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Aaliyah had scored a huge hit with "Age Is Just A Number" and the song's title fits the description and character of Adult Entertainer and Music Engineer/Producer/Songwriter Hoodie La Vaye to the tee. As I was leaving a prior event, he had called me about twenty minuets before our scheduled telephone interview to confirm, and I found that very impressive and professional of the young guy, who also has a playful side as well. Born in Hawaii and raised in Virginia, La Vaye has been getting a buzz for his videos on X-Tube which has reached the one million viewer mark, while many recording artists have contacted him about purchasing his beats, which was also featured in an adult film that he starred in. I had a great time speaking to La Vaye who spoke to via telephone from his Virginia home.

DA-PROFESSOR: Thanks for allowing me to interview you. How are things going for you?
HOODIE: Everything is going great as far as career wise.

DA-PROFESSOR: Te ll the viewers what do you do?
HOODIE: I'm a artist. Music engineer and also an adult entertainer. Right now I'm trying to get my music out there as for as artist wise and adult entertainment wise. As for as porn acting career, it's going wel. I'm starting to get more jobs (now) as far as that.

DA-PROFESSOR: How did you become involved in music?
HOODIE: I've always loved music. Listening to it. Not just liking it, but listening to the beats and everything as far as that. When I was 16, I wrote my first song. From them I kept on writing. Writing. Writing. In high school; 9th grade, I wrote my first song. I kept writing. Writing. Writing. I wrote songs. Not rap. I always wanted to sing, but I know I can't so, I kind of made do with rapping (laughs).

DA-PROFESSOR: Which musicians inspire you?
HOODIE: Aaliyah. Justin Timberlake. Missy Elliot. Timberland. Aaliyah for one because her lyrics and the heart she put in her music is amaizing. I like Justin Timberlake. Missy Elliot. Timberland.

DA-PROFESSOR: What type of music you write and produce?
HOODIE: A combination of everything. Some I like to mix it. Not just one genre. Hip-Hop and R&B, R&B and Pop. Pop and Hip-Hop. Sometimes I like to mix more than two genres in there. Multiple genres.

DA-PROFESSOR: How have fans been responding to your music?
HOODIE: Alot of people like it. I know alot of people be thrown of because I have it on there (his profile) that I'm an adult entertainer and also it's because I don't want it to be a black flash on them later and be like you can't tell me this and you can't tell me that and that's why I let people know I'm an adult entertainer and I'm a musician and an engineer. Alot of people like it. It's all good. I have two people who want to buy by beats.

DA-PROFESSOR: One song I like is "T.K.O." What was the inspriation for that song?
HOODIE: Ah man (laughs). That's when I was kind of in my Soulja Boy phrase in 2010. I want to put out a double album so I kept writing and writing. I wasn't out in the community as far as being gay then. That's what the lyrics is about; girls and stuff like that, but that's changed now. I was getting in tune with my freaky side.

DA-PROFESSOR: I also love "Come Close." What inspired that song?
HOODIE: "Come Close" was actually about a guy, but I used girl references in their to cover myself up. I relly wanted to be true to them.

DA-PROFESSOR: I also love "When It Rain."
HOODIE: It was one of Aaliyah's songs I was listening to and I decided I needed to do an R&B track, So I finally did that beat and that track took me eight hours to complete. It wasn't all that as far as the singing part. I actually tried even though I know I can't sing, but it was during the time when rappers were trying to sing,

DA-PROFESSOR: You're an also an adult entertainer. What prompted you to get into that field?
HOODIE: My first video on X-Tube, nobody ever looked at it before, but I put it on X-Tube to get back at my ex. I made that video to give to him and he down played it, so I was like 'I'm gonna show him, so I put it on X-Tube and the next thing I knew, alot of people liked it. I kinda got caught up in the hype and alot of people liked it.

DA-PROFESSOR: I'm looking at your page and one of the clips I like is you wearing the Santa hat. What prompted you to do a scene with that hat?
HOODIE: I wanted to show my fans I don't mind being different and being diversed and trying different things. That was something to give back to my fans.

DA-PROFESSOR:Another scene I'm watching is with you wearing the black biker jacket and the hoodie. By the way, how did you come up with the name Hoodie La Vaye?
HOODIE: Hoodie La Vaye is (acutally) two different names. Hoodie is the more laid back side of me. More like my thrashier side and La Vaye is my classier side of me. Trashy Classy. It's two first names as one name (laughs).

DA-PROFESSOR: How you get signed with Rock-a-feller?
HOODIE: He (Rock) saw me on X-Tube and than we kinda vibed and stuff. We started having conversation and I didn't know what he did cause I never checked his profile, but after a while, I said 'let me check his profile' and I was like 'oh man, he's into porn.' It was real shocking and surprising to me. It took me a while to say 'I'll try this and let me see if it works.'

