hand.
“You’re ready to go outside?”
“Yeah” he replies before he climbs under him and sucks Rudy’s balls before he shoots a small load on his face.
The following scene featuring newcomers Big Smoke and Colby is one of the most viewed scenes on X-Tube, that’s still getting views as we speak; it begins with them at the basketball court playing a game of one on one, when Smoke twists his ankle. Colby takes Smoke back to his crib and in addition to massages his ankle, he massages his left leg, and erected dick.
“I guess the rumors are true.” Colby says before he pulls down his shorts and sucks his 13 inch dick.
“Damn! This is a big dick” he says before his sucks him off which seems to be an eternity, impressing Smoke to the point where he asks Colby to let him return the favor, and Colby wastes no time allowing him to suck his slender but large-sized dick. A few minutes later, Colby is lying on the couch being fucked by Smoke who fucks him while kneeling to avoid adding further injury towards his ankle which apparently gets better, because he manages to find the strength and energy to lie on top of him while he continues to fuck him, causing him to moan. Especially when he fucks him on a footstool which has him moaning more loudly
“Good cock” he says while he’s looking at him seductively.
The next scene features Debonair and Mr. Good bar sitting on the couch, with the former getting his dick sucked, while in an attempt to add sensuality to the scene and his performance, he rubs his own nipples while he stands over him, and fucks him doggy style on the couch. In addition to smacking his ass, and making him moan, he tells Goodbar to say his name in a mellow and smooth voice.
“Say my name" Debonair demands.
“Debonair” Good bar replies while he’s moaning and gasping for air.
Big Smoke returns for the fourth scene with Impulse; a Philly Muslim looking brother, who wastes no time popping in a gay adult film and letting Smoke know that he wants him to fuck him and make him bust a nut, At first Smoke resists his advantages, but gives in by telling his friend if he wants to suck his dick, he has to come over and pull it out himself, and Impulses obliges, and from the expression on his face, you can tell that he enjoys pleasing his partners and doesn’t let his masculine looks doesn’t prevent him for enjoying sex the way he likes it. Wanting to make the scene hotter, Impulse later pulls down Smoke’s gym shorts and manages to suck his gigantic balls, which turns him on enough to make him stand up to give him easier access to display his oral skills. Impulse finally gets what he wants; to have Smoke fuck him, and he doesn’t have any problem being fucked in various positions including doggy style.
The film ends with egotistical Thugzilla taking a shower in his hotel room while newcomer Vivid is in the hot tub taking a bath, and enjoying himself, until Thugzilla whose known in films for being wild, and crazy asks him what he’s doing in his tub.
“Taking a bath. What does it look like I’m doing?" Vivid responds in a don’t-think-you-can-talk-to-me-anyway-you-want-to-voice.
Shocked and pissed that his lover is still in the tub and isn’t intimidated by his tone of voice, he continues to ask him why he’s still in the tub.
“A nigga was dirty” he replies in a smooth but firm voice.
Sensing that he wasn’t going to back down, he tells him to suck his dick, and Vivid sucks him off so seductively that he manages to get Thugzilla to drop his hardcore swagger and display sensitivity and sensuality, even though he smacks his dick in his face a few times. Vivid then has Thugzilla eating his ass while he has his left leg on the wall.
“Eat that shit nigga” he seductively says while Thugzilla’s eating his ass like he’s in a taste testing contest. (I love to see tops becoming sensually and orally submissive. Especially the ones who be dominating and controlling in the bedroom).
Thugzilla then begins to fuck Vivid in the tub and later (after putting on his timberlands) continues to fuck him on the bed, where in addition to pounding, he smacks his ass, which has Vivid moaning and wanting more.
“Whose ass is this?” he asks
“Yours” he replies.
“What’s my name?”

“Holla Back Boi” had some good moments; good shots, and editing having a brother who spoke elegantly and having one who was bold enough to not only stand up to a dominate top, but was sexually skillful enough to make him come off his high horse and sensuality. However I felt that Debonair wasn’t able to showcase his sensuality with Goodbar who did a great job taking his dick. It would have been better had he had more lines and rubbed Good bar’s body; that would have made his performance hotter since he has a smooth and mellow speaking voice. Hopefully he will be given the opportunity to display that side of himself. It would have also been nice to see and hear Smoke and both his partners speak at the end of their sex sessions.

Holla Back Boi is now in stores and can also be purchased at www.thugmart.com

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today I received some wonderful news; Da Doo Dirty Show was recently nominated for an Velocity Magazine award. How do I feel about the news?
I feel honored that the hard work I do along with the crew is being recognized, and it's a dream come true for me. For years, I would watch many award shows, and be imagining my name being called to come onstage and collect an award for my work.
I won't know until November, but being a part of a team that's making a impact in the Gay community by giving lgbt artists, politicians, producers, entreprenuers and adult entertainers a platform to have their music aired and a place to be heard means alot to me.
I have to thank DJ Baker for asking me to come onto the show and appointing me the researcher and professor, along with BBOP, Tysexy, Soul G, Eric Parker, Gio, Shorty Roc, Jesse O, The Cast of Christopher Street, My family of orgin and choice for supproting me.
The awards ceremony will be held in November in Washington DC





The phrase ‘take it like a man; has been used by people for many different things. It’s been used by parents to help their children (sons in particular) toughen up and not be timid and weak as well as by sports coaches when members of their teams become injured while playing games. When guys are having sex with each other, the dominate one uses the phrases; especially when they’re tearing up some nice hot ass and that’s the title of the latest release by Pit bull productions. Though the models in this flick doesn’t say the phrase verbally, their actions and performances compensates for their lack of the term used verbally.
Scene 1 begins with Cass walking up the street, while Swift is out playing with his remote controlled car, which accidentally bumps into Cass’s fresh new pair of high top air force ones, pissing him off to the point where he jacks Swifts toy truck.
Swift becomes offended, and follows him into his apartment, and tells him he wants to get some dick, but both have a unexpected surprise; seeing Cass’s on-screen lover Remy Mars sitting on the pull out couch, shocked to see Cass coming home with another dude, so he asks Swift to leave.
“He invited me here” Swift says.
“Well I’m uninviting you now" Mars replies before he confronts Cass about lying about not being at his job like he was supposed to and about not telling Swift that he had a dude and seeing him with a remote toy car.
