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For the past couple of months, R&B Singer Chris Brown has been in celebration mode. He receive high praises for his tribute to Idol Michael Jackson at last year’s World Music Awards, as well as winning wave reviews for his acting debut in the award winning film “Stomp The Yard.” He also celebrated his 18th birthday and high school graduation, and now he’s celebrating the release of his latest CD “Exclusive,” which showcases the sexy and talented man child’s growth as a vocalist, songwriter and teenager embarking on adulthood, with songs about partying, pursuing, love, heartbreak, creeping and sexual relationships. (Don’t be acting shocked at the latter subjects, because most of you readers be fantasizing about the Virginia native giving you more than southern comfort).
“I would say that it’s just me being more mature, getting older, growing a little bit more hair and more peach fuzz on the bottom of my chin” the NAACP Image Award winner says on his official website. This time I was more physically and mentally involved in the whole process. I just jumped in head first and delved into everything. It’s another stepping stone for me.”
Serving as co-executive producer, Brown who also co-wrote ten songs, enlisted the services of producers Bryan-Michael Cox (Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey), T-Pain, Sean Garrett (Kelly Rowland, Destiny’s Child), Swizz Beats (Eve, Cassidy), Scott Storch, and the teams of The Underdogs, Stargate (Ne-Yo, Lionel Richie), Andre Harris & Vidal Harris (Jill Scott, Michael Jackson, New Edition).
The CD opens with “Throwed” a Go-Go, Reggae flavored dance song with lyrics about overcoming shyness to get a potential date for the evening. In addition to the beats, the song showcases Brown’s vocal ranges. His current # 1 hit “Kiss Kiss” featuring T-Pain, has a smooth mid-tempo groove and features both singers singing in their natural voices and through Pain’s trademark talk box. The album’s lead single “Wall To Wall” is still getting spins in clubs as we speak. What makes this song hot is the keyboards, strings, DJ scratching, and Chris singing high and low ranges throughout the song, capturing his vocally ability and his one of his best vocal performances to date, along with “With You“ which has a his vocals blending with the strings and guitars, and “I‘ll Call Ya“ which features a Brown singing falsetto during the bridge against the horn section giving Justin Timberlake a run for his master card. Chris also displays his production skills on “Picture Perfect” which he co-produced with Wil.I. Am from The Black Eyed Peas. A good effort, and though the sounds of the camera snap shots sound to computerized, the smooth sampling of Gospel group Take 6’s “A Quiet Place” compensates for the loss, along with him ability to sing lower ranges, further demonstrated on “Hold Up” featuring Big Boi of Outkast. “Help Me” is another hot song that has African and Caribbean chants, and smooth harmony between Brown and the song’s composers James Faunterlroy and Steve Russell, who give the song, a sensual feel that will have couples bumping and grinding on the dance floor and the bedroom along with “Gimme Whatcha Got” featuring Lil’ Wayne who’s rap flow should have been smoother and the highly anticipated ballad “Take You Down”. Co written by Brown and the Underdogs, this hot ballad sheds his virginal image, and though the music should have been smoother, the guitar riffs give the song fire and an Old School Isley Brothers flavor along with “You” sounding like an updated version of the group’s classic hit “Choosey Lover.“ The heartfelt “Damage” further demonstrates his professional and personal growth with him singing about the consequences of creeping, and once listeners hear his heartfelt vocals, they will think twice about creeping on loved ones who’s treating them good.

My intuition is I should have listened
My girl. Yo would be pissed if she knew about the visit
She had her tank top on. I took her tank top off.
I should have stopped. Stop! But she ain’t let me.
She kissed me soft and gentle. She tempted me.
Right then I stopped thinking consequences
Guess I must’ve lost my mind for a minute listen.

“I Wanna Be” is my personal favorite song on the CD. This song show cases his ability to sing smooth R&B ballads. Co-written by Eric Dawkins and Tank, the song has nice piano riffs, live breaks during the middle of the second verse, and beautiful creative lyrics about taking a friendship and relationship to another level.

Just tyr’na make sure that body you call your man
And anytime you need a shoulder it’s yours night and day
I wanna be the last number that you call late at night
Said I wanna be the first number that you dial when you open your eyes
Wanna be the one you run to. The wanna be the one that ain’t gonna hurt you.
I wanna be, I wanna be yeah

A Grammy Award is recommend for this song!

“Mama” is another heartfelt song that dedicated to the singer’s mother who encouraged him to pursue his career in music, and what makes the song nice are the lyrics, the harmony and the spoken outro when Chris admits that even though he gets on her last nerves, he still loves her.
The CD closes with “Down” featuring Kayne West, whose smooth flow and lyrics gives the track fire, along with Brown’s vocals blending against the guitars and beats.
Chris Brown’s latest release is an exclusive look of how he’s grown as a person, and was able to conquer both the teen and adult market, which can be a tough task for many child recording artists to do, but he was able to do that very well, and if he continues to grow, he will be able to have longevity in the industry.

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