Monday, December 17, 2007


Da Hating Game
Starring Ace, JT, Mike, Antoine, Lez, Marcus, Element, Cass, Juulz
Directed by Jalin Fuentes
For many years, Gay/SGL men have been labeled based on their looks, personalities, physiques and their characteristics. If a man has a muscular physique, and hard and deep speaking voice, he’s automatically labeled a top, and if a man has soft looks, features and a soft speaking voice, than he’s presumed as being the one to be taking dick but since the mid 1990’s the myths and sexual roles that men play have change, and that’s the reason I enjoyed watching the DVD “Da Hating Game” because it shows that you don’t have to look a certain way to enjoy sex.
Scene 1 begins with Ace a tall slender built dude accidentally bumping into, JT, in the train station, who takes Ace’s offer to go up to his apartment to have sex, and as soon as they get inside, JT, a rough looking Puerto Rican sporting braids becomes the aggressor tells Ace to suck his dick forcing him to remind him that he’s in his apartment and he will please him the why he likes, before lifting JT’s shirt, and licking his chest before sucking off JT who puts on his do-rag while being serviced.. Afterwards, the sexy southern native, asks the hot Bronx kid to see what he’s working with, and after a brief playful argument, Ace is pushed on the couth, while JT unzips his jeans, and proceeds to service Ace’s slender, but large pull before pulling a Janet Jackson move on him.
“Shh! Keep your mouth shut aight.” JT says. “I’ll suck you dick when I wanna suck your dick.” Ace gets playfully frustrated and replies with “Yo, shut the fuck up and suck my dick!” After playfully kissing and sucking him off, Ace compliments JT for his oral skills, forcing him to feisty by asking him was he still talking, and Ace answering with “I can back up what I say. After a few more minutes of sucking, Ace begins fucking JT, and what made this scene hot is how JT is becoming more vocally dominated by telling Ace to fuck him in a masculine voice. “Bang that ass out nigga” he says while Ace who’s wearing his base ball cap and timberlands, is pounding and slapping his ass, without saying much preferring to let his dick and actions speaks louder than his words (though he occasionally says ‘take this dick’ in his mellow voice). Especially when he fucks him missionary style causing the couch to shake and Ace to bust a nice load.
Scene 2 is what I called the Thug Love scene. It features Mike and Antoine showing how two masculine looking brothers can have hot sensual and passionate sex while maintaining their masculinity. The scene begins with Mike telling Antoine who’s playing video games that he’s mad horny.
“Come on over so we can do something about it” Antoine says while Mike walks over to get his sexual needs taken care of by climbing on Antoine and grinding on him while he’s having his smooth hairy chest sucked and dick rubbed, before telling Mike to take off his clothes (he keeps on his fitted cap and timberlands), Antoine sucks Mike while he’s grinding, adding sensuality to the scene, before Antoine eats him out forcing Mike to suck his dick.
What makes this scene hot is how they talk to each other they using street slang like they were on the basketball court.
“I bet you can’t handle this ass” Mike says
“I promise you” he says before having a second helping of Mike, who later jumps on his condom covered dick and rides him like a Porsche, before gently bent over and plowed in many different positions,. From lying on the stomach to missionary, not only does Mike take his ghetto boy’s dick, he also grinds on him giving him a run for his master card.
Scene 3 with Lez and JT will have viewers putting this hot and sexy scene of repeat, and will make them bust a whole lot of times. This scene is about how rappers (single and married) be having sex with their business associates on the low, opening with Lez who like Rapper Cam’ron’s sexier twin brother playing a rapper who wants to crossover to film, something that his manager tries to dissuade preferring that he focused more on his upcoming album as well as dissuading him from becoming involved with him, but one Lez begins kissing him, he reconsiders his decision. Especially after he unbuttons his shirt. “What you mean business and pleasure don’t’ mix. It’s my pleasure to give you the business” he says before they continue to lock lips before JT sucks his sugar cane and large jewels. Later on, Lez show’s how a real man is able to eat ass and suck dick well. Especially with a set of gold teeth in his mouth. After a long oral session, Lez has JT on the couch missionary style, showing he how he can work rip more than a stage; he can rip a kats ass while taking out his pony tail and later tying it in a bun while having JT scream and spell his name in estacy. An nomination and Award for best scene is highly recommended!!
Scene 4 features Element and newcomer Marcus fucking each other in an apartment that’s supposed to be like a club scene. Marcus arrives to the bar asking for a drink and after being getting his drink, he looks at a flyer that has two guys performing oral, and when Elements ask does his suck dick, he says not, but he’s been curioious to find out what it’s like, so Element helps cure his curiosity. After sucking him off, Marcus asks Element does he does the same and he admits he does without hesitating, and the next then we see is Element going down on him hungrily while slapping his ass and rubbing his nipples, with Marcus later eating Element out before being the first one to begin the fucking scene, having Element on his back and on his knees, while Element bangs him from behind.
Scene 5 is where Cass makes his bottoming debut. The scene begins with Juulz lying on his bed talking on his cell phone, when he sees Cass’ hand come from under the bed with his keys and condoms and without hesitation he tells Juulz “I wanna see what’s good with your dick shawty” while rubbing his leg, and pulling out his huge (and I do mean huge) dick and pleasing it with his mouth. After sucking him off Cass informs him that he doesn’t know how to be a bottom, but Juulz informs him that he’s gonna be one for today, and they way Cass worships Juulz’s large piece, you can see he’s eager to take it.
“God bless me in the name of dick” he says before Juulz face fucks him missionary style, and I have to commend Cass for taking it like a pro, because there are time when he looks like he needs oxygen to prevent passing out, but Juulz makes sure he’s comfortable holding him to prevent him from falling off the bed (and dick). What I like about the scene is when Cass becomes verbally dominate, and tries to run away when Juulz tears his insides out causing him to moan. ”Tear that ass up son” Cass tells Juulz who pounds him so hard he almost leaps off the bed before Juulz puts him on his stomach and wears him out. Another hot thing is the shot of Cass being done missionary style through the mirror.
I enjoyed watching this DVD. I like the idea and concept of erasing the myths that people have about the roles Gay/SGL men are supposed to play in the bedroom, but it would have been better if the sex scene was longer, and if Antoine and Lez were wearing timberlands while fucking the bottoms, but it was a great DVD to watch, and hopefully it will show men that they can be who they are in the bedroom.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


In April, 2005, singer/songwriter/producer Mariah Carey dropped her 12th album “The Emancipation of Mimi” which in addition to becoming her 3rd album to debut at the top of the album charts, became her biggest selling album since 1997’s “Butterfly” and a favorite among her fans and peers, who along with praising her for adding R&B and Hip-Hop with Pop, was asking the diva with the seven-octave range to tour, and after winning 3 Grammy Awards in the R&B Category, her first win since 1991 (she still should have won for Album of The Year), Mimi decided to hit the road, making it one of the industries long awaited tour in years. Now fans can see enjoy seeing it on her latest DVD “The Adventures of Mimi” which was filmed in Anaheim California last summer. Directed by Sanai Hami, the DVD has great editing, and shots that will make viewers think that they’re actually at the concert, enjoying the songstress strut her stuff, as well as interviews with Carey, her crew, and musical director Randy Jackson from American Idol and a mini movie directed by Spike Lee.
The adventure begins with a clip of co-producer Jermaine Dupri ad-libbing his part of her comeback hit “It’s Like That” while Carey comes from under the top stage sporting a black glittery bikini suit and long cape, with smoke blowing after she sings the opening line of the hit, before being joined by her dancers who are wearing black masks. What makes this opening hot are the vocals, the shots of her sexy DJ Suss One, after she sings ‘the do always spinning the cut.” It’s followed with Carey performing the remix and album versions of her 1999 top charting hit “Heartbreaker” which features close up of DA-Brat, Missy Elliot and Jay-Z’s video clips and a nice long shot capturing the male dancers on the main stage while Carey and the choreographers on the staircase strutting to the middle of the stage which gains a loud round of applause from the audience, who goes crazy when she performs “Dreamlover, where she sings in mid and lower ranges and incorporates The Notorious B.I.G.’S debut single “Juicy” into the song, reminding people that she’s the undisputed Queen of remixes. After acknowledging some of the fans, she launches into “My All”, which has a nice Soulful Latin feel thanks to the guitarist, her longtime background vocalist Trey Lorenz and the Aunt/niece duo Maryanne and Sherry Tatum and two of her dancers performing salsa in a silhouette, before joining the males during the house version of the song, before DJ Suss One hypes the crowd by telling the ladies to get up and bounce, while Mimi returns, sporting shades to perform “Shake It Off” strutting seductively in front of her large set of glittery letters spelling her nickname and on a stripper pole. After changing into a yellow gown, Mimi takes the audience down memory lane with a soulful version of her debut single “Vision of Love” displaying her Opera and Gospel roots, further demonstrated on the inspirational “Fly Like A Bird,” which she was backed by a Gospel Choir. She later joined by Lorenz for their rendition of The Jackson 5ive’s classic “I’ll Be There” which wins cheers and giggles from the audience thanks Lorenz’s smooth falsetto, and their joking ad libs.
After changing into a black-sequenced butterfly top, skin-tight jeans, Carey and the male dancers wearing black sequenced wind breakers are escorted to a stage in the middle of the audience where she performs “Fantasy” featuring the video clips of the late Old Dirty Bastard, performing his trademark line ‘Me and Mariah go back like babies and pacifiers” has the audience jumping, along with the percussion and live breaks. After thanking God and the fans, she performs “Don’t Forget About Us” and “Always My Baby” which has couples cuddling and singing to each other.
She returns to the big stage during “Honey” where she dances with her dancers dressed like Maries and cheerleaders performing various routines including Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal“ and the wop, while Mimi drops the floor smoothly before performing a brief medley of “I Wish You Knew” and “Can’t Let Go” which would have been nice had she sang one of my all time favorite songs in it’s entirely, but the performance from her background vocals and her hitting her high note compensates for the loss as well as her bringing Boyz II Men on stage to sing their record breaking classic “One Sweet Day” which has the audience in tears. Especially those who lost loved ones. Before performing “Hero,” Carey speaks about the song had helped her through her own trials and tribulations. “In times in my life that I had to turn on that song lyrics myself and flip it to my own life” she says before performing the classic and “Make It Happen” which features the choir returning to back her up.
After leaving, Mimi returns for the encore performance of her Grammy Award winning single “We Belong Together” earning a standing ovation.
The DVD was great, but it would have been nicer had she perform more of her hits including “Someday,” “Emotions” “The Roof” and “Lover Boy.” Those songs would have mad the DVD complete, but it was a nice DVD seeing Mariah Carey reap the benefits of her career and sharing a nice show with her fans.

