Monday, February 2, 2009


R&B/Soul singers and songwriters Pleasure P. and Bobby Valentino rocked the Bronx this past weekend where they peformed at Lehman College for the crowd of one hundred, who showed the two R&B stars love. (We applauded so loud that you would have thought the theatre was filled beyond capacity).
Before the headlners took, stage, the crowd was entertained by rapper Jason Fox, who performed his hit "Aunt Jackie" with a dancer who did the famous Harlem dance, followed by a new tune from his up and coming debut release. After a rap group performed, singer Bobby Nova a new artist singed to Akon's Konvict Music, took the stage and captured the crowd with his sexy looks, braids, and his smooth vocals, that will dominate the airwaves this year. After a brief intermission, the former Pretty Ricky lead vocalist appeared on stage donned in a leather jacket, beige hoody, scarf, baggy jeans, glittery shoe boots and shades, and had the crowd screaming as he performed a tune from his upcoming solo debut, followed by a medley of Pretty Ricky songs including "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number" and "On The Hotline" where he made the latter sexier by singing former group member Baby Blue's part in mid range, that showed cased his capability to sing in other ranges besides his trademark tenor and falsetto, that he's become known for. Pleasure P then took paid homage to the late Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. before he performed he had fun with the crowd during his performace of "Grind With Me." He was impressed with how the crowd reaction as they sang along with him, but when he discovred they were singing the radio version of the song, he decided to remind us the original title of the song.
"My song is called 'Grind On Me'" he told the audience as he and his sexy assistant looked for females to bring on stage for his traditional "Grind On Me" contest where five females, appreared on stage in an attempt to turn him on sexually with their sexual moves and those chicks did their best (One light skinned female put put it on him so good that he almost lost balance, while two thin chicks tried to tag team him), but he the winner of the contest was a full figured female, who Pleasure grind against and lifted up in the air.
He then performed his single "Did U Wrong", and spoke about the importance of making relationships work and not letting small things be the cause of it ending, and ended with his current single "Boyfriend Number 2."
Valentino's set started with the intro from him stolling on stage in a black leather jacket, black t-shirt, baggy jeans and nike sneakers (I didn't know he was short), and performed his hit "Tell Me" where he and his DJ asked the crowd to bounce and say his name. What made this performance hot was how Valentino's DJ pulled the played and muted the instrumental track while Valentino sang giving it a live band break affect (He did sang live). Valentino also performed his hits "My Angel," "Annomyus," "Pimping All Over The World" and "Slow Down" where he showecased his vocal skills by singing falsetto in a higher register. He also showed his romantic and freaky side when he pulled a female named Jasmine on the stage, and seranded her with his single "Lights Down Low" and pretended he was going down on her as she sat on a chair. He later gave flowers to the females as well as put the last rose stem in his jeans, and throw it on the audience, as well as lifted up his tank stop, and closed his set with his current single "Beep."
Both performers did an great job with their sets, but it would have been better had Pleasure would have included "Love Like Honey" during his Pretty Ricky medley, but all in all, the show was great, and despite the low attendance, they showed that they can put a good show and that R&B music will never go out of style.

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Looks and Sounds like you had a great time... Wish I was that close