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When T-Malone made his acting debut in the porn films “Tiger’s Brooklyn Tails” and the “Off the Hook” series, many viewers admired him for his looks, style of dress and for shattering the stereotypes of how men who bottom are supposed to look and act.
T-Malone has starred in countless films, including “T-Malone Bottom’s Up,” “Reloaded 1 & 2,” “Queens Plaza Pick UP Part 2 and “Ty’s Black Tie Affair.” He’s appeared in the adult magazine “Black Inches” where viewers was also impressed to learn that he’s more than a sexy man with a nice body. When we met at Cosci’ I was very impressed with how intelligent he is, and I also learned that we had many things in common including keeping in contact with old friends, as well as having great taste in men, and in music (he suggest that I purchased Boyz II Men’s latest release, and I will do so shortly).
This sexy and intelligent porn legend was nice enough to allow me to interview him, where he spoke about his career, having a loving and supporting family, and the importance of saving money.

Q: It’s an honor to finally meet you. What have you been up to?
A: Just taking it easy. I haven’t done much in sense of filming anything, but I’m working on some business ventures.

Q: Tell the viewers something about yourself.
A: I got into porn by chance I guess. It was an opportunity to make money. I started working wit Enrique Cruz and we formed a business relationship. You can say that we’re friends and business partners. I learned a lot about business from him. That’s pretty much how I got into it. I took everything I learned from him into other companies I worked with.

Q: What was the first film you starred in?
A: Tiger Brooklyn Tails.

Q: That’s one of my favorite films. A lot of fans and critics. Tell me from your perspective why is it a classic?
A: For me personally, it launched my career. It was one of the biggest films that Tiger did in his career, so that’s why I can relate to it, I think that there was things that hadn’t be done in other videos. We did scenes in Prospect Park. Enrique Cruz is always good at pushing the envelope and doing things outside the norm for Black and Latino porn.

Q: In addition to working with Enrique Cruz, what other companies you worked with?
A: I done a few for Latino Fan Club. Pit-bull productions, and Ebony D, which is in Canada and some others that I can’t of right now.

Q: I read your first interview with Black Inches magazine and I was extremely impressed with how open you was about your sexuality. When did you realize you was gay and how did your family and friends accept it?
A: As early as I can remember I was able to acknowledge being gay and my family was the same way. Growing up in my household, I have four brothers and my parents always allowed me to be really open and expressive with myself. If I wanted to play with dolls, I could play with dolls. If I wanted to bake instead of playing football, they allowed me to bake. When it came to sexuality, I never had a lot of

Q: I also remembering reading that you ran track and field in college. What was that like?
A: I love track and field. I’m still involved to this day. It’s one of the things that keep me in shape. I’m still in contact with a lot of my friends who I competed with. Some of them are in positions to be on the Olympic team; maybe to win a Gold medal. Some of them got in trouble due to the steroids scandals. I’m very involved with track and field still to this day.

Q: One thing I admire about you is even though you have the urban Hip-Hop look, you always bring class, intelligence and sensuality to your performances. How important is it for you to bring those qualities to your work?
A: It means a lot to me because I don’t want to misrepresent myself. Just because I’m in front of the camera doing porn I don’t feel it has to be distasteful. If they wanna see something nasty and raunchy, they’re gonna buy something else, but if they now what type of product I’m gonna put out, then they’re gonna buy my stuff.

SW: One of my favorite scenes I saw you in was when you was playing a journalist trying to get an interview with a famous guy, who you later got with in the steam room
T-Malone: Yeah (both laugh)

SW: That’s my second favorite scene of all time. What was it like topping him?
T-Malone: The chemistry was good; we spent the whole day together prior to shooting the shot. We kinda bounded. It was natural to top him. In my personal life, I’m pretty versatile.

SW: You also mentioned that you’re branching into other business ventures. What other ventures are you working with?
T-Malone: I’m currently involved investment. I invested in some property in Atlanta, and in Maryland, and I’m looking into continue with that. I’m also going to take some of my money and invest into porn. That wasn’t the first thing I wanted to do. I wanted to invest in something with stability so I got that going with the real estate so now I’m looking to move a little bit into trying a couple of things in porn.

SW: You’ve been in the porn game for almost ten years. How have you been able to maintain longevity?
T-Malone: One of the things I learned early on is that you can’t overdue it. A lot of these guys get in it and they making money and before you know it, in a short period of time, they’ve done twenty movies. Unless you’re hot and a big star where people love seeing you, they’re gonna get tired I think it also has to so with my fans being supportive. I told a lot of people I get a lot of compliments. I get a few criticisms and I can take the negative as well as the good, and I think that one of the most important things is being able to know who you are so you can be comfortable with that and be able to put out something that is consistent.

SW: What are some of the misconceptions people have about the porn industry?
T-Malone: Wow. I’m glad you asked that. I think that one of the misconceptions of people who do porn is that we are not capable of having a relationship. We’re not capable of loving people or allowing people to love us. Or we’re sex addicts. All we do is have sex all day, everyday. When I tell people (sometimes) I don’t have sex for two or three months at a time, they’re like wow! It means more to me to have a relationship with someone to enjoy going on dates. Things like that. I can get sex like that. It’s not a challenge for me. A lot of us have a brain; we don’t just use our bodies or asses and our dicks. There’s more to life than having sex for money. Some of us do think about our futures and we are saving and investing our money.

SW: I’ve notice that most of the films you starred in are with Blacks and Latinos. How do you feel you’re making an impact on Black and Latino Gay and Porn culture?

T-Malone: I think, with my looks, I’ve been able to blend, and especially in New York City, a lot of times I got ‘Hey Papi’ Some people think I’m Dominican; Puerto Rican. I have a lot of friends who are Latinos. I’ve dated a lot of Latinos and a lot of times, people talk about the separations between Latinos and Blacks. I really don’t sense that because usually when I’m around Latinos who usually don’t vibe with Blacks, I don’t get that same type of feedback from them. Enrique and I are very close. I don’t know is it because of my complexion, but I travel a lot

SW: I remembering reading that you went to Barbados. What was it like and how are the men other there?
T-Malone: Barbados was amazing. The first time I went there, it was like the beaches and the people were very friendly. I didn’t know it at the time, but they’re very gay friendly, even though they don’t advertise it, but they really are. I was able to relax and by myself. Guys approached me. It was a very good, relaxing experience.

SW: What other countries have you visited besides Barbados?
T-Malone: I’ve been to Canada, Barbados. I’ve been to Grenada, London and England. I have a lot of friends in London. Some of them work in fashion and some of them are models.

SW: Where do you see yourself in the next five and ten years?
T-Malone: In five years, I see myself doing things in real estate. I see myself doing things in porn. Ten years, I see myself being a millionaire and the biggest thing in porn.


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mid to late 20's. He is very down to earth, professional, intelligent and sexy as well.