Monday, December 3, 2007


On Saturday morning, I received a call that has me shocked and sad; I learned that Phillip Howell, a man I've known and loved as a friend, and uncle had died. I learned that he was found unconscious in his apartment and later died.
Words cannot express how I'm feeling at this shocking and upsetting news. "We had dinner the day before Thanksgiving and we talked about getting together with some other friends before or after the Chirstmas holiday for dinner" I told many of those who knew and loved him as well.
I first met Phillip at The Supremes convention in August 1998, where we met former Supremes Scherrie Payne & Lynda Laurence and Betty Kelley from The Vandellas. A few weeks later we met at Mary Wilson's concert, and we took pictures backstage with her and her back up singer Parnell and took the D train back to Manhattan. We didn't connect until the following year at Mary's concert and we started to connect by speaking on a monthly basis and I was amazed at his interest in music, and world culture, ans we were also the biggest Supreme Fans in the world. He had a large collection of videos, music and photos, In fact, my good friend Ronne Hayne, an author, actor and writer dubbed him Uncle and Phillip Powell the male version of Motown's charm school teacher Maxine Powell because he had class, taste and style
In fact the last two birthday get togethers we threw for him, he insisted on serving us drinks, salad and dessert even though it was his gathering!!!!!!!!!!!
Talk about being classy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I'm still shocked that Phillip is gone and there are times when I don't wanna accept that he's gone but I have comfort knowing that he went Up The Ladder To The Roof to Heaven and you're at the Golden Arena in the front row cheering Florence Ballard on, and having cornbread with Eddie Kendricks.
I wanna say thank you Phillip for being a great and positive influence in my life as well as Fran, Linda, Ronne, Ralph and Chris.
You will be missed and I know that you're gonna do an excellent job working with the Motown legends in heaven.

Your newphew
Ra Shawn

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Thursday, November 29, 2007


The cast and crew of Christopher Street gathered at the to celebrate the launch of their weekly party and to celebrate the birthday of Jared DeWese and Lamar Staton, two of the cast members of the hit series "Christopher Street" which is becmong one the Gay/SGL communities most talked about dvds due to the script dealing with the realites that many young Black and Latino Gay/SGL people go through such as working to make ends meet while dealing with issues concerning friendships and relationships, which is something many Gay/SGL shows hardly focus on.
"It gives us a voice" says DeWese who holds a BA in Theare portarys Christopher, a materilaistic young person on the show who has desires to have more. "Art is supposed to reflect reality. Everybody's point of view should be valued."
Staton who portrays the fun loving diva also agrees on how shows should be reflective of life as well as inspirre and make lasting impacts on people and communities. "I don't think you can limit homosexuality" the actor said. "Everybody will learn from it and enjoy it."

Christopher Street DVD will is on sale at www.christopher streetTV.com

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


For the past ten years, Porn star Tiger Tyson has been become one of the industry's most popular stars, winning fans with his toned, physique, large dick, and rough, yet sensual style, which has viewrs, releasing themselves.
Born in Brooklyn, the Black and Latino start, who also appeared in the magazines Black & Latin Inches, got his start as an exotic dancer before entering the business staring in "Off The Hook," "Spainsih Lessons" and "Tiger Untamed" but it's was his film "Tiger Tails Brooklyn" that not only made him a favorite, it was listed as a classic by fans and adult publications. Wanting more, he decided to forge his company with Pittbull productions, where he has produced and directed many of the films that has hit number one including, The Show which recently received an GV award for Best Ethnic Film.
The sexy and talented star took time to grant this interview with me via email.

Ra SHAWN: Thanks for the interview and congratulation for The Show Part 2 winning the Award for Best Ethnic Theme DVD. How does it feel to be honored by your peers and the industry?
TIGER: It felt FANTASTIC! This is our first award and we were totally honored to be recognized by such a prestigious award show as the GayVN. I hope it's our first...and not our last! We also had a lot of nominations for best threesome, best duo, best newcomer, best supporting actor...I personally was very flattered.

Ra SHAWN: It’s been 10 years since you started your career in the porn industry. How did you get started in the industry and what was it like filming your first film?
TYSON: I started as a stripper in New York, then I toured the USA doing strip shows at gay clubs. I met another male stripper who was working in adult gay films here in New York City and he hooked me up. All I remember was that I was too drunk to remember the first film! A combination of nerves and stage fright, I think.

Ra SHAWN: Your film “Tiger Tails Brooklyn” has been dubbed a classic by many peers and fans. What was it about that film that makes it a fan favorite.
: When I made Tiger's Brooklyn Tails I was more intimate with my co-stars and I was a fresh new face (body). I also didn't know what I was doing so I kept trying out new things. I think that's what made that film such a classic.

Ra SHAWN: Around Early 2000-2001 you took a small hiatus. What did you do during your time off.
TIGER: I was travelling and headlining at clubs in the US and in Europe as a stripper.

Ra SHAWN: What inspired you to start your own production company and how many films have your company released since forming and how did you link up with Pitbull Productions.
TIGER: The people at Pitbull are old and dear friends who saw that I was being taken advantage of - they listened to my ideas about how I wanted my own production company to be run, the types of films I wanted to do, and they offered me a business plan I couldn't refuse! Since we began working together, I've released Tiger Tyson The Way You Like It, Tiger Tyson Strikes Back, Tiger Tyson Take Em Down 1 and 2, Tiger Tyson Secrets, Tiger Tyson In the Heat, Steel Curtain, The Show Part 1 and Part 2, and Tiger Tyson's Eiffel Tower: Paris is Mine! which I just finished filming in Paris, France.

Ra SHAWN: What it’s like working in front and behind the camera?
TIGER: I like working in front of and behind the cameras because it keeps me on my toes. Both "jobs" are completely different. When I'm in front of the camera and having sex, I have to concentrate on giving a hot, steamy performance - my fans want to see a sex scene that's red-hot, believable, and that touches them - turns them on. When I'm working behind the camera directing, my concentration is on getting the best performances from my actors possible - making the scene flow smoothly, keeping the sex hot and the actors comfortable with each other - making sure the technical problems are being addressed - cameras getting the right angles, boom mic working, photographer getting in for the right digital shots for publicity stills - in other words, I feel like a sex concierge who's trying to keep a hotel of sex workers happy! It's stressful but also a great challenge.

Ra SHAWN: In your recent releases Take Em Down 1 & 2 and Steel Curtain you worked with Supreme Castro and Jason Tiya. What was it like working with two brothers who mostly top in the films they starred in?
TIGER: I can't say it was much different from any other man I've ever topped since I perceived them as my bottoms...and proceeded to treat them that way!

Ra SHAWN: You recently went to Paris to film your current release. What was it like filming in Paris and do you plan on working with models from the UK.
TIGER: Paris is a great city and just being there was exhilarating. It's true that it's not as easy to film in a foreign country due to the language barrier. Fortunately I had a good translator since most of the actors we used in Paris did not speak English. The boys were beautiful and kind and generous and put 100% of themselves into the filming. Tiger Tyson's Eiffel Tower: Paris is Mine! I think it's going to be one of the hottest movies I've ever made! I'm in talks to go to London to make a film, as well as to Amsterdam. I'd like to travel to all the hot spots of the world and film the hottest boys.

Ra SHAWN: I noticed in your films that you and the cast usally dress in urban attire (fitted caps, timberlands, sneakers )and bring roughness and sensuality to your work. How important is it to showcase those qualities in the final product?
TIGER: I film a genre called thugporn so I need to keep it as real as possible. That's the way we actually dress. I believe the person who buys my films wants to see the real deal.

Ra SHAWN: What are misconceptions people have about the porn industry and how are you able to manage a public and private life away from the camera.
TIGER: One of the biggest misconceptions is that I have sex 24/7! People assume that because you are a "porn star," you have a non-stop sex life going on. In real life, it doesn't work that way! It's easy to keep my private life private. I don't go outside!

Ra SHAWN: In your first interview with Black Inches Magazine you talked about pursuing a career in law. Do you still plan on studying law in the near future.
TIGER: I plan to keep studying it just enough to keep suing the fuckers who keep trying to steal my movies and who infringe on my trademarks and copyrights!