DA-PROFESSOR:  What was it like filming your first scene?
HOODIE: My first sex scene has never been releases because I'm not even gonna lie; we had no chemistry, so it was thrown in the gutter, but the second scene with Devonte Decour was the hottest scene I've ever done.

DA-PROFESSOR: You're a musician and an adult entertainer. What prompted you to inform the public that you're invovled with both the music and adult industries?
HOODIE: I mean, I'm not a selfish dude. I looked out for everybody's well being. Even if I don't know you, I know the backflash of working with somebody who's part of the adult entertainment. I do know the effect it could have on them, so I let them know this is what I do, and whether or not it has a backflash. At the same time I'm really a good guy to work with. I'm all about my business.

DA-PROFESSOR: You made a great point about being business-minded, Some people think that 'because I have a nice body, tight ass and big dick that I don't have to be business-minded. How important is it to be business-minded?
HOODIE: It's very important. Not just this industry, but any industry. It can really be demanding. You can have that banging body, (but) you need to know how to promote yourself. Be your own manager. Know how to take care of yourself.

DA-PROFESSOR: You're originally from Hawaii. Am I correct?

DA-PROFESSOR: What was it like living in Hawaii?
HOODIE: I don't remember. I moved to Virginia when I was 3. It's really cool down here. I'm not goinna lie, it really calmed down alot. It's a great place to chill out.

DA-PROFESSOR: Besides porn and music, what other projects you're working on?
HOODIE: Actually, I'm working on my first script, and I'm also trying to get into regualar acting. As far as writing my first script, it's almost done, so it's pretty cool. I also have a documentary coming out this year. I'm also trying out for America's Top model. That's another thing (laughs).

DA-PROFESSOR: That's great. What type of stories you're writing?
HOODIE: The story I'm writing now is "Code Red." It's basically the DL life. It's lots of romance in it. Lots of drama and action. I can't wait to see what else I can do.

DA-PROFESSOR: You have alot going for yourself, Porn, music, writing scripts and goign on auditions. You're keeping yourself busy and grounded.
HOODIE: You've got to promote yourself like nobody is promoting you. That's the only way to stay relevent.

DA-PROFESSOR: Many people love to have sex and make love while listening to music. From your prespective, why do people like to play music while they're making love?
HOODIE: Music really taps into your emotions and your moods. Certain songs make you mad. Certain songs make you said and happy. Horny (laughs). Like music sets the tone for everything. Even in the bedroom. Music is very important in your life and it could help you adapt to whatever song you're listening to.

DA-PROFESSOR: Do you plan on having your music in the porn flicks you're be starring in in the future?
HOODIE: Actually one is. A song is in the Rockefeller film. Not necessary in my, but one of his other scenes.

DA-PROFESSOR: If you had the change to work with anybody-Mainstream, LGBT or independent, who would it be? You can name more than one.
HOODIE: As far as LGBT, the only one I know of right now is Bry'nt. As far as other artists, it would be Miss and Timberland. Of course Rhianna. I like that she's growing as an artist.

DA-PROFESSOR: We've lost several major legends. Hosw did you think that Whitney's death affected people and the music industry?
HOODIE: I think it plays a big part to the people who looked up to her and her curent and past projects that she had. She touched alot of people. It's sad that she had to leave early. I don't think she will be forgotten.

DA-PROFESSOR: How did you think that Donna Summer's death affected fans as well?
HOODIEl Wow. I agree with you. It was unexpected and I think people feel the same way as Whitney's (death). Those are the people you look up to. Hopefully it won't know you down. It will make you stronger.

DA-PROFESSOR: Beyonce sampled Donna's classic "Love To Love You Baby" for her hit "Naughty Girl." What do you think of the song?
HOODIE: I don't really listen to Beyonce. I'm being real honest. I don't listen to her like that. She's a great entertainer, but she doesn't do it for me.

DA-PROFESSOR: How you think you're making an impact on the adult entertainment and music industry and the LGBT community?
HOODIE: As far as the music industry, I'm really trying to send a message to people; you shouldn't let something that somebody doesn't like affect what have passion for. My passion is music and performing. I've been doing that most of my life. Negative things are gonna be said regardless of what you say or what you do. As far as adult entertainment, I wanna say I'm making an impact on anything like that. If anything express yourself in anyway you want to. have self-confidence and that's about it.

DA-PROFESSOR: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
HOODIE: If anything else doesn't work out, I see myself being a producer and making beats. Both vocal or up there mashing those records (laughs). I'm really inspring myself to push myself to the limit.

DA-PROFESSORl: What advice do you have for anybody who wants to pursue a career in the adult and/or music industry?

HOODIE: As far as adult entertainment, make sure that's something you really want to do. Just be careful and make sure it's something you want to do.

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