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God blesses people with many gifts including the gift of singing, athletics, and cooking. He's also blessed many with serious dick and ass skills, and that's what makes this DVD "Thug Boy Volume 7: Built to Fuck" so hot. In addition to the heavy fucking, this flick has some of the hottest oral, foreplay and 69 sessions I've seen in a porn flick, and once you see this film, I gurantee that you'll have problems deciding which scenes to rewind and bust the first nut too.
The DVD opens with J-Rock and Nick Wild taking a walk through Miame and as soon as they get near the water, Rock admits to Wild that he's been checking him out and notices how sexy he is. Shocked and flattered, Wild asks him what he wants to do and before you know it they head back to a house where Wild immediatly begins sucking his boy's large tool as they lay on the bed relaxed. He later removes his shirt ad stands up while w contiues sucking him off. They later return to the bed where Rock decides to fuck Wild's mouth as he lays on his back as he lays on his back with him later having a Bry'Nt moment by being like Monica Walinksi with his oral sex skills; he sucks and licks his balls before sucking the dick while his boy massages and smacks his ass before fucking him doggystyle in a sensual,slow speed.
"Ooh shit" Rock moans before he speeds up the pace and smacks Wild's ass causing him to moan 'oh shit. Yeah."
They then lay on their sides where Wild begins to have a Pretty Ricky/Snoop Dogg/Pharell moment by riding his dick and dropping it like it's hot, which entices Rock to the point of him having his own Pretty Ricky moment of becoming a Bedroom Beast; he fucks him hard and honors Wild's request by slapping his ass (Tops take note; if the guy you're fucking asks you to smack his ass, honor it. It ain't like he's asking you to eat his ass) and fucking to the point where both find themselves into positions that are compatiable for both, while Nick says 'gimme that dick' (who says that bottoms are the only ones who are submissive).
"You like this dick?"
"Hard dick (huh)?"
Rock then pounds Nick to the point of shooting a creamy load on the comforter before receiving a facial from his boy who cums on the side of his face
The next scene is one of my favorites shattering sterotypes of what society feels who should be tops and bottoms. It features Will2K a rough looking brotha on his cell phone calling his friend Magic to inform him that the cab had left him two blocks away from his house and talks about the cold weather in New York and how he's glad to be in Miami.
"I may have to take up Spanish" he says as he head towards Magic's crib.
"I may not wanna go back to New York."
He later arrives at Magic, a clean cut looking brotha's crib, where they give each other pounds andhugs before they head toward Magic's bedroom, where Will asks if he can remove his shoes.
"Yeah. Get comfortable" Magic replies in a smooth mellow voice.
They start to catch up, and before you know it, Magic whips out his dick which Will sucks.
"It's still big" Will says as he sucks off his boy, who looks on with a joyus look on his face before he removes his shorts and boxers, giving his friend easier access to suck his dick. Both men then participate in a hot 69 session, and what gives this performance fire is how Magic keeping his sneakers on, while he eats Will's ass, while he's getting his Southern Sausage worked on orally. Desperate for some dick, Will informs his friend that he wants more that oral service.
"I didn't come to Miami to suck dick" he says before Magic tosses his salad.
"New York ass tastes better than Miami" Magic says while he begins to fuck Will missionary style and he doesn't waste anytime giving him some nice Southern dick us New York Brothers are dying to have.
"Get in that ass" Will screams
What makes this scene hot is watching Magic taking charge by using his leg to get Will in the position that gives him easier access to penetrate his ass deeply. Especially when he has his boy laying on his stomach pinned down by his neck (I love to see masculine looking brothas screaming like bitches). Magic then shows his intimate side by licking Will's neck.
"You're trying to kill me" Will asks.
"I ain't leaving tonight."
After a few moments of fucking, Magic shoots a load on his face.