Ra SHAWN: What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career in the industry?
TIGER: Always wear a condom...and get paid in cash right away when you work! You can't trust everyone to be honest so watch out for yourself. Don't be naive. Stay safe, be smart and give 100% when you are on a job. Don't be arrogant, obnoxious, stoned or stupid. You won't last in this business if you pull shit like that.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Thanksgiving and Chirstmas are the most popular holidays, where people are supposed to give thanks for the many blessings that they received as well as spread love and joy to others, but it seemed that R&B Singer/songwriter R. Kelly, attempted to spread holiday blues to fans by having singer/songwriter Ne-Yo kicked off his "Double Up" tour last week, shocking and upseting many including the singer who was doing his part to make the tour a success.
"I don't understand their actions because I was rehearsing, doing media, promoting the tour, and performing" he said through his spokesperson. "In my opinion, I was doing everything possible the make the tour a success.
The bump and grind singer's label and spokesperson denied that the lendary singer, who's facing charges for child pornography, had anything to do with the Arkansa born and Las Vegas raised songwriter, claiming the issue had to do with a contract dispute. "Ne-Yo's departure from the 'Double Up' tour was the result of contractial issues between him and the promoter." Kelly's spokesperson said. "R. Kelly had nothing to do with it."
Ne-Yo and his people belive the real reason he was given his walking papers was because he was getting excellent reviews from press and fans. More then the legend who in additon to penning hits for The Winans, Michael Jackson, The Isley Brothers, Celine Dion, B2K and Ginuwine, has been known to be one of many performers to be difficult to work with, and unfortantely Ne-Yo had to experience R.'s diva/devo egomanic attitude. In an interview with Big Tigger on WPCG, the singer who's penned hits for Mario, Beyonce, Rhianna, Ruben Studdard and Mary J. Blige said that when the tour reached Columbus Georgia, Mr. Bump And Grind had all of the arena's seven dressing rooms to himself, forcing Ne-Yo's people to take action. "Took all seven dressing rooms for himself. I could not get one dressing room. I had to get my people to fight to get me and my dancers a damn dressing room" he told the former "Rap City" host. "I'm supposed to have a damn dressing room."
Ne-Yo also spoke about how he was getting more exceelent reviews from press and how he's gonna put on a good show for the fans who paid money to expect an excellent show.
I'm gonna get on stage and give my two hundred percent because I know damn well if I spent my money to see somebody, I want you to give me my money's worth. I'm gonna give you your money's worth."
This isn't the first time Robers (Kelly's first name) had problems with other performers he's toured with. In 2004, he and Jay-Z teamed up to promote their second joint album, which was something fans have been warting to see, but it didn't happened due to Kelly's arrest for child pornography shorlty after the release of their high anticipated release "The Best of Both Worlds." The two decided to hit the road, but the tour was doged with problems due to Kelly's insecurities, jealousy of Jigga getting more love and positive feedback andlateness, but it was the night they performed at Madison Square Garden when the potatoes started to burn. Kelly was attacked with pepper spray by one of the rapper's friend who was charged with disordely conduct and sentenced to community service while a suit Kelly filed against them is being closed to being settled. While Jigga's friend finally admitted to macing the singer, Jigga said in an interview that Kelly they had to miss a concert date in Ohio because he had to wait over two hours for Kelly to come to the tour bus. His reason for being late was because he was changing the order of his show.
This isn't the first time that we've heard stories about performers having clashes and conflicts on tour with each other. Most of the time it seems that the opening acts gets most of the flack, for setting the pace of the main attraction.
In her autobiography "Between Each Line of Pain & Glory," Gladys Knight wrote about how she and her group The Pips were kicked off a tour they were co headlining with The Supremes. The group was getting standing ovations everynight, and it seemed that Diana Ross didn't like that, so the next day, Knight was told that Motown wanted them back in Detroit asap, and when they returned to Motown, Berry Gordy didn't hide the truth either. "I hear you was giving my act a hard time" he told Knight.
Another group that was the victim of hating was the rock group KISS who was also learned that being too seasoned has it's ups and downs. When the group was starting out, they was asked to perform at a club, and one their first night, they crowd wanted an encore, so they proceded to play, but while they were playing, they owner of the club shut off the electricity and told them if they continued to perform any encores, the power would be shut off. Each night they performed and despite the fans wanting more, they power went off, until their road manager took actions into his hands by locking the manager in a trunk while the group performed.
Many are probably wondering why does the headliners behave the way they do?
To keep their popularity with the fans. Most of them think that they're gonna stay on top forever, and when someone new and fresh comes out and (unintentionally) steals their shine and their fan base, they become insecure, and threatned, so they do everything possible to make sure they don't lose any popularity, but their behavior can affect have many negative affects on their career. Though Knight & The Pips were kicked off the tour, they wound up having Motown's biggest selling single that year with "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" and KISS wound up selling out stadiums. In the case with R. Kelly, he's has fear of losing fans to Ne-Yo because he's young, talented, sexy, professional and down to earth. Kelly on the other hand is talented and a legend, but he's the one who's acting more of a spoiled child, and you would think that since he's been in the game since 1991, that he would set more of a example. I saw a clip of his performance, and he appeared to be lip-synching his hook on Nick Cannon's hit "Gigaloo" as well as bragging about how he wrote alot of hit songs as a way of responding to many who criticized him for performing close to 3 hours.
He also has a reputation of showing up to his concerts late. A friend of mine from Detroit went to see him perform in 2003, and the crowd waited over two and a half hours for him to appear on stage, and when he did arrive, he only performed for twenty minutes and left! I heard that he went to the afterparty, then came to the areana. Hello but isn't the act supposed to attend the after party after they perform their gig?
Of course he deserves respect as a legend and Ne-Yo had acknowledge that, but Kelly on the other hand should be giving Ne-Yo the same ammont of respect, because Kelly didn't make it on his own. He had the help of Public Announcement (the group that he started out with), Natalie Cole, who gave them a break on her talent show, Barry Hankerson, Gladys Knight's ex-husband, and Aaliyah's uncle who managed his career, and the fans who brought his music despite knowning he has an fetish for young underage children. He married Aaliyah shortly after she released her debut album, and he's being charged with child pornography, which has yet went to trial, so what Kelly needs to do is start acting more professional, because many people are becoming quite upset with his behavior and the more he keeps acting like a diva/devo, there's he's gonna be seeing more declines in record and ticket sales.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Former American Idol contestats Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughty showed the industry (and Simon Cowell) that there is life after the show where viewers pick and choose who they want to be as their favorite idol, and it seems that most of the artist who came close to winning was voted off, winds up doing better than the ones who did win. They both were big winners at last night's American Music Awards taking home a total of 5 awards between the both of them. Underwood won for Favorite Female and Favorite Country album, while Daughty's whose band's self-titled released became one of the fastest selling CD's by a Rock band picked up three trophies for Favorite Breakthrough Artists, Favorite Pop/Rock Album and Favorite Adult Comptemporary Artist.
Former Musketeer Justin Timberlake took home two awards for Best Pop/Rock Male Aritst and Best Soul/R&B Album, making Britney Spears' ex the first white artist to take home an award in the latter category since George Michael, who won 2 awards in the R&B category for his 1987 classic album "Faith" Hip Hop star T.I. won two awards for in the Hip-Hop Category for Best Male artist and Favorite album, while Bones, Thugs & Harmony received their second AMA, beating out Hip-Hop/Singing group Pretty Ricky, who gave Bizzy Bone a standing ovation.
Singer/Songwriter Beyonce made history be becoming the first female artist to receive the show's special International award for her international record sales, and while the former Destiny's Child co founder, received that honor, she lost out to Rhianna and Blackeyes Peas member Fergie in the catagories of Favorite Female R&B Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Album Female, and I know that that many were shocked at the loss, but there many who were happy that other females got a chance to receive awards for their work.
The performances on the show was cute; Knowles performed her hit "Irreplaceable" with Country group which was cute, while Rhinna performed "Umbrella" and "I Can't Stand You" with label Ne-Yo who lost out to Akon for Favorite Soul/R&B Artist. Celine Dion performed her new hit "Taking Changes" and while she showed her vocal power, she didn't act as wild as she normaly does, Except for the end when she thanked the audience in that hyper voice (I guess because the show was on a schedule she had to behave), but the performances that were hot were Chris Brown's who performed his current # "Kiss Kiss' dressed in black jumpsuits that glowed in the dark, performed his famous pop locking moves on the stage and on a sliver crane above his DJ. Queen Latifah performed with a band and Gospel choir, while Hip Hop Soul Queen Mary J. Blige, performed her current single wearing a Janet Jackson type outfit, but it was Alicia Keys' who turned the AMA's out. Not only did her perform her current single, she also paid homage to her Jamaican heritage by having Reggae stars Beenie Man, Chaka Plimas and Demus performd their hits "Murder She Wrote" which earned her a standing ovation and praise from Rhianna who thanked Keys for during her acceptance speech.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Adam Benjamin Irby has been becoming very popular among the gay and online community, thanks to his blog www.abenjaminirby.com, where he writes about his experiences of dating, as well as sex, which has viewers impressed, and hot. He's also apperared in Nathan Seven Scott's online magazine, and is currently working on an miniseries, which will enlarge his fan base.
I had the opportunity to interview this talented and cool writer via email, where he spoke about his blog page, Singer Millie Jackson, hyprocrites, police brutality, and the importance of Gay man being more that sex objects.

