Saturday, November 10, 2012


OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN PHYSICAL WRITTEN BY STEVE KIPNER AND TERRY SHADDICK PRODUCED BY JOHN FARRAR RELEASED SEPTEMBER 1981 During the late 1970's and early 1980's, actress/singer Olivia Newton-John had scored many classic hits, that made her a house hold name, but when she released her classic single "Physical" in 1981, her career went into overdrive, and enlarged her fan base world wide. Known for singing romantic Pop-Dance and Country flavored songs, "Physical" not only became one of many songs used as work-out theme songs, it had also help shed her wholesome girl next door image and made her a sex symbol, due to the the lyrics about wanting to get physical in the bedroom, and though they weren't as blunt and raw as many of today's songs are, many stations had banned the song for being too racy. This was probably due to many had issues with females being sexually liberating and insisting on having sex. Many kids like myself thought that she was singing about working out and exercising, but were shocked to learn that she was singing about getting your freak on. What makes the classic hot are the music which has elements of Pop, R&B and Rock, courtesy of the Bass and guitar solo during the song's bridge, Newton-John's vocals and the lyrics written by Steve Kipner and Terry Shaddick. Let's Get Physical. Physical I wanna get physical. Let's get into physical Let me hear your body talk Your body talk Let me hear your body talk I've been patient I've been good Trying to keep my hands on the table. Olivia Newton-John didn't create a hit song, she created a song that still has music lovers and fans wanting to get physical in the gym and in the bedroom, and it showed that it's nothing wrong with women wanting to have steamy workouts either. FACTS ABOUT PHYSICAL The song was originally written for Rod Stewart, but once Olivia heard the song, she jumped at the opportunity to record the song and it became her biggest hit to date, peaking at # 1 for 10 weeks, as well as becoming her only R&B hit, peaking at # 28 on the R&B Charts. The song and the video also started a work-out phrase and became one of many Pop songs to be used as work-out fitness songs in gyms and in commercials.
The song had been covered by several artists including Soul/Funk singer/songwriter/producer Kay'Vion Sire, who recorded a R&B version of the classic in 2008. Kay'Vion happened to be in the studio in Virginia when he heard somebody playing Olivia's version in their car, and his best friend suggested that he do his own version. "He was like Kay'Vion if you can make that song hot, I will be your number one fan" he said."So that same day, I made a beat to it. Screwed it up a bit. Added a new millennium swag to it What not, and it's one of my favorite songs to date."


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