Thursday, November 29, 2007


The cast and crew of Christopher Street gathered at the to celebrate the launch of their weekly party and to celebrate the birthday of Jared DeWese and Lamar Staton, two of the cast members of the hit series "Christopher Street" which is becmong one the Gay/SGL communities most talked about dvds due to the script dealing with the realites that many young Black and Latino Gay/SGL people go through such as working to make ends meet while dealing with issues concerning friendships and relationships, which is something many Gay/SGL shows hardly focus on.
"It gives us a voice" says DeWese who holds a BA in Theare portarys Christopher, a materilaistic young person on the show who has desires to have more. "Art is supposed to reflect reality. Everybody's point of view should be valued."
Staton who portrays the fun loving diva also agrees on how shows should be reflective of life as well as inspirre and make lasting impacts on people and communities. "I don't think you can limit homosexuality" the actor said. "Everybody will learn from it and enjoy it."

Christopher Street DVD will is on sale at www.christopher streetTV.com

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