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During the middle of the spring, many fans flocked to the video stores to buy “Dreamgirls” and “Bringing Sexy Back” making them both number one in it’s first week of release, and while Jennifer Hudson was inspiring viewers to pursue their careers, Bobby Blaze, the star of the latter film had fans turned on with his muscular physique and the way he sexed his co-stars in the bedroom, making them have fantasies of hiring him as their personal trainer. Since entering the industry, Blaze has worked with directors Tyson Cane and Marvin Jones and starred in the films “Harold Episode Larry," "Kronic: Renee’s Story,“ “Thug Mug Shot,“ and the Lil’ Homies sequels, but there’s more to him than the sizes of his muscles and genitals; he’s an extremely well-rounded person who has a good head on his shoulder which has helped him maintain a successful career in the porn and music industry for the past couple of years. I had the opportunity to speak with him at his job about his career and the importance of mataining a professional and respectable attitude in the work place.

Q: Your film “Bringing Sexy Back” is hot. What is the theme and concept behind the film?
A: The theme of the film is that; bringing sexy back. A lot of people think I’m young, but I’m a little bit older than I look. It was just something for guys over thirty, middle age guys and guys hitting thirty and a little past thirty to know that they still got it.

Q: How did you become involved in the porn industry?
A: I was one of those who said ‘I wouldn’t do that’ and there was a time I fell on hard times and I had to survive and my way to survive was that. Actually I have no bad out look on it because it made me the person I am today.

Q: What was the first film you starred in?
A: It wasn’t a film, it was the internet. Street Life; the first film that came from that was Street Life 101, 111 and 112 was the following one.
Q: How did you become involved with Chocolate Cream Productions?
A: Through one of my best friends. He was doing some work at Chocolate Cream and hadn’t heard of that line at that time. He introduced me to Marvin and Marvin said he wanted me to do some work with him. Marvin being the CEO and owner of Chocolate Cream and BC productions wanted to work with me and I’ve been working with him.

Q: How do manage to manage working a regular job while working in the porn industry?
A: The industry job was first. I was working with some fellas and I was introduced to a guy who ran a temp agency and he said I was professional looking and he said should come to an interview. I look at my nine-to-five as my bread and butter because that’s what pays my bills, pays my rent and help to live and survive. The porn industry, it helps me, but it’s recreational money for clothing and going to parties.

Q: In addition to working with Marvin, you’ve also worked with Tyson Cane. What was it like working with both of them?
A: It was interesting. Different from the norm. Tyson’s fully into making movies. He goes from head to toe with the production as far as the lighting, sound, make up. Everything. Everyone else I worked with, you came as you were, and you worked. Tyson tries to make it good. Working with Marvin Jones has been the best experience I ever had with doing porn. He’s a very self conscious type of person to as he makes sure you think about yourself before doing anything. He makes sure you have a good head on your shoulder before he works with you, so I’ve learned a lot from him and that’s why I’m going into producing and directing part because he was like you got a good job and you don’t need to be continuously be in front of the camera.

Q: I know that you and the other models from Chocolate Cream have been appearing at Langston’s Lounge to promote your movies. How long has that been going on?
A: Actually it just started. The first one was for the “Bringing Sexy Back” release on March 29th. That’s something I believe Marvin is gonna be doing in the long run.

Q: Do you have any plans to do other things outside of adult entertainment?
A: I do a lot of different things. I do product management for artists. I also do artist development for up young up and coming artists. I do a lot of volunteer work. I’m well-rounded so there’s no telling where I would end up at.

Q: You brought up an interesting point about middle age people. In the Gay lifestyle most media sends messages that you have to be young to be accepted and if you’re above the age of 30, you can’t be sexy, attractive and intelligent. What is your take on that?
A: I think that’s bullshit! Reason being that your life is what you make of it. Your looks are what you make of it, and looks don’t last forever. Just because you’re sexy to 10 and 15 people doesn’t mean you’re sexy to everyone else in the room. Everybody has their own taste and what they want and what they’re looking for and there’s someone out there for everyone. Even if you’re 40 or 45, it’s the way you feel inside that’s gonna tell you if you’re the young person or old person.

Q: In the past most gay men and porn stars were labeled based on their looks, but in this generation, are not buying into labels and stigmas. What do you think of that?
A: I think that’s actually good. Labels are not bad. There are some people who fit one hundred percent top. Some people who fit one hundred percent bottom. Some people are one hundred percent versatile who don’t know what they want until they get it. I think the new era of deleting labels is kind of good because then you have the stigma of if you’re a top you have to masculine. You have to be hard. If you’re a bottom, you have to be feminine. When you delete that out, it actually gives equality to everybody because you can like what you like and act how you want to act.

Q: How do you manage to maintain a private life away from the porn industry?
A: I don’t mix the two. When I go to shoots and if I know the model, we’ll coincide, but I try not to fraternize too much with getting to know the models within the industry because I’ve had bad experiences with trying to build relationships, friendships and the two don’t mix so I keep my private life private.

Q: What do you think about the misconceptions that people have about the adult entertainment industry?
A: I think that some of it has some truth to it. Because it’s on how the person carries themselves and you have people who carry themselves on certain levels to have people talk about them. If you’re gonna be in the adult industry or the record industry and you’re gonna be seen by different people, you should present yourself in an orderly fashion. If someone comes up to you and ask ‘are you such and such,’ don’t tell them no because you’re stuck up because that might be the person who buys your movies. People put the stigma on themselves because you have people in it for drugs. You have people in it because they’re stone cold freaks and I happen to be one of them (both laughs). And you have some people who are in it for basic lifestyle needs and necessities, and you have those out there making the bad names for us. If you fit the mode of the bad ones, accept the ridicule.
If you fit the mode of ones who knows what you're in this for, and you do it professioally and respect all your fans. Not just some of them and not just the ones who are cute and slim, then you're get a good vibe.

Q: How did you become involved with artist development?
A: I was working with a company called Safire entertainment; the owner is one of my good friends. I went on the Funk Feast tour; that was the first tour I went on and that was in 2000 and she hired me from then to do artist development. I’m young acting but I’m actually older than the young people I work with and I have the character to pull on young people and it was basically my job to school them ‘you can’t become too big headed with this. It’s your life, it’s a job and you have to take this seriously. That was my way coming in because I knew somebody.

Q: What Advice would you give to those wanting to pursue careers in both the adult entertainment and recording industry?
A: For the adult industry, I would say really think and reconsider your decision because it’s not for any and everyone, and you do have to remember once you come into the industry, you have to have thick skin, cause some people are gonna like you, some people are not gonna like you. Some people will appreciate you, some people are gonna turn their nose down on what you do. My advice is to evaluate, do your research. Just because its porn doesn’t mean it’s not serious. A lot of people get paid off this industry and survive off it. If you take it seriously you take out what you put in to it. Just think real hard before you get into it. Music industry, I would say be true to yourself; that’s the main thing cause it’s a very shrewd and evil industry, and the ones that’s the closest to you will rob you and swallow you up. You have to be very cautious and true to yourself.

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