1. Thanks for the interview. Tell the viewers who is Adam, please.

Adam: Adam is simply a black gay male writer.

2. I have to congratulate you on being selected for chosen by Nathan "Seven" Scott for Flawless November '07. How does it feel to have been chosen to pose for his online magazine?

Adam: It was really cool because along with being recognized for whatever it is you do in the community, being chosen for Flawless is also a nod to your physical appearance and who doesn't like that?

3. In your blog, you write about experiences of dating. What inspired to be bold enough to write about those experiences?

Adam: Well, a lot of people describe me writing in my blog as being like the black gay Carrie Bradshaw. I'm honored because a huge "Sex And The City" fan and interestingly enough some of my experiences parallel hers. I wanted to start writing as a way to let out some of the frustration I was feeling inside with dating and relationships. To see my situations written out in black and white helps me to deal with them better and not rationalize my foolishness. It's worked wonders for me. It's like cheap therapy.

4. Did you ever had any of your past dates or ex's try to confront you for writing about your experiences online?

Adam: My life is an open book but I'm really, really, really big on other people's privacy. When I tell a story about an ex, a past date, or someone I'm currently dating, everyone gets aliased and I purposely leave off any identifying characteristics. The point of my blog isn't to be messy or controversial or to expose anyone. The point is to tell the story and deal with the issues at hand. So for the most part I never had an ex confront me about anything I've written because whatever is written about that person is the truth and it's written very objectively and half the time I'm not even in contact with the persons I write about anymore. At the end of the day the blog post isn't about them anyway.
They were involved in the experience but the blog posts are about me and how I handled the situation.

5. One of my favorite posts was the ode to the Sass & Class Queen, Millie Jackson who is one of my favorite singers. What is about Millie Jackson that you admire, what are your favorite songs, and what prompted you use her line "Them Same Ones Be Talkin' 'Bout I'm Dirty, Be Readin' My Blog And Hidin' It..."?

Adam: My favorite Millie Jackson song is the "Phuck U Symphony." It's a classic. I loved the fact that Millie was raw and that she never let haters bring her down. That particular post was inspired by someone who was hating on me on a message board. The person had all this stuff to say about me being dirty yet was one of the main ones on the blog every time I posted.

6. I remember us meeting at Cosi to tape DJ Doo-Dirty's show and in addition to speaking about your dating experiences, you've also allowed the listeners know how intelligent and mature you are be speaking about issues including Gay rights, Gay marriage, and having respect for self and others. How's important is it for you showcase your intelligence and and for Gay men to respect, be respected and be more than sex toys?

Adam: It's definitely important, very important. While some may think I'm good looking and sexy and that's great, I ain't hardly complaining, but at the end of the day I'm still a writer with like brains and stuff.

7. You grew up in church, and as we know, many Gay men have to put on facades to please their families and church members (who participate in the same things that they preach against). When did you become comfortable and strong enough to know that it's okay for you to be gay and spiritual?

Adam: The first thing I had to do was let go of the facade. When you're lying to everyone else about who you are how can you be true to yourself. If you're sitting under a ministry that preaching "faggot this and faggot that" knowing that you are gay you're never gonna be strong as a gay man or as a man, period. The day that I became strong was the day I realized
that God loves me regardless of whether I'm gay or not and it's the church people who have the hangups.

8. You've also wrote about your experiences of being falsely detained by police. How are you moving on from that experience, and how can Black and Latino Gay and Hetero men can take action if they should be in the unfair situation?

Adam: I'm moving on just fine and they didn't take me anywhere thank God. The situation was diffused before it had to go there. As far as what to do afterwards I was instructed by
a civil rights attorney to contact you local Civil Complaints Review Board if something like this were to happen to you and you weren't hurt. If you were hurt, call your attorney.

9. How do you manage to balance your time with your job, working the blog and having a active social life.

Adam: It's difficult but the most important thing is concentrating on the most important things. Right now, my writing comes first. It's my passion, it's my destiny. Once I get that where I want it to be everything else will fall into place.

10. You've given up online dating. Do you have any regrets doing so, and how what are the benefits of not having to tolerate people's games?

Adam: I actually don't regret giving up online dating at all and I don't think that online dating though is a something in which there are people who play games more than any other method of dating of meeting people. When I did it I didn't play games. Every person is different, to each his own. I'm just trying to try dating and meeting people in a more organic fashion.

11. What kind of men are you attracted to, and what would be your ultimate dream date and romantic fantasy?

Adam: I have things that I'm physically attracted to. I'm inclined toward pretty boys that are thin and shorter than me. But looks are becoming secondary to me. Right now I'm not actively looking for a partner but whoever come along must be genuine and not into playing any games.

My dream date is to cook my date dinner and just we stay in the house, chillin', talking, watching a movie and getting to know each other. I like to cuddle. I'm a home body and just an all around pretty simple guy. I don't ask for much.

12. Now that you're becoming well known, is it easier for you to tell if a guy wants to get with you for who you are and/or for bragging rights? (I got an extra cane if u need to knock out any bug-a-boos lol)

Adam: I don't think I'm that well known, at least not yet where sleeping with me will get anyone anything more than a good time.

13. In addition to the blog, are there any other projects you're working on?

Adam: Well, there's an intimate video interview project that I'm doing called "adam. the mini-series" produced by Nathan "Seven" Scott. It's on YouTube and I'm getting really positive feedback from it.

14. Where do see yourself in the next 5 years and how do you think you're making an impact on Gay life.

Adam: In five years I would have definitely written my first and be working on my second or third book. I would also like to do a book tour, some inspirational speaking, workshops and things like that to give back to the community.

15. I have to thank you for giving me the privilege to interviewing you. Is there anything you want to say to the viewers reading this interview?

Adam: I just want to thank everyone who took time out of their day to read this. I appreciate it more than you know.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


As I was listening to Chris Brown's latest release, I noticed that he recorded alot of ballads and midtempo songs that will have listeners bumping and grinding in the clubs and in the bedroom, and while I was listening to his songs "I Wanna Be" and "Take You Down," I was wondering, can Gay/SGL men be romantic and intimate.
Whenever we go to clubs, the DJ's mostly play alot of House, R&B, Hip Hop and Reggae, but they hardly play any slow jams, leaving many to wonder can we do more than bump and grind.
When I go to clubs, I go to listen to the music, catch shows by rappers, performers and dancers, and there be times when I be wondering what it would be like to slow dance with a man. I've only bumped and grinded with a male once in my life. It was in December 2003 at a club in Harlem, and this guy who was wearing urban attire approached me and we started dancing to the Beyonce Knowles/Sean Paul hit "Baby Boy" and it felt nice because I was able to dance intimate with a guy.
I know that we as Gay/SGL love music that will make u wanna get up, drop it like it's hot, and do the routine of Beyonce's hit song "Get Me Bodied" but there are some who wanna slow wind to some slow jams. Not just Reggae songs either.



For the past couple of months, R&B Singer Chris Brown has been in celebration mode. He receive high praises for his tribute to Idol Michael Jackson at last year’s World Music Awards, as well as winning wave reviews for his acting debut in the award winning film “Stomp The Yard.” He also celebrated his 18th birthday and high school graduation, and now he’s celebrating the release of his latest CD “Exclusive,” which showcases the sexy and talented man child’s growth as a vocalist, songwriter and teenager embarking on adulthood, with songs about partying, pursuing, love, heartbreak, creeping and sexual relationships. (Don’t be acting shocked at the latter subjects, because most of you readers be fantasizing about the Virginia native giving you more than southern comfort).
“I would say that it’s just me being more mature, getting older, growing a little bit more hair and more peach fuzz on the bottom of my chin” the NAACP Image Award winner says on his official website. This time I was more physically and mentally involved in the whole process. I just jumped in head first and delved into everything. It’s another stepping stone for me.”
Serving as co-executive producer, Brown who also co-wrote ten songs, enlisted the services of producers Bryan-Michael Cox (Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey), T-Pain, Sean Garrett (Kelly Rowland, Destiny’s Child), Swizz Beats (Eve, Cassidy), Scott Storch, and the teams of The Underdogs, Stargate (Ne-Yo, Lionel Richie), Andre Harris & Vidal Harris (Jill Scott, Michael Jackson, New Edition).
The CD opens with “Throwed” a Go-Go, Reggae flavored dance song with lyrics about overcoming shyness to get a potential date for the evening. In addition to the beats, the song showcases Brown’s vocal ranges. His current # 1 hit “Kiss Kiss” featuring T-Pain, has a smooth mid-tempo groove and features both singers singing in their natural voices and through Pain’s trademark talk box. The album’s lead single “Wall To Wall” is still getting spins in clubs as we speak. What makes this song hot is the keyboards, strings, DJ scratching, and Chris singing high and low ranges throughout the song, capturing his vocally ability and his one of his best vocal performances to date, along with “With You“ which has a his vocals blending with the strings and guitars, and “I‘ll Call Ya“ which features a Brown singing falsetto during the bridge against the horn section giving Justin Timberlake a run for his master card. Chris also displays his production skills on “Picture Perfect” which he co-produced with Wil.I. Am from The Black Eyed Peas. A good effort, and though the sounds of the camera snap shots sound to computerized, the smooth sampling of Gospel group Take 6’s “A Quiet Place” compensates for the loss, along with him ability to sing lower ranges, further demonstrated on “Hold Up” featuring Big Boi of Outkast. “Help Me” is another hot song that has African and Caribbean chants, and smooth harmony between Brown and the song’s composers James Faunterlroy and Steve Russell, who give the song, a sensual feel that will have couples bumping and grinding on the dance floor and the bedroom along with “Gimme Whatcha Got” featuring Lil’ Wayne who’s rap flow should have been smoother and the highly anticipated ballad “Take You Down”. Co written by Brown and the Underdogs, this hot ballad sheds his virginal image, and though the music should have been smoother, the guitar riffs give the song fire and an Old School Isley Brothers flavor along with “You” sounding like an updated version of the group’s classic hit “Choosey Lover.“ The heartfelt “Damage” further demonstrates his professional and personal growth with him singing about the consequences of creeping, and once listeners hear his heartfelt vocals, they will think twice about creeping on loved ones who’s treating them good.

