Thursday, August 28, 2008


Last summer, Rapper Yung Berg scored a #18 Pop hit with "Sexy Lady" featuring R&B/Pop singer Junior, which became one of many hits that DJ's bumped in the clubs last summer thanks to it's hot and catchy hook.

Hey sexy lady.
It was nice to know ya
(It was to know ya)
But I gotta move on.

Looks like many fans, espeically females will be moving on and leaving him and his career in the cold. Especially many dark-skinned females who he offended during an interview he did last month when he appeared on Serius Satalite's Lip Service Radio program, and publicly spoke about his dislike of dark-skinned females, referring to them as dark-butts.
When asked did he have a bad experience and some bad pussy, he said no, but he saod that any female he brings to his house must past a pool test. "If you don't come out looking exactly what you are or better, it's not a good look" he said.
It didn't take long for fans to blast his intercultural ass on the web, forcing him to issue an apology, and when fans read his statement, they became even more enraged. Especially when he revealed that his mother is a dark-skinned female!!
Talk about lack of respect.
After his remark, it seemed that the rapper who was once signed to rapper DMX's now-defuncted record label has experienced some bad karma during the past couple of weeks. The day after his debut album was released, he and his friend were arrested in New York City for carrying weed and guns after the limo driver called the police for an altercation he had with the Chicago-born rapper, who recently got a beat down while he was in Detroit for disrespecting the city and rappers from the famous Motown city. Detroit rapper Trick Trick denied having any involvement in taking part in the beat down, though he admitted that he did break up the fight when it occured and that he's a "disrespectful individual."
"You've got to be respectful wherever you go" the legenary rapper and entreprenuer said on a radio interview. He also said that the world would be a better place if everybody shows respect towards one another.
Back to Yung Berg, he would have scored some points had he said he prefered women that are the some complexion he is, and said positive things about dark-skinned females, but to call dark-skinned women dark-butts doesn't cut it. I wonder how would he feel if somebody was to use that remark towards his moms? I bet you he would be ready to fight and to put out a song about it.

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