Friday, January 30, 2009


Singer/songwriter/actress Kelly Rowland severed professional ties with Matthew Knowles, the man who helped develop Destiny's Child to success of four # 1 hits, and five multi-platnium albums.
Mathew Knowles has been a positive influence in my career. I have had great success under his guidance - both as a member of Destiny's Child and with my solo projects Rowland said in a statement issue by her publicist. Although we have decided to part ways professionally, the Knowles family and the entire Music World Entertainment team will always be my family."Knowles added "After a very positive meeting between Kelly Rowland and myself, we have amicably agreed to end our professional relationship. My company, Music World, will continue to manage Destiny's Child as a group. As an artist Kelly has incredible talent and I only wish her the best. We will always be family first and foremost, and as a dad I only have love for Kelly."
Many industry peoples and fans, fells that Rowland serving ties with Knowles was a move that is good and long over due, because she deserves to be just as successful as her bandmate and sister Beyonce, who's scored three # 1 albums and five hits, while Kelly, who's a better and stronger vocalist, had done moderately well with her solo projects. In 2002, she teamed with rapper Nelly on the ballad "Dilema" which featured a sample of Patti LaBelle's 1984 classic "Love, Need and What You." topped the Pop charts, and earned the duo a Grammy award for Best Rap/Sung collaboration, and was dubbed as the Nelly/Kelly song. In the fall, she also dropped her solo debut "Skin Deep" which featured a collection of R&B and Rock songs that did well overseas, especially Austrialia, where she has a large following. The following year she starred in the hit film "Jason vs Freddy" and worked with Trina on her top 20 Gold single "Here We Go." After she rejoined the group for their "Destiny Fullfilled" album and tour, they decided to break up and pursue solo careers, and in 2007, Kelly released her long-awaited follow up "Miss Kelly" which debutted a # 6 on the Pop charts and though it got positive reviews by critics and fans, who commended using her vocals and for showing her sassy and sexy side, it didn't do as well. Part it was due to the label releasing the wrong singles ("Ghetto" with Snoop Dogg was chosen as the second single instead of "Comeback", which was a stronger track that was a highlight during her live performances, while "Work" was released in the U.K.). The other part was in due to the lack of promotion that Kelly didn't get, yet deserved, being that she chose to redo her album, and not release it the same day as Beyonce released "B'Day."
As I read the news, I began to think about how Kelly became the unofficial spokesperson for the Knowles family, when original members Le-Toya Luckett and La-Tavia Roberson filed lawsuits against, them and Mattew for replacing them with Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin, who also has issues with Matthew's management and controling ways. Roberson and Luckett, who's self-titled album debut at # 1, had questions about their earnings, and when things didn't add up, they wrote him a letter saying they wanted a seperate manager to help have better communication with Knowles and the label, and few weeks later, they learned that they had been replaced when they saw the "Say My Name" video. When the story broke, Kelly was blasting people from talking bad about Matthew, and the Knowles family by praising him for helping the group become successful, and that if he didn't care about the group, why did he give up his job where he made six-figures a year to help develop the group.
She spoke up for the family, but during an interview she did with Jet Magazine in 2007, she revealed that when the group decided to work on solo projects, she wasn't ready to do a solo project, but when the single "Dilema" became a huge hit, the company and management forced her to record her album to captialize on the success of the single and she was going along with the plans that the group had made.
She recorded her solo debut in two weeks. Go figure. Now she's finally came to her senses and seeing that her solo career isn't where it should be, she's seen the light, and hopefully the team who she hires will help her become acheive the success she deserves.
Kelly doesn't lack talent; she's a strong vocalist, a great writer, and a sexy lady, who has a sassy side that appeals to fans of all races and orientations (most kids I spoke to love "Comeback"), and though it's sad it took her a long time to severe ties, there may be a chance for her to be a success and have longeviity.


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