Tuesday, September 27, 2011



True Motown fans love and admire Original Supreme Mary Wilson, for her sexy looks, sultry voice, and for working hard to keep the Supremes legacy. She's also shows all of her fans love by allowing them to join her onstage for a Supremes medley during her concerts, and greeting them afterwards. Well Wilson is continuing to show fans love with "Life's Been Good To Me" her first single since 1996's "Turn Around" which is getting lots of positive reviews from fans and critics, who is happy to see her recording again. Her latest single has a great mid-tempo, R&B/Dance vibe courtesy of the live audience affect, guitars, strings, keyboards and the call and response with her and the background vocalists. The song also has inspiring lyrics, about reflecting on how good life can be despite obstacles that often block one's path.

I've traveled from country to country
Was only trying to make it out the city
Never ever in my wildest dreams I would make history
I guess you can say this project girl got lucky
Life's been good to me.
Even though the sun didn't always shine
It's still be sweet.
Life's been alright with me
And I'm thankful for the life
I got to live my dreams.

Mary Wilson's latest release is a great song and it shows that she's more than a pretty face and a former background singer. She's a legend who can make great music that touches and inspires fans to enjoy life.

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normanfidel said...

Great job! I agree with everything you stated. Given the necessary tools of promotion and advertising, we could finally see our SUPREME girl back on the charts. I haven't heard of one person who is unhappy with this recording and always we wish Mary continued success with this new single as well as the forthcoming album, CLARITY.