“You’re toy shopping?" he asks.
“It’s time to go."
Swifts leaves, while they sit on the couch and begins to kiss before Mars starts sucking Cass’ huge dick.
“You like that shit baby” Cass asks seductively.
The duo then jump into a hot 69 session with Cass eating and smacking Remy’s ass, while Mars is sucking Cass off before he turns around and kisses Cass while he’s grinding on him which prepares him to take Cass’ condom-covered dick, which he rides before he gets fucked on his back and doggy style. What gives this scene fire is the chemistry the models have with each other, and how Swift is (unknown to them) watching them get their freak on.
The following scene features J-Wheelz (Queensboro Pick Up 2 & 3, Black Ty Affair) and Blaze listening to music on their Discmans , where J asks what he’s listening to, and when Blaze informs him it’s rap duo Mobb Deep’s latest release, who he stole from his roommate. J then asks if he could listen to it, and after he listening and enjoying the beat, he informs him he’s keeping, forcing Blaze to resist
“Suck my dick” J says, and before right on cue, Blaze gets on his knees, while Wheelz unbuttons his jeans and removes his white T-shirt while he throat fucks his friend.
“Dick taste good?” he asks
“Yeah” Blaze replies.
J then lies on a Black table, and continues to get head while he plays with Blaze’s dick and rubs his back and ass, which adds sensuality to the scene, in addition to him eating his ass before he fucks him missionary style on the table with Blaze wrapping his ankles around his back.
“Shit” Blaze says in between moans.
J then hits him from the back, and viewers will be able to see his various fuck speeds, as well as his ability to make the bottom be comfortable enough to take his large too and enjoy it. He later lays on the table where Blaze rides him, prompting both to have a little sexual competition, with both thrusting with the attempt to wear one each other out, and while Blaze has his moments, J decides to let him know who’s the head dawg in charge, by putting Blaze in the turnaround position, and wears his ass out on the table.
After shooting creamy loads, J informs him that he’s not giving him back his roommate’s CD.
“I’m gonna get it back” Blazes replies
“You wanna bet” He asks
“You gonna give me some more head nigga?”
The next scene though features Capone and Slim Thug (not the rapper); it still has the theme of one using sex as a form to get their Mobb Deep CD back (who says that Hip-Hop and Homosexuality can’t co-exist). The scene starts with Capone (Turned Out 1) in the living room searching for his CD, and when Slim enters, he asks him did he have his CD, and Slim tells him he has it, which causes Capone to become heated. Slim decided to cool him off by standing up, and gently kissing his lips, and before you wonder what’s next, Capone is on his knees sucking his big pipe very seductively, while Slim sits on the bed rubs his own nipples. What makes this scene hot is how Slim displays his sensuality by talking seductively and street, as well as kissing him many times though out the scene and as well as eating, fingering, and plucking his ass to the point that it gets wet.
Slim then has Capone on all fours, and proceeds to fuck him, while Capone attempts to have a Juvenile moment by backing his ass up, making Slim to tell him to relax so his dick won’t get soft.
“Take this ass nigga” Capone says before Slim grabs his tank top and rides him like he’s on a race horse, and fucks him on his side and his back. I like the ending of the scene where Capone backs away from kissing him after he refuses to give him back his CD.
The scene with Cass and Swift is one of my favorites in this flick. Cass decides to call Swift and ask him to roll by his crib for some sex since Remy is working a double shift. When he refuses, Cass reminds him that he still has his truck, and if he wants to get it back he better roll by his crib.
When Swift arrives, he’s heated at Cass for holding his truck in the air, and for failing to inform him he was involved with Remy
“I want some ass.” Cass says.
“Do what you gotta do.”
Without hesitating, Swift drops on his knees and sucks Cass’ large tool, which leaves a smile on his face.
“Yeah. Suck that shit” Cass says.
“That’s wassup kid."
Swift then kneels on the arm of the couch and smiles while Cass is eating his ass like it’s about to be his last meal, before he puts his condom-covered dick in his ass, while Swifts has a Pretty Ricky moment by pushing his ass against his dick, which has Cass temporarily enticed before he decides to let him know who’s in charge by pounding and smacking his ass twice, before he fucks him while he’s face down in a folding chair and the couch. After busting on each other’s faces, Cass puts on his glasses and asks Swift what he’s doing the rest of the evening.
“I’m getting my truck and getting the fuck out of here” he replies as he picks up his toy and heads towards the door.
“Oh, that’s fucked up nigga” Cass says
“You got your truck and you gave me back my glasses; can we watch a DVD, have some popcorn and twizzlers?”
The film ends with newcomer Marcus making a compromise of sex instead of not going to jail for attempted robbery. Marcus sneaks into Nubius’ apartment, lights a cigarette and starts looking through his jewelry. (Dumb move! I don’t condone breaking into anybody’s house, but you don’t smoke a cigarette when you’re doing something as stupid like that). Nubius wakes up, catches Marcus, and lets him know he’s going to call the cops while he wrestles him. Sensing he’s serious, Marcus tells his attended victim that he can fuck him up and he’ll even suck his dick if he doesn’t call the cops on him.
“It better be good” Nubius says as Marcus begins to suck on his thick Magic stick, while he’s getting his nipples and bubble-shaped ass rubbed, and lubed, making the scene hot and enticing and shows that he’s gay and proud. He then smacks his ass and fucks him missionary style, and his performance is surprisingly seductive considering the fact that he’s fucking a dude for trying to rob his crib. Nubius then fucks Marcus on doggy style, but Marcus is upset that he’s not getting fucked hard and rough, so he attempts to get Nubius to step up his game
“You call that fucking nigga” he asks
“You better fuck me.”
Nubius honors his request by tearing his ass up to the point to where he has him screaming ‘I will never rob you again son.’

This film was hot. I loved how each of the guys wasn’t afraid or ashamed to showcase their sensuality by kissing and rubbing their on screen partner’s body; especially Slim Thug who should do many more kissing scenes in future projects. It would have been nice had J-Wheelz and Blaze kissed because though J has an Urban swagger, he has the ability to showcase more sensuality and I hope that he doesn’t loses his charms in the future.






