Monday, December 21, 2009


On a episode of the hit series "227," the tenants of the building had met in the laundry room to hear the reading of their late owner's will, and many people were expecting that the building's sexy vamp Sandra Clark was going to be owner of the building. So did Sandra who arrived at the reading wearing a mink stroll and red dress.
When the lawyer read, I leave the building to the woman who made the best apple pie I've ever tasted.
"Apple pie!" Sandra screamed in shock
"We didn't use any apple pie!"
When the lawyer announced that Rose Lee Holloway was going to be the new owner of the building, both Rose and Sandra were in shock. Rose was in shock, because she didn't have any experience of managing a building, while Sandra on the other hand was shocked because she thought that she would be getting the building because she slept with the man.
That episode showed how a person's good and positive character can be rewarded in many different ways, and with her spending time with him despite his lack of professionalism, she and the tenats of "227" were rewarded with a building owner with a heart.

Sadly the world had lossed legendary actress/singer Alainia Reed Hall, who had played the loving Rose last Thursday to breast cancer at the age of 63. Born in Springfield Ohio, Hall starred in many theatre productions including "Hair,"Chicago, and Eubie!" before landing a gig on the popular hit show "Seasame Street" in 1976, where she portrayed the sister of Gordon until 1988. She became a bigger household name when she landed the role of Rose on the hit NBC Emmy-award winning series "227," where she played the best friend of Mary Jenkins (Played by Marla Gibbs), who would show love to everybody in the building and would try to be a peace maker between Mary and Sandra (Played by Jackee Harry), as well as try to make Mary that she didn't have to be too hard on her daughter Brenda (Regina King), and though she was kind hearted, she would also check Sandra's behind a few times. Perharps the happiest moment of the show was when she and real-life husband actor Kevin Hall were married and serenaded by Luther Vandross who sang his award-winning hit "Here And Now" during a two-part episode. When the show was canceled, she starred in many movies and commericals and made an appearance on the hit series "A Different World" durinng the episode where Whitley Gilbert had applied for unemployment. She had also been starring in her own cooking show before she passed away.
Her death is sad because she was truly a kind-hearted woman, a talented actress and singer, who paved the way for many of today's Hollywood startlets, and it's time that we honor this woman for her grace, talented and work, Think about it, if it wasn't for her and cast of 227, nobody wouldn't have nothing to watch on Saturday and many females wouldn't have had anybody to admire.

We all know that Rose is in Heaven with fellow cast member Helen Martin sittin on the stoop and looking down on us dishing the dirt, and Helen is asking Rose to make her famous apple pie and knowing Rose, she's is without any complaint.


Anonymous said...

You put your feet in it, Ra Shawn! Very poignant tribute to Alaina. She is smiling at you, saying thank you for loving and appreciating her. We need to have a 227 marathon weekend.


Thanks Donald. We had to make sure she got the proper acknowledgement and respect she deseves. Especially since she didn't have any controversary surrounding her.

Anonymous said...

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