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Chicago is known for House Music, the birth of Soul Train and for producing many talented performers including Rufus & Chaka Khan, The Emotions, Jean Terrell of the Supremes, Jody Watley, Da-Brat and Twista, and Prince Darius is another talented singer who plans on keeping Chicago's musical legacy alive. Born and raised in the windy city, Darius got involved in music at an early age by singing in church and listening to his family's music collection. (His grandmother was part of a singing group who performed on American Bandstand) Darius had even recorded a Gospel album, but has been pursuing a career as an openly LGBT Singer/Songwriter and has been getting a buzz with his album "Unsigned and Unsealed" and his new single "Shower" which is getting play on internet radio. The talented and down to earth performer took time to be interviewed via email about his career

DA-PROFESSOR: Hey Prince Darius Happy New Year Thanks for allowing me to interview you How are things going?

PRINCE DARIUS:  Wonderful thanks for asking.

DA-PROFESSOR:  That's great. I'm surviving taking life a day and step at a time despite the cold weather lol. How did you become involved with singing and songwriting? 

PRINCE DARIUS: Same here, I became involved with singing and songwriting 7 years ago When I had my own record company called loud swagger entertaMent  

DA-PROFESSOR: That's amazing. Which singers and groups inspired you and what was about them that captivated you?

PRINCE DARIUS:  Some singers that inspired are Michelle Williams, Keri Hilson, Teena Marie  and groups that inspired me are Mary Mary,  and The Supremes.

DA-PROFESSOR: Wow excellent choices. Especially Michelle Williams another Chicago born singer and The Supremes. My favorite female singing group. Great taste. You started singing in church am I correct? How did singing in church help your vocals?

PRINCE DARIUS:  Correct I did sing start singing in church that's where I discovered my love of my voice church helped me learn control and power and feeling in music.

DA-PROFESSOR: Cool They say that church is a way for many aspiring singers to develop their vocal talents. When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career as a singer and a songwriter and was it hard for you to do so?

PRINCE DARIUS:  Well I wanted to persue singing and songwriting when I was With My team Of rappers and wrote a song for them and it was not hard.

DA-PROFESSOR: Wow that's great you're really was serious about developing and sharpening your skills. You're also pursuing your career as an Openly LGBTQ Male Singer and Songwriter What made you decide to pursue your career as an Out Male performer and have you found it difficult?

PRINCE DARIUS: Well I have Wanted To Be Open just like my music. I'm not ashamed Of Who Or What I love it has made it hard for me from people who can't relate sexually and people Scared to work or colab with a openly gay artist but I don't push my sexuality on people.  

DA-PROFESSOR: A great answer It shows in your music and in your personality. You had released an inspirational album titled UnSigned and UnSealed. What inspired you to release an inspirational album and did you have any concerns of negative feedback about being an LGBTQ singer releasing an inspirational album?

PRINCE DARIUS: Yes I did have concerns about releasing a inspirational album due to being attacked by people big in the church.

DA-PROFESSOR:  That is understanding due to many being homophobic and ignorant but it seems that God helped you persevere because the songs are so beautiful. What was the inspiration for the songs Love Me, Angel, Jealously and So Good?

PRINCE DARIUS: The inspiration behind the songs love me, Was about Me Wanting The Love Of God and me telling him how much I loved him. Angel, was About God Being my Angel and protecting me. Jealousy, was about me being in a part of my life where I was jealous of things. So Good, Is About How Good God is to me.     

DA-PROFESSOR:  Great deep answers. Now you just released a hot steamy and romantic song called Shower with XRatted. What was the inspiration for that song, what made you linked up with Xxratted and are their plans to film a video for that single?

PRINCE DARIUS:  The inspiration Of my Single SHOWER came About When I Hit up Xxrated  And said Let's Colab he was open to working with me so one day I'm singing in the Shower and the rest is history.  Yes I am currently looking For video guys To Shoot This Video 

DA-PROFESSOR: That would be great. Looking forward to seeing the video when it comes out. I also learned that you did a anti-domestic violence song called Don't Hit Her/Him with Jovanne Pierre. How did this collabo come about and how important is it for both men and women to know that they have no right to be abused?

PRINCE DARIUS: Well The Jovan Pierre a rapper songwriter from London calbo came About when he advertised a demo And Asked If Any One wanted to use it and I did it hit a personal part of me I'm a Domestic Abuse survivor and I strongly believe No one be abused at all.

DA-PROFESSOR:  Wow that's really deep. So glad that you got out of that situation and starting a new chapter in your life. No one has the right to be abused.  What other plans do you have? Do you plan on recording a new album any time soon?

PRINCE DARIUS:  Yes I do plan recording a album as soon as I get a team behind me and then I can move forward with a album.

DA-PROFESSOR: Cool. Do you plan on doing going into acting or modeling in the future? If you had the chance to work with anybody recording artists mainstream and LGBTQ who would it be?

PRINCE DARIUS:  We'll I am getting back into modeling and acting. I'm looking to be on a LGBT Show, and If I Could Work With Anybody mainstream It Would Be Janet Jackson, and in LGBT it Would Be I.K.P, 2UG, Jacques and many more.

DA-PROFESSOR: Wow Miss Janet. That would be hot. She's working on her comeback album as we speak. You're from Chicago? Tell me from your prespective what is it about guys from Chicago that make people wanna holla at them?

PRINCE DARIUS: Haha guys from Chicago what make people wanna holla well Word Is There Big In Places but what Makes me want To Get At A Man Is A Intelligent, Confident Man.

DA-PROFESSOR: Cool and interesting (wink)answer. Chicago has produced many legendary acts including Rufus & Chaka Khan, Jean Terrell of The Supremes, Jody Watley, Twista, Da-Brat, Kanye West, Scandious and Flash Gotti. How does it feel being born and raised in the city that these talented performers were born in and how do you feel you're going to add to their musical legacy?

PRINCE DARIUS:  First I'm honored to be In the category Of Artist That Have Paid The Way for me and I will Add A Different sound but I'm a fan of them all.

DA-PROFESSOR: Good Answer How do you feel you're making an impact on the music scene and LGBTQ industry and where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? 

PRINCE DARIUS: I feel I'm right where I need to be and in 5 or 10 years I see myself Running my own entertainment company.

DA-PROFESSOR:  That's great. What advice would you give to a performer who wants to pursue a career in the industry. Especially those who are LGBTQ?

PRINCE DARIUS: Take your time be open minded and never give up and stay focused.

DA-PROFESSOR:  Great answer. You're a cool and mature brother. I like to thank you for allowing me to interview you for my blog. I really enjoy your single. Continue to Strive for Excellence.

PRINCE DARIUS:  Thank you for havering me and for your love and support thank you again.


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