Tuesday, December 22, 2009


There has been another split in the Destiny's Child camp. Only this time it's Tina Knowles, who's recently filed for divorced from her husband Matthew her husband of
29 years and the father of their daughters Beyonce and Solange and stepfather to Kelly Rowland, who took her when her mother couldn't take her on her job (ok).
Tina who designed clothes for the group, had filed for divorce last month which is something fans have been anticipating for the past year, since they hardly saw her and Matthew at events. In fact Tina had been spending time with Beyonce on her current tour, while Matthew's been handling the business. The Knowles had always wanted to portray a happy family image, but that was shattered when Matthew replaed orignal group members LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Robertson without telling them, and making Robertson's replacement Farrah Franklin go to tanning salons and dying her hair red to look like her. They also forced their daughter Solange to marry her son's father so their grandchild wouldn't be born out of wedlock. That marriage didnt' last and neither did her parents, which leaves many to wonder how she, Beyonce and Kelly who used to defend Matthew feel. I know they're gonna be devestated if they learned that he's the father of a child a woman who hit him with a paternity suit.
Looks like The Knowles isn't the perfect family they want us to beleive and I know that Beyonce must feels pretty stupid about trying to dis The Jacksons, while Kelly must be in shock to learn that the man she defended was having a duet session with another woman.


RocaFella07 said...

This shocked me, when I heard about it the other day in the radio.

Atleast she has her own brand and money AWAY from the marrage.



That's true. She's really an Independent Woman

Anonymous said...

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