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4.89 On a scale of 1-5
Hot. Fierce. Cute. Those are many ways music listeners are descriing Singer/songwriter Anye Elite's debut mix tape "Sneak Preview" which is creating a buzz all over internet radio and on You Tube.
Born in Philadelphia and currently residing in Atlanta, the openly Gay performer and activist has been releasing and previewing hot music since 2006 icluding "Everytime We Make Love," "They Love It," "Just In Case" and "Thank You For The Night Live" leaving many wanting more. After some long consideration, he decided to release a mix tape "Sneak Preview" which gives listeners a sample of his singing and rhyming skills, as well as some hot ballads and party jams that will have the kids and DJ's bumping at parties, balls and various Gay Prides.

The preview begins with current single "I Got Him" which has nice and classy piano riffs, percussion, beats, cute lyrics, rhymes and a call and response between himself which improves thoughout the song and on "Over It" which contains more strings, lyrics about being tired of shady and lame ass guys.
This will a hit with Gay men and hetero ladies, who are fed up with guys who play childish games.
The smooth-flowing ballad "All That Matters" showcases Elit's ability and capability to phrase and perform riffs against strings and horn riffs. It also contains beautiful lyrics about being in love with a man without worrying and caring what others think. A great song for Gay men who's taste differs from what society thinks and a great song to play while making love.
Anye displays his street and diva side on the club banger "Icon" This hard hitting track has a hot combo of Hip-Hop, New Wave and Dance and lyrics paying homage to many legends who paved the way for us to inspire to be including Michael Jackson, Willie Ninja, Audrey Lorde. A great song for aspiring performers to listen to.
"My Name Ain't Shawty" is a favorite that will have listeners putting this song on repeat. This Rock/Pop joint sounds like a Gay version of Aretha Franklin's "Respect," Janet Jackson's "Nasty" and Queen Latifah's 'U.N.I.T.Y." due to the guitar riffs and lyrics in which Anye lets a suitor know not to call him a name that men has been calling females and gay men since the early 1990's.

"Your timbs and your fitted
Are only cute for a minute
Your heart and your mind
Is what I'm most interested
Don't try to play me like no dame
Then you do wanna remember my name
My name ain't shawty
My name ain't shawty
My name ain't shawty
How you gonna call me shorty when I'm taller than you

The rap and spoken part

How you gonna call me shawty
when I'm taller than you
Don't you know that's I'm, a bigger baller than you (swish)
I call way more shots than you
I guess that means yous five foot two

Who the fuck is shawty?
My name is Anye
And you would have known that
If you'd ask me
But now that I think about it
You don't need to know my name anyway
So good day!

Alot of men are gonna be pissed when they hear this song.

"I Should Be Crying" is another favorite of mine. Though the song should have been longer, the Gospel choir performance a makes this uplifting song a great tune that offers hope and comfort to those who are leaving a relationship without any regrets.

Cause I'm not crying
Laying naked on the floor
There's gotta be something wrong
Maybe this is how I live my life
Looking for the upside
I guess that I should be crying
But I don't get the reason
Cause this shall pass
Like all the seasons
I guess I should be crying
Like this is the end
But I know it's not
It's a new beginning

The Southern-flavored "Love It Up" is a hot club banger with hot lyrics about showing displays of public affection and not allowing shady and homophobic jerks to rain on his parade, while the Dance flavored "What You've Been Missing" will have the kids working the floor like they're at a ball. This is a good song letting kids know that the person who may not their cup of tea could be their true love. The song also showcases Anye's ability to sing different ranges including falsetto.
Another favorite is "Pinky And The Brain" which begins a Soul ballad before switching into a Hip-Hop/House mid-tempo ballad which feature him rapping in the lead and singing in the background.
"Exclusively" is a cool Pop song that can be used in amy soundtrack and as a movie score.
The preview closes with Anye having a Mariah Carey moment of including a remix of "I Got Him" which has more piano riffs, harder beats and more rapping from the talented star.

Yep that's my boyfrind
Yep that's my baby
Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep
That's my nigga and I got him
I got him
Got him
Yep Yep
I got him
I got him
I got him

Anye Elite's debut mixtape is pretty good. He was able to showcase his singing and rhyming talents, which will make him a star in the Gay Community and on the mainstream level. If you think that Sneak Preview is good, then we know that his album "Gay 101" is going to be as good. As long as he keeps coming up with great songs, then he will be a hot star.

Sneak Preview is avaiable on I-Tunes

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