Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Whenever I watch the clip of Christina Aguleria, Mya, Pink and Lil'Kim performing the 2002 Grammy Awards, I always see you tubbers asking who was that women in the red dress singing their song? Me and a couple of other you tubbers had to inform them that the lady in the red dress is Soul Legend Patti LaBelle, who along with Sarah Dash & Nona Hendryx first recorded the song back in 1974, which became a hit during the Disco age.
By the mid 1970's Patti, Sarah and Nona (who had took a strong hand in writing the group's material) had revamped their image, style and sound; singin songs about empowerment, liberation and eroticism, changing the image of girl groups. Well in 1975, they recorded their classic hit "Lady Marmalade" which hit # 1 on the Pop, Soul and Dance charts, making the Apollo sweethearts cultural and Gay Icons as well as the first Black group to perform at the Metropoltian Opera House.
What makes this song a classic is the organ, the pre-chorus hey sister go sister and the Frecnch lyrics
voulez-vous coucher avec moir ce soir
voulez-vous coucher aver moir
(Translation-would you sleep with me tonight)

This song still has people dancing at their parties and it shows that good music will always be around.


1. The song had helped Labelle become icons but there were many people who thought the song was too explicit. In her autobiography "Don't Block The Blessings," Patti wrote about a time when the group was on the Mike Douglass show and they couldn't perform it because President's Nixon's daughter was a guest. When they apperared on the Cher show they had to change the lyrics to would you like to dance with me tonight.

2. The song had hepled Labelle make history; they became the first Black group to perform at the Metropolitian Opera House.

3. The song has been covered by many artists including Shelia E, who covered it on her 1991 album "Sex Symbol." A year later, female trio Soul Sister (who's lead vocalist was the lead singer of the 1980's group 9.9) did their own version of the song. In 1998 trio SWV performed the song as part of a tribute to Patti at the 1998 Esscence Awards.

4. The song made history in 2001 when Christina Aguleria, Mya, Pink and Lil'Kim took the song to # 1 earning the quartert numerous awards.

5. In 2001 and 2005 Patti, Sarah and Nona had performed this song at two tributes held for Patti.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010



4.89 On a scale of 1-5
Hot. Fierce. Cute. Those are many ways music listeners are descriing Singer/songwriter Anye Elite's debut mix tape "Sneak Preview" which is creating a buzz all over internet radio and on You Tube.
Born in Philadelphia and currently residing in Atlanta, the openly Gay performer and activist has been releasing and previewing hot music since 2006 icluding "Everytime We Make Love," "They Love It," "Just In Case" and "Thank You For The Night Live" leaving many wanting more. After some long consideration, he decided to release a mix tape "Sneak Preview" which gives listeners a sample of his singing and rhyming skills, as well as some hot ballads and party jams that will have the kids and DJ's bumping at parties, balls and various Gay Prides.

The preview begins with current single "I Got Him" which has nice and classy piano riffs, percussion, beats, cute lyrics, rhymes and a call and response between himself which improves thoughout the song and on "Over It" which contains more strings, lyrics about being tired of shady and lame ass guys.
This will a hit with Gay men and hetero ladies, who are fed up with guys who play childish games.
The smooth-flowing ballad "All That Matters" showcases Elit's ability and capability to phrase and perform riffs against strings and horn riffs. It also contains beautiful lyrics about being in love with a man without worrying and caring what others think. A great song for Gay men who's taste differs from what society thinks and a great song to play while making love.
Anye displays his street and diva side on the club banger "Icon" This hard hitting track has a hot combo of Hip-Hop, New Wave and Dance and lyrics paying homage to many legends who paved the way for us to inspire to be including Michael Jackson, Willie Ninja, Audrey Lorde. A great song for aspiring performers to listen to.
"My Name Ain't Shawty" is a favorite that will have listeners putting this song on repeat. This Rock/Pop joint sounds like a Gay version of Aretha Franklin's "Respect," Janet Jackson's "Nasty" and Queen Latifah's 'U.N.I.T.Y." due to the guitar riffs and lyrics in which Anye lets a suitor know not to call him a name that men has been calling females and gay men since the early 1990's.

"Your timbs and your fitted
Are only cute for a minute
Your heart and your mind
Is what I'm most interested
Don't try to play me like no dame
Then you do wanna remember my name
My name ain't shawty
My name ain't shawty
My name ain't shawty
How you gonna call me shorty when I'm taller than you

The rap and spoken part

How you gonna call me shawty
when I'm taller than you
Don't you know that's I'm, a bigger baller than you (swish)
I call way more shots than you
I guess that means yous five foot two

Who the fuck is shawty?
My name is Anye
And you would have known that
If you'd ask me
But now that I think about it
You don't need to know my name anyway
So good day!

Alot of men are gonna be pissed when they hear this song.

"I Should Be Crying" is another favorite of mine. Though the song should have been longer, the Gospel choir performance a makes this uplifting song a great tune that offers hope and comfort to those who are leaving a relationship without any regrets.

