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Hey there. Many talented and creative people have been making their mark with their talent and have been getting lots of feedback (mainly positive) about their work, which goes to show that there are many who do appreciate creative diversity and innovation, and here is my list of who you should be looking out for and checking out in 2013

1. ANTONIO DANDRIDGE: HOST AND CREATOR OF HITSVILLE RADIO. As many of you know Da-Professor is a huge fan of the music and legacy of Motown Records, and when Singer Antonio Dandridge decided to form a radio station dedicated to Motown, many were happy and excited. Born and raised in Detroit, Dandridge, who also sang background for Musiq Soulchild and others, grew up loving the sound of Motown, and has a strong love and Appreciation for the music and it's impact as well as the legacy, and since the debut of his show, it has gotten over 1000 listeners including Talk-Show Host Ellen Degeneres, who described it as an nonstop hour of hits. Looks like Antonio is going to have fans Dancing In The Streets to the sounds of Young America.

2. DONALD PEEBLES: AUTHOR OF HIDDEN FIRES AND CREATOR OF BLACK SOAP FRIDAYS. Known for his writing talent, being outspoken, Afrocentric, and putting people who mistreat others on blast, Donald Peebles has been gaining a large following with his current project, "Black Soap Fridays" a weekly You Tube show where he discussing the roles, contributions and talent of Black Actors on the Soap Operas including "The Young & The Restless" which is one of his all-time favorite Soaps along with "Generations" and "All My Children." Peebles doesn't just talk about their talents, he also speaks about the politics and behind the scenes drama, and how the story lines could be much better and realistic, which has many fans excited and applauding him. He's also gotten praise from several Y&R cast members for speaking his mind. Looks like many are going to be tuning in to get the tee on and his no-tongue-held-bars on the Blacks on Soap Operas. Ooh Child.

3. AUSTIN BROWN: SOUL/POP SINGER/SONGWRITER/MUSICIAN. The Jackson family has produced several hit records, and inspiring many to pursue careers in music including their children, and Singer/Songwriter Austin Brown is keeping his family's legacy alive. The son of Singer Rebbie Jackon, the eldest of The Jackson clan, Austin was influenced by music as a young child, and while he loved music, his legendary mother who scored with her classic hit "Centerpede" didn't want him to pursue a career in music. She was hoping that he would have chose another profession and live a normal life, but when she asked him to perform with at one of her overseas shows, she saw that he had natural stage presence and a love with the stage, and she changed her mind. He first made his recording debut on his Uncles and Aunt's classic single "2300 Jackson Street" in 1989, and few years later, he appeared as a guest rapper on his mom's updated version of her debut single. "Centerpede" on her 1998 album "Yours Faithfully." After completing high school, he began to write, produce and perform at showcases and began work with hit-making producer Rodney Jerkins, who helped him co-write and produce songs, and this year he finally released his mix-tape which is getting a huge buzz and showing that talent does run in The Jackson family. 

4. HOODIE LAVAE-ADULT ENTERTAINER/MUSIC PRODUCER/ENGINEER. There's a saying that Porn and music do go together, and Adult Entertainer/Producer Hoodie Lavae is doing a great job making his mark in both of those entertainment fields. The Virginia resident got began to write and produce music during his high school years, and he then began to perform solos on X-Tube, which also increased his fan base, receiving close to 1 million views in a short period of time. His talent caught the attention of Porn Star/director Rock the founder and CEO of Rockafella Entertainment, who recruited him to star in several of his adult films as well as use one of his tracks in one of the scenes. While there are many who are reluctant to reveal they worked in the Adult Entertainment industry, La'Vae, who is also working on several movie scripts has no problem with his line of profession, and his boldness is what will make him one of several to look for in 2013. Many have purchased his beats.

5. IMMANUEL-KILL-EM-WITH-KINDNESS (I.K.P) A/K/A-THE PRESIDENT-OUT RAPPER/PRODUCER. I.K.P.is one of many openly Gay musicians who's been making music without compromising nor hiding his sexual orientation, and he's been creating a buzz with his unique and versatile styles of flow, lyrics and productions. From spoken word, to spitting hot verses and bringing drama, the Brooklyn-born-Virginia raised Out Music Award nominated brother has performed at several events this year including Philly's Black Pride, and with Rapper/Radio host Splash T, where they performed their hit "Super Hoe" which has gotten a hot and positive response. The President is also an advocate on AIDS awareness and he will be dropping his long awaited and highly anticipated mix-tape next year. All hail The President.