My intuition is I should have listened
My girl. Yo would be pissed if she knew about the visit
She had her tank top on. I took her tank top off.
I should have stopped. Stop! But she ain’t let me.
She kissed me soft and gentle. She tempted me.
Right then I stopped thinking consequences
Guess I must’ve lost my mind for a minute listen.

“I Wanna Be” is my personal favorite song on the CD. This song show cases his ability to sing smooth R&B ballads. Co-written by Eric Dawkins and Tank, the song has nice piano riffs, live breaks during the middle of the second verse, and beautiful creative lyrics about taking a friendship and relationship to another level.

Just tyr’na make sure that body you call your man
And anytime you need a shoulder it’s yours night and day
I wanna be the last number that you call late at night
Said I wanna be the first number that you dial when you open your eyes
Wanna be the one you run to. The wanna be the one that ain’t gonna hurt you.
I wanna be, I wanna be yeah

A Grammy Award is recommend for this song!

“Mama” is another heartfelt song that dedicated to the singer’s mother who encouraged him to pursue his career in music, and what makes the song nice are the lyrics, the harmony and the spoken outro when Chris admits that even though he gets on her last nerves, he still loves her.
The CD closes with “Down” featuring Kayne West, whose smooth flow and lyrics gives the track fire, along with Brown’s vocals blending against the guitars and beats.
Chris Brown’s latest release is an exclusive look of how he’s grown as a person, and was able to conquer both the teen and adult market, which can be a tough task for many child recording artists to do, but he was able to do that very well, and if he continues to grow, he will be able to have longevity in the industry.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


When I first met Steven Emmanuel at the premiere of "Christopher Street" this past June, I was extremly impressed with his personality, and character; he was able to participate in intelligent conversations about issues concerning the Gay/SGL community with the adults, while getting his dance on during Singer Jesse O's performance, showing that young people can be intelligent, mature, and have fun at the same time, and he's using those qualites as a way to uplift many in our communtiy who still have fears and concerns of living a happy life, due to shame and fears of being stigmatize. In addition to working on "Chirstopher Street," Emmanuel, who's currently enrolled in college on a full scholarship operates his blog queerkidofcolor which deals with issues concerning our community, and serves as a tool for education and empowerment.
This cool young man was kind enough to grant me this interview via email where he spoke about being a activist, a television production and a virgin.

RC: Thanks for granting me the interview. Tell the viewers who is Steven Emmanuel.

SE: Steven Emmanuel is an optimist, a realist, a queer theorist. Steven Emmanuel is an advocate for a community who values exclusivity, and a community where image means everything.

RC: Congratulations on your scholarship. How is college life treating you?
SE: I love this college. I have met so many wonderful people. I love it here. This is officially my home, and I just can't imagine being anywhere else. The people here are so nice, so gentle, so understanding. There are numerous activities on campus everyday that are happening, the area is beautiful, everyone is friendly. The only thing I'm having a hard time adapting to is the fact that this town is made up of progressives and liberals. And I'm a Republican. So it's hard politically here.

RC: I see that you're still involved with the series Christopher Street, while attending school in another state. How did you become involved with the show and how do you manage to balance your course load and working on the show?

SE: First of all, my course work is filled! Everyday I'm working on a different paper. But, you know, Ra Shawn, I love being kept busy. Most of all, I love to learn. I love opening a book and discovering new things. I love being able to share with people what new things I have learned. I love coming together with my hall mates and ranting about our classes, raving about the fun things happening here. Education is a lot of work, but at the end of the day it is our liberation. It is our responsibility. And it's the only way for someone to create and inspire change.
Right now, I'm on hiatus from the show Christopher Street. So, I'm really not actively involved with it. Dwight {the creator} is doing so much for the show; he's on pre-production for the new episode going into production soon. I went into producing Christopher Street by replying to a call for producers. I was 15 at the time, and I was desperately looking to get into TV projects. Dwight said to me that I stood out and eventually he gave me the job as a producer and writer.

RC: What made you decide to create your blog Queer Kid of Color?

SE: People who look like me made me create my blog. I don't think the world knows how devoted I am to changing our community. I want to say this, put this on record, quote me if you will, but I'm the real deal. I'm not a fame whore, celebrity addicted blogger/advocate. There are a lot of fake people out there who want recognition for their work. I can't even begin to tell you how many things I have turned down in order to not be considered a fame seeker and someone who's blandly trying to get his name out there. Sadly many people think that that's what I'm after. I had this one well known activist, very popular person, boldy say to me that all I want is attention. What I want is to be heard, and I want the things I'm fighting for to get attention. I am truly out there, because I want to give back. I want to be that voice Ra Shawn, for the young men and women who are too afraid to speak, who are hiding in the dark. I want to be the voice for married closeted Same Gender Loving men everywhere, for SGL men and women who are tired of hiding. I created my blog because I knew I was rare. I'm a rare breed of queer and Black. I'm apart of a community that values exclusivity, that values image, that is not unified. I'm out to change all that.

RC: You're originally from East New York Brooklyn, How was you able to survive knowing you was gay?

SE: I actually grew up in Bedstuy. Being queer was just another aspect of my identity. I didn't really sugarcoat the fact that I'm queer, and I still don't. I'm lucky I've survived though. I can't say the same for many.

RC: You've interviewed many public figures such as Keith Boykin, Shorty Roc, and the creator of Noah's Arc. What was it like interviewing them?

SE: I respect and admire Keith Boykin, because he is someone who has inspired me to be a better person. I loved interviewing Shorty Roc, because he's a refreshing voice, and Patrik Ian Polk is someone who has influenced me in so many ways. I'm glad I'm able to say that I interviewed many of the people that I have. Because so many of those people have touched me in more ways than anyone can ever imagine.

RC: I've noticed on your blog that you write about topics and issues concerning the Black and Latino community such as violence, HIV, dating. How importance is it for you to discuss these topics?

SE: Well no one else is talking about violence, HIV, or dating. No one talks about anything that they do not live. I hate that about people. I talk about things that I myself have not lived, but is still very much essential to my life. Everything that pertains to this society is important to me because another human lives it.

RC: Speaking of HIV you was featured in a HIV Plus magazine and you spoke about the rates of HIV and choosing to remain celibate; which is something not expected with Black and Latino men Especially Gay ones. What inspired your decision and what feedback have you received from choosing not to have sex at this point in your life?

SE: Being a virgin is not easy. I'm a virgin for several reasons, I haven't found 'the one', and am not ready for the repercussions of sex. Surprisingly a lot of people can't grasp the fact that I'm still a virgin. Those are the very same people who regret losing their virginity. When I lose my virginity, I know I won't be regretting it. I'm going to lose it to someone I care about. As much as I say I want to get laid, I know I won't be getting any in the near feature. I'm not eager or desperate. And there is certainly no rush.

RC: We know that many guys who read this interview may be compelled to try to get you in bed now. How do you manage to hold your ground when it comes to holding your standards?

SE: I can't believe you asked me that question! I'm a prude, Ra Shawn. Being prudish allows me to keep standards. I'm also very aggressive—seriously. I let 'em know what I'm looking for beforehand. I hold no surprises.

RC: I've also noticed that you're extremely young, fun, mature and business minded. How important is for you to be serious about life, while being able to maintain your youthfulness?

SE: One of the reasons I'm an advocate is because there are not a lot of young queer people of color who have become a staple in this community. I'm using my love of life and my youthfulness in order to fill that void. My life is not about maintaining anything, it's about being able to use the circumstances I'm under to become an influence.

RC: In addition to the blog and Christopher Street, what other projects are you working on?

SE: I'm working on my short film "Welcome To Rainbow's End." Thus far, I have been able to raise $2,000 for it. I'm still in the process of raising funds for it. I'm working on a collection of PSAs with fellow advocate Hannah Horwitz. The project is called Our 30 Seconds. I'm also working on a book.

RC: Which famous person would you like to work with and why?

SE: Hmm... I don't care to work with famous people. I want to work with people who are involved in civil rights activism, and social justice work. I would love to work with Phil Wilson, the executive director of the Black AIDS Institute, on an HIV/AIDS project/campaign someday.

RC: How do you think that you're making an impact in the Gay Black and Latino community?

SE: I don't know. I'll leave that up to the individual to decide.

RC: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 and 10 years?

