Saturday, October 20, 2007


It's six in the morning
And I'm up sharing my thoughts with you
Self Expression. Self Expression

Good morning.
I'm in a slight Pretty Ricky mode (no, I'm not gonna push it yet lol).
The past couple of days have been exhausting and cool for me. For the past couple of weeks, Ive been busy taking care of business, socializing, and conducting interviews, and it's finally caught up with me. I've been suffering from fatique, which has me physically tired to the point of xoming home and falling asleep with my clothes on and me not being able to attend events like my friend Rod's show this week. I planned to go after attending my college's alumni gathering, but I started to become physically tired so my friends treated me to dinner, and drove me home and was like 'You've been running again. Get some sleep.' That's what I did.
I'm stilling bad for not being able to attend my friend's performance like I wanted to, but I plan on making it up to him.
As I mentioned earlier, I went to my first college's first alumni gathering, and I had a great time meeting ohter BMCC alumni's who are doing well in their lives. I was suprised to bump into one of my classmates who I took African American Literature with at Brooklyn College. We had a blast talking about our experiences at both schools, and we even had a small Supreme fight. She's a huge fan of The Supremes like I am, and her last name is Ross. I recall letting her know that I was the sexy Supreme and the one who's keeping the legacy alive.
Attending that alumni made me think about classism. I've heard many people put down students who graduated from Cuny schools, because most of the students who attend are from urban areas, and it's affordable (except for the damn text books), but most students who graduated from Cuny have gotten just as many opprotunites as those who graduated from Ive League schools, and students who graduated from BMCC have went on to many of the top four year schools, and have done well.
Have you ever wandered how life would have been if things had been different for you in your life? I have. There were times when I wondered what it been like had I gone to a 4 year college out of state like I originally wanted to do? Would I have done well? Would I have been able to adapt to the city? Would I had clicked with other students? Would I have maintained long lasting friendships? Would I have came to grips with my sexuality? Those are questions that comes to mind from time to time, but I now realize that God had other plans for me, and attending both BMCC and Brooklyn College had many benefits. It was during my second year at BMCC where the seed was planted for me to start a career in media and journalism; I began writing for many of the schools publications, while volunteering with the Blackfilmmakers Foundation and interning at Arista Records where I continued working in the publicity department (I had worked at Columbia Records during the summer of 1991), and having the opporunity to meet Dionne Warwick, Usher, LA Reid & Chilli of TLC.
After graduating, I decided to enroll in Brooklyn College it had the feel of a real college though it doesn't have any dorms, where I originally planned to study film production, but it was stressful and my professor told me that though I didn't have what it took to direct, I had writing talent and I can do well as a writer and producer, and from then I switched my major to journalism and TV/Radio, and graduated in 2005. While I'm listening to Pretty Ricky's "Make It Last It Was," I'm thinking about my 15 years in college, and I didn't have the so-called college experience. Most students I met and knew had partied, traveled, and had lots of fun. Me on the other hand, I did have fun, during my BMCC years, but it wasn't as often as other students I knew. I always hung out with my friends who were studying Communications as well as people I'm cool with to this day, and when I did go to party, it was with the Black Filmmakers, screenings and after parties.
My Brooklyn College years were totally different. I was trying to stay in school while being a member of a church which I later realize is a fucking cult. I'll write about my experiences at a later day, but I'm glad that I'm enjoying me freedom to live my life without having to give account for what I do. Espeically to a bunch of clowns who wasn't supporting me finacially, but supporting their grand lifestyles with members money.

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