Harlem has many historic landmarks including the Apollo Theatre, The Schormburg Library, Hue-Man Book Store, and Sylvia’s Soul food Restaurant. Harlem also has it share of sexy homo thugs, who love to get their freak on, and that’s what’s captured in “Harlem Thug Nights.” one of the hottest adult DVDs to capture Gay/SGL men living in Harlem. What I love about this film are the sub themes that dispels the myths about thugs being a bunch of uncompassionate men with no sense of class, romance or respect for others.
Scene 1 begins with Mr. Saki and new comer Mr. Haitian Boy, in a nice decorated Harlem apartment talking about Boy’s film debut. After he encourages him to relax, Boy begins to suck him, before they stand up and kiss; then Boy continues to suck Saik off, while Saki stands on the couch, and grabs the back of his head.
“For the first time, you suck dick like a pro.” he says before he removes his boxers and stands on the couch, and rubs his hand in the tall stud’s Afro, while Boy continues to give him oral pleasure by licking his balls. After being sucked off, Saki tells Haitian Boy he wants to see his ass, and after seeing how well shaped it is, Saki proceeds to eats and licks his ass, causing Boy to moan in ecstasy; especially after he fingers him. After his fingers him, Saik begins to fucks him doggy style, which has them both turned on.
“Muscle ass” Saki says while he smacks Boy’s muscular ass.
“You know that ass is good, right?”
Haitian Boy decides to give him a run for his master card, by having a Pretty Ricky moment by grinding on his dick, forcing Saki to almost lose his balance, before he Saki gets him on his back and fuck him missionary style. Saki fucks him so hard that he has Haitian boy speaking in a heavy Caribbean accent and holding on to the arm of the couch. Saki then stands over him and busts a nice load on his face, and compliments on his first time performing on film
“Next time you gotta cum” Saki says
Scene 2 is another hot scene that shows how many Ghetto men have different personalities. Thirst is sitting in the living room watching the football game, when his lover Lazarus excitedly enters with a weed plant talking about how they’re going to smoke some trees. Thirst, however informs his young lover that smoking weed isn’t something he’ going to partake in. This pisses Lazarus off so he decides to involve them in a game of show and tell, and before you know it, he unbuttons Thirst’s pants and sucks his dick, like he’s hungry. He later removes his Black Amani t-shirt, and continues to finish the job, with Thirst returning the favor, showing him how a to give a good blow job.
“Suck that dick” Lazarus says as he throat fucks before they head to into the bedroom, where Lazarus fucks him doggy and missionary styles, and has him all over the bed. What make this scene hot is Lazarus’ various speeds, facial expressions and his ability to display his sensuality by kissing Thirsts’ lips while he’s fucking him to the point where Thirst busts a nut on his own stomach.
Mr. Saki returns for another hot scene, which will have views putting this scene on repeat. Saki, and Trophy Boy enters Jovannie’s house, where Saki asks Jovannie how his date with Ciit Bwoi went. Jovannie tells him it was good, and that they had hot sex in the shower. Saki then talks about being hot and horny and proceeds to come onto Trophy Boy, who doesn’t see him in the same light.
Sensing his receptiveness and shyness, Saki asks Jovannie for some privacy, and begins to rub Trophy’s leg while he grabs his hard dick
“When did we get to this level? Trophy Boy asks Saki who then pulls out his dick and asks “Do you wanna find out?”
“Kind of” Trophy Boy replies before Saki pulls out his dick which has Trophy Boy’s interest, and within a few seconds, he begins to suck his dick, before they remove their shirts.
“You’re sexy as fuck” Saki tells Trophy before he leads them to the bedroom, where they participate in a hot 69 session, with Trophy keeping on his hat, while Saki is donned in a 69 cap and while Air-force ones, pleasing each other orally. Saki then get on top of Trophy and begins to kiss and fuck him gently, while he makes sure he’s in a comfortable position (Saki is known for fucking guys taller than him) before he fucks him doggy style and slaps his ass to the point where his dicks slips out his ass. After putting his dick back in, his urban side comes out; he arches Trophy’s back down, and tells him to ‘resume the fucking position’ before he tears that ass up.
“Shit nigga” Trophy moans while he’s getting pounded to the point where he pushes his dick forcing Saki to become more dominant.
“Put that shit back in nigga” Saki says while he slaps his ass, and fucks him while he grabs his legs before he has him on his side, making it pleasurable for both. Saki them fucks him on his back and asks him ‘you wanna come or do you want me to fuck the come out of you?'
“Fuck the cum out of me nigga” Trophy replies as Saki fucks him to the point of coming and falling asleep. Saki then busts a load on Trophy’s face and says “Whew. I finally got it."
In the next scene, Tonic calls his friend Jason to see if he received the letter he wrote him while he was in prison. A few minutes later, he arrives at Jason’s apartment where they sit on the couch, and talk, with Jason asking him did he mess around with guys in jail, and he did he feel to learn that his girl was creeping while he was incarcerated. He later asks Tonic if he pulls out his dick would he suck it?”
“Chill” Tonic says.
Jason then slowly pulls out his dick, and the next thing you see is Tonic sucking him off, before he gets serviced by Jason eating his ass while he’s knelling on the top of the couch and later sucking his dick while he’s sitting in the middle of the couch, with him being slighty aggressive.
“Suck that shit” he says before he gets fucked missionary style.
“Gimme that dick” he says while he wraps his legs around Jason, who later fucks him from the back while he’s kneeling on the edge of the couch moaning with pain and pleasure.
The hottest part of this scene is how Tonic shows his flexibility by stretching his legs while he’s riding Jason’s dick and kissing him on his lips. I loved how they cuddle up after they bust their loads.
The movie ends starts with Midnight sitting in his bedroom watching television and playing with his football, when his roommate Nubius bursts into the bedroom, demanding to know what happened to his PS2. Midnight denies having any knowledge of the system, and gives him an ultanatium; either calm his ass down or leave his bedroom. Nubius replies with ‘We can workout something for this PS2”
Midnight begins to lift Nubius’ tank top and suck on his chest while he unbutton his jeans and proceeds to suck his dick, while he gets his faced by Nubius who later, leads him into a hot 69 session, with Midnight getting his ass eaten. He later lays on his stomach where Nubous grinds and kisses him before he fucks him dog style and enjoying every moment of it.