SE: Oh Ra Shawn, wouldn't the world like to know. We'll just have to wait and see.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Good morning. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was cold and I don't like cold weather. I had a chance to go to Philly on Saturday with SOS, an anti-violence group I joined this past summer and I had great time participating in the presentation we did with a group of Gay teens and young adults who were cool, fun, and made sure we were taken care of.
After eating at a local diner, we went to catch our bus home, but the driver pulled off 8 minutes early, which meant we would have had to wait for the next bus, which wasn't going to arrive until 10:30, so the leader of our group went to get refunds, but the ticket booth clerk refused, and when one of the young kids heard about her being disrespected, he took action by going to the window, and speaking to the ticket booth clerk who gave her her refund, so we was able to purchase other tickets at another company in order to get home.
I know that when Gay/SGL people get mad, we take action, but to see a bunch of young people advocate for us was really touching.
This goes to show that not all Gay/SGL people aren't soft, weak and timid, and it would be nice to see us come together for issues that are so much more important and serious such as homophobia, police brutality and unity.

Grammy award winning Rapper and Producer Kanye West is coming with grips with the untimely passing of his mother Dr. Dondra West, who died Saturday of undisclosed causes. West was in London, when he received the news of his mother's passing.
"The family asks for privacy during this period" a spokesperson for the rapper issued to the pressing, noting that everyone in the family hasn't been informed of her death.
Since he released his 2004 debut "College Dropout," West have always spoke very highly of his relationship with his mother, who, not only supported his son when he decided to drop out of college to pursue his career in the music industry, she also served as his manager, and was also the head of his foundations.
Dr. West also supported her son, when he spoke out against homophobia in the Hip-Hop industry, and when he publicilly blasted President Bush for his lack of support for the survivors and victims of hurricane Katrina two years ago after performing on a telephon. "George Bush doesn't care about Black People" the rapper said, which shocked many critics, and forced Pepsi to drop him from his sponorship, which was quickly changed after fans threatned to boycott the company.
West's political views came from Dr. West, who holds a Bachelors Degree in English from Virgina Union College. She also received her Masters and PHD from Auburn University, and eventually became a chairwoman at Chicago State before resinging to manage her son's career. She also accepted a teaching job in Japan as a way to expose Kanye to different cultures and to instill him with values of education, self respect and pride.
In addition to managing her sons career, she also released an best selling autobiography "Raising Kayne: The Mother of A Hip-Hop Star" this past spring, sharing about raising her famous son as a single parent, and though Kanye was her only son, she was also a mother figure to many of his friends including Rapper Rhymefest, who supported him while he was striving to make in the industry.
"She was a mother to everybody" the co-writer of West's hit "Jesus Walks" told WCGI.
"I aksed Kanye to keep his mother's sprit alive."

Funeral arrangements are pending.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


It's nice to laugh, don't be the joke
The Knowledge

Is it wrong to have fun?
Of course not. Everybody is entitle to laugh, joke and kiki with each other, but sometimes people have the tendecy to joke around too much. Espeically when people are trying to address serious issues and concerns that affects them.
For years, many people have always told me I was uptight and I needed to loosen up. I'm a shy person and I love to have my fun. (espeically when I'm around my friends), but I know when to stop the laughing and joking, and when to get serious and listen to what a person is saying. Espcially when they're addressing something very serious.
I attended a event recently, and when the person was speaking about a person who was brutally killed, the guest in the back was laughing and talking, being very rude to the point of the hostess grabbing the mic and letting them know that what they were discussing was very serious and that the person who was killed could have been any one of them or their relatives, and I know the ones who were being rude were probably pissed and offended, but hey, they weren't taking what was being addressed seriously.
Since I'm on this subject, I like to write about something that's been on my heart for years. What is wrong with a person being mature, serious about life and maintaining respect.
I remember back in 1994 when Nixon* my friend at the time who brought me to the villiage and gave me a brief summurary about the Gay lifestyle, was involved with this dude named Harold* who was a scrub. Harold was about 7 or 8 years younger than Nixon, and he couldn't handle the fact that though we both were younger than him in age, we were serious about life, and we conducted ourselves like adults. "People under the age of 25 isn't suppossed to be mature" he said after he and Nixon had an arguemenmt. It turned out that Harold had previously dated a young House kid, who didn't take life seriously, and instead of being grateful he was with someone who was mature, he chosed to be the ignorant one. Especially after Nixon dumped him.
Harold had wanted to apply for a job at a resturant, and I hooked up his resume, and he went to the interview wearing a t-shrit, baggy jean shorts and black Fila sneakers. Suprisngly, he the owner looked past his attire and gave him an assistant manager's position, which meant a great salary with benefits and the whole nine. About a month later, I was speaking with Nixon, and I asked him what was up with Harold's training? "He hasn't been going because he didn't have any carefare to go." he told me. I couldn't beleive what I heard! "Well if he aint' got no money to go the class, then how the hell he's coming from New Jersey and he ain't got a car? I asked, Nixon, who caught on very quickly.
It seemed that Harold wasn't going to class because he was coming to Brooklyn to see who Nixon was supposedly dating, which in my opinion was none of his damn business. Harold wasn't doing right, so Nixon had to let him go, and Harold had the right to be hurt (though he was the one who messed up the relationship), he should have been handling his business.
I spoke to lots of friends about this situation and I asked them if they were in the situation what would they would do?
Their answer; "I'd take the class" The funny thing about this was the response I got from one of my former church members son who was a high school student at the time, even he said he would take the class, which goes to show that he had commonsense.
Fucked up right? Here God blessed him with an platnium opportunity, and he threw it away because of his stupidity. The owner could have took his resume and told him he'll call him at a later date, but he was professional and passionate enough to over look his attire, look at his resume and give him a position that people work hard to get, yet he threw it away.
Before anybody attempts to read me, I will share an experience of how me being mature caused a person to become so jealoous that they stooped as low as getting revenge.
Nixon had told his former friend Lehman about me, and in October 1993, he had called me to get to know me. He was extremly flamboyant, which turned me off. We spoke briefly, then he called a few days later he called, and wanted to know my height and weight. "Damn you're skinny" he said after I told him my weight. He was gonna ask me another question, but he told me he had to go because his calling card had run out. I didn't hear from him for 4 months and everytime he would call he would try to get me to visit his hometown of Boston, which I declined because I was in the middle of the Spring sememster of my junion year at BMCC, and I wasn't going to his town without Nixon. A month before we met, we were on a 3 way call (not having a 3some) and Nixon was telling me about Lehman's friend Cornel who was interested in getting to know me. According to Nixon, he was 6 foot tall, Caribbean, a top, and a huge fan of Janet Jackson which was a plus. I never got to speak to him because of Lehman's cock blocking and him being pissed off because I wouldn't go out with him. He was suppsoed to give Nixon the number, but he didn't.
When he came to New York to visit, I saw what he was all about; drama. After me and Nixon met up with him, we went to visit his hetero friends at another hotel, who I got along with. Including his friend who Lehman try to have sexually. The dude was asking about places in Harlem and I was telling him about places to visit, and Lehman started hating, by imatating my laugh and calling me a nerd and a bitch, and once I heard the latter word, I remixed his ass by letting him know that I wasn't a bitch and if I was one what did they make the women in his family? "they're all bitches" he replied shocking everybody in the room. We left and when I looked at his friends, they was giving me this look that was saying 'how the hell could you put up with that ass>" We went to the villiage, where we bumped into another friend of Nixon's named Ollie, who was riding in a nice car. He came out the car, greeted me and Nixon, and talked about his trip to Florida. Then without missing a beat, he went back into his car, and didn't even say a word to Lehman. I began to get tired, and Lehman was trying to get me to go back to his hotel room, something I flatly refused, because it seemed that he wanted to get me in bed so he could have bragging rights to his associates back home. He was so pissed at me that he was telling his associates that I was nothing but a nerd, and making matters worse he tried to charge me and my mother with a bill for a calling card that he illegally attained. What saved us was the days and time that he called, I was in school, and when I told Nixon, he was pissed. "Wait till I see that bitch" he said angrily. Turned out that I wasn't the only one Lehman did that too, and Nixon informed him that if he ever did that to anybody he knew, there would be trouble.
I haven't heard or see Lehman and I hope I don't ever bump into his ass either.
His jealousy and immaturity had caused him to destroy many towers with people. (I heard that he pissed a person off to the point where he got his ass kicked in Downtown Boston). He may have been attracted to me. but it wasn't gonna work for numerous reasons

1. He lived in another state
2. He was way too flamboyant. More flamboyant than Sylvester, and the average female
3. After he called me the second time, he didn't call me for 4 months.

Writing this passage has helped me see the outcome of this topic
It's ok to have fun, but know that there's a time, place and person for everything and everyone.

