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For years, fans have wanting Patti La Belle, Sara Dash and Nona Hendryx to reunite and record a new album, and after 32 years, they did, and it's been doing well. Instead of following trends, they recored songs about love, self-empowerment, and humanity, which made them one of the 70's hottest and well loved groups. Especially the Gay community who embraced them for combining Soul, Funk and Rock Music together.
Songs to listen to "Roll Out," "Superlover," "System" and "The Truth Will Set You Free."

2. Ne-Yo-Year of The Gentelman (Def Jam Records)
Ne-Yo did the damn thang this year. In addition to writing Beyonce's hit "Irreplaceable" and Jennifer Hudson's single "Spotlight" he decided to add elements to his music and he decided to remind the fellas that it's time to drop the thug drag and dress and act like gentlemen. He also dropped his third album last year, and it became a hit. Especially in Japan where it debut at # 1. In addition to writing some hot songs, the talented songwriter who sings, took a different approach by adding Dance and Pop songs to his R&B songs, which was a good move to show the industry that Black artists shouldn't be limited to singing R&B music. Ne-Yo also stepped up his game lyrically by penning songs about love, realizing that it's time to grow up and appreciate my partner as well as songs about heartache and being pushed to the edge. A great CD for men who wants to mature to listen to.
Songs to listen to-"Closer," "Nobody," "Miss Indpendent," "Why Does She Stay," "Lie To Me" and "Single"

3. Noel Gourdin-After My Time (Epic Records)
While many male vocalits used their looks and sex appeal for record sales, Noel Gourdin used his God-given vocal and songwriting talents to make the world take notice of him, and it worked. (He's a sexy man readers). His single "The River" was featured in the filme "Meet The Roscoes" while his album was the top selling R&B selling album on I-tunes, and I can see why; this brother has some hot soulful pipes that reminds you of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, and he unlike most artist who quote on quote do songs for the ladies, the Boston Native, who spent most of his summers in Mississippi recorded songs for both the men and ladies, along with songs about love gained, losted, and appreciation.
Songs to listen to-"One Love," "The River," "Led You On," "Reach" and "Summertime."

4. Michael Jackson-Thriller 25 (Epic Records)
You can say what you want about Michael Jackson (you bitches better not call him Jacko on this blog because that's not his name), but you can't deny this man's talent and influence he continues to have on music, and what a perfect way for him to celebrate by re-releasing the biggest selling album of all time remastered with new versions of his hits with Wil.I. Am and Akon, who joined the Motown legend and King of Pop on new versions of P.Y.T. and Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' adding their own flava to these timeless classics that has people (especially those haters) trying to emulate his dance moves. It would have been better had MJ performed a new version of Human Nature with SWV who sampled the song for their 1993 hit "Right Here"
Songs to listen to: Original tunes-"Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'," "Billie Jean," "Beat It," "The Lady In My Life."
New versions-"P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" with Wil.I.Am and "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" with Akon.

5. Mariah Carey-EMC2 (Island Def Jam)
Mimi did her thing again. Not only did she break Elvis' record of being the artist with the second set of # 1 hit records, she dropped another # 1 album, which quickly went platnium. The talented writer recorded ballads, hot club bangers while adding Hip-Hop, R&B and Reggae to Pop music, while showing her ability to write hot and cretive songs including "For the Record" which became my second favorite song by the singer with the five-octave range.
Songs to listen to-"Migrate" with T-Pain, "Touch My Body," "I Stay In Love." "I'm That Chick," "O.C.C" and "For The Record."

6. Janet Jackson-Discipline (Island Def Jam)
Miss Janet took a risk of recording a risk by recording a hot album without longtime producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and it debut at # 1 on the charts. Working with Rodney Jerkins, Ne-Yo and her boyfriend Jermaine Dupri, she had some hot dance songs as well as some for the bedroom. A good effort, but Miss Janet needs to continue working with Jam & Lewis, and the public needs to stop hating on her for having the ability to work a stage at the age of 42.
Songs to listen to-"Feedback," "Rock Wit U," "Discipline," "Luv" and "Greatest X"

7.Brany-Human (Epic Records)
Brandy's releases was one of the most anticipated and long awaited releases from a artist, who has a following of devoted fans, who went all to help promote the release date (myself included) by sending messages and comments on my space, and despite the suprisingly low sales in the opening week, it's been getting good reviews from the critics who praised her for returning with longtime producer Rodney Jerkins. What I like about the CD is how Brandy was able to open herself creativly, as well as use her vocal talents.
Songs to listen to-"Intro," "Human," "Right Hear (Departed)," "Long Distance" and "Piano Man."

8. Wayne Brady-A Long Time Coming (Concord Records)
When I heard that actor and former talk-show host Wayne Brady dropped his first solo album, I knew it was gonna be good, but after I heard his rendition of Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come," I actually went through the ceiling. "This man can sing his ass off" I said after I landed back in the couch. I decided to buy his CD as a birthday gift for myself, and after I played it, I was totally place with his voice and how he recorded with live musicians and orchestras.
Songs to listen to-"Ordinary," "F.W.B." "Can't Buy Me Love," "Change Is Gonna Come," "Make Heaven Wait."

9. Riz-Riz
This talented African born singer has been making a name for himself with his smooth tenor voice, songwriting and sexy looks, gaining fans from all around the world, and since I love to listen to arists from overseas, I decided to check his music and I found it pretty good though I love for him to record more ballad to showcase his voice. but his rendition of Mad Cobra's 1992 hit "Flex" is hot.
Songs to listen to-"Flex," "Sexy Mama (Featuring Lil' Zane), "Sandman," "Time To Fly," "Ready 2 Go."

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