“I can stay in this ass all day” he says before he pounds him hard, having him against the wall before Midnight rides him and shoots a watery load before he gets pounded missionary style for three minutes before he ejaculates.
After the session,, Midnight asks Nubius to join him in watching Law & Order, but still wants to know where is his game. Midnight decides to playfully put a sword at him
This movie was pretty hot. The director did a great job of having shots that captured the models’s movements and expressions as well as having them display their sensuality by having them kiss, but I felt that the last three scenes should have been filmed during the night time, because it would have kept with the theme of the movie. All in all it was a good film showing that all thugs are not cold hearted criminals, and thieves; they're can be cool people and know how to sex their partners passionately.

Check www.thugmart.com for information about purchasing.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I began a journey to find myself, and being at the Latex ball gave me a perspective about life; being Gay is NOT A CURSE, OR MENTAL ILLNESS!!!!!!!!!!
It’s how God intended for me to be, and though it took me many years to finally accept myself.
I also got a chance to see the ballroom community in more of a positive light.
When I first came out, my friend at the time had me on a 3-way call with a dude named “M” who asked if I wanted to walk
“What you mean walk? I asked
“The ball”
“What’s a ball I asked?”
D had intervened.
“Chill. He’s just coming out”
M told me that a ball was place for me to walk and strut my stuff. I later learned that it was a place where many Gay kids go to express themselves creatively, by dancing and competing in many categories to win trophies and cash prizes. It’s also a place where they’re able to be safe from the hassles of ignorant ass homophobic closet people who have nothing better to do then waste their energy picking on our community for no apparent reason.
My friend D was a member of a house, but had left to focus on school, and help raise his sister after the death of their father, and while he told me about some of the positive aspects of the ballroom scene and what it meant to be in a house, he also told me about the negative aspects.
He shared many stories about how many people he knew how got caught up in the scene and how they revolved their lives around it. Some were missing school, boosting and having cosmetic surgery to have the perfect attire and looks to win trophies and score points with many in the community. He also had told me he was glad that I decided to explore my sexuality at that age, because had I came out during my teenage years, the kids would have went all out to recruit me, but the reason why they wouldn’t recruit at that particular moment (I was 22 at the time and he was 18) was because I conducted myself as an adult and knew what I wanted to do with my life.
5 months later, I decided to go to my first ball, at Union Square. It was the winter time, and after I paid my admission fee, I went downstairs and saw a lot of kids (teens and college students), socializing, practicing their moves, smooching and passing out leaflets about the importance of safe sex. I also picked up bad vibes from many of the kids who gave me looks that said “who is that child and what is he/she doing here?” It did make me feel uncomfortable, and did hurt, but I managed to watch the event before I left.
Turn the clock ahead to the winter season of 2003-2004. I had began to attend weekly meetings and seminars at GMAD, and I began to see more House kids who had positive attitudes and looked out for people who they felt were being taken advantage of. I was sitting in the lounge area, and this playboy was sitting next to me and playing with my left ear. This high school junior named “G” who was sitting next to me, didn’t like what he saw, so he stared the dude down with a look that said “what the fuck you’re doing?” He then looked at me and I said it was OK. He then got out his seat and gave the guy another look that said.
“Don’t fuck with him bitch or I’ll whip your ass.”
A year later, I had gone back to GMAD to use the computer to kill time before I met my brother Garry for dinner. I had walked into the lounge area and I saw a group of people talking. I had no idea it was a closed group, but this bitch who I won’t even give him a fake name was extremely rude to me.
“This is a closed group and you got to leave” he said in a nasty tone of voice.
I left, and “G” who was at the front desk had asked why I was looking sad.
I told him how the bitch treated me and he got heated.
“I would have been like 'Bitch you need to mind your business'” he said
“Fuck being nice. That bitch need to his business!”
He then called “J” a part-time employee and house member and told him to come to the front. He arrived and when G told him what happened, he was pissed as well.
“That bitch’s a mess and got nerve” he said.
I was about to leave when the shady bitch said ’don’t let the door hit you when the good Lord spit.”
I snapped. I went into the lounge and read him. I left and then he said “Don’t let the door hit you twice.”
I ran back and read him again and the kids were laughing and clapping. Laughing because I was reading him in a nerdy way (I’m a nerd) and clapping because I had stood up to him. It turned out they wasn’t too found of his nasty attitude either and they were happy that somebody put him in check.
Two years later my brother had asked me to assist him on a documentary he was shooting about homophobia and the ballroom scene, and one day while we were having lunch, he was talking about his dancer named Pony, who’s a member of the House of Zion.
“This kid is talented and mad humble” Garry told me shortly before we filmed Pony’s segment.
One Friday night in October, I had met to help with the camera work, and I was captivated by Pony’s looks, spirit and personality. He was very upbeat, joyous and showed off some of his moves without boasting, and it was then that I began to gain a better understanding of the ballroom community, and after watching the rough draft of my brother’s documentary, I gained a lot of respect for the community. One day I would like to go “I said shortly after I watched the documentary, and last weekend I attended my first ball in fourteen years, and this time it the experience and energy was more positive and uplifting. I actually enjoyed myself and started to feel good about being a Black Gay/SGL man and I also learned how I made an impact on a person’s life. I bumped into Joseph Jefferson am employee of POCC who was honored with the Eric Christian Bizarre Leadership Award for his work with young Gay youth. He told that he enjoyed the CD’s I made him in March and that he was listening to them while got dressed for the occasion.
I was touched by the positive feedback to the point of crying inside.
About twenty minutes later, I left wearing a bunch of beads and condoms around my neck and I walked to Virgin Mega store to check out the latest music and DVD releases, and I had a great time, walking around with my beads and condoms. (I felt like TLC then). I then saw a member of the cult I was apart of, and I was shocked at how he greeted me.
“Sup” he said without giving me any eye contact.
Normally Philippe* would always greet you with a smile and in a smooth tone. That wasn’t the case. It seemed like he was angry and had a lot on his mind. I don’t know what he was going through nor I was about to find out. I wasn’t going to let his attitude ruin my good night/morning. (I’ll write about him in the next posting).
