Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Singer/songwriter Anita Baker had the crowd at Brooklyn’s Wingate Field under her musical and magical spell this past week. Known for her smooth and soulful jazzy voice phrasing and classic love songs, Baker became one of the top selling female artists of the 1980's, selling millions of records and winning numerous awards, and she showed the crowd that she still has what it takes to work a crowd.
Her set began with DJ Vaughn Harper from WBLS introducing the Grammy Award winning legend, who draped in a black sequenced gown, walked around her fabulously decorated stage blowing kisses to the crowd who in turn, shared their loved before she performed her singles “Mystery” and “Sweet Love” which had the crowd out their seats and applauding wildly. Baker so touched by the crowd’s positive reaction that she had them sing the chorus of the latter song before she began performing her breakthrough classic.
After expressing her love to the crowd, and telling them to have fun, she launched into “365 Days (Same Ole Love)," "No One in The World" and “Just Because” which had members of the audience hugging their loved ones. She later displayed her scatting skills while performing “Missing You Baby” and “Caught Up In The Rapture” where featured a nice call and response between her and the background vocalists and a hot solo by her saxophonist Rodney Taylor who received a wild round of applause. Before performing a Jazzy rendition of her classic “Giving You The Best That I Got,” Baker explained why she was constantly ad-libbing and scatting in between songs; ‘It’s to show you that there is no tape recorder” she told the crowd who showed her love for the remark in reference to many of today’s artist who lip-synch during their concerts. She then performed “Fairy Tales” and “You Bring Me Joy” and returned for the encore performance of her solo debut single “Angel” which she told the crowd they had to help her sing. “Fairy Tales" is usually the encore, but since I performed it earlier, you have to help me on this one” she told the audience.
Anita Baker’s concert was fabulous. Not only was the fans entertained by her music, the crowd loved her set, sense of humor, sassiness (especially when she told them that her show will always be a family show) and her voice, and though it would be nice for her to add her singles “Good Love,” “I Apologize” and “My Funny Valentine” to her repertoire, she still has the magic to capture fans with her rapture of timeless love songs.

Anita Baker will also be appearing at Seabreeze near Coney Island Thursday, August 16. Showtime is at 7:30 PM
Price $10.00 or you can bring your own chair.
For further informaion check out www.brooklynconcerts.com

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