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When singer/songwriter Mariah Carey's single "Touch My Body" topped the Pop charts, she became tied with The Beatles with being the second act to have the most number one hits behind Elvis Presley. That led fans to wonder how good would her album "E=MC2" would be; she didn't leave anybody disappointed. She cooked up a nice album with some hot dance songs, and soulful ballads that will be played at clubs and in the bedroom. Since adding Hip-Hop and R&B to her Pop flavored songs, Carey's record sales and fan base had increased, and with her latest release debuting at number one, it looks like she doesn't plan on slowing down.
Serving as co-executive producer, Carey wrote and produced the CD with Nate "Danji" Hills, C. Tricky Stewart, Terrin "The Dream" Nash (Rhianna), Scott Storch (Kelly Rowland, 50 Cent), Stargate (Ne-Yo, Lionel Richie), Swizz Beats and longtime collaborators Jermaine Dupri and Manuel Seal, who were responsible for helping her now-classic release "The Emancipation of Mimi" become the number one album of 2005.
The album opens with "Migrate" which has hot flutes, beats, and featuring Carey singing mid and low ranges, as well as T-Pain singing in his trademark computer voice also showcases his natural singing voice, which sounds good. Her latest top charting single "Touch My Body" has great strings, and sexy, hip lyrics about keeping a private sexual encounter private.

Cause if you run your mouth
and brag about this secret rendevous
I will hunt you down
Cause they will be up in my face
Like a Wendy interview
But this is private
Between you and I.

"Cruise Control" has a hot Dancehall/Reggae groove thanks to the guitar, keyboards, Damian Marley's smooth chanting and Carey singing in a soulful/Reggae style. It would have been hotter had it been recorded as a duet, but we know that Mimi will have some hot ass remixes for this one. "I Stay In Love" is a nice ballad furthering demonstrating Carey's ability to sing lower mid ranges. In addition to the classy piano riffs, the song has touching lyrics that sounds like an answer to New Edition's "Rewrite The Memories" while the Hip-Hop flavored "Side Effects" has Carey singing the trials and tribulations she went through during her marriage to former Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola, who was controling her image and sound and how she had to break away to save herself. Co-penned and produced with Storch, the song has hot rock guitar riffs, and a hot verses by Young Geezy, who gives the song an edge. (A perfect way to get back at her ex-husband, who didn't like her adding Hip-Hop and R&B to her song). This song will help those who are recovering from being in abusive relationships.
"I'm That Chick" has a funky bass, and features Carey singing the bridge from former labelmate Michael Jackson's 1980 hit "Off The Wall" in a sexy and soulful tone. A great song for the kids to groove to at clubs along with "O.C.C." which further showcases her sensual side and Latin heritage. Though the song should have been longer, it has hot beats, horns, and samples from the Salsoul Orchestra's classic "It's Good For The Soul" as well as sexy vocal harmony by her and Da Brat, who co-wrote this song with her best friend.
"Love Story" is a nice and soulful ballad that captures phrasing and ability to hit low notes as well as sing harmony. A great song for Gay and Hetero couples to play at weddings and anniversaries, along with "I'll Be Loving U Long Time' which contains samples of Debarge's classic hit "Stay With Me."
My personal favorite song on the CD is "For The Record" one of the most creative song Mariah has recorded to date. She puts her all in this heartfelt ballad that sounds like the long awaited sequal to her 1992 # 2 hit "Can't Let Go." Co-written and produced with Bryan Michael Cox, the song has beautiful strings, keyboards, live breaks during the first verse and lyrics featuring her classic hits. It also features her singing mid and low ranges during the lead, while she hits her trademark whistling high note in the background.

For the record
You'll always be a part of me
No matter what you do
For the record
Can't nobody say I didn't give "My all" to you
And for the record
I told you "Underneath the stars" that
You "belong to me"
And for the record
It's obvious that we just "can't let go" of us. "Honey"
Cause when I'm looking in your eyes
Feels like the first
Give me one good reason why
We can't just press rewind
I don't wanna spend my life
Thinking what it could have been like
If we had another try
One time
Back in the day
That look on your face
Still love you boy
Feels like the first time.

A grammy award in recommended for this song!

Her current single "Bye Bye" is a great touching song about dealing with the pain of losing a loved one and honoring their memories. Though it's a sad song, but it has an upbeat beat and smooth soulful vocals and it will be played at funerals and memorial services.
The CD closes with the inspirational "I wish You Well" which Carey co-wrote with longtime background vocalist Maryann Tatum, who adds old school Gospel harmony to the songs along with the piano performance and spoken passages by Bishop Clearance Keaton.

Mariah Carey came back with a nice album that showcased her ability to sing different ranges as oppossed to using her trademark high notes that made her famous in 1990, and with the rate she's going, she's going to be around for another decade while other females artist relies on gimmicks to have hit records.


RocaFella07 said...

"Cruise Control" is the shit.

"I'll Be Lovin' You Long Time" is THE jam!!

This whole album has a lot of Singles on it.


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