Being at the Latex ball gave me a greater perspective about life; there’s nothing wrong with being gay and it doesn’t matter whether you’re masculine, femine, or display both charetestics, Gay people are wonderful people (though we have a few bad apples that God also loves unconditionally) who are responsible for helping make the entertainment industry look and sound fabulous, and for being one of the first ones to make people award of the AIDS epidemic that’s still claiming many of our brothers and sisters, and that we’re going to be around forever.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I heard stories about people taking things to the extreme, but church people protesting at a funeral totally takes the cake. As I was surfing the net, I came across an article where a bunch of members from a Baptist church had planned to protest the funeral of Comedian/Actor/Producer Bernie Mac. When I saw the article, I was like, this got to be a fucking joke. It wasn't. A group from a chruch said that their reasons for protesting was because they said he was an evil man who spoke filthy language.
If you ask me, the people who thought about the protest are the real evil ones, who don't have respect for themselves and others, and they got the nerve to call themselves God's children? Please. They ain't nothing but a bunch of evil people who don't the true meaning and value of love, and respect. Funerals are intended for familys and friends to honor the loss and memory of loved ones, as well as mourn and start their process of coping and healing.
So what Bernie Mac cursed when he did his comic sketches. That was the way he entertained people. If those members didn't like his material, then what the fuck they were doing watching it? Like Millie Jackson said on her 1979 album "Live And Uncensored," the ones who be saying I'm dirty, be buying me shit and hiding it!"
That's one of many issues I have with so-called Christians. They be the ones pointing the fingers at people, but they be the main ones drinking, smoking, partying, fucking and commiting adultrey.
You would think they would offer support and comfort to the entertainer's family, but no; they decided to do something that totally tacky just to get some attention for their church.
Everybody's not perfect. They strive to be the best people they can be, but it seems like most so-called Children of God always be the ones putting down people and causing the most drama, when they should be working hard on teaching people to love another unconditionally. Who are they to judge? I know that God welcomed Bernie into Heaven for the good he did while he was on earth, such as being a provider for his wive, daughter, nieces, newphew and grandduaghter, and doing many charitable events for those less fortunate. Something most of these churches need to do and not for tax-write offs either.
Just because they didn't like his style of comedy, doesn't justify their reasons for protesting; I bet if Bernie really wanted to get nasty, he would have jumped out his coffin, ran to that chruch, and cuss all those jackasses out. He didn't take that route. He's probably joking about them in Heaven, and I bet that when it's time for those jackasses to meet God, he won't be happy with their behavior, and he will let them have it.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008


R&B Singer/songwriter/actor Usher has settled his differences with his mother, and has rehired her as his personal manager Jonetta Patton, who had manager her Grammy award winning son he was a teenager, and servered ties with music legend Benny Medina, who he had hired to take her spot.
"Usher has dissolved his management arrangement with Benny Medina and he re-engaged Jonetta Patton as his manager" according to a joint statement issued though the singer's record company LaFace/Zomba.
Last year, many in the industry were shocked when they learned that he had replaced her with Medina, a former record executive, who have helped guided the careers of Karyn White, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey had helped executive producer the God Son of Soul's comeback album, "Here I Stand" which despite debuting at # 1 hasn't reached platnium status like his last release "Confessions" which sold 1.1 million copies in it's first week, breaking R.Kelly's record. There were many different stories about about the split; one including that the singer's wife fashion designer Tameka Foster had influenced his decision because they didn't get along. Usher had denined that his wife, who gave birth to his son, influenced his decision to part with his mom. He had wanted her to focus more on being his mother, and to enjoy life. Many feel that him rehiring his mom was a great move for him business wise.


Last Saturday, we lost Comedy King Bernie Mac to pneumonia. The following day, we lost soul pioneer and actor Issac Hayes, and Reverand Wiley Burton, the husband of Grammy Award winning Jazz legend and songstress Nancy Wilson. Hayes was found unconsciouss near his treadmill by his cousin in his Memphis home, and was later pronounced dead an hour later at Baptist East Hospital. The singer had died from a stroke. While he was an iconic figure to many, to us he was husband, father and friend. We will ever miss his love, wisdom, humor and the familiar comfort of his voice" his family said in a press statement. Hayes was a Soul music pioneer, who's music and smooth sexy baritone voice laid down the music foundation that would later become urban comtemporary music, that many aritsts would emulate and sample. He also made history by becoming the first Black artist to win an Oscar for hit top charting single "Shaft" which feature the famous line 'he's a bad..shut yo mouth. Hayes had penned songs for the Soul duo Sam & Dave, who scored with the R&B top charter "Hold On, I'm Coming" and "Soul Man" as well as Dionne Warwick's 1979 comeback hit "Dejavu." Prior to working with Warwick, he had recorded a funky version of her classic "Walk on By" which has been sampled by many artists including The Sounds of Blackness and Alicia Keys, who sampled the song for her version of the Gladys Knight & The Pips classic "If I Was Your Woman."
A memorial will be held Monday at Hope Presbyterian Church in Cordova, Tennessee.
Services were held on August 8 for Wilson's late husband had died seven days earlier after a long and brave battle with renel cancer. Burton was a Presbyterian Minister, who in addition to pastoring his chruch had wrote a best selling book titled "Divided We Stand." He had met the legendary songstress backstage at her concert in Pittsburg, and married shorty after and became the parents of three children. "I continue to receive an outpouring of love and support not only from family and friends, but from fans all over the world" Wilson wrote on her offical website. This message is to all of you who have sent well-wishes and prayers my way. I have always known your love and I am so grateful that you have kept me in your hearts these many years."

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


At the 2004 BET Awards, Funk and Motown legends Rick James and Teena Marie had the crowd on its feet while they performed their 1981 radio hit “Fire and Desire.” which had been dubbed as one of Motown’s sweetest love songs. After they presented original Destiny’s Child lead vocalist Beyonce Knowles with her award for Best R&B Female, James went to a spare microphone, and spoke about how a female staff member disrespected him by refusing him entry into the arena. Known for being outspoken, and outrageous, James decided to let her know he wasn’t the one to be fucked with.
