Monday, September 14, 2009


Kayne you're a public figure
Don't act like a dumb nigga

Grow up boy
Grow up, grow up son.
Grow up, kid, grow up son.
Grow up, kid, grow up kid
Grow up, kid, grow up

Since rapper/producer Kayne West bust on the scene in 2003, he's has become one of the industry's successful and innovative performers, but he's also known for having hissy fits and temper tanturms as well, and his behavior at last night's MTV Video awards showed how immature he is. When Country singer Taylor Swift walked on stage to accept her award for Best Female Video, not only did the Grammy-award winning rapper jumped onstage, he had the freaking audacity to snatch the microphone from her and say that he felt that Original Destiny's Child member Beyonce should have won for her hit "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"
West's behavior shocked everybody in the audience including Knowles who facial expression saidk 'what the hell is his problem?' When she won for video of the year, Knowles called Swift back onstage and allowed her to give her acceptance speech, showing that she had more class then West.

This is not the first time that the College Dropout had hissy fits at award shows.
In 2004, he held a press conference and said that he wasn't going to perform at the American Music Awards because he felt that he was snubbed by not winning the award for Best New Artist. He was saying that he couldn't beleive that a Country artist had won instead of him, and that he should have won, because of the many hit records and albums that he had produced that year.
The AMA are voted by fans, and he should have been greatful that he was nominated, especially when artist who paved the way for him were never even nominated for that award.

His behavior last night was beyonc childish; not only was he disrespectful, but hyprocitical;he also tok away Taylors' shingign moment; that was the first award she even won, but had the nerve to bast Chris Brown for the fight he had with Rhianna. Kanye even though you didn't strivke, her , you was still disrespectful, and you made an ass out of yourself.

Kanye's behavvior is adding to the sterotypes about Black enterainers not having class and being ingorant, and I bet that Oprah Winfrey is having some major hot flashes and hissy fits, and (probably) scraming I can't beleive I had that rapper on my show. Yes Oprah interviewed Kayne back in 2005, and allowed him to perform a song he wrote about his late mother, but she wouldn't allow rapper Ice Cube to appear with the rest of the cast of "The Barber Shop" a film that he wrote, produced and directed!!!!

I feel that Kanye needs to take some time off, relax and mourn his mother's passing, then return to the industy, because he's on the path for self-destruction. I don't know how he's coping with the loss of his mother in private, but it seems that he has some unresolved-issues, and the best thing for him to do is to take some time away. It's not like he's working a regular 9-to-5 or 10-6, and is living from pay check to pay check. He's releases several successful albums and has wrote and produced several hit for many artists that have gone gold and platnium, and receives air play, which is bringing him mad coins, so he can afford to take a vacation.
Losing a loved one that was a mjor part and influence for most of your life isn't easy; I lost my last grandmother two day days after Michael Jackson and it's hard to cope and sometimes accept that she's gone. I have my good days, and I also have my days when I become sad and depressed, but I take life one day and step at a time, and I feel that Kanye needs to deal with his issues before he winds up hurting others and himself.


RocaFella07 said...

I'm in LOVE with Kanye West! He's innovative, talented, sexy, and has the tendency to be a complete asshole...some part of me likes that. LOL!

But, his little tantrum at the VMA's was just uncalled for! He really should've had a seat.



Kanye is a talented and innovative performer, but he needs to take some time off and come to grips with his mother's passing. His behavior at the VMA's was uncalled for. Had he been leaving the VMA's and was asked how he felt about the awards, then he should have expressed his opinion, but to jump onstage and steal Talyor's moment was totally immature.

Anonymous said...

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