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For years, many Reggae and Dance Hall artists have recorded songs that promoted homophobia as well as advocated the harm and killing of gays, and while many people have and continue to dance to the music and stay quiet, many activist have taken action such as boycotting concerts that book homophobic artists. Well Dance Hall artist Drew Angel is taking action with his music. Born in Jamaica and currently residing in the United States, the talented activist decided to record songs to uplift the LGBT after growing tired of seeing many dancing to songs that advocate the killing of the LGBT community. I was grateful that the talented brother took time from his schedule to be interviewed via email about his career and mission.

Da-PROFESSOR: How did you come up with the name Spoutlife?

DREW ANGEL:: My name is Drew Angel; my friends call me drew and I learn that Angel is the translation for Andrew in some other language
Spoutlife is a term we used in the gay community in the Jamaica in the mid to late 90's,i'm not sure the origin of it.

DA-PROFESSOR:  How did you become involved with music?
DREW ANGEL:  I got involve when i started writing in 2006, felt that was the only way my thoughts would be heard.

DA-PROFESSOR: Which musicians inspired you and what was about them that grabbed your attention?
DREW ANGEL: Bob Marley who I feel in my spirit is my uncle. Not really not;Micheal Jackson cause he elevate pop music,eve & Lil Kim, The Game & Ja-Rule.  They make gangster rap while telling a story.

DA-PROFESSOR: Very interesting. You happen to be an Gay Dance Hall Recording artist. What made you decide to pursue a career an on Out Dance Hall artist?
DREW ANGEL:  I am a gay man who happen to make dance hall songs,i got tire of see gay people dancing to the homophobic bastards songs!!  

DA-PROFESSOR:  Many Reggae and Dance Hall artists are known for recording songs that promotes homophobia and harming of many in the LGBT community. Tell me from your prespective, why are many people from the Caribbean homophobic and did you catch any flack when you decided to perform as an Out performer?
DREW ANGEL: i'm not sure but the laws of the land provides them that opportunity because it doesn't protect the LGBT community  which is an slave law from the British rulers beside of their insecurities.

DA-PROFESSOR: I had the opportunity to listen to the tracks you sent me and they're very hot and sexy. I love the song "Freak Mind" which is about guys getting it on sexually with street and hood guys who hustles, carry heat, drinks and smokes weed. What was the inspiration for that song?
DREW ANGEL: most guys I smash with are hood cause I'm aggressive nature too,but i was in deep affection with one in particular.

DA-PROFESSOR:Interesting. Many people (especially many Black females) still have problems accepting the fact that there are many guys who be sporting sagging jeans, hoodies, Uptowns, Shell-Top adidas, Timberlands and Polo boots who are into guys, has many guys and are in committed relationships with guys.
DREW ANGEL:  Well they are in denial because they're lied to by the DL katz; I understand cause its like being in love with one who cant love you a 100%.

DA-PROFESSOR: "Rude Boy" is another hot joint that I also love as well. The song reminds me of the Patra/Yo-Yo classic "Romantic Call" and Grace Jones' classic "Pull Up To The Bumper." I also love the line Mi know some hood niggas who will turn you bitch and how you used the term boy pussy, which many Gay Men (Masculine and Femine) use to describe ass while having sex. What was the inspiration for this song and why do many gay men especially Caribbean guys always like to call guys ass pussy?
DREW ANGEL:  inspiration came from a friend of mine who said if i'm so annoy with them dancing to the homophobic artist song why I don't make one,that's how that track came into creation..sorry I call it bussy or bassy;;butt-tt + pussy-pu or batty-tty + pussy-pu..i cant speak for them but  ain't got no pussy.
DA-PROFESSOR:Very interesting. My favorite is the song "Spotlight Solider" in which you tell homophobic Dance Hall artists that you're gonna to live your life without caring about their ignorant views and thoughts. What inspired this song and will this song be released as a single?
DREW ANGEL:  Tire of living to what the fuck they say. They don't give a shit bout what i think of them so i just return the favor. Simple.also the fact that I'm a solider for the mission i'm taking on.

DA-PROFESSOR: Dance Hall artist Diana King came out as a Lesbian last year. How did it feel and do you think that her coming out?
DREW ANGEL:  I think is more power to the LGBT community

DA-PROFESSOR: In addition to recording, do you plan on doing any performances this year?
DREW ANGEL:  Yes of course,just working on a label deal so will have to do promotions.

DA-PROFESSOR: I also learned that you're an Activist. How important is it for you to be an Activist to help LGBT living in countries where homophobia is (unfairly) promoted?
DREW ANGEL: Well I can only think of my home first; get my own house in order but that shit must change. Let God judge the people he create.

DA-PROFESSOR: When you're not recording and advocating what do you do to relax?
DREW ANGEL:  Relax? I just get started no time for that, but cook,great sex and watch movie.

DA-PROFESSOR: Many have a thing for Jamaican guys. Tell mi from your perspective, what is it about Jamaican guys that makes people want holla at them?
DREW ANGEL: I have no idea cause I personally can't take that attitude they have like a chimp in a jungle and like  say I'm a boss.
DA-PROFESSOR: Very interesting. We lost many Icons in the industry including Michael Jackson. How did his unexpected passing affect you and the industry?
DREW ANGEL: I cried for day and I don't even know him, but wish i got the chance to work with such genius.

DA-PROFESSOR:  We also lost Hip Hop Icon Heavy D who was also from Jamaica. How did his death affect you and many in the Caribbean community and how important is it for his legacy to be honored?
DREW ANGEL: .I don't know much of him, but legend should always be honored.  

DA-PROFESSOR: If you have the opportunity to work with any artists Mainstream and LGBT, who would it be? Name as many as you like.
DREW ANGEL:  Beenie Man,Eve,Ja-Rule,Nas, Ru-Paul & who ever  would work with me. I'm more of a rap/hip-hop fan also those in the dance hall who want to redeem their career.

DA-PROFESSOR:  How do you think you're going to make an impact on the music industry as well as the LGBT and Caribbean communities?
DREW ANGEL:  Money change things so that can take things a long way,hopefully my own distribution & publishing company to give them the voice.

DA-PROFESSOR:  Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
DREW ANGEL: Leading the LGBT music scene  empowering the others.    

DA-PROFESSOR: What advice would you give to a Island boy who wants to live their lives and pursue a career in the industry?
DREW ANGEL: Move out of the islands that aren't  kind to gay people and try to reach out to music industry,they can find my info if they google me. Those the answer to your questions.

DA-PROFESSOR: Well Da-Professor like to thank you for allowing mi di opportunity to interview you. I respect and admire your strength and heart for doing what you do. Continue to strive for excellence.

For more information check out www.spoutlifeent.com



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