Song played during the typing of this blog

The Knowledge
Performed by Janet Jackson
Written by James Harris III & Terry Lewis
Produced by Jimmmy Jam & Terry Lewis For Flyte Tyme Productions
Co-Produced by Janet Jackson
1989 A&M Records

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weathering The Storm

Whew! The past couple of days has been rough for me. Mother Nature can't seem to make up her mind with this weather. One minute it's hot, then the next, the weather drops the way Destiny's Child did in the video for Get Me Bodied (before Beyonce rolled down the staris in Orlando), and because of this, I was battling a cold for the past 3 days, but I'm doing better Thanks the support of God, Thearflu, tea, lemon flavored chicken broth, Jalopeno Peppers and Papa John's (Hey I was hungry and I was tired of depriving myself from some good ass pizza).
I also had some fun yesterday; I hung out with members of the New Edition Fan club at a rec center in Queens where we danced to their classic songs, and I was able to get the steps, though I wasn't blessed with the skills of dancing, I managed to catch on despite having problems with my knee. We did the routine to Bell-Biv-Devoe's 1991's single "She's Dope", as well as performed each of our favorite routine by the group. I chosed the routine they do while performing their classic and my second favorite song by the group; "Can You Stand The Rain." We also did a routine to their last hit "Hot2Nite" which was hot, tasteful and creative.
I heard about the club while surfing the net back in January and I saw that they were meeting at Red Lobsters for lunch, and I was like 'A great way to meet some new people and do some networking so I braved the cold weather (I don't like being weather that's too cold or too hot) and I met with Susan, the head of the group and meet up along with Jamon, who looks like group member Ricky Bell's younger twin brother, and other members who's been fans since day one. We talked about how the group's music influenced us and how they made an impact on music history despite being ripped off at a young age and being dispected by Puffy who didn't promote their album "One Love" which went gold while his release "Press Play" didn't even reach 500,000 copies (That's what he gets for fucking over NE)
I decided to be a member, but it was hard for me to attend their other events due to family events, but I made it to the BBQ at Susan's house in September and the crew I met in February was happy to see me after 8 months. Yesterday I was the only guy who showed up, and I won the trivia question that Susan asked yesterday.
Afterwards, we went to Applebee's for dinner, (I had a chicken faita platter with a lemon aide and water to fight the cold) and I engaed in some convo (normally I'm very talkative. especially when it comes to entertaiment, but when I'm under the weather and/or around people I'm seeing for the first time, I become shy and I feel them out to see if we can converse, and yesterday the people were cool but my convo was limited due to the cold.)
I arrived home and after fixing something to drink, I spoke to one of my longtime friends and Godson's mother, and we ki-ki on the phone, and after the conversation ended, I started to think about how she cared about my health more than my former church/cult mentor.
As I posted in an earlier post last month, I had mentioned that I was part of a church that was actually a cult where the leaders used the bible as a way to control members. This particular place has congregations all over the world, and they belived that they was the only true church and that the Disciples were the only true christians who were going to heaven, while people attending other demominations were going to hell and we had to save people from eternal damanation. Plus you was given a discipler partner (church mentor) who was supposed to help tend to your spiritual needs, and most of the times things had to be their way or the high way. After being converted, I was given a mentor named Kyle* who seemed like a cool person, and though I valued his advice, his age, and opinions and views of being becoming a bible talk leader caused us to clash and in the end forced me to have hatred for his ass. I recall catching a bad ear infection, and I calling him to inform him that I wouldn't be attending service. Instead of being loving and concern with my health, he was concern with having me at church. "Jesus suffered more pain than you" he said and using reverse psychology he told me "you said you wouldn't let nothing stop you from serving God and you can't miss service unless you're in the hospital with tubes inside of you." That was the first time he used guilt to control me so I went to service and got better that evening. That was the beginning of him control method.
By the end of the fall semester, our relationship began to become more business like. Especially after he met and baptized Phillpe* a Latin student who though was cool, didn't think for himself. He would do everything that Kyle and other leaders would tell him. The first time I saw Kyle's influence was in January 1997. I was home cooking breakfast, and Kyle called me asking me to meet him at school that afternoon. I said I would be there, so I ate my breakfast, got dressed and headed to Brooklyn. I had arrived about 12-15 minutes late and when I told Kyle why I was late, he told me that I wasn't glorying God and he asked Phillpe did he have anything to say? "yeah" Phillpe said. "You should have denined yourself and not ate."
I was shocked. I couldn't belive that he would say that considering the fact that I was living in Harlem, and that Kyle decided to meet with us on short notice (something alot of the leaders would do as another form of control. A year later this day to be exact) I came home from school, suffering from amother ear infection, and this time the infection had spread to both my ears, forcing the school doctor to give me a double dose of anti-biotics to prevent it from becoming worse. About ten that night, Klye called me and wanted me to call people to invite them to bible talk. I told him I would try, and he was persistant. "Come on try" he said and call me back when you done. I got out of bed, got a pad with some numbers, called one person left a message, and after I made that call, I passed out due to the medication and didn't wake up until the next morning. I managed to make it to my history class to get some notes for my upcoming midterm, then I went to the student lounge building to have lunch, and no sooner than I sat down to eat, Kyle, entered and started screaming at me. "I want you to start showing me some respect!" he screamed with Black smoke coming out his ears.
I tried to apologize for not callin him back, but the nigga wasn't hearing it
"I want you to start showing me respect!" he screamed louder.
"You said you was gonna call me back right?" he asked
"Yes, but
"Yeah you should have been a man of word!! I want you to start showing me respect!" he screamed before storming out the building.
I couldn't believe he was being so damn rude and insensitive. He knew damn well I was sick and on heavy medication, and if he didn't hear from me, he should have called and I would have explained to him that I passed out, but he wasn't concerned about that. All he was concened about was trying to please the leaders.
I waited for him to cool off and when I spoke to him 2 days later, he didn't even apologize for his childish behavior. Instead he tried to make me feel guilty by saying 'Be more disciplined."
Turn the clock ahead ten years, and I wound up catching a bad cold. A friend of mine wanted to meet for dinner and when I told him I wasn't be able to meet, he didn't get mad. In fact, he told how to beat the cold by fixing tea with ginger, lemon and honey, while my Godson's mother told to get some theraful and some chicken broth and get lots of rest which I'm still doing while working on this blog.
This past experince made me realize that people who really care about your will look out for you and your well-being. Especially when you're down, and they may not be members of any chruch, they showed me more love and concern that Kyle did 10 years ago.

Songs Playing during this post

By Bell-Biv-De Voe
Written by Elliot Strate
Produced By Dr. Freeze
# 1 R&B, # 3 Pop

Fairweather Friend
Performed by Johnny Gill
Written by Antonio "L.A." Reid, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds & Daryl Simmons
Produced by LA Reid & Babyface for LaFace Productions
Co-Produced by Daryl Simmons and Kayo

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


In 1970, The Temptations released their classic single "Ball of Confusion" one of their most direct and politcal songs to date. The song had deep and fast paced lyrics about the conditions that were occuring at that time including riots, crooked politcs, the vietnam war and situations in the ghetto. Though the song was released seven months before I was born, the song is just a revelant as it was when it was first released. Espeically concering politcs and the chruch. Many chruche. Particualry Black chruches are known for talking bad about gay people saying we're sinners, demon possed, and going against God's way of living, and by quote on quote not living according to his will, we're all are headed straight for hell. Espeically if we don't change our "ways" and live by his rules. I even heard ignorant remarks like gay people either got mental problems or something happened to them in the home.
Well even after it was proven that Gay people are not mentally ill, there are many people who are still holding onto those stupid ideas. Especially Gospel singers Donnie Mc Klunkin and singing duo Mary-Mary who are part of Presidental Candidate Barack Obama's 40 Days of Faith and Family campaign in South Carolina, one of many southern states that large numbers of Black Baptist churchs who denouce homosexuality.
Mcklunkin has blamed his gay stage was caused by being sexually abused by a male releative between the ages of 8 and 13, and that by givng himself totally to God, he was able to leave the lifestyle. "There was a big 20-year gap of sexual ambiguity where after the rape, my desires were toward men and I had to fight those things because I knew that it wasn't what we were taught in church was right" he told Religion and Ethnics Newsweekly. "And the aold I got, the more that became a problem because those were the first two sexual relationships I had." He also told other publications that he had to fight his desires for men and he wants to counsel young boys into becoming gay. His statements got me mad, but my temperture became hotter after reading comments Gospel duo Mary Mary made in vibe magazine. They Award winning duo whose 2000 debut single "Shackles (Praise HIm)" gained play on Gospel and R&B radio shows were quoted as saying "Gays have issues and need somebody to encourage them like everybody else-just like the murderer, just like the one full of pride, just like the prostitute." Gays have issues? We do have issues. Issues of hearing ignorant comments by Gospel artists, who uses the bible to harm one specific group of people. They so quick to attack us, but they allow women to have children out of wedlock. We also have issues with people who don't follow the advice of Barry White's 1994 hit which Practicing What They Preach; they talk about immoraltiy and most of the time, they're having affairs with people in and outside of their congregation, and when they get busted, they make exuses for their behavior and/or allowing other people to partake in behavior that they tell certain indivuals is wrong (drining, partying, dancing suggestivly).
I received an email from a friend that contained a link connecting an interview with
Donnie's ex male lover who spoke about their 3 year relationship which was occuring during the time he released his autobiography, and when he was on his anti-ex gay crusade tour in 2004. This man was doning religious attire in public, but taking dick behind closed doors; in other words he wanted to have his dessert and eat it too.
The real reason why my blood is boiling is because Obama has these people on his campaign to gain voters from South Carolina, knowing that they are homophobic!!!!
"I strongly beleive that African American and the LGBT communtity must stand together in the fight for equal rights" he said in a press statement. And so I strongly disagree with Reverand Mc Clurkin's views and will continue to fight for these rights as president of the United States to ensure that America is a country that spreads tolerance instead of division."
Well it semms that Barack's featuring those gay bashing artist on his southern campaign trial will prevent him from getting many votes from the LGBT community. Espeically mines. That's not teaching tolerance; that's endorising more hatred, and if he was really smart (Relax kids. I'm not saying he's stupid) he would drop those devils, and get some true Christians who love everybody to help him get votes, because if he doesn't, he will lose some very important group of voters.
As for Donnie and the Mary sisters, I won't be supporting their careers. I've never brought any of their albums, and I don't plan on either since their true colors were exposed and they wasn't shining like a rainbow either!!!!

