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Whenever a person hears a story about a person and their activities, they’re either told u gotta measure up and the actors in this latest release from Pit bull productions does more than measure up; they satisfies their partners by showing off their skills in the bedroom that will have viewers stepping up their sexual skills.
The film begins with Jovanne chilling at real life lover City Boy’s apartment where the latter is complaining about a female, and Jovanne suggest that Boy allows him to fuck him.
“I ain’t with that shit” Boy replies.
“So if I kiss you, would you let me?" Jovanne asks.
Jovanne leans over to and begins to kiss his friend, who doesn’t resist or hold back. Especially when Jovanne rubs his leg and continues to kiss before he removes City Boy’s pants and begins to suck his dick. Excited and enticed, City takes off his clothes and sucks Jovanne’s dick while he Jovanne holds his neck with his hand before they engage in a hot 69 session, with both men slurping and sucking each other off (who says that versatile tops can’t suck dick real good)?
Jovanne then fucks City Boy from behind causing him to moan the bed to squeak.
“You like it?” Jovanne asks.
“Hell yeah” City Boy replies as he moaning.
“Take it Nigga.”
Jovanne then fucks him lying on his side while holding both of his legs. What makes this scene hot are the close ups of City Boy being penetrated, moaning and the long shot of him being kissed.
“Whose is it?”
“It’s yours nigga” City Boy replies before he gets fucked missionary style. Twice with his leg on Jovanne’s shoulder.
“I like this shit” Boy says in between moans before Jovanne replies with ’take this shit nigga’ with the sounds of Boy moaning and the bed squeaking makes the scene hotter before they both lay on the bed and bust their nuts with Jovanne doing much of the moaning.
Scene 2 reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite urban novels where a two people meet in the laundry mat in their building and wind up having sex later on that evening. That’s what happens with neighbors Redd and Shaft; they meet, and gives each other pounds before Redd invites him up to his apartment and doesn’t waste anytime letting him he’s ready to get things up and popping, as he unbuttons his neighbor’s pants and begins to suck him off which pleases both of them.
“That’s right” Shaft says.
“Does this dick tastes good?”
“Alright nigga let’s move over” Redd replies as they moved to the futon bed, where Shaft returns the favor and sucks him off.
“You like that shit nigga?”
“Uh-Huh. Suck that shit” Redd says in an aggressive tones, that lets bottoms know that they can tell their partners how to please them as well as be just as dominant as tops. He also has a Destiny’s Child moment when he asks his neighbor can he handle eating his ass before he lays on the futon, and gets served with his Shaft’s tongue, who tells him that his ass tastes better than pussy and that he’s gonna replace him with his girlfriend (like he hasn’t had that though before).
Redd then turns on his back and throws his legs up in the air while keeping his black high top Nikes on, and continues to get his salad tossed before briefly sucking Shaft’s Shaft and getting hit from the back.
“Gimme that ass” shaft says smoothly.
“Damn that ass is tight” while Redd is having a Juvenile moment by backing his ass up on Shaft’s dick.
“Damn fuck that ass nigga’ Redd says
“Yeah. Gimme that ass” Shaft replies before he fucks him missionary style. After fucking they bust nuts.

Jovanne returns in scene 3 where he’s in his apartment watching television when his best friend Shawn Legend pays him a visit and asks how his day and relationship going. Jovanne informs him that he and his lover had gotten into an argument about the lack of time they’ve been spending together and being falsely accused of cheating.
“Have you” Legend ask surprised.
“Naw. I’ve been working” Jovanne replies before offering his friend something to drink.
Jovanne returns and gives the drink to his friend, who asks him what’s the status of his relationship while looking at him seductively.
“Fuck that nigga” Jovanne says before he asks Legend about his relationship, and is shocked to learn that his best friend’s lover had cheated on him twice and that his lover thinks that the two are having an affair, when Legend suggest that they have sex.
Jovanne resists, but changes his mind when Shawn rubs his leg and unbuttons his baggy short jeans and sucks him off lovely.
“Damn you got a big dick” Shawn says as he admires his friends dick with his eyes, hands and mouth before they remove all their clothing and begin to bump and grind before Jovanne, donned in a black du-rag, fucks his friend.
“What’s my name nigga” Jovanne asks he slaps Shawn’s ass twice.
Shawn is in so much pain that he can only answer with a moan. He’s still in shock that he’s getting fucked by his best friend, who’s blessed with a good heart, and a nice sized tool so he’s has to get used to it. After getting hit from behind, Jovanne lays on the bed with Legend lifting up his leg allowing the southern boy to have a Aretha Franklin/EnVogue moment by giving him something he can feel. Especially when fucks him missionary style while he holds Shawn’s legs in the air and rubs his right nipple simultaneously.

In scene 4, Sho-Nuff (a/k/a Carlito) is setting in the middle of his bed dressed in a black and gold short pajama set and black fitted cap playing with his dick, when his partner Killa startles him by climbing in bed with his lab top. Killa decides to give him the real thing by removing his shirt and sucking his dick. Enjoying his lip service, Sho-Nuff wastes no time in removing his pants and giving his boy easier access to his dick.
“Damn man” Killa says as Sho-Nuff faces fucks him.
“Slob this shit. Suck it like you want it” Sho-Nuff says before he stands up and turns his fitted cap backwards.
Killa then informs him that he wants to eat his ass, and he tosses his salad so well that Sho-Nuff tells him to sit on his face and allows him to suck his big balls before he gets face fucked while he’s laying on his back.
“I want some ass”
“Is that what you want nigga?” Killa asks.
Sho-Nuff tears killa’s ass up by fucking him various positions including doggy style, missionary and on his stomach to the point where both are sweating bullets trains. Killa also has a Pretty Ricky moment by Grinding on him before he gets hit from behind, while Sho-Nuff slaps his ass and fucks him to the point of submission before he shoots a creamy load on his face and licks his nipple, while Killa masturbates and busts his load.

The last scene features new comers Bronze Starr and Run 30, chilling in the basement where Bronze talks about plans he has to decorate his basement, while he denies his friends sexual advantages, though he’s cool with him being Gay. Persistence, a code of silence and offers to help paint and remodel his basements helps changes his mind, and before you can blink, he allows his friend to unzip his jeans and sucks him off to the point where he enjoys it. He enjoys it so much that he takes charge by slapping his friend’s nice sized ass, and fucking him in various positions including doggy style and missionary.

The guys in the film did a great job, but it would have been hotter had the camera person filmed a close up shot of Jovanne and Shawn Legend instead of the cut off shot. That would have really displayed the chemistry the actors had on screen, as well as having them talk after they finished busting their loads along with Shaft smacking Redd’s ass when he told him too. Those would have made the movie hotter, but all in all it was a good film that lives up to it’s title.

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