“I’m Rick James bitch!” he said, before he left the stage, and left the audience in stitches including Actress/Comediene Mon’ique who couldn’t hold her composure. Ever since actor/comedian Dave Chappelle’s did a parody of the legend during his drug haze that landed him in prison for two years, that punch line became one of the most used and popular punch lines in popular culture, and when the Punk Funk used it on BET, not only was it funny, it let many in the audience know that one must respect a legend, but sadly it was the last time that anybody would see Rick doing his thing. Five weeks later, James, the music pioneer who was one of the most sampled musicians in music history was had died as he slept in his California home. His death was a tremendous loss to the industry, and while some remember him for the Chappelle parody, we must not forget the man’s talent, and contributions to music history.
James was born as James Ambrose Johnson, Jr. on February 1, 1948 in Buffalo, New York to the late Mabel Betty Gladden as one of eight children, who raised James and his siblings by working as a maid and numbers runner for the Mafia. His mother, who many in the industry would affection ally call Ma also had a love for music, which was the strong bond that held them together. He was also related to former congressman Louis Stokes. By the time he was into his early teens, Rick had began to sing on street corners to get attentions from the project girls, and some of the songs he would sing were by The Temptations, whose original bass singer Melvin Franklin was his uncle. His was the cousin of former Congressman He would also get into trouble for stealing cars, and skipping school, which landed him into juvenile hall and detention.
By the mid 1960’s the Vietnam war had began to become serious, and to avoid the draft, Rick decided to join the Marine corps, but his passion for music, and intolerance for not taking to orders, lead him to leave, and go AWOL and head to Canada, where he formed many singing groups including The Mynah Birds, which featured future members of the group Stepping Wolf, and Neil Young, who would later find success as a part of Crosby, Still, Young & Nash. “ “It‘s funny, but whenever somebody hears that me and Neil Young was in the same band together, everybody sort of laughs and snickers“ James said on “Behind The Music” “People gotta understand that music is color-blind.” The group migrated to Detroit and signed with Motown Records, and recorded many songs including “The Mynah Birds Hop” and “It’s My Time” which began to create a buzz, but came to an unexpected halt. Rick & Neil had dropped their manager after they had an argument over money, and as form of retaliation, their manager informed the label about Rick’s military obligation, so the label told Rick to finish his time.
After he completed his time, he returned to Motown and began to write songs for The Miracles, The Marveletes, and Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers, as well as developed his talents as a producer. It was there where Rick learned the importance of copyrights and publishing, the knowledge would benefit him throughout his career, and though he had talent, fellow producer-songwriter Norman Whitfield encouraged Rick not to sign with the label because of the label’s favoritism and shadiness.
He then went to California, India and Europe, and searched for the direction he wanted to head into musically. After he returned to the States, he rounded up a bunch of musicians, and recorded some demos, and went to California to shop a deal, and the label that showed the most interest was Motown, a label he wasn’t pleased with signing with. “Motown had so many people doing so many things. There was people who would watch what they say. They would watch what they wear.” He said on Motown 40 about the label‘s grooming system. Rick decided that he was going to be original, and wasn‘t going to succumb to the label‘s clean-cut image. “I was going there to funk. (And) I‘m coming in there to Rock and Roll. I don‘t need that shit. I‘m gonna say what I wanna to say.” Influenced by Rock, Funk and Soul, he combined all the genres into one, and called his music Punk Funk and Funk & Roll. “It was incredible, but it wasn’t your typical Motown sound” legendary Motown executive Suzanne de Passe, said on “Behind The Music.” It was different and it was hot." de Passe decided to sign him, after former staff producer Jeffrey Bowen, persistently played her Rick’s demo, and in 1978, Rick released his debut album “Come Get It” which quickly went platinum, while his debut single “You & I” topped the R&B Charts, followed by “Mary Jane” a song that was about his love for marijuana. He followed with “Bustin’ Out” and singles “High on Your Love” and “Love Gun” and embarked on his first tour, which made him one of the most talked about entertainers of the late 1970’s and 1980’s. Rick and his band the Stone City Band had long braided hair with beads, and in addition to playing keyboards, and guitar, Rick also flaunted his sexual antics and drug use on stage and in certain states, he would smoke weed on stage, which made him a hit with in the urban community. “Between his long braided locks and lyrics that celebrated sex and drugs, he was everything you couldn’t have been at Motown a decade before” Otis Williams the only surviving founder member of the Temptations wrote in his memoirs “Temptations.” “He was hot and erotic, and that was what I loved about him” BBOP, the host of the Beautiful Boys of Pride network and pod cast. said about Rick’s ability to be open and honest in his music. “His music basically paved the way for the artist today to be able to sing about whatever they want to sing about. Rick James was the pioneer that fought to get the doors open for free expression.” “I think it was a part of him being himself.” DJ Baker, host of Da Doo Dirty Show said. ”He was a sexual type person and that’s what he gave off. If you like Rick James, you liked the fact he was sexual.”
In addition to writing for himself, he wrote for his band, and for Teena Marie, a white female singer who he discovered one day while hanging at Motown’s studios. After they met, James received a call from her manager who asked to produce her album, and after he received her demos, he jumped at the change. “Never in my life had I heard such range with so much passion in a white voice” James wrote in his post death published memoirs “Memoirs of a Super Freak.” “Rick knew there were feelings in my heart and songs upon my lips” Marie said in the Billboard Books of Number One Rhythm & Blues Singles. “He didn’t say, ‘This is a white girl, I can’t produce her because he doesn’t think in those terms."
The label released Marie’s album “Wild and Peaceful” without her photograph on the cover so the public could wonder whether Marie was Black or White. The album did well with their hit duet “I’m A Sucker for Love” a song intended for former Supremes lead singer Diana Ross and “déjà vu.” James also encouraged Marie to write and producer her next album and like her mentor, she did her music her way.