Cause I'm not crying
Laying naked on the floor
There's gotta be something wrong
Maybe this is how I live my life
Looking for the upside
I guess that I should be crying
But I don't get the reason
Cause this shall pass
Like all the seasons
I guess I should be crying
Like this is the end
But I know it's not
It's a new beginning

The Southern-flavored "Love It Up" is a hot club banger with hot lyrics about showing displays of public affection and not allowing shady and homophobic jerks to rain on his parade, while the Dance flavored "What You've Been Missing" will have the kids working the floor like they're at a ball. This is a good song letting kids know that the person who may not their cup of tea could be their true love. The song also showcases Anye's ability to sing different ranges including falsetto.
Another favorite is "Pinky And The Brain" which begins a Soul ballad before switching into a Hip-Hop/House mid-tempo ballad which feature him rapping in the lead and singing in the background.
"Exclusively" is a cool Pop song that can be used in amy soundtrack and as a movie score.
The preview closes with Anye having a Mariah Carey moment of including a remix of "I Got Him" which has more piano riffs, harder beats and more rapping from the talented star.

Yep that's my boyfrind
Yep that's my baby
Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep
That's my nigga and I got him
I got him
Got him
Yep Yep
I got him
I got him
I got him

Anye Elite's debut mixtape is pretty good. He was able to showcase his singing and rhyming talents, which will make him a star in the Gay Community and on the mainstream level. If you think that Sneak Preview is good, then we know that his album "Gay 101" is going to be as good. As long as he keeps coming up with great songs, then he will be a hot star.

Sneak Preview is avaiable on I-Tunes


Ten years ago, I was having a session with my thearpist and he was saying how Singer/Actor Ricky Martin needs to come out the closet because he would be a great role model for many Gay youth.
"He's talented, attractive and masculine" he told me.
Well Ricky Martin had finally decided to let the world know that he's a gay man, which has many fans happy, and a few females upset (oh well).
Many press and fans had speculations about his sexuality, including Barbra Watlers and VH-1. Martin never confirmed or denied his sexuality; on the Behind The Music documentary, he said that it doesn't matter who he goes to bed with at night.
Now the world knows and many have wondered why he chose to come out now.

"Many people told me... 'all the years you've worked and everything you've built will collapse' the award winning star posted on his twitter page.

"Allowing myself to be seduced by fear and insecurity became a self-fulfilling prophecy of sabotage. Today I take full responsibility for my decisions and my actions."

Coming out "fills me with strength and courage. Today is my day, this is my time, and this is my moment."

Well many people are glad that the singer is embracing his sexulaity and living in his truth, and while there are many females who are shocked, sadden and disappointed, there are many who still love him, and plans on continuing supporting him and watching him shake his Bom Bom.

Martin was born on Christmas Eve in 1971 to an accountant and thearpist in Puetro Rico who spend most of his time being raised by his grandmother after his parents divoreced when he was two years ole. Martin had a close bond and inspired him to pursue his goals.
In the mid 1980's he joined the Latin Teen group Menudo, and scored a top 20 hit with "Hold Me" which got lots of air and video play on Pop radio and on the video show New York City Hot Tracks. Martin stayed with the group until 1990 due to the contract where each member has to leave when they reach the age of 16t, shows facial hair and has voice changes. Martin reached out with former member and close friend Robi Draco Rosa to produce his solo albums, which made him an star in Latin America. He also starred in many Spanish Languafe soap operas and plays before landing a role on the hit soap General Hospital. That was only the appetizer prearing the world for the main course; Martin decided to come out his comfort zone, and release a English language album which made him a global star thanks to his top charting hit "Livin' La Vida Loco," which became one of the biggest and top selling hits of 1999 and helping him become of the hottest artist of the Latin Music Explosion that began in the late 1990's. Making his success sweeter was R&B singer/songwriter Sisqo sampling his classic for his hit "The Thong Song" enlarging his fan base. He also recorded several duets with Christina Auuleria and Madonna and embarked on several successful world tours.
In the mid 2000's he took time off to relax and made news when he became the partents of twin boys that were delivered via a surrogate. Becoming a father have him a form of piece and security as well as stregnth to inform the world about his sexulaity, which he says is a great feeling for him.

How do I feel about Ricky Martin coming out?
I feel it's a good thing, because it will help many Latin and Black males deal with their sexuality, and see that being Gay is not wrong. Anothe reason is for him to let the industry know that he can still recornd quality music and that there's nothingwrong with Gay people having a openly gay man to look up to (especially since there are many closted homosexuals in the R&B, Pop, Latin, Hip-Hop and Gospel industry).

I applaud Ricky for being finally being open about his sexulaity and I will support him. I would also love for him to work with openly Gay singers and rappers as well.

I will be having my Ricky Martin moments this weekend

Monday, March 1, 2010


Brooklyn is a place where many people hang out to shop while, many out of state residetns move to famous borough and one of many spots they chose to hang out at is the Starlight Lounge, a Gay-friendly Bar in the Bed-Sty section of Brooklym that's in danger of being taken away.
It turns out that new owners a realtor named Mr. Khaled Yafai of Century 21 Mizrahi Realty had purchased the property without notifying the bar's owners Denis Parrot and Linda King, nor were they given an opportunity to renew the lease.
Now he wants them to be out by May which has many Gay activists and residents of Brooklyn pissed off. Starlight is the oldest Black-owned established that provided a place for many people to have a good time as well as provide a safe-haven for many in Brooklyn, who enjoyed being in a non-judgement enviorment. It also provided safety for many of the Gays who frequent the bar and for them to remove this landmark is totally disrespectful.
It's bad enough that Mr. Yafai didn't have the professional and decently to contact the married couple, but to try to use excuses like the bar needs to be remodeled is totally in excusable and he needs to work out a plan to have the bar stay in existance.

I'm urging all to write and fax him

Mr. Khaled Yahi
Century 21 Mizrahi Realty
816 Kings Highway
Brooklyn, New York 11223-2337
Fax (718)-998-5804