Thursday, November 15, 2007


As I was listening to Chris Brown's latest release, I noticed that he recorded alot of ballads and midtempo songs that will have listeners bumping and grinding in the clubs and in the bedroom, and while I was listening to his songs "I Wanna Be" and "Take You Down," I was wondering, can Gay/SGL men be romantic and intimate.
Whenever we go to clubs, the DJ's mostly play alot of House, R&B, Hip Hop and Reggae, but they hardly play any slow jams, leaving many to wonder can we do more than bump and grind.
When I go to clubs, I go to listen to the music, catch shows by rappers, performers and dancers, and there be times when I be wondering what it would be like to slow dance with a man. I've only bumped and grinded with a male once in my life. It was in December 2003 at a club in Harlem, and this guy who was wearing urban attire approached me and we started dancing to the Beyonce Knowles/Sean Paul hit "Baby Boy" and it felt nice because I was able to dance intimate with a guy.
I know that we as Gay/SGL love music that will make u wanna get up, drop it like it's hot, and do the routine of Beyonce's hit song "Get Me Bodied" but there are some who wanna slow wind to some slow jams. Not just Reggae songs either.

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