In 1980, Rick decided to record an album of ballads, which barely went gold, and it was when his family, band and friends told him he had to get back to his funk roots, so he returned to the studio to record “Street Songs” which went double platinum and was named the second-selling Black album of all time. “I had to get back to the smell” he said on VH-1. “Funk. Streets. Pimps. Hos. Gangsters. Black. Soul food. Collard greens. Black-eye peas. Candied Yams. I had to get back to the roots. I had sold all these albums and to do the “Garden of Love” and have an album barely new for me. It was a humbling experience for me.” “He relied on not only me, but on the band as a foundation for everything he did musically” Oscar Alston bassist for The Stone City Band told Jet Magazine. “He accepted our input and that was an honor when you work with someone you consider a musical genius. “
“He was a walking encyclopedia of music” Danny LeMelle the leader of James‘ horn section The Punk Funk Horns and music director who Rick told blow Danny on his classic single “Super Freak” added in Jet. “The album scored many hits including “Give It to Me Baby,” “Super Freak” and “Fire And Desire” a duet with Marie which became one of music most popular duets that still gets played on R&B radio. “I think that song expressed a lot” New York City Socialite Eric J. Parker, 22said about the ballad. “If you really listen to the lyrics, it’s very deep and very emotional.” The duet was the highlight on the tour which was also dubbed one of the biggest Black grossing tours in history. Inspired by his success, Motown asked him to produce a song for The Temptations, who had sung background on his album and the single “Standing On The Top” peaked at number 6, and made him the only artist to have all the surviving Temptations (including original lead singers Eddie Kendricks, and David Ruffin, who had re-joined the group) on a record. “I couldn’t help but to think back to when I was a kid in Buffalo singing their songs on a street corner” Rick wrote in his autobiography. “Now here I was showing David, Eddie, Dennis, Melvin and Otis what I wanted them to sing and how. It was amazing.”
In 1983, Rick had opened his recording studio, and released his album “Cold Blooded” which featured him using more synsersizers and bass, went multi-platinum and produced many hits including the title track, Ebony Eyes with former label mate Smokey Robinson, “Tell Me (What U Want)” With Billy Dee Williams. It also featured the song “P.I.M.P. The S.I.M.P.” with Grandmaster Flash, the first song to feature a singer and rap act together on record. He also formed and produced The Mary Jane Girls and Do-Rags and Process, with the former group scoring with “All Night Long” which is still played on radio and in clubs.
While he gave the girls a chance, he was also responsible for Blacks having their videos played on MTV. James spoke out about MTV’s racism and refusal to air videos by Black artists who having major success of both the Pop and R&B charts.
“MTV was supposed to play Top Forty groups.” he wrote in his memoirs. "Their policy was to play Urban Contemporary, Top Forty stuff. Linda Rondstant could sing “Ooh Baby, Baby” but when it came to Smokey Robinson, MTV said “No Go.” I had had enough, and was going to bring MTV into the light, no matter what the cost-and believe me, it cost me plenty.” James did intensive research, surveys and interviews with one the network’s Black VJ’s and learned that a major company formed the network as a tax-write off, and recruited Bob Pittman to be program director to hire and fire Blacks and not to air any Black videos. Once the press wind of the situation, MTV began to add Blacks to their play lists, though they didn't play any of his videos.
1985 was another huge year for James professionally. The Mary Jane Girls single “In My House” became a top ten Pop hit, while Rick’s first drug-free album “Glow” went multi-platinum. He also wrote and produced comedian Eddie Murphy’s debut single “Party All the Time” which peak at # 2, and made Murphy the first Black Comedian to score a top five Pop hit, but the feeling didn’t last. He resorted to free-basing crack cocaine,, and alienating and verbally abusing his band, who decided to leave. He also had major conflicts with Motown over money, and creative control; Motown wanted Rick to release more Pop-orientated material instead of political and sexual lyrically songs. After he released his last album for the label, he decided to leave, which resulted in the label suing James for breach of contract, and James countersuing for stealing his royalties and The Mary Jane Girls from him. James won his countersuit for a large undisclosed amount, and signed with Reprise Records and stuck gold with his album “Wonderful” and single “Loosey’s Rap” with Rap legend Roxanne Shante.
Two years later, MC Hammer scored a # 1 hit with his single “U Can’t Touch This” which sampled James’s classic “Super Freak” and became the biggest selling rap songs of all time. It also won both acts Grammy Awards. Other artists had begun to sample his music including Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, but Rick was too busy spending most of his time partying, abusing crack-cocaine and having sex with various women in his California Mansion. On August 2, Rick and his girlfriend Tanya Hijazi were arrested after a female claimed that the couple had attacked her with a crack pipe, handgun, and forced her to have oral sex. Though James admitted that he had sex with her, he denied that he or Tanya assaulted her; she had gotten the bruises from her pimp after he learned she was hanging with the legend.
The couple was released on a million dollars bail, and faced life in prison. A month later, his beloved mother died from cancer, which pushed him further into drugs along with Hijazi giving birth to their son Tazman in May 1992. A few months later, the couple were charged with attacking record executive Mary Saughter in a Hollywood hotel, during a business meeting, and according to James’ memoirs, the meeting got heated when both Saughter and Hijazi got into an argument, with Hijazi getting kicked in her stomach and later miscarrying their second child. Rick said that was the reason why he attacked her. The District Attorney decided to combine both cases together, and in 1993, Rick was sentenced to five years in Folsom Prison for assault and drug possession.
“I couldn’t go to a bathroom or use body hand lotion to wash up with or order Kentucky Fried Chicken, if I wanted it. All your pleasures and gifts are gone.” he said of his time in prison.
“The price is high when you don’t see your family and when you don’t have no freedom.”
As he did his time, he composed over 300 songs and began to write his memoirs, while singers and rappers continued to sample his music including Mary J. Blige, Redman, Mack 10 and Salt-N-Pepa who each sampled “All Night Long,“ “Mary Jane” and “Give It To Me Baby” for their singles “Mary Jane,“ “Can’t Wait,” “Chocolate Thai,” and “Gitty Up” while singers Johnny Gill & Coco remade “Fire and Desire” for the “Booty Call” soundtrack.” “I don’t think Hip-Hop appreciates Rick James and his contributions to Hip-Hop” radio host DJ Baker said when asked if rappers who sample his music respect his contributions to music.
In 1996, Rick was released, from prison, and began to work on his, CD “Urban Rhapsody” which gained positive reviews. He also reunited with The Stone City Band, and embarked on his first tour since 1985, and let the new jacks know that the Funk pioneer was back to reclaim his throne,. “I’m one of those kinds of people, once you give up on me, that’s when I come back at you.” he said about his comeback. James also starred in the hit film “Life” with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence and also recorded songs for the “Money Talk” Soundtrack and re-released his classic album “Street Songs” with an unreleased live album recorded during his 1981 tour.
