Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Here is a breakdown of my favorite porn stars in categoires

Famous on/off screne couple
City Boi and Jiovanne-These southern boys have been bringing their southern hospitality to their work in several films including Measuring Up and Payback's A Bitch which in the latter, Jiovanne was topped on screen for the first time. The duo also showcased their versatility in Black In Nature
I would love to see this duo show more sensuality (especially when City is going to be the main top) and them having a equal amoung of topping time.

Famous Bottoms
June-This Latin hunk has no shame in taking some good ass dick in his ass. Since he's been on the scene since 2007/8, he's been making guys sweat and lose their breath with his tight Latin ass, which shows bottoms that they're no less than a man.

Neo-This guys gives off mad sensuality and knows what he likes. His performances in Give A Thug A Bone and Assualt With A Blatino Weapon shows that Black guys can put it on you just ass good as females

Famous top of 2009
Loco-This hot sexy, young, mature brother knows how to lay the pipe down and he knows how to make his partner satisfied. If he continues to remain down to earth and don't get caught up in negavitivy, he will have a long career.

Famous Verstaile of 2009
Nubius-This Tall muscular hunk can give dick as well as take it. From getting hit from guys half his size to banging out tall brothas, he gives a complete description on how to get sexually taken care of. Plus he knows hows to kiss

Remy Mars-Known for getting his ass tapped, the Philly native shocked many fans when he topped Thug Nasty in the flick "Thugboy 7" and though he has alot of pratice, he did a pretty decent job.

Porn Stars who have potential

Spyder-This slender sexy brotha made his debut in Give A Thug A Bone, and while he's blessed with a huge dick and slender body, he didn't get a chance to really shine towards the end. He gives off alot of sensuality, and I feel that writers need to have him perform sensual acts (Kissing, necking and rubbing) before he gets his dick sucked and fucks. He was able to make his onscreen co-star cum several times and for a person to do that without hard pounding shows that he has skills that need to be developed.

Black Mamba-This sexy slender dark-skinned Black/Latin brother showed the true meaning of being a Blatino. In addition to his accent, he displayed lots of sensuality, class and charm in the film "Fever For Da Flaver-Orlando" and viewers who love Chocolate Black Latin men will having multiple orgasims and wanting to take Spanish lessons when watching this film. I would love to see him maintian his sensuality and contiue to kiss in future projects.

The biggest comebacks:
T-Malone: This Porn role model made his return in Layin' Pipe and picked up where he left off at; showing the industry and the world that masucline looking men shouldn't be looked down on because they like to receive dick instead of give it.

Supreme Castro: When Supreme got fucked in the films "Take Em Down" 1 & 2, many were shocked, pissed and hurt that he got dicked down by the industry's famous Blatino Top. (I felt sorry for him)
He went back to his roots in the film "New Thug City" where he plays a ruthless drug dealer, who uses his dick to punish those who late with his loot and to test their loyalty. Though his dick had slight problems getting errected, he was able to regain his topping status and hopefully he will remain on top of his game.

Famous 3 ways
The second scene in the flick "Jeans, Hoodies & Boots" What I liked about that scene was how the guys were into each other, and they complimented each other with their sex skills, by displaying their personalties.