6.JA'PAN NATION-POP/SOUL SINGER/SONGWRITER/MODEL. Ja' Pan Nation has been receiving lots of love on his muscular physique, innovative style and sense of fashion, and his singles "Make Love" and "Certified Banger" with the latter being produced and engineered by Kay'Vion Sire and being featured on the Melanie Fiona Mix-tape, and is continue to get lots of votes and spins by fans and DJs. Like The Jacksons, Donna Summer, Usher, Marvin Gaye and Lady GaGa, the Texas born entertainer is going to have fans captivated with his unique style. Fans can catch him at his performance at the Marriott Hotel At Newark International Airport on January 19th

7. ARMANI WILLIAMS-ACTOR/AUTHOR OF "SCANDALICIOUS" AND UPCOMING NOVEL "HARLEM BOYZ" When I met and purchased Author Armani Williams' debut novel, he told me it was going to be hot and sexual, and he was right. The book was so hot, I thanked God for allowing me to live in an area where the train was able to get me home very quickly. The New Jersey Native has been getting a great buzz from both the L.G.B.T. and Heterosexual communities, who has praised him for his writing and for helping them learn how to understand both communities. Williams also starred in the film "You Are Not Alone" and just recently filmed a scene from his upcoming novel with Out Rapper/Actor Lester Green. 

8.VICTOR ANTONIO-PERSONAL ASSISTANT TO BROADWAY/SOUL LEGEND STEPHANIE MILLS. Brooklyn Based assistant Victor Antonio has been doing a great job keeping Broadway/Soul Legend Stephanie Mills' legacy alive by posting performances of talented Brooklyn Legend on Facebook as well as running her fan page. He's also is very active in helping the Grammy Award winning get honored for her contributions to music which many believe is way long over due. He also is a great singer who occasionally posts videos of himself singing various songs including Stephanie's classics.

 9. NEHEMIAH AKBAR-SAME GENDER LOVING MALE POP/R&B SINGER/SONGWRITER. Frank Ocean wasn't the only Out R&B singer to gain a huge following. Oklahoma based Singer/Songwriter/Dancer Nehemiah Akbar grabbed many with his single "First Class Boy" which got lots of views on You Tube. The singer had released his debut single and video for "Make My Move" which started to put his name in people's mouth, but it was his follow up single about being wined and dined by a rich man that kept more people talking and wanting to know more about the talented performer who also performed at Dallas Texas' Black Pride this past year. This talented performer will be riding first class on the charts in 2013

10. FREAKY BOYZ-OPENLY GAY CHICAGO-BASED RAP DUO-Rap duo Freaky Boyz has been getting a buzz with the LGBT music scene and they one of the few who's been getting request to appear on mainstream radio shows. The duo has been getting a large following with their lyrics, beats, flow and party jams that has music lovers dancing and gagging. The duo just dropped their mix-tape "Unleashed" on Christmas and the feedback so far has been positive.

11. SOUL STAGE-SOUL/ROCK SINGER/SONGWRITER/FASHION CONSULTANT. Singer Soul Stage plans to add to Brooklyn's musical legacy with his singing and songwriting and like Ja' Pan Nation, doesn't plan to be pigeonholed as a recording artist. While many Black artists rely on R&B and Hip-Hop music, Stage incorporates all genres of music with his sound including Soul, Rock and classical, giving it a fresh hip and retro sound that will have listeners of all ages and races listening, and it's evident on his debut single "Grown Up" which is getting a strong buzz from the fans and the streets. 

12. DEON YOUNG-R&B/HIP-HOP SINGER/SONGWRITER. Harlem born and based Singer/Songwriter Deon Young is creating a buzz with his live performances, and his connection with his fans. Young also released his mix-tape this year and is working on his debut album which is slated to be released next year, and he will add to the Harlem legacy with his talent and outgoing personality.

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