Thursday, November 8, 2007


It's nice to laugh, don't be the joke
The Knowledge

Is it wrong to have fun?
Of course not. Everybody is entitle to laugh, joke and kiki with each other, but sometimes people have the tendecy to joke around too much. Espeically when people are trying to address serious issues and concerns that affects them.
For years, many people have always told me I was uptight and I needed to loosen up. I'm a shy person and I love to have my fun. (espeically when I'm around my friends), but I know when to stop the laughing and joking, and when to get serious and listen to what a person is saying. Espcially when they're addressing something very serious.
I attended a event recently, and when the person was speaking about a person who was brutally killed, the guest in the back was laughing and talking, being very rude to the point of the hostess grabbing the mic and letting them know that what they were discussing was very serious and that the person who was killed could have been any one of them or their relatives, and I know the ones who were being rude were probably pissed and offended, but hey, they weren't taking what was being addressed seriously.
Since I'm on this subject, I like to write about something that's been on my heart for years. What is wrong with a person being mature, serious about life and maintaining respect.
I remember back in 1994 when Nixon* my friend at the time who brought me to the villiage and gave me a brief summurary about the Gay lifestyle, was involved with this dude named Harold* who was a scrub. Harold was about 7 or 8 years younger than Nixon, and he couldn't handle the fact that though we both were younger than him in age, we were serious about life, and we conducted ourselves like adults. "People under the age of 25 isn't suppossed to be mature" he said after he and Nixon had an arguemenmt. It turned out that Harold had previously dated a young House kid, who didn't take life seriously, and instead of being grateful he was with someone who was mature, he chosed to be the ignorant one. Especially after Nixon dumped him.
Harold had wanted to apply for a job at a resturant, and I hooked up his resume, and he went to the interview wearing a t-shrit, baggy jean shorts and black Fila sneakers. Suprisngly, he the owner looked past his attire and gave him an assistant manager's position, which meant a great salary with benefits and the whole nine. About a month later, I was speaking with Nixon, and I asked him what was up with Harold's training? "He hasn't been going because he didn't have any carefare to go." he told me. I couldn't beleive what I heard! "Well if he aint' got no money to go the class, then how the hell he's coming from New Jersey and he ain't got a car? I asked, Nixon, who caught on very quickly.
It seemed that Harold wasn't going to class because he was coming to Brooklyn to see who Nixon was supposedly dating, which in my opinion was none of his damn business. Harold wasn't doing right, so Nixon had to let him go, and Harold had the right to be hurt (though he was the one who messed up the relationship), he should have been handling his business.
I spoke to lots of friends about this situation and I asked them if they were in the situation what would they would do?
Their answer; "I'd take the class" The funny thing about this was the response I got from one of my former church members son who was a high school student at the time, even he said he would take the class, which goes to show that he had commonsense.
Fucked up right? Here God blessed him with an platnium opportunity, and he threw it away because of his stupidity. The owner could have took his resume and told him he'll call him at a later date, but he was professional and passionate enough to over look his attire, look at his resume and give him a position that people work hard to get, yet he threw it away.
Before anybody attempts to read me, I will share an experience of how me being mature caused a person to become so jealoous that they stooped as low as getting revenge.
Nixon had told his former friend Lehman about me, and in October 1993, he had called me to get to know me. He was extremly flamboyant, which turned me off. We spoke briefly, then he called a few days later he called, and wanted to know my height and weight. "Damn you're skinny" he said after I told him my weight. He was gonna ask me another question, but he told me he had to go because his calling card had run out. I didn't hear from him for 4 months and everytime he would call he would try to get me to visit his hometown of Boston, which I declined because I was in the middle of the Spring sememster of my junion year at BMCC, and I wasn't going to his town without Nixon. A month before we met, we were on a 3 way call (not having a 3some) and Nixon was telling me about Lehman's friend Cornel who was interested in getting to know me. According to Nixon, he was 6 foot tall, Caribbean, a top, and a huge fan of Janet Jackson which was a plus. I never got to speak to him because of Lehman's cock blocking and him being pissed off because I wouldn't go out with him. He was suppsoed to give Nixon the number, but he didn't.
When he came to New York to visit, I saw what he was all about; drama. After me and Nixon met up with him, we went to visit his hetero friends at another hotel, who I got along with. Including his friend who Lehman try to have sexually. The dude was asking about places in Harlem and I was telling him about places to visit, and Lehman started hating, by imatating my laugh and calling me a nerd and a bitch, and once I heard the latter word, I remixed his ass by letting him know that I wasn't a bitch and if I was one what did they make the women in his family? "they're all bitches" he replied shocking everybody in the room. We left and when I looked at his friends, they was giving me this look that was saying 'how the hell could you put up with that ass>" We went to the villiage, where we bumped into another friend of Nixon's named Ollie, who was riding in a nice car. He came out the car, greeted me and Nixon, and talked about his trip to Florida. Then without missing a beat, he went back into his car, and didn't even say a word to Lehman. I began to get tired, and Lehman was trying to get me to go back to his hotel room, something I flatly refused, because it seemed that he wanted to get me in bed so he could have bragging rights to his associates back home. He was so pissed at me that he was telling his associates that I was nothing but a nerd, and making matters worse he tried to charge me and my mother with a bill for a calling card that he illegally attained. What saved us was the days and time that he called, I was in school, and when I told Nixon, he was pissed. "Wait till I see that bitch" he said angrily. Turned out that I wasn't the only one Lehman did that too, and Nixon informed him that if he ever did that to anybody he knew, there would be trouble.
I haven't heard or see Lehman and I hope I don't ever bump into his ass either.
His jealousy and immaturity had caused him to destroy many towers with people. (I heard that he pissed a person off to the point where he got his ass kicked in Downtown Boston). He may have been attracted to me. but it wasn't gonna work for numerous reasons

1. He lived in another state
2. He was way too flamboyant. More flamboyant than Sylvester, and the average female
3. After he called me the second time, he didn't call me for 4 months.

Writing this passage has helped me see the outcome of this topic
It's ok to have fun, but know that there's a time, place and person for everything and everyone.

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The Knowledge
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