In 2004, Rick was presented the heritage award at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards for his contributions to music by Motown founder Berry Gordy, who acknowledged him for taking the label into a new direction. Rick had also completed his memoirs, and in addition to working on new music, had plans to tour with Marie, and The Stone City Band, but on August 6, 2004, James was found dead by his longtime assistant Linda Hunt. He had died from heart failure due to many health issues including diabetes, stroke and having a pacemaker. There were also small traces of cocaine and prescription drugs found in system. Close to ten thousand family, members, friends, and colloquies attended his memorial services that were held in Los Angeles and his hometown of Buffalo, where he was cremated and buried.
In 2007, both his autobiography Memoirs of a Super Freak” and album “Deeper Still” were released, and next month a documental film co-executive produced by his daughter Ty is scheduled to hit theatres with appearances from actors Charles Murphy and Dave Chappelle.
Rick James was a talented and innovative man who made timeless music for fans to dance and to have sex too. He was also a generous man, who accepted people of all races, background and sexual orientations, and had low tolerance for disrespect from anybody and he made no apologies for speaking his mind against people who was so quick to be judgmental.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I was on my way to have dinner with DJ Baker, and while I was on the train, I heard this lady complaining about people opting to attend the Domincan day parade instead of attending Chruch.
Not only did she criticize them, she was also saying that having parades on Sunday was the work of the devil.
I do beleive in God and that everybody should have some form of spituality in their lives, but come on. Just because a person decides to skip chruch for a fun event, doesn't mean they're less spiritual then the ones who be in church almost everyday of the week.
It's all about the person and their relationship with God.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Family, friends and fans are shocked to learn of the recent death of actor/comedian Bernie Mac. Mac had died from complications from pneumonia in a Chicago hospital this morning.
Actor/comedian Bernie Mac passed away this morning from complications due to pneumonia in a Chicago area hospital," his publicist, Danica Smith, said in a statement from Los Angeles.
She said no other details were available and asked that his family's privacy be respected.
Mac, 50 had suffered fromThe comedian suffered from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease that produces tiny lumps of cells in the body's organs, but had said the condition went into remission in 2005.
Born and raised on the south side of Chicago as Benard Jeffrey Mc Cullough use to make up jokes as a way to avoid with living in poverty where he and his family ate bolonga for dinner, and though he was raised in a strict spritual home, his late mother believed in his talent, and knew that he would be a success in life.
"She believed in me long before I beleived" he wrote in his autobiography "Maybe You Can Never Cry Again."
It was then that he decided to pursue a career in entertainer, and he honed his skills by performing at many clubs, before landing roles in the films "Mo' Money" and "Get On The Bus." He also co-starred in the hit television show "Moesha" with singers Brandy and Sheryl Lee Ralph, but he hit the big time when he joined fellow comics Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer and DL Hughley on the Kings of Comedy Tour, which was one of the biggest grossing tours of 2000.
Two years later he starred in his hit television series "The Bernie Mac Show" which was based on him and his wife raising his sister's three kids, which earned numerous Emmy Award nominations, What drew fans to Mac was his ability to speak his mind without any regrets and apologies in a way that made people think and laugh at the same time. Another aspect of his talent was him conducting himself like a man.
He also starred in "Head of State" with Chris Rock and Lynn Whitfield and the remake of the 1960's classic "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" where he played a father, who was shocked to learn that his daughter had plans to marry a white man. The movie topped the box office in 2005 as well as "Pride" where co-starred with Terrance Howard and Evan Ross.
While he was gaining success and weatlh, the entertainer had decided to retire from doing stand up to spend more time with his family and focus more on writing and producing movies and television. Mac has also completed two movies before his death, and he made a beief post retirment performance when he made a suprise appearance at a fund raiser for Barack Obama, and received a rebuke from the President't campaign team for his jokes about menopause, sexual infedlity, and for cursing, but Mac wasn't impressed. He always stayed trued to himself, and always gave a person a show.
"The majority of his core fan base will remember that when they paid their money to see Bernie Mac, he gave them their money's worth," Steve Harvey, one of his costars in "Original Kings," told CNN this morning.
There are no funeral or memorial plans at the present time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Whew. Mothernature can be a trip at times. Summer is about to be over, and it's been pretty good so far. No drama. Following my Godfather's advice about getting rest and having some quaity time for myself has many benefits.
You can get some well deserved rest, and you can be able to manage your health. I have an independcy streak, and tend to want to put alot on my platter, but I finally realize that taking time to relax and enjoy life can be benefical.
I saw Erykah Badu at Wingate Monday and it was hard to review due to the crowd and lack of light, but I managed to have fun and enjoy being at a concert witout having to review it.
I had so much fun that I didn't give a damn what people thought of me I went crazy during her performance of her 1997 hit "Tyrone." Some of the females were shocked and glad to see me singing along with the talened and outspoken Afro-Centric artist, while some thought I was crazy, but the first time, I didn't give a damn what people thought. I was there to enjoy the show just like they was, and I had everyright to do so.
That was one form of growth for me.

Monday, August 4, 2008


I'm kinda still pissed off about Pride In The City being canceled this year.
I made the best of my weekend.
Friday I got me a make over (hair-cut, shave, shampoo and facial), then I met with DJ Baker for dinner,then I hung with my good friend Donald Peoples, who's book will be out on Christmas Eve. We spoke about politics, music and success. I then went to my mom's crib, and unexpectedly spend the night. The next day her and my cousin drove me back to Brooklyn in the rain.
(Karma's a bitch I said as I thought about the events being canceled). I came home and took an unexpected nap and spoke with my God-father who told me that I had been doing too much running and I needed to spend time resting and relaxing, and though I have a strong indpendent streak, he was right. I felt tired while I was doing some shopping for clothes, but I had to get me some new shirts and some groceries and I had to treat myself to the latest issue of Black Beat magazine, because I wanted to read the inerview with Pretty Ricky and their new and sexy lead singer 4Play.
While I was on the bus back to Brooklyn I read the article, and I was inspired when they said that fans needs to know their worth, and once I read that I decided that I'm gonna improve my outer and inner beauty and make time for myself. Something that I haven't done in a while.