Scene 3 is gonna have fans of Philly native Remy Mars in shock. It features him sitting in a hotel lobby surfing the internet, when Thug Nasty asks him if he knows where the gym is located. Mars tells him that it's closed and when Nasty tells him he came from out of town, Mars that they chill in his hotel room until the gym opens. They start to become acquianted when Nasty tells him he's from Louisiana.
"I'm gonna get my work out?"
"Let me see how you look underneath"
Nasty removes his white T-shirt while Remy gently rubs his ass. Nasty returns the compliment, and after removing his clothes, Remy does what he does best; sucked his dick. Nasty tells Mars to remove his boxers and quickly takes part in a hot 69 session, with Mars, who's known for having his ass eaten tosses Nasty's salad. They later lay on their sides and suck each other off before Mars contiues to eat Nasty out to the point where the Southern boy has a smile on his face. Remy then fucks the Southern boy doggysyle. Yes kiddies. Philly's famous bottom Remy Mars makes his topping debut!!!!!!!!!!!!
Though he has problems keeping his dick in Nasty Thug's ass, he manages to tear it up to the point where the Thug has a Britney Spears moment by telling Remy to hit that shit one more time.
"You like that shit" Remy asks in a suprisingly baritone voice.
"Yeah" Nasty replies before he grinds on Remy's dick before Mars returns to the bottoming position, and while Nasty is lubing his condom covered dick, he seductively informes him that he's gonna give it to him the way he gave it to him. Nasty then enters Remy and fucks him seductively before he throws his left leg over his shoulder.
"Fuck this shit" Remy says before Nasty hits him from behind and smacks his ass twice.
"Fuck that shit dawg!" he says before he rides Nasty's dick.
They both jerk off and shoot large loads and licks each others cum.
"I guess you still gotta get that work out?" Mars asks
"I just got mines" Nasty asks.
"That's wassup."
Next up in scene 4 is Brandon Johnson and Elmo Carter, with the latter being such an inconsiderate cocky and arrogant bitchy character that's gonna have viewers either liking his cockiness and/or wanting to jump through the screen and read his ass. It begins with Brandon in his hotel room in a deep sleep to the point where he doesn't hear his cell phone ringing. A few mintues later, Elmos and demands that he wakes up, and asks why he didn't answer the phone.
"I was sleep" Brandon replies still sleepy. Elmo is unsatisfied to the point where he cuts Brandon off, then decides not to argue any longer, so he heads to the bathroom to take a shower and tells him that he better be ready when he gets out. While Jackson is washing up, Johnson checks his cell and realizes that his lover only called him once.
Elmo returns to the room wearing a towel around his waist and tells his boy to put some lotion on him because he doesn't want to be ashy when he's fucking him. After being rubbed the right way, he tells Brandon to suck his dick and Brandon proceeds to suck his semi-hard dick before Elmo stands in the middle of the bed to get more enticed. Elmo then eats Brandon's ass, while Brandon returns the favor by sucking Elmo's is dick while in a hot 69 position with Elmo slapping and eating his ass to the point where Elmo has him hanging upside down and being verbally dominating.
"Eat that shit nigga" he says as he has a face being buried in his ass.
Elmo then pounds Brandon's ass to the point where the latter has a Juvenille moment by backing his ass up towards Elmo's dick.
"Gimme that dick" Brandon says before he gets fucked on his back and on his left side while Elmo jerks his dick and shoots a watery load on Brandon's face and breathes like he's having a heart attack. He then licks his cum on Brandon's face and orders him to bust a nut.
"Are you gonna help me?" Brandon asks.
"Hell naw. I got mines" Elmo replies.
"You better bust your nut by the time I get out the shower" Elmo says in a southern accent.
Brandon has problems cumming, and Elmo attempts to help him by jerking his dick as well as spitting on it in an attempt to get it wet, but that doens't help. After Brandon finally manages to shot a load, but he discovers that cranky Elmo had up and left.
Scene 5 features Dangerzone standing by a resturant listening to his I-pod, when Rico approaches and asks him for a cigarette. After introducing themselves, Rico begins to ask him questions including if he was from the area, and after sensing they had chemistry, Zone asks if they can chill and Rico says yes. When they arrive at Zone's hotel room, Rico is suprised and amazed that though Zone is a few years older, he loves cartoons. They start to have conversation over a blunt, later winding up in the bedroom, where they quickly engage in oral sex, with Danger burying his ass in Rico's ass, and sucking his balls putting him a Vanessa L. Williams mode of being in the comfort zone. They hop into a hot 69 session with Danger has Rico upside down while both suck each other dicks, before Zone fucks Rico on his back to the point where he moans 'yeah nigga.'
What makes this scene hot is the chemistry and sensuality they display. Especially when they laugh like a bunch of teenagers. Rico then decides to have a Tyresse moment by sitting on top of Zone before he gets fucked from the back and missionary style with Zone fucking him in various speeds, while Rico jerks his dick and shoots a creamy load on his stomach which Zone licks.
The DVD ends with 69 standing in front of an aparmtent building talking on his cell phone when Mr. Saukei pulls up in a silver car and polietly asks him if he knows how to get to a certain area. 69 points to the direction and informs him that he's heading in that area and if he could give him a ride. Saukei agrees and tells him he has a room and he can chill with him. When they arrive in the room, Saukei thanks 69 for the ride and compliments his physique with words and having a Johnny Gill moment by rubbing his chest the right way, followed by him kissing his neck and removing his clothes except for his cap and Nikeys, and has him sucking his dick.
"Suck that dick nigga" he says as 69 is sucking his dick.
"Shit good." (I love to see short guys make guys taller than them become sexually submissive in the bedroom).
Saukei then returns the favor by sucking on his Latin tool while he's fucking 69's throat.
"You think I can get some of this?"
Saukei manages to climb on top of 69 and fucks his like a beast.
"This ass is tight" he says
"Let me in nigga"
He fucks 69 to the point where he's having a Destiny's Child moment of losing his breath before he fucks him doggystyle.
"Arch your back" he says while he fucks the tall hunk to the point where he's holding on to the bed for levelage and to avoid losing his balance followed by him fucking him missionary style, where 69 is moaning like he's gasping for air. Especially after Saukei busts on his face.

This movie was good, but it would have been hotter had scene two featured the duo kissing and fucking for a longer period of time. Mars did a good job of fucking, but he needs to participate in more foreplay before he fucks, and I would love to see a follow scene withe Brandon and Elmo as well, but all in all the film was good and it showed that both tops and bottoms have the capability to fuck well.

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