Wednesday, May 25, 2011


For the past twenty years, the Out Music Awards have honored many talented Openly Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender artists, for their music and living in their truths, and Monday's night award ceremony was a great event to attend, seeing those being honored for their talent. When I heard about this event I was determined to go, and I'm sure glad that I did because it felt like being a family reunion and I have to add that everybody was looking fierce! When I arrived I saw LA Based rapper Foxx Jazell looking like a Supreme with her hot Pink dress being interviewed, and after greeting each other she asked was I doing press. I wasn't; this was my first time attending and my goal was to enjoy the ceremony and do some networking, but that changed towards the middle of the ceremony where I started to post bits of the event on facebook and while I didn't have my notebook and pen, I'm gonna do the best I can to write about what I remember and liked.
Rock singer/songwriter Melissa Etheridge was honored with a award and she send a video message taped from her home where she expressed and gratitude of being honored by the organization, as well as stating how she wished she was able to attend, but was unable due to business she had to tend to on the West Coast. Jazz Legend Paula Hampton was also honored for her career in Jazz and she expressed how she felt about being honored. "It's about time" she said while she accepted her award followed by hostess comediene Tammy Peay, adding that at 73 years old she can say anything she wants to and that she was glad that she wasn't honored when she was dead. Speaking of the famous comediene, she kept the crowd in stiches with her outspoken sense of humor, and when I tell you she didn't hold her tongue, she didn't. In fact, she constatly reprimended the audience for not applauding loudly when she introduced the acts who was about to perform. She also spoke about how she has gatherings where the only genre of music that is being played is those by Out artists and when guest asks her to play artist like Nicki Manaj, she tells them of Nicki's being gay when it's convient for her. Another highlight was when Deepa Soul the head of the Out Music awards came onstage, and performed a tribute to the Freedome Fighters with a group of LGBT youth she mentors at an organization, and when I mean they performed, they rocked, singing background, playing instruments and dancing earning a standing ovation. A great and crazy moment was when DJ Baker host of the award-winning Doo-Dirty Show presented the Best R&B Single to Nhojj with Lovani, but another highlight was the tribute to Sylvester where singer singer BSlade performed the late Icon's classic award winning classic "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real" and when I say he turned it, he turned it out! From dancing to jumping into the middle of the audience. Nobody was out their seats. Other great moments was seeing Rock/Pop singer Lori Michaels perform as well as the Hip-Hop seagment where rappers Foxx Jazell, Shorty Roc, Last Offence and Milan performed their award-nominated hit "Ride or Die Boy" with Infinite performing her joint and Baron closed the set performing the remix of his hit "Party With B."
The show also honored Former Villiage People member Randy Jones for his career and he accepted his award with a cocktail and spoke about the honor and how he was greatful for being able to be 59 years old and still doing his thing as well as sharing how far the Gay community came from the past with it's activism.

I had a great time attending the event and it showed me that being a Black Gay Man with a learning disablity shouldn't stop me from living my life and pursuing my goals.


Donald Peebles said...

Ra Shawn, I wish I was there. Believe me, I will be next year with my Black gay diva hat on and my skinny frame. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. I am glad OutMusic is out there as a home for the openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered musical artists who are breaking down the doors.


Yes. We gotta support and honor our own and I can't wait to see u there next year having eyes on you and your new frame.

Da Doo-Dirty Show said...

Great Article.. Really was great seeing you..


Thanks DJ. It was great seeing you as well.. Keep Striving for excellence.