Monday, December 17, 2007


Da Hating Game
Starring Ace, JT, Mike, Antoine, Lez, Marcus, Element, Cass, Juulz
Directed by Jalin Fuentes
For many years, Gay/SGL men have been labeled based on their looks, personalities, physiques and their characteristics. If a man has a muscular physique, and hard and deep speaking voice, he’s automatically labeled a top, and if a man has soft looks, features and a soft speaking voice, than he’s presumed as being the one to be taking dick but since the mid 1990’s the myths and sexual roles that men play have change, and that’s the reason I enjoyed watching the DVD “Da Hating Game” because it shows that you don’t have to look a certain way to enjoy sex.
Scene 1 begins with Ace a tall slender built dude accidentally bumping into, JT, in the train station, who takes Ace’s offer to go up to his apartment to have sex, and as soon as they get inside, JT, a rough looking Puerto Rican sporting braids becomes the aggressor tells Ace to suck his dick forcing him to remind him that he’s in his apartment and he will please him the why he likes, before lifting JT’s shirt, and licking his chest before sucking off JT who puts on his do-rag while being serviced.. Afterwards, the sexy southern native, asks the hot Bronx kid to see what he’s working with, and after a brief playful argument, Ace is pushed on the couth, while JT unzips his jeans, and proceeds to service Ace’s slender, but large pull before pulling a Janet Jackson move on him.
“Shh! Keep your mouth shut aight.” JT says. “I’ll suck you dick when I wanna suck your dick.” Ace gets playfully frustrated and replies with “Yo, shut the fuck up and suck my dick!” After playfully kissing and sucking him off, Ace compliments JT for his oral skills, forcing him to feisty by asking him was he still talking, and Ace answering with “I can back up what I say. After a few more minutes of sucking, Ace begins fucking JT, and what made this scene hot is how JT is becoming more vocally dominated by telling Ace to fuck him in a masculine voice. “Bang that ass out nigga” he says while Ace who’s wearing his base ball cap and timberlands, is pounding and slapping his ass, without saying much preferring to let his dick and actions speaks louder than his words (though he occasionally says ‘take this dick’ in his mellow voice). Especially when he fucks him missionary style causing the couch to shake and Ace to bust a nice load.
Scene 2 is what I called the Thug Love scene. It features Mike and Antoine showing how two masculine looking brothers can have hot sensual and passionate sex while maintaining their masculinity. The scene begins with Mike telling Antoine who’s playing video games that he’s mad horny.
“Come on over so we can do something about it” Antoine says while Mike walks over to get his sexual needs taken care of by climbing on Antoine and grinding on him while he’s having his smooth hairy chest sucked and dick rubbed, before telling Mike to take off his clothes (he keeps on his fitted cap and timberlands), Antoine sucks Mike while he’s grinding, adding sensuality to the scene, before Antoine eats him out forcing Mike to suck his dick.
What makes this scene hot is how they talk to each other they using street slang like they were on the basketball court.
“I bet you can’t handle this ass” Mike says
“I promise you” he says before having a second helping of Mike, who later jumps on his condom covered dick and rides him like a Porsche, before gently bent over and plowed in many different positions,. From lying on the stomach to missionary, not only does Mike take his ghetto boy’s dick, he also grinds on him giving him a run for his master card.
Scene 3 with Lez and JT will have viewers putting this hot and sexy scene of repeat, and will make them bust a whole lot of times. This scene is about how rappers (single and married) be having sex with their business associates on the low, opening with Lez who like Rapper Cam’ron’s sexier twin brother playing a rapper who wants to crossover to film, something that his manager tries to dissuade preferring that he focused more on his upcoming album as well as dissuading him from becoming involved with him, but one Lez begins kissing him, he reconsiders his decision. Especially after he unbuttons his shirt. “What you mean business and pleasure don’t’ mix. It’s my pleasure to give you the business” he says before they continue to lock lips before JT sucks his sugar cane and large jewels. Later on, Lez show’s how a real man is able to eat ass and suck dick well. Especially with a set of gold teeth in his mouth. After a long oral session, Lez has JT on the couch missionary style, showing he how he can work rip more than a stage; he can rip a kats ass while taking out his pony tail and later tying it in a bun while having JT scream and spell his name in estacy. An nomination and Award for best scene is highly recommended!!
Scene 4 features Element and newcomer Marcus fucking each other in an apartment that’s supposed to be like a club scene. Marcus arrives to the bar asking for a drink and after being getting his drink, he looks at a flyer that has two guys performing oral, and when Elements ask does his suck dick, he says not, but he’s been curioious to find out what it’s like, so Element helps cure his curiosity. After sucking him off, Marcus asks Element does he does the same and he admits he does without hesitating, and the next then we see is Element going down on him hungrily while slapping his ass and rubbing his nipples, with Marcus later eating Element out before being the first one to begin the fucking scene, having Element on his back and on his knees, while Element bangs him from behind.
Scene 5 is where Cass makes his bottoming debut. The scene begins with Juulz lying on his bed talking on his cell phone, when he sees Cass’ hand come from under the bed with his keys and condoms and without hesitation he tells Juulz “I wanna see what’s good with your dick shawty” while rubbing his leg, and pulling out his huge (and I do mean huge) dick and pleasing it with his mouth. After sucking him off Cass informs him that he doesn’t know how to be a bottom, but Juulz informs him that he’s gonna be one for today, and they way Cass worships Juulz’s large piece, you can see he’s eager to take it.
“God bless me in the name of dick” he says before Juulz face fucks him missionary style, and I have to commend Cass for taking it like a pro, because there are time when he looks like he needs oxygen to prevent passing out, but Juulz makes sure he’s comfortable holding him to prevent him from falling off the bed (and dick). What I like about the scene is when Cass becomes verbally dominate, and tries to run away when Juulz tears his insides out causing him to moan. ”Tear that ass up son” Cass tells Juulz who pounds him so hard he almost leaps off the bed before Juulz puts him on his stomach and wears him out. Another hot thing is the shot of Cass being done missionary style through the mirror.
I enjoyed watching this DVD. I like the idea and concept of erasing the myths that people have about the roles Gay/SGL men are supposed to play in the bedroom, but it would have been better if the sex scene was longer, and if Antoine and Lez were wearing timberlands while fucking the bottoms, but it was a great DVD to watch, and hopefully it will show men that they can be who they are in the bedroom.


RocaFella07 said...

OMG!!! I LOVE this movie!! Its onr of the hottest I've seen! And, that last scene is EVERYTHING!



Yes it is. I love scenes 2 and 3