Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Hello. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. My week was very hectic. I was busy taking care of personal affairs while battling fatique, and exhaustion, but I'm better now.
The day that I posted, I attended the Gay Erotic Expo at the Puck Building and I had the opportunity to take photographs with Tiger Tyson, Peanut and Shorty J, as well as requested interviews with the last two stars for this blog, and they seemed interested. The next day I was supposed to have a date with a Blatino (Black & Latin) brotha who hit me up on A4A in July; we were supposed to meet twice, but it didn't happen. The first time he had to take his brother to camp, and the second time was hard because it was hard for us to get reception at Riis beach, but we would chat occasionally online. We agreed to meet, but when I called his cell, it wasn't working and I'm the type of person who likes to call and confirm whether or not we're gonna meet. We didn't meet so I stayed home and woke up and received an email from a Jamacian brother who hit me up, and after exchanging chats and numbers, we spoke and there was something about him that I couldn't put my finger on at that time. His mom was ill, and on Tuesday, he called and asked if we can meet Wednesday and I told him I would be free after 5:30 that afternoon, so I went to the city to take care of some business and schedule an appointment and I decided to call him to inform him that I maybe running behind schedule and he told me that he was with his cousin and he would call me, so I came home, fixed some fried chicken, and vegetables while I waited for his call, but I fell asleep due to niggaitis. I woke up at 12midnight and checked my cell phone for any messages, and there was none and I was like, 'are we gonna meet?' I send him an email saying that I was looking forward to meeting him and that if something came up he could have called. The next day he called and said that he wanted to meet me because he was putting it off, and I decided to go because his mom was in the hospital and he had to see her, which was totally understandable, so I walked to to his house, where we sat down, talked and go to know each other and there was still something about him that I couldn't put my finger on so I decided to go ask him questions; one was did he ever attend Rutgers University and BMCC. He told me that he used to live near Rutgers a few years ago and that he decided not to attend BMCC, and I was like. I knew I had met him before.
It was the day after my graduation from Brooklyn College, and I was online downloading Half Dollar a/k/a 50 Cent's hit "Candy Shop" while checking my emails on a4a and he hit me up. I liked his profile so I gave him my number and we chatted for about 10 minutes, and we agreeded to meet serveral times, but it never happeded due to another event that would come up and whenever he did call he was telling me he was out of town visitng family. I didn't remind him, but I decided to see what he was about. He seemed like a cool and mature kat,with a cracy sense of humor and he wanted to hang with me the next day. That didn't happen. He told me he was gonna sleep most of Friday and I told him my schedule and I would be free after 4, so I called and got his voicemail. Sensing that he was exhausted I left him a message saying that I understood his was exhuasted and to call me when he got a chance.
I also bumped into anothe guy I met online 3 years ago. (I know you readers are probably saying "Damn, you had kats coming out the woodworks?")
I was coming from seeing my thearpist (I suffer from depression) and this tall guy with a Caribbean accent spoke to me and when I saw him, I noticed that he looked and sounded familiar but I couldn't recall where I met, but after introducing ourselves, we both remember me going to his house, and I had a Flashback of that evening. He hit me up online and I responded; his profile said he was looking for friends, but when we spoke, he was asking what I like to do sexually. I told him and we had agreeed to meet the following day due to my having to do some work at school and covering an event for my journalism class. When I arrived at his apartment, he fed me some juice and veggie burger (he's a strict vegetarian and I kid you not; he had
veggie products and freshly fruit juices) and spoke about our lives. He was in college and planned on going to law school, and use to attend many Gay/SGL organizations, but about an hour or so, he had sad Janet Jackson moment; he was talking about being in love with his ex. He was saying that it was hard for him to have jump offs or three-somes because he would have to stop because he would begin to think about his ex. Not only was he talking about his ex, I do recall him chatting with other guys online and then he later got a call from a friend who invited him to a party somewhere and he accepted. I was pissed! "Oh no he didn't" I thought to myself. After we left, he told me to keep in touch, and I didn't.
When I saw him I didn't even bring up that episode.
Friday night I came home with a friend who asked me to help him update his profile, and while I was checking my email, I received an email from a Latin brother who had hit me up on Myspace and left me his phone number informing me that he was in town and he wanted to meet me. A half hour later, he texted and called me and we spoke. I was too tired to meet (I get very tired and fatiuqed when it rains). The next day he send me a text saying he was in the city so I called and we tried to meet but it didn't happen so I called him while I was on my way home and he was on his way out with some friends and I asked if we could meet the next day. He said yes and to call him in the morning which I did and he said he would call me back. He called me back. 4 the next morning saying he was at the airport and that he had alot of running around to do with family, and he wanted us to keep in contact via email and IM. I wrote down his information, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna.
Seems like I expect alot when it comes to meeting guys, and I'm not a perfect person. I strive the be the best person that I can be, but it seems like most of the people I met were players or didn't know how to communicate with me.
I'm a sensitve person, but there are ways to talk to people, and I'm learning that there's somebody for everybody and as my friend from Philly tells me "Anybody who don't wanna be with you is a fool."

"You've Come Along Way Baby" & "Lie, Lie, Lie"
By Josie & The Pussycats
1970 Capitol Records

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