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Harlem has many historic landmarks including the Apollo Theatre, The Schormburg Library, Hue-Man Book Store, and Sylvia’s Soul food Restaurant. Harlem also has it share of sexy homo thugs, who love to get their freak on, and that’s what’s captured in “Harlem Thug Nights.” one of the hottest adult DVDs to capture Gay/SGL men living in Harlem. What I love about this film are the sub themes that dispels the myths about thugs being a bunch of uncompassionate men with no sense of class, romance or respect for others.
Scene 1 begins with Mr. Saki and new comer Mr. Haitian Boy, in a nice decorated Harlem apartment talking about Boy’s film debut. After he encourages him to relax, Boy begins to suck him, before they stand up and kiss; then Boy continues to suck Saik off, while Saki stands on the couch, and grabs the back of his head.
“For the first time, you suck dick like a pro.” he says before he removes his boxers and stands on the couch, and rubs his hand in the tall stud’s Afro, while Boy continues to give him oral pleasure by licking his balls. After being sucked off, Saki tells Haitian Boy he wants to see his ass, and after seeing how well shaped it is, Saki proceeds to eats and licks his ass, causing Boy to moan in ecstasy; especially after he fingers him. After his fingers him, Saik begins to fucks him doggy style, which has them both turned on.
“Muscle ass” Saki says while he smacks Boy’s muscular ass.
“You know that ass is good, right?”
Haitian Boy decides to give him a run for his master card, by having a Pretty Ricky moment by grinding on his dick, forcing Saki to almost lose his balance, before he Saki gets him on his back and fuck him missionary style. Saki fucks him so hard that he has Haitian boy speaking in a heavy Caribbean accent and holding on to the arm of the couch. Saki then stands over him and busts a nice load on his face, and compliments on his first time performing on film
“Next time you gotta cum” Saki says
Scene 2 is another hot scene that shows how many Ghetto men have different personalities. Thirst is sitting in the living room watching the football game, when his lover Lazarus excitedly enters with a weed plant talking about how they’re going to smoke some trees. Thirst, however informs his young lover that smoking weed isn’t something he’ going to partake in. This pisses Lazarus off so he decides to involve them in a game of show and tell, and before you know it, he unbuttons Thirst’s pants and sucks his dick, like he’s hungry. He later removes his Black Amani t-shirt, and continues to finish the job, with Thirst returning the favor, showing him how a to give a good blow job.
“Suck that dick” Lazarus says as he throat fucks before they head to into the bedroom, where Lazarus fucks him doggy and missionary styles, and has him all over the bed. What make this scene hot is Lazarus’ various speeds, facial expressions and his ability to display his sensuality by kissing Thirsts’ lips while he’s fucking him to the point where Thirst busts a nut on his own stomach.
Mr. Saki returns for another hot scene, which will have views putting this scene on repeat. Saki, and Trophy Boy enters Jovannie’s house, where Saki asks Jovannie how his date with Ciit Bwoi went. Jovannie tells him it was good, and that they had hot sex in the shower. Saki then talks about being hot and horny and proceeds to come onto Trophy Boy, who doesn’t see him in the same light.
Sensing his receptiveness and shyness, Saki asks Jovannie for some privacy, and begins to rub Trophy’s leg while he grabs his hard dick
“When did we get to this level? Trophy Boy asks Saki who then pulls out his dick and asks “Do you wanna find out?”
“Kind of” Trophy Boy replies before Saki pulls out his dick which has Trophy Boy’s interest, and within a few seconds, he begins to suck his dick, before they remove their shirts.
“You’re sexy as fuck” Saki tells Trophy before he leads them to the bedroom, where they participate in a hot 69 session, with Trophy keeping on his hat, while Saki is donned in a 69 cap and while Air-force ones, pleasing each other orally. Saki then get on top of Trophy and begins to kiss and fuck him gently, while he makes sure he’s in a comfortable position (Saki is known for fucking guys taller than him) before he fucks him doggy style and slaps his ass to the point where his dicks slips out his ass. After putting his dick back in, his urban side comes out; he arches Trophy’s back down, and tells him to ‘resume the fucking position’ before he tears that ass up.
“Shit nigga” Trophy moans while he’s getting pounded to the point where he pushes his dick forcing Saki to become more dominant.
“Put that shit back in nigga” Saki says while he slaps his ass, and fucks him while he grabs his legs before he has him on his side, making it pleasurable for both. Saki them fucks him on his back and asks him ‘you wanna come or do you want me to fuck the come out of you?'
“Fuck the cum out of me nigga” Trophy replies as Saki fucks him to the point of coming and falling asleep. Saki then busts a load on Trophy’s face and says “Whew. I finally got it."
In the next scene, Tonic calls his friend Jason to see if he received the letter he wrote him while he was in prison. A few minutes later, he arrives at Jason’s apartment where they sit on the couch, and talk, with Jason asking him did he mess around with guys in jail, and he did he feel to learn that his girl was creeping while he was incarcerated. He later asks Tonic if he pulls out his dick would he suck it?”
“Chill” Tonic says.
Jason then slowly pulls out his dick, and the next thing you see is Tonic sucking him off, before he gets serviced by Jason eating his ass while he’s knelling on the top of the couch and later sucking his dick while he’s sitting in the middle of the couch, with him being slighty aggressive.
“Suck that shit” he says before he gets fucked missionary style.
“Gimme that dick” he says while he wraps his legs around Jason, who later fucks him from the back while he’s kneeling on the edge of the couch moaning with pain and pleasure.
The hottest part of this scene is how Tonic shows his flexibility by stretching his legs while he’s riding Jason’s dick and kissing him on his lips. I loved how they cuddle up after they bust their loads.
The movie ends starts with Midnight sitting in his bedroom watching television and playing with his football, when his roommate Nubius bursts into the bedroom, demanding to know what happened to his PS2. Midnight denies having any knowledge of the system, and gives him an ultanatium; either calm his ass down or leave his bedroom. Nubius replies with ‘We can workout something for this PS2”
Midnight begins to lift Nubius’ tank top and suck on his chest while he unbutton his jeans and proceeds to suck his dick, while he gets his faced by Nubius who later, leads him into a hot 69 session, with Midnight getting his ass eaten. He later lays on his stomach where Nubous grinds and kisses him before he fucks him dog style and enjoying every moment of it.
“I can stay in this ass all day” he says before he pounds him hard, having him against the wall before Midnight rides him and shoots a watery load before he gets pounded missionary style for three minutes before he ejaculates.
After the session,, Midnight asks Nubius to join him in watching Law & Order, but still wants to know where is his game. Midnight decides to playfully put a sword at him
This movie was pretty hot. The director did a great job of having shots that captured the models’s movements and expressions as well as having them display their sensuality by having them kiss, but I felt that the last three scenes should have been filmed during the night time, because it would have kept with the theme of the movie. All in all it was a good film showing that all thugs are not cold hearted criminals, and thieves; they're can be cool people and know how to sex their partners passionately.

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