Thursday, May 29, 2008



Have you ever heard the saying “I felt like a kid in a candy store?” That’s how I describe adult film star Kidd’s performance in the film “Dixx Are For Kidd” which is about a hot dude who enjoys getting fucked, and isn’t afraid or ashamed to be a bottom who likes to please and be pleased by the guys who turn his ass out.
The film begins with Kidd going to Rock (1)’s apartment wearing a black tank top and jeans apologizing for showing up late for their hook up.
“I hope you’re ready for his dick” Rock (1) says while stroking his dick.
“Yo I’m about to show the kid don’t play” Kidd replies as he takes of his jeans and sucks his dick which has the Chocolate Cream legend being dominant by telling Kidd how to suck his dick the right way, but Kidd decides to suck him off his own way by being more aggressive.
“I’m tired of just sucking and playing with this dick” he says before Rock decides to fuck him slowly and slap his ass very hard before he begins to fuck him hard to the point of Kidd screaming in a high falsetto voice.
“Good ass mother fucking dick” is that dick for me
“Yeah” Rock says he smacks his ass before he fucks him with his left leg on the bed. Realizing that it was too much to take, Kidd takes charge and tell Rock to fuck him on his back, and once again, Rock fucks him so hard that he screams in higher octaves and busts a creamy load.
Scene 2 is one of the best scenes of the film. Kidd bumps into newcomer Dominic in the street, and tells him how hot looking he is and invites him to his crib to watch some porn DVD’s but when he gets there, he’s shocked to learn that Kidd is going to turn him own manually, and he doesn’t resist Kidd sucking his dick, who sucks him off to the point where Dominic gets comfortable and takes off his hoodie, lifts up his grey t-shirt and sits on the chair
“I knew you was going to enjoy this.” Kidd says
“Wifey never gave me nothing like this” Dominic replies.
They both get undresses (with Dominic keeping his fitted cap on) and lay on the bed where Kidd sucks him off before Dominic decides to have his first piece of ass.
“Wifey’s shit never look this good” Dominic says before he fucks Kidd doggy style while speaking Spanish. Dominic then tell Kidd to lay on his back so he can fuck him deeper, and lets the beast comes out by fucking Kidd so hard that the bed and apartment door shakes.
“Gimme that Dominican dick nigga” Kidd says while Dominic has his legs pinned to his chest forcing him to shoot a watery load all over his chest, while Dominic continues to enjoy his first piece of ass by fucking him harder, forcing Kidd to tell him to bust.
Scene 3 is one of the hottest scene in this flick. It features Kidd going to Carlito’s apartment to listen to music and hang out. While Carlito’s in the kitchen fixing him a drink, Kidd grabs his dick while opening and closing his legs. When Carlito returns, and asks him if he wanted to listen to music, Kidd lets him know that he’s not there to listen to music; he’s there to get some dick and Carlito gladly gives him what he wants, by allowing Kidd to unzip his pants and suck his dick. Seeing that they’re both getting pleasure, Carlito tells Kidd to get out his clothes, lays on the couch and have Kidd finish giving him a blow job before he decides to eat his ass, which has Kidd hotter than the heat wave New York had in 2005.
After slapping his ass with his huge dick, Carlito puts his condom covered dick inside and begins to fuck him slowly
“This is what you want?” Carlito asks
“Yeah. I want all that dick” Kidd replies.
Carlilo begins to fuck him, and he fucks him so well that he had Kidd saying “I want you to make love to his ass nigga.” After showing off his grinding skills, Cartlito lays Kidd on the couch and begins to kiss him all over his body bringing intimacy and sensuality to the scene and his performance, and while Kidd enjoys the four play, he develops an appetite for Carlito’s dick, and though he loves being passionate, Carlito decides to fuck him on his back and on his knees, where during the latter position, he has Kidd bend over on the arm of the couch moaning
“I want that fucking nut” Kidd screams
“You want this nut nigga? Tell me where you want it.”
“On my chest”

The film ends with new comer Citi Bwoi brining Kidd into his bedroom, where’s he surprised to see his partner Jovannie laying on the bed chillin’.
“This is my peoples” he says
“He’s cool”
“I’m gonna show you that dicks are for kids” Kidd says before he climbs into the bed and begins sucking both of their dicks with Jovannie competing for more head game from Kidd who doesn’t have any problems submitting to his commands. A few minutes later, Bwoi is standing behind him admiring and slapping Kidd’s ass and before you know it, he puts on a condom, and fucks Kidd
“You said you like dick nigga” he says while he’s fucking him
“I love that shit” Kidd says while he’s getting fucked and sucking going down on Jovannie, who get his verbal action by telling Kidd to suck his dick in a thick and undeniable southern accent, while looking down at him. After Bwoi mentions how good his ass is, Jovannie begins to fuck him while Kidd sucks Bwoi off, but some strange reason, Jovannie isn’t satisfied so he gets pissed, and decides to have Kidd suck both them off with Jovannie feeing for more head before they both stand up and bust on Kidd who says “Silly rabbit. Dicks are for kids!

This film was ok; it had some hot moments except for the last scene, which I expected to be hotter since Kidd was getting fuck by too hot guys. It would have been better if they were in different positions, and if the oral parts was a bit longer. Maybe that would have made the scene hotter, but over all it was a good film, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Kidd taking dick like a man.


RocaFella07 said...

Yeah! That 1st scene had to be the best! it was too HOTT!!


Anonymous said...

crazy idea i know but how do u think credit cruch affected porn?

kelly divine

Anonymous said...

Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing …

LIBERATOR | Émigré Éire said...

Jovonnie, Citi Bwoi and Kidd should have been a dream combination, but it fell a bit flat.

Anonymous said...

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