Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This video was sad, touching, innovative and touches on several topics and issues including friendship, homophobia, bullying and suicide. I also loved how the former member of Floerty had two masculine guys rocking Urban gear (fitted caps, baggy jeans and timberlands) as oppossed to using overly flamboyant guys to play a gay couple. The sad yet touching part of the video is the message that she wrote talking about how she lost a friend to sucide, and to accept alternative lifestyles. This video became a hit with the Gay Community and many ignorant homophobes were pissed at her for winning awards for this song, but like she said in the video's message, If I saved one life, I have done my job.

Fun, energetic, colorful, and creative is how I can describe this video by this talented singer/songwriter/dancer. The video matches the song's 50's 60's feel with graphics, wardrobe that echos, I Dream of Jeanie, Bewitched, Happy Days, Motown and The Jackson 5. The fun part of the video is when Farrad is dancing with lifeless body dressed with prep sweaters, jeans and leather jackets. Every dance video doesn't have to be in the club all the time.

Pretty Ricky's second former lead singer Ambition has been on his grind, and working hard to put Pittsburg on the music map, and he's done a great job by coming up with a hot video that showcases, his dancing skills, and his sensual and sexy sides. This video features him leading a group of friends on motorcycles to a club, that has people dancing, chilling, but the video begins to get hot when he sees an sexy lady, who captures his eye and sensing that she's not happy with her man, he has a White female stripper inform her that he wants to talke to her. As she attempts to approach him, her man tries to grab her, but he has his security intervene, and she goes into a private room, for prvate party with him and White Chick and later leads into a video preview of his single "Under Ya Skin" and his single "You Know What I'm Saying" His video echos The Isley Brothers/Angela Winbush video "Floating On Your Love," but unlike the video where Lil' Kim confronts Mr. Biggs for standing her up, Ambition is seen dancing with the lady he stole. I loved how Ambition casted a Dark-skinned lady to be the lead and main object for the video, but it would have been hotter had they kissed at the end.

Michael Jackson has influenced many people in the industry including Chris Brown, who the late Motown legend spoke very highly of in his interview with Ebony Magazine. Well Chris has been paying homage to Jackson in his concerts, by performing medleys of Jackson's hits, and at many awards shows including the 2010 BET Awards, which is an event everybody still talks about. Well Brown finally paid the ulitmate tribute with his video "She Ain't You" which features the sexy singer performing various moves and poses that made Jackson famous, as well as donning fedoras, and suits in various colors and background that were used in Jackson's Thriller and Ghost short films. The cheorgraphy is great and it makes you think you're watching a MJ video. I loved how he wrote a tribute to him at the beginning, which shows he true love for the King of Pop.

Gay Rapper Lester Greene is known for making cutting edge music. Well the video he did for this song was also innovative in a way; he had Out Hip-Hop producer Swanny River as the lead, which was a bold and good move being how many in the Gay community tend to shun Gays who are large and full-figured. Especially the Black and Latinos. While the video was short and deals with a guy creeping on his wife with a man, the video did had some great shots and edits, that makes the viewers tune in to see what's gonna happen next as well as hit replay to see if they missed anything.

Kaoz has been doing music and video that has gone agains the grain, but for his single "Keep It Human" he decided to do a video that is simple, yet empowering and creative. The clips of the mother having dinner with her daughter adds elements of humanity and love along with the mural of the a Black family together shows unity along with the clips of Kaoz and an Asian Guy (sepeartely) holding signs that reads that encouraes viewers to stay strong and to strive for excellence.

When Out award winning Rapper Shorty Roc decided to film a video for his single "I'm A Rapper" it should have come as no suprise, that he chosed to film it in Downtown Brooklyn, an section where many legendary rappers like Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie would battle and freestyle and it's also the place where many rappers and authors be be grinding to get sales, which is what he incoporated into the video, which features Roc and producer Swanny River out selling CD's and showing those who copped them watching his video on the internet pleased with the product they brought. The close ups captures his hard and sexy sides.

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