Hello. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. My week was very hectic. I was busy taking care of personal affairs while battling fatique, and exhaustion, but I'm better now.
The day that I posted, I attended the Gay Erotic Expo at the Puck Building and I had the opportunity to take photographs with Tiger Tyson, Peanut and Shorty J, as well as requested interviews with the last two stars for this blog, and they seemed interested. The next day I was supposed to have a date with a Blatino (Black & Latin) brotha who hit me up on A4A in July; we were supposed to meet twice, but it didn't happen. The first time he had to take his brother to camp, and the second time was hard because it was hard for us to get reception at Riis beach, but we would chat occasionally online. We agreed to meet, but when I called his cell, it wasn't working and I'm the type of person who likes to call and confirm whether or not we're gonna meet. We didn't meet so I stayed home and woke up and received an email from a Jamacian brother who hit me up, and after exchanging chats and numbers, we spoke and there was something about him that I couldn't put my finger on at that time. His mom was ill, and on Tuesday, he called and asked if we can meet Wednesday and I told him I would be free after 5:30 that afternoon, so I went to the city to take care of some business and schedule an appointment and I decided to call him to inform him that I maybe running behind schedule and he told me that he was with his cousin and he would call me, so I came home, fixed some fried chicken, and vegetables while I waited for his call, but I fell asleep due to niggaitis. I woke up at 12midnight and checked my cell phone for any messages, and there was none and I was like, 'are we gonna meet?' I send him an email saying that I was looking forward to meeting him and that if something came up he could have called. The next day he called and said that he wanted to meet me because he was putting it off, and I decided to go because his mom was in the hospital and he had to see her, which was totally understandable, so I walked to to his house, where we sat down, talked and go to know each other and there was still something about him that I couldn't put my finger on so I decided to go ask him questions; one was did he ever attend Rutgers University and BMCC. He told me that he used to live near Rutgers a few years ago and that he decided not to attend BMCC, and I was like. I knew I had met him before.
It was the day after my graduation from Brooklyn College, and I was online downloading Half Dollar a/k/a 50 Cent's hit "Candy Shop" while checking my emails on a4a and he hit me up. I liked his profile so I gave him my number and we chatted for about 10 minutes, and we agreeded to meet serveral times, but it never happeded due to another event that would come up and whenever he did call he was telling me he was out of town visitng family. I didn't remind him, but I decided to see what he was about. He seemed like a cool and mature kat,with a cracy sense of humor and he wanted to hang with me the next day. That didn't happen. He told me he was gonna sleep most of Friday and I told him my schedule and I would be free after 4, so I called and got his voicemail. Sensing that he was exhausted I left him a message saying that I understood his was exhuasted and to call me when he got a chance.
I also bumped into anothe guy I met online 3 years ago. (I know you readers are probably saying "Damn, you had kats coming out the woodworks?")
I was coming from seeing my thearpist (I suffer from depression) and this tall guy with a Caribbean accent spoke to me and when I saw him, I noticed that he looked and sounded familiar but I couldn't recall where I met, but after introducing ourselves, we both remember me going to his house, and I had a Flashback of that evening. He hit me up online and I responded; his profile said he was looking for friends, but when we spoke, he was asking what I like to do sexually. I told him and we had agreeed to meet the following day due to my having to do some work at school and covering an event for my journalism class. When I arrived at his apartment, he fed me some juice and veggie burger (he's a strict vegetarian and I kid you not; he had
veggie products and freshly fruit juices) and spoke about our lives. He was in college and planned on going to law school, and use to attend many Gay/SGL organizations, but about an hour or so, he had sad Janet Jackson moment; he was talking about being in love with his ex. He was saying that it was hard for him to have jump offs or three-somes because he would have to stop because he would begin to think about his ex. Not only was he talking about his ex, I do recall him chatting with other guys online and then he later got a call from a friend who invited him to a party somewhere and he accepted. I was pissed! "Oh no he didn't" I thought to myself. After we left, he told me to keep in touch, and I didn't.
When I saw him I didn't even bring up that episode.
Friday night I came home with a friend who asked me to help him update his profile, and while I was checking my email, I received an email from a Latin brother who had hit me up on Myspace and left me his phone number informing me that he was in town and he wanted to meet me. A half hour later, he texted and called me and we spoke. I was too tired to meet (I get very tired and fatiuqed when it rains). The next day he send me a text saying he was in the city so I called and we tried to meet but it didn't happen so I called him while I was on my way home and he was on his way out with some friends and I asked if we could meet the next day. He said yes and to call him in the morning which I did and he said he would call me back. He called me back. 4 the next morning saying he was at the airport and that he had alot of running around to do with family, and he wanted us to keep in contact via email and IM. I wrote down his information, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna.
Seems like I expect alot when it comes to meeting guys, and I'm not a perfect person. I strive the be the best person that I can be, but it seems like most of the people I met were players or didn't know how to communicate with me.
I'm a sensitve person, but there are ways to talk to people, and I'm learning that there's somebody for everybody and as my friend from Philly tells me "Anybody who don't wanna be with you is a fool."

"You've Come Along Way Baby" & "Lie, Lie, Lie"
By Josie & The Pussycats
1970 Capitol Records

Sunday, October 28, 2007


With many television and cartoon series being released on DVD, many cartoon fanatics are celebrating the anticipated and long-awaited release of "Josie & the Pussycats-The Complete Series" (Warner Brothers), which will have fans reliving their childhood memories.
Recently dubbed the original Pussycat Dolls, the group and series began as a comic book created by the late Dan Delcarlo, who based the characters on his real life widow Josie and sister Millie, which became a huge hit with both readers and viewers as well as made history by being the first cartoon series to feature a Black character, who was almost not featured by the show’s producers who wanted Valerie to be white. That changed when the music producers threatened to quit if they didn’t allow Valerie to be like, and after seeing how serious the producer was, they relented, and the show became a huge hit for the season it was on air. I first saw the show when I was nine years old, and what made me become attached to the show was the group’s attire and songs (especially “Lie, Lie, Lie” and “You’ve Come Along Way Baby”) which had a great combination of Pop and Soul that had me dancing and singing (though I wasn’t blessed with a singing voice) around in my bedroom and memorizing all of the character’s lines.
The show’s plot features Pop Singing trio Josie, Melody and Valerie who along their roadie/security guard/producer Alan, manager Alexander Cabot, his sister Alexander and their cat Sebastian, always finding themselves in the middle of stopping some evil villains schemes during their concert tours, which would consist of them being captured, escaping, being featured in a chase and run scene while their music is being performed by Cathy Douglass, Cheryl Ladd of “Charlie’s Angels” and the late Patrice Holloway, sister of Motown legend Brenda Holloway, who died from a heart attack last year. After the villains are captured, they managed to make it to their next concert gig without a single scratch on their clothes or body.
What makes the show interesting are the cast’s characters and personalities;
Melody’s the blond who’s na├»ve and somewhat ditzy, but has a laugh that you can’t help to enjoy. (Episode 3 is the highlight when she’s hypnotized and calls her master "great mustard.")
Their manager Alexander dubbed Chicken Little for his fear of helping fight the villains, but he would try to take all the credit whenever the authorities would arrive to make himself look good, but his sister Alexandra one of television’s bitchiest characters who’s jealous and scheming attitude is what makes fans tune in. Unlike her older brother, Alexandra wasn’t afraid to back down from fighting the villains, and when she wasn’t reading the villains, she was trying to be the center of attention. Obsessed with Josie’s boyfriend Alan and with wanting to be the star of the group, she always comes up with plans to get Alan away from Josie and trying to savatage the group’s performance by usually having Sebastian participate in her schemes which usually backfires and causes the rest of the gang to laugh at her. Plus she’s also known for her sarcastic by insulting the Pussycat’s music and Josie for having the things that she desires to have; fame and a good man like Alan on her side. Her trademark line is “Oh! That Josie manages to get next to Alan!” She also does anything to be near him, In Episode 2, the group stumbles into Dr. Green Thumb’s lab and wanting to keep them from alerting the authorities, Thumb decides to have Alan, Alex and Josie walk through his garden with deadly creature plants, but Alexandra knowing that she was taking a risk of being harmed or killed decides to be a part of the first group that he sends to the garden. ”Just a minute Green fat” she says in a desperate and sarcastic tone. “Alan and I do everything together. He stays with me!” Talk about being desperate to be with a man who had no romantic interest her!
A great aspect of the cartoon was having Valerie’s character being a talented and smart Black woman; yes there was times when her sassiness and ghetto side came out. Especially when Alex and Alexandra were assigned to help her with rewiring machines, she would always create gadgets to help the group get out of trouble as well as help put the villains out of business and I commend the music producers for fighting to keep Valerie Black which was a smart move being that the show premiered during the Black Power and women liberation movement.
The set is was well packaged, but it would have been better had the producers would have included interviews with the singers, musicians and producers. It would have been great for viewers to see and hear how their feelings about being a part of a historical cartoon and movement, but the set is good for cartoon and music lovers to add to their collection and relive their childhood memories.

This review is dedicated to the memory of Patrice Holloway